Michel’s State of A Nation In Despair and Arrogance Part II

Manpower and Laptops Next Year
Mr. Michel advises us that we have a problem with manpower. This is why we must import 14,000 GOP workers. Mr. Michel does not tell us that Scr. 1.2 Billion of our economy is sucked out each year to pay for GOP workers, pay their housing, pay their meals, pay their airline tickets.
The need for GOP workers is obvious Mr. Michel. If our educational system records a IGSCE single course passing grade at 32% of the pupils, we will need GOP workers  this is a fact.

I ask you Mr. Michel, please do an exercise, ask the Minister of Employment to grid every post under GOP and count them. Count the Masons, Carpenters, Accountants, Security Personnel, Fishermen, etc….. Then present the grid to the Public. Let us all know how many workers we are recruiting to meet a demand for each post. Then as a country, let us assess the educational needs with the posts in demand, so we can organize ourselves to meet labor demand in a sensible manner. Year on year, our situation gets worse. We need to put the dogma aside in order to reach sensible solutions for Seychelles. The time to defend a failed system is over, because if you do not change course, we will be failing those children in schools today registering 32% pass rate for one single IGSCE course. Those children Mr. Michel are the children you are promising laptops to in 2015 before the next elections. Laptops do not solve our problems. Math, reading, writing real languages do.
 The time to stop failing our children and our economy is today. Finally, by next year, a laptop will cost less than Scr. 1,200.00. Who are you kidding Mr. Michel? You may have provided a subvention for tooth brush and tooth paste in your budget speech.

Our children do not need laptops under subvention. They need  social services, career councilors, probation officers, to know what is going on in their lives, at school and at home. They need monitoring by the state and NGO because their parents many, are on drugs; they come from broken homes, they need love and serious guidance, not gadgets to put them on the right path.
The right path is not political as you constantly infer. Take politics out of the lives of our children, let them be children, and you will see them grow. Stop forcing that poison on them called communism, where we see as role models people like Joseph sitting in your symposium holding a ballpoint pen, to hide his murders and hide the fact that he cannot either read or write. Yet, you pass him off as a nice and cool dude that others should follow?
Mr. Michel, do you want our children to believe, that they too can murder and kill, and they will be invited to symposiums to hold pens to the Public? Is this the Seychelles you are promising the children of today for the next 50 years? Is this the new policy? I seek clarification, please.

IMF Coming Back What Sacrifice Will Be Made
As Seychelles Column advised last year, IMF is coming back to Seychelles. This was confirmed by Mr. Michel.
The people are being called upon to make more sacrifices. More pain, more suffering to pay the debts of SPPF.
Mr. Michel. I ask you this Sir: 1. what sacrifices are your ministers making while we engage under another IMF program? What measures of austerity are you proposing that the ministers of Seychelles Government will now be asked to make along with the pensioned politicians, so that it does not appear that only the people make sacrifice in “Nouvo Sesel”.

Those that got filthy rich serving the interest of the government like Guy Adam, Glenny Savy, Francis Savy,……………ah, what sacrifices will you ask them to make Mr. Michel? These fellows collectively control numerous islands, properties owned by government of Seychelles, but enjoyed by them in a sort of exclusivity as if they are not answerable even to you. Is this right Mr. Michel? Is this what you set out to do in 1964? The guns on June 5th, 1977, were they intended to secure all this wealth into the hands of a few cronies at the expense of the general public?
Was this the grand design behind all the communist slogans that today you casually drop at convenience because as I have written, they are indeed so shameful for you and for all of us to the point that it endangers your own parties existence today with a new generation that sees you are left over relics from the colonial era?

Zomn Lib Lives?   
This statute Zomn Lib Mr. Michel, does it live? Or does it die in “Nouvo Sesel”? What’s up with this metal figure cast and welded by Wavel Ramkalawan’s SPPF Father? Father Wavel too was SPPF was he not?  Why did you not make him a minister like David Pierre has been cast as Leader of the Opposition?
When Mr. Ramkalawan drives past Zomn Lib, you don’t think he says to himself, “man, I am proud of my Fathers art work”??????? I think he does.

Did you ask him what is his take on removal of Zomn Lib? What about Pauline Ferrari, the designer of Zomn Lib? Did you ask her what she thinks of it?
Danny Faure once said to us: “ the day Zomn Lib goes, SPPF is finished”.
So now what? What about the wreaths? Can we remove Zomn Lib without National Reconciliation? Have you dialogue with other parties in the spirit of democracy and freedom, or are you just doing what is expedient and in the interest of preserving power of your ol’ communist cronies?
Mr. Michel, these days, there are no fools in Seychelles, so stop acting like you are His Excellency The Great Governor Bruce Greatbatch, KBE towards us!

Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. sEYCHELLES does not lack local worker force as Michel who seems to be planning to import more of them to please his ofreign friends so that they can genrate maximum of revenues while spending as little possible.Too much of big five star hotels which cannot evne fill their rooms at 50 percentage at any time of the years,.Expats do not operate and work under host country employment law and regulation ,in fact their righrts are abuse,they work over times and sometime not even paid ,they are force to work at any times on demand by employer like modern salve or like we see in aRB COUNTIRES.

    Pp and its foreign riends refuse to pay Seychellois a dignify salary ,that which represent the standard of living in Seychelles.Just as they import fish,vegetable,fruits from abroad not becuase we donot have enough fish..we have the biggest EEZ in the region,but becuase it is cheaper,(the paradox is WForeigner import cheap fish from aborad ,PP export RED Snapper abroad).

    Michel seems is planing to import more expats that is why he is blaming Seychellois to stop depending on welfare as a way to disguise his really intension and give ground to furthewr colonize our country by cheap foriegn workers like his firend Khalifa odes in his own country.In fact, Michel has been following the Arab policies of invading thier land with cheap slave lobar,That what Khalifa want Michel to od,to create tension,disposses us from our land and build a new fake Nation amde up of Asians mostly Indian,Lakistanis etc...

    We donot have enough local laobr?Really MichelèWaht abnout all those many seychellois who studied in the UK to be teachers and once back home they opt to br fishermen?Donot tell us they preffer to br fishermen than teachers Michel?They reasons wehy they opt to be fishermen though a University degree is that they are badly paid for the job and qualification while Sri lNakan underqualified teachers speaking Pigeon Englsih earn three times than them including all the other perks and benefits.We donot have enough local work force becvuase pp education system do not provide the standard and quality ,training,skills needed.We donot have enough local weroker forces bbecuase most of them are in the army.Why the army?becuase PP did not porvide the necessary education and skilled and have failed to create opportunities,real industries,business innovations etc for the Seychellois people.Exapts come to compete with Seychellois in their own economy,kill salary,put stress on water,land use,housing,eletricity ,fiancial leakage-1,8 plus million literally our National budget 2014,disturb peace ,bring all kinds of illnesses long redicated in Seychelles,and amny other probelms ,the only benfit they bring is that ot employers for they allow employers to pocket lots of porfits wihle give out literally nothing.

    Moreover,foreign investors we were told will create jobs,help boost growth,developemnt,bring new technology etc... well not in Seychelles ,in Seychelles they help rob and improvish the country,invovle in financial leakages,money laudery,corruption,the main cause of mass immigrantion of expats in our alnd thus colonization,,the main destroyers of sustainable developement,the main rapers of environement,etc...



    JEANNE d'aRC

  2. EXpats cause lots of problems as has been proven already to host country-----kill saalry,take local jobs,compete with locals of job markets, ,put more stress on natural resources----create colonisation becuase Governmnent has no repatriation programm in palce and there is a laissez faire attitude.Create other problems like ethnic conflicts,religious conflicts,etc...

    Seychellois is your masters Michel and you the servant .we going to tell yxou waht to to do.Get those thousands of expat back to their homeland.Feed our people not foriegners.

  3. PP misogyny bad for our country.There are obvious advantage of recruting exapts in the eye of employers--they are cheap,work without asking question,are literally not cover by employment law and regulation of host country,low salary than lcoals but high in comaprision to country of origine.

    But Exapts cause more problems than benefit for host country.Send lots of money back home anistead of spending it in host country,result lost of foreign exchange for host country-In Seychelles it cost our country literally the same amount of our National Budget.Reduce salary of locals and compete on job market with locals becuase theyan kill salar and for many jobs,they can leave at any time when things wnet wrong for instance a politcal unrest,the put pressure of services Shools,Hospitals,Transports,natural resources,Housing etc.. all those expenditure or cost must be made by tax payers,they could create religious,ethnic conflicts,cutlutral,traditional,social conflicts.

