Not Credible National Assembly Speaks Out!

David Pierre Speaks Out! Marie Antoinette Rose Covers up! Together, They    Attempt To Give Credibility To A Not Credible System Gone Off Rail!

David Pierre Speaks Out!
In his speech in the reply to SONA David Pierre lashed out on Pri Lavi ( cost of living), lack of genuine Reconciliation, short of mentioning the murdered, exiled, and missing, of course. That would not be polite.

Pierre called for more Transparency and Accountability. Yet each month he and SBC go to State House to meet with James Michel, very little Transparency takes place and we are yet to have any Accountability in these meetings. But, it is all smiles for Pierre.
Sitting as the apparent “lone/lame duck” from the opposition in the National Assembly, regardless how he got the seat, Mr. Pierre is the sole person in Seychelles today, who gives credibility to a not credible system.

Because PL needs him to give them credibility, David Pierre it seems has emerged from the under the sea of Spongebob’s world to become a creation of PL and because they need him so badly, he is now powerful, even if he is reduced to prop status, by being  a single opponent in the National Assembly.
Minus one we have One Party State in full manifestation. Sad- you can see the sadness on all PL MNA faces. Life must be tough for them in Public. Thank God (3M) for tinted window film they say.
First Move Or Cover Up Move?

Pierre has said that it is up to James Michel to make a move towards Reconciliation. True enough.
Does Pierre think that PL versions of Reconciliation are genuine geared towards Nation building, or national cover up?

My advise to Pierre is this: be careful in process of Reconciliation, you do not end up exiled in London. Because you have placed yourself in precarious position, that only you can undo.
You do not have much time, you may soon see your carriage turned into a pumpkin in this process, much like your Father-Ramkalawan saw 40,000 supporters disappear, while eating PL pudding. Poof!
 While Pierre’s speeches are lovely as always, we have learnt that when it comes to Pierre, we do not listen to lovely speeches, we listen with our eyes, and view his actions, and the harm or good it causes Seychelles. Thus far, his actions have caused good for Pierre, and Bad for Seychelles progress as a democracy.

The PL ‘s call for reconciliation is not reacting to Pierre in the National Assembly, he never made the call for genuine reconciliation, he never made the call for an end to ZOMN Lib ( that has been Christopher Gill since 2006 in articles every year when no one would dare use Zomn lib as a subject in an article)but PL is today, reacting to the digital media that has them under a full curl neck press.
Pierre just seems to be copying our articles, when he wants to act out a little air jab to PL. Why? When he speaks to PL in his speech, he bows his head and cannot seem to look at any of them. I wonder why?

In boxing, if you do not keep your eye on your opponent, Pierre, he takes you out! Even fake opponents! Careful with your dance with the Devil Pierre, careful now, the type of music is about to change.

Marie Antoinette Rose Speaks Up!
Folks, the lady Fish tails and all, can talk. Wow, this lady, all dolled up for the cameras and the microphone put on the best speech I ever heard in favor of a corrupted party if I ever knew of one.
She brilliantly covered up the failures with fancy statistics, twining it all into a crochet of history and nice deeds by SPPF PL. Wow! James Michel, make her an Ambassador, move the envelope for Marie Antoinette Rose. She deserves a Rolex, car driver, fat cat salary for that speech. Send her to USA and replace Marie Lise Potter. But do not send Potter home, send her to Brazil to help St. Ange promote Tourism from there.

