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Sri Lanka Foreign Bureau states that they have completed necessary measures to send Sri Lankan professionals to Seychelles.

According to a statement released by the Foreign Bureau, several jobs including Accountants, Management positions in administrative fields as well as experienced English teachers are available in Seychelles.

A preliminary meeting was held today between Seychelles ambassador and Chairman of Foreign Bureau regarding the matter.


Senadhilankara said that Lankan workers will secure a large number of employment opportunities in Seychelles. He said that many employment opportunities are available in the tourism sector in that country.
This was revealed during the discussions held between the Chairman and the Seychelles Ambassador Waweil Williams at the SLBFE. Mr Senadhilankara said that the Sri Lankan skilled workers could obtain employment in tourism and hospitality industry.

The Ambassador acknowledged that there is a employment potential in the growing construction industry in Seychelles too and Sri Lankans could avail those opportunities. Other areas of interest mentioned during the discussions include accountancy, administration and management.

Chairman said that the possibility of sending English teachers and educationists also would be explored. Ambassador said Seychelles wanted skilled workers from Sri Lanka and any employee should be trained before sending for employment.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Governments of Sri Lanka and Seychelles, was signed at Temple Trees in the presence of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and President of Seychelles James Alix Michel during the latter's visit to Sri Lanka. Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare Minister Dilan Perera signed the MoU on behalf of Sri Lanka, while Seychelles Foreign Minister Jean Paul Adam represented his country.

According to the MoU, Sri Lankan workers, in future, would find jobs in the fields of tourism, travel, education, business and marketing in Seychelles. Job seekers could forward their applications on a date announced by the SLBFE through approved official employment agents.

The Ambassador invited Mr Senadhilankara to pay a visit to Seychelles.



  1. After invasion of indains,it is now Sri Lankan.Once agsint partielpep prefer to create jobs for Foriegners thus feed foriegners than training Seychellois and allow the later to benefit from their own economy.Sir LanKan English Teacher to teach pigeon English our kids(NB Seychellois do go to Western University especially UK to be trained as teachers but when they come back Partielepep pay them peanuts and favour cheap underqualfied,foriegners' with pigeon English from Indai,Sri lanka to replace them) and more Sir Lankan like judge BRUHAN to illegally control our sovereign state institutions like Jsutice,Minsiteries,Ambassadors and finally they would be made illegal Seychellois just like BRUHAN when their GOP contract terminated.

    We want to see a reduction of EXAPTS/GOP worekrs on our soil not More partilepep.You destroying Seychellois Nation partilepep,.Stop your illegal policy of importing foriegners to colonize our land,Stop neo-colonization aprtilepep.Stop trnas-regional criminal activities partilepep.

    Seychellois are the masters of their land,Paritlepep their servants .Who they hell then partielepep gave you the uatority to import thousands of foriegners to colonize and destabilize Seychelleois society and promote colonization and dispassion Michel?

    You know what paritelepep--the Unity,Reconciliation you preaches -you better put it in practice and that as fast as possiblie ,If you fail monkeys your head would blow into pieces in to 2016.You have literally tow years to change yourself,resotre Seychellois institutions,free them from Foreign control,stop criminal activities ,and stop importation of ofiregners to our shores.Else you going to expeience the same faith as Ghdafi.YOu want to see to bleive.Well you will not only see it in 2016 you would be the victims.

    All deals done by Michel with his Butcher friend RAJAPEKSE to destroy Seychelles and replace its Native population by foreigners.Have Seychellois ask paritlepep to REDUCE foriegners on their soil?There is already too much ,30 0000 and literally HALF of Seychelles population.

    What ewe nned paritlepep is not more foriegners to take Seychellois jobs and colonize,modify Seychellois Nation but reduction of foriegners----they are not help our economy but destroying it.Billions of rupees left our shore annually and go into Sir Lankan,Indain;pakistanis economy.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. Exapts Sir lanakan generate billions of dolars annually which are then send to Sir Lanka thus boost Sir Lankan economy.

    Michel unilateral and illegal dictations and illegal practices must be stopped immediately.If we left partielepep continue with its polcies of unilateralist soon ;Expats would made up more than half of our population--and in adecades from now they would out number us and create the same situation as in UAE;SUADI ARABIA etc..whereby Expats have became the maojirity .The partilepep crooked politics of importation of expats which is constitutionally illegal must bec stopped by all means and that rapidly before foreigners out number Seychellis natives in their own Land and that just because of a n illegal political party practices.

    FEED Seychellois paritlepep ,not foriegners.We too kindepedence to be independent,Paritlpep has re-introduce colonization by illegally allowing tohusands of Aisen to colonize our land.T8ime to stop those marons and that in a way that paralyze those monkeys that they won't be able to bullshit Seychellois never again.

    Terrorists must be destroy by all means and regardless what they are.

  3. Sri Lanak has the biggest Exapt population in the world.That is they make childrens like pigs,no family planning then the world must feed them.As Paritlepep wants to do.They are remmitance of U$ 6 billion dollars to Sri Lankan economy annually.

    Seychelles must feed its people not replace foreign government duties and reponsiblites and feed foreigners.

  4. What Seychellois people want,does not intrest partilepep?Waht Seychellois want partilepep is a rdrastic reduction of exapts ready on their soil killing Seychellois jobs,putting stress on resources like water supply,housing,and killing our economy .

    A country cannot build its economy with foreignrs ,it is not sustainable and should be stopped.Sri Lanakn must be in turn encourage to put in palce family planning for their people not produce over population then to burden other states with cheap worekrs and thereby feed them.