    Moreover,a any ogvernemnt has a duty to protect its citizens,not only from physical harm,external threats, etc..but also from foreign competitions and loss.If all businesses in the country are owed by foreigners then our citizens have not future and we become economic slave of foriegners like we are already becoming the economic slave of Khalifa.Michel should not be advertising the importation of foriegners to please foriegn collaborators but his responsibility and duty before anything else is to protect Seychelles and Seychellois interests,and to keep our country prosperous and flourishing.A governemnt should and must protect the nation's interest first,be it its territorial integrity,its National economy that citizens benefit from thier own economy beofre any one else.Pp might argue it protectionism,and for a country to progress and its about free market---these are false arguments which allows governemnt and foreign collaborators to continues destroying Nation economy by crooked pratices which are aim solely to benfits thmeslves not host country or hos economy in the first place.A governemnt, wahtever their arguments or employers who do like,are those greedy want to keep the status qou that make them richest at the speed of light,such persons or governemnt officals who promote such ideas should not be in our country and any govt.official defending such crooked pratices should even be a minister of public officials,they are in the wrong positions and should resign and find antoher job.

    NB well,the probelms are not FDI but the fialure of governemnt to reguale,control ,repatriate,etc....expats present on our shores.

    Like Switzerland just passed a law three weeks ago--and implememnt QUOTA for EXPATS worker---we should do the same.ONLY Highly qualified expats ,and only when really their no local for a position that an expat should be recruited for a define period of time to do a precise job in return for money and not to be gifted our birthrighrsmNationality,buy land ,or have contract extented.There are even Indians to recruits that there is not need to extend an Indain workercontract.One can recruit a new Indian expat for the same job in 24 hours on Indain job market there are multi-millions of them in the waiting line.

    And finally ,PP must understand that Seychellois is the master of this land,their superiors,and they PP are our servants--We as your masters we donot expect our servants to tell us what to do--you do what Seychellois,you masters ask you dto do,regardless if you think it should be differetn than what the people have asked you to do.

    The people PP,want a reduction of Expat wrooekrs in our land,and that without sonditions,explaiantion,argument,or whatever your reasons and that of foreigners.As to the latter if they cannot abide by our National laws, and regulations ,they shjould leave make space for new serious FDI ,and do not come a^to dictate their will on our people in thier sovereign country.If you cannot do,or agree with the people will,wishes,well resign dog.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. He think that he is the new Kennedy of the Indian Ocean when he read the repaired note written by JPA. Senpozyonm Parti Lepep i prepar lavenir Sesel.... that BS for another 50 years, even Trokler would say that. Take a good look on every first page of Nation what do you see on top under NATION? Yes! LIBERTE...EGALITE...FRATERNITE....where does this apply today in this sesel? Well, unless you are blind or death. In 1964 under FAR silver line was Sesel pou Seselwa and that was 50 years ago at DAN LESPLANAD reading on a piece of KAYE.....now does any Seselwa think this is really TODAY? No, Seychelles, Seychellen belong to Arabs and other foreigners who bought our passports under PP regime. The only thing that keeps JAM kosto is this teleprompter. Take it away he will look at a bastardo, stupido and can't even put his brain into gear to engage his mouth.

  5. Strangely Michel literally follows and put in practice what Khalifa does in UAE--Since tow or three now,UAE,Suqadi Arabia,Oman and otherArab countires have began a policy of reaptriation and reduction of Exapts present of their soil to favored their citizens.UAE calls it EMIRATIZATION;each their own cvatchword..It strange becuase When it come to EXAPTS Michel seems to do the oposite of His Arab Master.He should have learn from Khalifa.Singapour laso has taken steps to reduce Expats.These countires have long tradtions of depedening on EXPATS ,that they dicided to reduce,control them should make PP thugees to think about the uncotrolable importation of Exapts.What UAE has learn over the years is that becuase of their fialures to regulate,control,put QOuta on Expats .Expats in UAE has out numbered EMIRATES-They made up 80 percents of the population that Khalfia can lvitually not even dare asking them to go--for they in the majority they could take arms and take control of the country,like we seeing in Ukriane by Russian Immigrants.Many countires,amny known for the flexibility towards Expats---most European countries used to import Expats without asking long-term questions of expats present on their soil,today they all want to get rid of exapts,to regualte,control ,put qouta,Dito,to USA,CANADA.Australia.New Zealand.and man other countires..Only donkey Michel with his ignorance think different and think he has a right to dictates to his masters (the people of Seychelles)what best for us.

    Get ird of this headless chicken now.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. AVEK PARTI PP NA PA LANVENIR POU SESELWA;MAYBE FOREIGNERS THAT HE HAS MAKE THEM BECOMING SESELWA TO KEEP THEM IN POWER.Ki lavenir with a bench of crooks destroying there peoples dignity ki LAVENIR our youths using Toxic more rehab have to built with seychellios tax money ki lavenir with more muRder of first degree on this island.Seychellios if you beleave in Michel lies than you beleave IN GOD you will lost your island with invaders.He lies to you every election about pomping oil in our EZZ have anyone of you who beleave in him asking him were is the oil he has been mention for mostly 5 years now?Michel pomp oil dan fes Camel you fucking liar give me knife I cut your tongue.