What Marie Antoinette Rose does not tell you in her lovely speech is this:
In 1964, SPUP started out with a slogan “Sesel Pou Seselwa”. SPUP fought for the right to vote of all Seychellois in 1964 until 1974, where Rene realized he could not win in a vote against a jovial clown personality like Mancham who turned every public meeting into a beer drinking party and bully beef pushing parade when many people were starving. Rene’s serious personality clashed with Mancham to a level of animosity that clouded his vision and wisdom. Hence he  could not see beyond Manchams’ first Four years of being President. For this “Sesel Pou Seselwa” was abandoned for “Sesel Pou Rene and Crony” Yet, if Rene did not make the fatal mistake of June 5th, 1977, Rene would have most likely (99%) beat Mancham in any election thereafter. That is the plain truth.
At the time, Rene was so sick of dealing with Mancham, that he took up arms to over throw him. It was a personal issue not a national issue and surely not Liberation Madam Marie Antoinette Rose.
The personality strife between Rene and Mancham thereafter created a division in the country that may well out live both of them, if PL do not take steps towards genuine reconciliation. Why? Because the struggle today remains “Sesel Pou Seselwa”, like in a play, the theme has not changed, only the actors have assumed different roles today.

Today Marie Antoinette Rose, it is your party that sells Seychelles to UAE. It is your party that suggest drug addicts should die off. It is your party that fails education of our children, not much different than the old French Colonial system did during slavery. While you have all the trappings of an educational system, it is all props. The results are a sign of a dying population as if we graduate enslaved by failure. Most Seychellois succeed from their shear wits, risk taking and still in many cases diligence and hard work, contrary to your national perception of your people.
While you claim to be a Upper Middle Income Country (UMIC) not eligible for aid under PL, do not forget in your verbose, there are 40,000 exiled Seychelloies who you dismiss in your figures. If they were added, where would your statistics of Seychelles be today?
You also do not mention that institutionalized abortions is being done in secret at the Victoria Hospital and out side, which makes our birth rate dangerously low at 0%.

Marie Antoinette Rose reminds me in history when Germany under Hitler claimed for have the best dental care in the world, with less mouth disease then any country. Hitler of course was giving the Jews free medical, inspecting their teeth , taking their gold teeth and throwing the rest of a human carcass into a ditch mass grave. Is this what you are doing figuratively with our 40,000 exiles?
While you claim all these successes Madam Rose, you carefully forget to tell us how much our national debt is under PL and how much of it has PL paid off: very little so far.
While you brag about Seychellois renting houses, and tomorrow they will own houses, what about your cronies that own islands and own hotels, on government land? You cover them up and protect them with your tongue from the Public view? The digital age will expose you and your cronism, though you are but a pawn in this play. This only shows your principle of “Sesel Pou Rene ek Crony”!

While no one is perfect is true as you assert. But do not use imperfection to not correct your ill practice and perpetuate failure as a party on your people. This is the problem with a party that lacks educated leadership.

When the ship is hitting the rocks, the Captain says “go on, we are near, if we are hitting the rocks, the island shore is near”. This is PL today. All you “Mariners” don’t say anything because you could careless if you have to swim back home, its all about yourselves, your careers , your pensions. Besides, you all have “FISHTAILS ”now, you can swim……if the ship of state sinks.
I wonder if you will still have fishtails when Rene kicks off? Remember those wonderful words self engrossment by Rene that haunts every single SPPFPL each day of their lives: “Apres Moi… Le Deluge!”

You PL can hang all the pictures of Albert Rene you want on the wall. God will not give him or you more time……surely not another 50 years, not even with David Pierre, sitting in that big leather Chinese Chair will slow the clocks for any of you.

Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. yeah
    you're damm right she is :)

  2. Pierre motto or slogan seems to be "speaks out the truths to better hide my fake personage.In other words,itis pure hypocricy.Pierre wears a fake mask,and his face to fit it.Pierre is the guy who would cut down a redwood tree then mount the stump and amke a speech on conservation.As a fake he has an image to maintain ,the fake image that he needs to disguise his real personage as WIllingful stooge and turncoat.