    There are already 30 ooo exapts of our soil which si too much and should be reduced--we donot want expats on our soil to kill Seychellois economy.We cannot feed all the poor from Asia.
    Stop importing Exapts to our soil paritlepep:Stop illegal deals in our names and take decision without Seychellois approval.

  5. The Presidential election is fast approaching and guess what? James Michel is starting to import foreigners to register and vote for Lepep.

    They're taking our jobs, homes and other resources. They are also clogging up our services . A lot of them come here to breed and get Seychelles citizenship . They have turned these small islands into a shit hole.

  6. What Consitutional rights has Waweil Willaims has to dicide in the people's name and simply make deals in the people's name without their approval or consultation.Who gave you these authoritities Waweil Williams under which law?

  7. Yes,to get Seychellois citizenship because paritlepep laws of EXAPTS/GOPS are not respected because paritlepep think foriegners made illegal Seychellois citizens could be use when elections comes and most of them as fake Seychellois would vote for the crooked parti who gifted them our nationality and allow them to colonize our land.

  8. Seychelles need an opposition leader like a france alber rene attitude.
    If he was in the opposition this will NEVER happen.
    Let us take the street now!
    Becauce the kids of our kids will suffer latter!
    Let us have some balls!
    Wake up David pierre.
    Wake up Wavell
    Wake up boulee.
    Wake up ernestha.
    Let your voices be heard!
    You will be in a HISTORY book oneday!

  9. Ernesta as paritlepep army officier surely has committed atrocities in the name of apritlepep to become the officer he was.Was Ernesta is doing by asking for forgiveness by hiding behind boulle's back is in fact insultaing victims' family members .Ernesta should no that forgiveness starts by meeting with victims or victims' family members and provide then with all the details on how their love ones desaspeared.

    Confessing and saying sorry is not enough to forgive.There must be RESTITUTION.Moreover,Ernesta must not think forgiveness is delivered in a court with Boulle as defender---State is has no right to forgive for a state is based on rule of law.It could encourage reconciliation process but cannot decide in the place of victims.State can only granted amnesty but only after justice is delivered not bofore.

    I think Ernesta has psychological problems- namely he is hearing the ghosts of the vicitms footsteps walking around his bedroom,doors closing alone etc.... he thought by attempting to fool vicitms by pretending ready to ask for forgiveness would free him from the nightmares he is having.

    GO to church Ernesta ask the lord first for forgiveness,Then Self-forgive yourself and when you have done all this you can come in a genuine manner ,meet vicitms and speak out --the truth and nothing than the truth.Then only you have a slim change of finding forgiveness.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. Use foriegn money for election Seychellios when pp fall they will escap to foreign countries the stolen billion are on their account in Switzerland.what you idiots and poor
    will do island put your fingers in your a**s and smell it.

  11. Seychellois want a reduction of expats not more.30 000 are too much ,it is literally half of our population and that cannot stay as it is now and cannot be tolerated to increase.

  12. They coming to colonize Seychelles.Take Seychellois jobs,housing,country and work for a slave salary to destroy Seychelles economy,standard of living and feed themselves.

  13. The Australian navy has to continuously turn back boatful of Sri Lankans trying to enter the vast Australia illegally because they are considered as invading parasites, but Seychelles which is only a tiny atoll in the ocean is laying the red carpet to welcome those parasites. In no time Seychellois will be a minority in every economical sphere, and a sure way to keep Pp in power with additional voters!

  14. Guys now we have prison at Montagne Posse just note this down in a couple of years this prison will be remove at Montagne Posse.Keep your eyes open on this mountain will end up Sri Lankan hands EXPAT to conquer and invade to bring religious violence never happen in Seychelles Michel and co will make it happen.Seychellios this old crook don't have much to live think about it and the future of your young generation.

  15. JE I WAS WATCHING IT ALSO ON ALJAZZERA:Thats what some Seychellios don't see we does and we know and see danger coming on our shore was once call Paradise.

  16. And its those Sri Lankan Muslim landing on our shore, Buddhist are chasing in Sri Lanka now we have few Sri Lankan and Indians Buddhist on the island with those Sri Lankan muslim arriving prepare Seychellios for the worst to come in the future.

  17. Well partielepep ios the above the law,it is the constitution and Ministers as Presideent have according to paritlepep inconditional power,to do whatever they want regardelsss of the people position.

  18. Breaking news,local fisherman are reporting boat load of Sri Lankans heading toward the cosmoledo island.

  19. Partilepe mouth piece NATION confirms they coming to colonize and take seychelliois jobs soon --_As teachers to teach our children pigeon English with Sri LanKa/India accent.The illcit deals between RAJAPAKSE and Butcher Michel continues.Then we would have new Judges as GOP and finally after their contracts ended they would be made fake Seychellois.there would be more to take Seychellois jobs in hotels as Michel/RAJAPAKSE have dicdied.Seychelles must create jobs for Sir lAnakn ,Indians while Seychellois even those wulaified in teaching are umnemployed.

    Stop importing foreignerst our shores monkey Michelè

  20. Chinese,Russia,India,Brazil,South Africa are creating a copy of IMF calls the BRICS---soon African dictatorswould line up to borrow tfrom BRICs for the later with dictatorship as majority shareholders(China,South Africa and Russia)would fit Afircan best for BRICS would be less apt of pressuring for accountability and transparency but use the BRICs as means to rob African for natural resources ,sponsor Dictators who allow foreigners to rob their natural resources but alos and most dangerous create a style of New cold War situation as during the Time of USSR.
    Dictatorship around the world would soon abandon IMF and switch to BRICs for the later would allow them to increase their country's debt and rob their nations with impunity.


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