  7. Seychelles will have a future only when it takes the path of democracy.Dictatorship leads us to a dark destiny of uncertainty like Pp has proven with all the negative consequences that follow:bankrupcy,poverty,desease,homeless,drug addicts,land dispossission,envorinment destruction,astrnomic debts,dependency of foriegn aid,etc,etc,,etc,,

    Just Take money that leave annually our ecnomy becuase of Expats--- Sr 1.2 Billion rupees which virtually equates our National Budget.In fact if we take tothis figure of Sr 1.2 Billion which is generated solely by14,000 expats doing menial jobs and add the extras being pocket by ofriegners Pp made Ambassadors,and all those illegally controling our Institutions Like Scully ,Ugandan ;Sri Lnakan Judges etc...and the others we exceed the National Budget figure easily.You can then see the lost our country endure becuase of CHiff-cum-economist Michel.

    While Expats infest our shores and rob Seychellois from their breadbasket and keep them hungry .PP unable to create real jobs for our Youths---offers them two possibility-Either join the biggest industry in the country namely the military which makes us have an army bigger than Cyprus per capita ,with artillery division to canon who due to our small island while the GSC which is an important branch of our defence forces lacks resources, OR as second option ,Michel has created A kind of illegal DOLE SYSTEM similar to that of the Uk)can JJ SPIRIT FOUNDATION-----where students who had ended their studies and could not find jobs (for PP tells them they not qualified enough) ,to keep them docile,dependent,abd ensure that they have enough to eat to stay alive.

    That is not sustainable developemnt,we can not produce be more productive when Pp does not have the imagination and creativeity to provide oppportunities to our youths.

    And fianlly ,I we donot think of the future ,we cannot have one.As Christian Nestell qoutes"when all else is lost,the future stills remain"

    As to elections--Pp is known to be an elections thief--------they could never be elelcted in fre and fair elections that is why they use theft to keep themselves of power.A common practice in competitive dictatorship(that is a system in whcich multi-parties is accepted but most of them are stooge ,fake aprties as demonstrated by SNP;Pierre etc...

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. THe recruitment of EXPATS is a real lucrative business that brings in multi-millions to those invovle in this business.But it also a machine of huamn rights wxploitation whereby Expats are under paid,host country0s labor laws and regualtions often ignores and supported by host country governement.

    Using Exapts to repalce locals is alos a Human right voilation for when Michel imported cheap foreign labor to our shores they deprivesl ocals from their breadbaskets,when governemnt abuse tax payers money to build house complexe to cater expats it depreives locals for shelters forcing many to be homeless and sleep on bus stations and find food in dustbins,etc..etc..etc..

    NOw,while a defined amount of expats are needed fr instance in the construction etc...We could still put in palce regulations,strategies that would rpvodies a WIN-WIN situation for both expats and Seychelles governemnt.FOr that,Expats should be recruited only once lets say 2-4 years with a non-extendable contract.Why a non extendable contract.Think about this--there are millions of other indain construction workers ,enemployed on Indain job markets very DAY------By not extending contract,it would alporivde he opportuny to many other (a maximum of them)indians contruction wrokers to have the chance of coming other here and in 2 to 4 years work to better and mporve their economic potential which when return back to their home country they would be able to really make a different in their social/economic lives and that of their families.At the same time,such policy would automatically discourage the temptation by expats to stay etc... in other words üit in palce a kind of rotation recruitment system for exapt workers-..moreover governemnt must have system o control in palce that nesure while an exapt in on contract s7he is not allow to find new copntract from other companies as a means of staying.This must be forbidden in order for rotation recruitment system work.whatever name you want to call it.

    Jeanne D'Arc


    While we need to boost the use of soalr energy the porcess that PUC wants to impose is not necessary to best option when it comes tot the price to pay by Individual households.

    CHeck this out--if PUC would provide free soalr panels,free equipments,fre installation etc--- then asking indivduals to pay theirt bills would be justified.And it coul be done by asking individual household to pay an annual fix price for live and that depending on cost of equipment,etc.....and furthermore extra energy produce could be used fre of harge by PUC.But if an individual bought his own soalr panels,installed it himslefe and paaid for all the equipment,WHy should the person buy or pay PUC for the energy provides not by PUC but freely by the SUN?What about indivudal house ROOF .should individual consider rightfully of RENTING PUC their roofs?