    The problem with Pierre is while he was trying to work hard choosing his words to fool Seychellois he lost control on the right facial micmic that should accompanied his babbles ,the latter betrayed him.A person charters and traits are written on his face,it .His facial micmic ,are features that express everything that is going on in his mind.And what was going on in Pierre^s mind is now to perfrom the illusion that it looks real.In a word,it is the same guy in two different guises.Pierre has a double-obligation delimma namely try find a balance between keeping himslef undercover as stooge and that of trying to make us beleive his a honest,a patriot,who cares for his people.
    The problem is he cannot hide,the people has long identified him----When PP gifted him an increase of salry that he should not even pocket it for he was not elected--Why did Pierre say know to it,which would have been a sign that he really cares about others.Why Seychellois want Pp to reduce Expats .Alst year Pieere when on SBC promote this PP colonialistic policy and even told us that GURKAS who attacked one of our soldier and chopped his head in two should even be taught our langage and literally allow them to stay here to continue their work as state paid proffesional foreign killers in a soveriegn land.He also think we should clebrate CHines Day,taoism,for Seychellois culture,tradition,mentallity,ways of life is a product and originated for China.

    What PP stooge managed to do in his intervention,is provide Seychellois with the pathos that drives him.the greed that push him into being what his is namely a willingful stooge;The vilain fake politician with his scheme that safegaurd his vested interests and self image,trying to make us beleive he is not part of the system that hangs on the people's breast like tics on a milkcow,and sucking us dry.He is not the donkey we always see sitting wwith the Butcher he critise bring tea and eating cookies at Statehouse while planning his next move to conspire against the people of Seychelles.

    Give us a break dog!
    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. PP lapdog came dogging the important questions Seychellois are asking as his own unscripted comes from argony of self-perservation onthe expense of others.Do not forget while Pieree blashed out PP we must allow keep in mind that he is on the pay roll of PP,the script he is reading was written together with pp,else PP would have never give him access to SBC, PP propaganda machine.Ask to SBC is given to those who are ready to abide by the dictates of PP.Like Father like Son,Pierre wants to make think he is a wreal patriot while he is a first class stooge,greedy,without culture.

  4. Pierre partilepe stooge unhappy that Michel said Stop depending of welfare,of which he is one of the biggest beneficiary run amok on SBC in an attmept to protect his ill-gain by critising Pp policy, a policy he activily participates in the planning ,execution,and promotion.

  5. The entire lot of SNP including Pierre are on PL SPPF welfare.

    What do you call all those thousands and thousands per month in pensions and

    exhorbitant salaries? This is not welfare?

    A salary is money for a job well done.

    What job well done did SNP under Wavel Ramkalawan do?

    A Pension is for a person after working up to 63-64. Some countries it is now 70.

    SNP people are in their 40's and early 50 taking huge pensions along with SPPF .

    This is like a circus.

  6. David Pierre pa kapab viv dan son lapo !

  7. In his "get ready for the next 50 years" he said that PP get the right tools and good and modern equipment to advance Seychelles forward. We don't think so. Because you are still using chicken feathers, hair pins, match sticks and car keys to extract your WAX. Go see the new ENT for proper de-waxing.

  8. Indeed she can talk the talk but can't walk the walk.

    In'n byen zwe son kanot sa tpi mademwazel avek son la zou byen roz.

    Dan lepase ler mon pas lo pon kaskad ensorti lans o'pan pou al lafet sent andre.

    Mon vwar li ek son ferblan osi son koson sadlebak pe fouy palourd.

    O'zordi i manz buli bif dan bwat ek lakle dan kote.
    Errrrr.... fishtail.

  9. Pierre cannot feed himself at that age?
    How can he run a country?
    How can he do anything?

  10. David is soo cutie in that picture with the spoony in his mouth.
    After your girl friend fed you did Danny Faure step in with 15 million cash???
    Just asking.... Public Interest you know!

  11. He is cute and probably very attractive to Homos Like Francis Larue.He also demonstrates in the picture his incapacity to be dependent , he seems to need babysitters to baby sitter him, be it her wife or PP..

    Jeanne D'Arc


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