Mearsk Alabama Security Death Investigation Leads to Video Camera Details

(CNN) -- Police in the Seychelles investigating the deaths of two former U.S. Navy SEALs have video surveillance showing the private security guards enjoying a night out before the men were found dead in a cabin of the Maersk Alabama, a source with knowledge of the investigation tells CNN.
And the video led police to two women -- who, the source says, authorities believe to be prostitutes -- seen with the American security guards during the evening. Those women reportedly have identified a location where they say the two men purchased heroin.
Video from several surveillance cameras show the security guards in a restaurant and a casino and on a public street in the Seychelles at night while the Maersk Alabama was in port.
As CNN reported last week, autopsy results indicate the Americans found dead on the container ship on February 18 died of respiratory failure, coupled with suspected heart attacks. Traces of narcotics and hypodermic needles found with the bodies suggested the deaths resulted from drug overdoses, Seychelles authorities said.
Further forensic analysis will be carried out to establish if the two men, Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy, had consumed a substance that may have caused their deaths.
"The police preliminary investigation report includes suspicion of drug use, as indicated by the presence of a syringe and traces of heroin which were found in the cabin," according to police.
Toxicology results are not expected for another three weeks, but police spokesperson Jean Toussaint says a criminal investigation continues, and "solid evidence could lead to formal arrests in the deaths."
Toussaint confirmed to CNN that the women seen with the men on surveillance video are cooperating with police, but would not give details on the investigation.
The two men, both 44, worked for Trident Group, a Virginia-based maritime security services firm. Trident Group President Tom Rothrauff said both were former Navy SEALs.
The 500-foot Maersk Alabama was the target of an attempted hijacking in the pirate-infested waters off East Africa in 2009 -- an incident that inspired the 2013 film "Captain Phillips."
The shipping giant Maersk, which hired the Trident Group to guard its ships, said last week that Trident would be conducting random drug tests of its employees.
"Based on our experience with the contractor, this is an isolated incident," Maersk said. But it said new drug tests would start immediately and the company's shore leave policy was under review.
Police said the ship arrived on February 16 in the Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, with a 24-man crew and had been expected to leave two days later. The bodies were found last Tuesday by a colleague who had gone to check in with one of the men in a cabin, Seychelles police said.
The Maersk Alabama has since left the Seychelles capital of Port Victoria.
By Drew Griffin and Mary Rogers, CNN
March 4, 2014 -- Updated 2145 GMT (0545 HKT)


  1. This is excellent positive news. Thank you SFP for linking this case with CNN to expose it and keep Police working to find the culprits.
    We have had enough dead bodies from bad drug over dose or dose in error.
    The perpetrators must be brought to trail and face Justice.

  2. TOussaint said.solid invidence could lead to arrests?I guess toussiant means the Durg Dealer?Mr toussaint would have also to proven even if he found the deqaler that it was the same drug that the dealer sold resulted in the death of those ex-seal members?Did the dealer twisted their arms?It seems to me our criminal laws do not address this scenario.If yes,should the last seller be solely responsible or we must trace up to the importer,whole sellers ,financiers etc...?At the moment there is more questions than clear answers.So how someone must be made accountable and PP is forced to do extra hours to come out clean for it is our country imamge at the spot light of world opinions.which would push PP to come up with a culprit at all cost thus a risk that all is not done meticulously and the risk that some person could be made scapegoat to provide the window dressing needed for International stage.

    Seychellois in their majority wants to know all the truths about the death of these two-security garuds but also want that PP doesnot stay here,Seycheelois want to see PP apprehend Hard Drug Dealers that Michel told us in 2008 "he knows them all"Which Seychellois beleive Michel knows them all,for they all member of partielepep gang of thieves,which explain also why not a single Hard drug dealers have ever been arrested and jailed in Seychelles.Prrotected by PP chief-escobar Michel and his assistance Govinden,treasury FAURE etc...

    While we need clarity on the death of thsoe two USA nationals we want parrallely that Pp escobars are radicated in our land.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. Toussaint told us he is working of the culprits on one hand ,and tolsd us that videos show trafficking taking palce,so in oother words Toussaint should already know the culprits.They on the vedeo Toussaint.

  4. Media in Seychelles are quite on this issue like always Seychelles have all right to know what is going in their country Ozenmie.

  5. Sorry Seychellios!

  6. If this two prostitute were with this two US guys,this two woman know who are those peoples who sold them this deadly toxic.

  7. Pp looked at the CCTV because of the Special Reporters or Journalists Sans Frontieres are on the islands digging up details about this case. The special reporter was dead right about the drugs issue from the very beginning, may be we should hear from him again!

  8. I was right from the very beginning, it is a murder case..

  9. The CCTV in town does not work.
    They were looking at the CCTV at Pirates Arms, where the casino is.

  10. The CCTV works but those who operate themare unproffesional like the pp governemnt.It seems CCTV are waltched and analysed only when their is a police case like in the case of TAZAR soldier heads was chopped by Gurkas lese recorded vedeos are throwm into sotres as waste.Should PP watcherdogs crutinze on a dialy basis those vedoe recorded by CTTV the Pp would have probably been able to apprhend the drug dealers long time ago ,not now when two foreigner found death in Seychelles.Amny criminals operating on <victoria streets could have been apprhended and brought out of business.It should us also that tax payers money is being wasted to installed CTTV and pay guys to operate them but there operation of such CTTV system seems useless in regards to its seems there is alack of organization and proffesionalsim in this dept as in almost all governemnt instituions.

    Jeanne D'Arc


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