    Indvisual shouls not pay PUC anything for what PUC has not privide them with.In fact, PUC should buy extra energy produced by indivivudal households who installed and paid thmesleves their equipment not the contary.PUC of course is finding a away to genrate money for the use of soalr will reduce the use and revenues genrated now on cassical energy they provide but it canot be robeery.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. PUC wants families who paid for their own soalr panels to give PUC the nergy than PUC would resale the ofr a lower price.What an individual bought,is a private asset just like his house,car etc....

  11. It is amazing that PL cannot resolve the problem of GOP in the country and set a sensible policy for it.
    They are not a new government. The GOP and education issue grew from good to horrible under their watch.
    Now with drugs in Seychelles seriously, the problem will get worse.

  12. Sesel pou Seselwa is doomed for the next 20 years at least. Whilst our current education system is in tatters we will carry on to rely on foreigners. As soon as foreigners sets foot in Seychelles, they all want to stay and remain here. These foreigners comes with their education, but they rely on a weak Seychellois nation for them to become multi millionaires in no time due to their hard work and dedication. Our education system does not prepare our youth to face the challanges of the future. Our education system is there to enslave us. On the contrary, if you are luck enough to attend a local private school you will excel. The days when Seychelles College and Regina Mundi prepared our youths was killed off after 5th June 1977. Now we are harvesting what was sowed on 5th June 1977. When the generation of genuine Seselwa born in the 1960's are gone - Seselwa Rasin will be in the minority and Seselwa importe will form the majority. Sesel Sa

  13. This article really exposes Michel and his plans for reconciliation. I have been reading Gill's articles for years now. The man says it like it is and if any one does not like that too bad. I can see changes coming in seychelles and it all started on these blogs. Keep up the good work Gill and your friends. It is about time someone starts to talk sense in seychelles and we stop the games and nonsense.
    Even the newspapers are soft, Weekly Today and Seychellois. Without your blog service we would all really be lost.

  14. Even with the new reconciliation and let say PP announce all Seselwa overseas can come to vote in 2016. There is a possibility opposition will get only 50 percent because the hard core is too old to travel back to vote. 50 percent is not good enough so think about plan B because time a coming fast. Don't think about on-line voting PP will not except this.

  15. Should Seychellois in the diaspora are given the their legittmate right to vote---Oppostion would get all the votes.Morevoer,there is no need to necessarily travel to Seychelles during elcetions to vote,In the 21st Cnetury it could be done througgh Internet.just like buyiong and paying article bought on line.A practice that long eixst in western countires designed for Nationals leaving abroad.Pp would accept what in reconcilaition have been agreed as conditions by all participators.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  16. A few words on MERITON intervention on WOmen DOmestic Abuses.It is not enough to make speeches on the issues that seems a national sport for too long it has been consdier not important though ti si a gross Huamn right abuses.Education starting at school ,educating kids on equal rights,dignity,etc... is the first step to change this waht is seems to have beomce a cutural traits in our society.

    Secondly,Domestic abuses is no deifferent from other abuses thus domestic abuse and voilences should be criminalise like any other abuses and voilation.

    Hot lines could be put in place. for abused women .and line thatn the can call to when their rights are being raped by Men who comport themslves as Arabs men and thing literally women are maybe semi-animals .and object ,an asset and nothing else.

    Seychellois men should be famde to stop their machismo---cconprotment----------They must be made to change this culture of another age that consist of beleiveing that they MEn could do what they want but women must abide by thw will:we were born equal--you cannot continue to rape my rights.

    Act Meriton,stop preaching dog.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  17. Good article Mr. Gill. You show intelligence, courage and a heart for all seychellois.
    If I waited for Father Wavel to write something like this, I would grow old and die waiting/

  18. Father RAM has no time for such eloquent articles of truth.he is busy figuring out how he could rob more tax payers money each year.His has a very good friend on his side namely bro Volcere who keeps following him LIKE A HUNGRY DOG AS IF ram HOLDS A BONE IN HIS HAND.Their relationship motivated by greed make me think of LAUREL and HARDY,They just unseperable in their endevours top fake reality and fool Seychellois for their own self agrandisement.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  19. More Seychellios man goes in toxic and alcohol abuse more woman will abuse and more child will be abuse like crimes had increases.All of this bad social behaviour are increasing because a leader and his gangs who are incompetence of handling a country with a population 80,000+15,000 immigrant workers he had brought.


  20. Father RAM-US is after money. I am convinced of it.
    We want a better seychelles.
    Michel is rich faure office workers are delivering.
    Why does the church not stand firm?
    They stand like weaken sheep from too many days without grass.

  21. CHURCH DONT MENTION ABOUT IT!They gone passive also like this wicked sytem.


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