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Urgent Release!
The Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) has announced on SBC that
it is overhauling two main generators on Roche Ciaman electricity
production unit Mahe.
This will result in a reduction of 8 mega watts of electricity on 
Mahe Island each day, over a period of the next Seven weeks.
Consequently PUC will be load shedding throughout Mahe over 
the next Seven weeks.
While this is the Peak Period of Tourism PUC could careless.
DMC are advise to move visitors on to Praslin and La Digue 
over next Seven Weeks.
Tourism operators are advised to save money to provide refunds 
when electricity cuts into Peak Season and irate clients retaliate.
Finally, increase security as darkness sets.
PL is advised to find someone else to run PUC allow solar panels
at one hundred percent use consumption, and eventually sell PUC
to a private consortium.
End the Madness
This is a Seychelles Freedom Party Release
Big fire breaks out at dump site Providence next to Eden Island
The Public is advised to avoid the area take necessary precautions
if they must travel in area .
Remain aware of possibility of noxious odours that may affect your
health .
Travelers need not cancel their trip to Seychelles.
But they may consider spending more time on Praslin and La Digue,
transiting in Mahe only while  the fire persists.


  1. If partilepep would have seriously and activity work to implememnting Reweable energy instead of making speeches on it.this would have avoid less inconvenience to Businesses,households etc....Aprtilepep has once against proven that ti cannot rule and maybe that explained why the conducted a coup to put themselves of power for the knew they would nenver be elected by the people.

    As to the DUMP site--it seems is voluntary and criminal for Partilepep does not know what to do with those tons of rubbish--so put illegal fire it it--then tell the Nation it is an accident---it is the same tactic used by aprtilepep in the apst when it wanted to build big hotels etc....instead of cut down trees,clear the place, etc.... which would be costly --they put fire then tell us it an accident.

    They might surely consider bringing more time on Praslin and La digue as many often want to do.For that partilepep can .Reduce flghit ticket price on ARISEY domestic flights to allow these tourists to travel over to Praslin and La Digue,at least give them the possibility to really enjoy their stay in non-hazardous place away from the toxic air on Mahe.

    it seems FIRE brigades are ill-equipped to fight such immense fire---for instance,they cannot go too near of the fire site for they have no OXYGEN BOTTLES and masks/goggles plus special protection clothing to resist hot fire thus which would have allow them to get nearer to the fire site to be more effective and be able to bring the fire our rapidly.

    Stop robbing foriegn loan and start seriously working on the use of renewable energy monkeys.This would not only solve the kinds of shortage we experiencing now,but reduce cost of and use of fossil fuel,thus save millions otherwise spend on fuel and maintance,etc.....

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. How is partielepep going to supply its new five start hotel just opened with fanfare at Beau Vallon?By cutting eleltricity to Local homes.Seychellois families as always would be the victims.for Seychelles is for foreigners therefore they must be advantaged.Maybe hospitals might also experience shortages of electricity supply to ensure supply to SAVOY hotel.But then the high bills it would be Seychellois who would have to pay for.

  3. As to the fire,it might be that our ill-equipped fire fighters would have to fight weeks before the could put the fire out.for it has already penetrated deep into the garbage mound therefore difficult to bring out.Chronic under-investmemnt and mis-mamangement at the Dump other the years and shortasge of working equipment that could help in the firefighters--e.G MORE oxEGEN BOTTLES AND MAKSS,SPECIAL FIRE CLOTHING WHICH RESIST HIGH TEMPERATURE,ETC..
    IT IS ALSO THE FIALURE TO BUILD A REAL RECYCLE programme.politcal wrangling and special interest influence,corruption are amongst the issues that have plagued the country's landfill for years.

    We need comprehensive waste policy----We see what happen when government under -funding such projects,carelessness,mis-managememnt and corruption persist.

  4. Landfill could for instance be used to powered electrical genrators thus provide a source of renewable energy and at the same time control garbage accumulation of the depot sites.Aprtielepep carelessness maes it impossible and irresponsible.Like Solar,Wind landfill Gas is a renewable source of energy therefore an alternative to fossil fuel.
    Usinf landfill I estimate that we can product about or more than ( megawatts of power to many households thereby reduce use of fossil fuel etc...Plus with Solar even wind(by using( MAGLEV turbines)we could produce too much energy that we could use ,and thereby solve forever our energy shortage.

    You know what,partilepep failed to do the right things as always,instead fo converting these wasts into potential source of renewable enrgy ,partilpepe let trashes accumulated and when it can not longer deal with it or has becoe to much to manage what does partielepep do?Well,put fire into it and pretend it is an accident to hide the crimes.

    Donot tell the landfill took fire alone even there is nothing there that could suggest it could have been the means of fire.maybe the Michel baldhead reflect so powerful from the sun that it creates heat enough to create fire like a magnifying glass.

  5. 8 mega watts off the grid is half the capacity on Mahe. What a total screw up.
    Of course James Michel approved this.

  6. Venezuela cuts power supply everyday? what are you talking about? Oooops .....Seychelles!
    Another Venezuela in the middle of the indian ocean! Sesel sa mon piti!
    Keep on voting for for the same dictator next time and you'll get more!
    Ki mon kapab dir!
    Zot tande non kanpran! Zot in sitan vin dodoy, sa manm sa lesklavaz ki misel pe fer zot dousman dousman!

    I say yesterday,that them wicked are running to fast they will come last and get more burn.

  8. May this moron should think of stop building hotels and his f**king destruction and the beauty of this island when he don't have electricity to supply same shit with water and we Seychellios are running of electricity day and night, built some fishing vessel dickhead for the youths that are turning in heroin with out jobs.You can not,why? because you and gangs had stolen 2.5 BILLION and still stealing even a PIROGUE them wicked can not buy.They have to depend on Chinese,Indian may to give them may be one or two for free in return PP give them one or two of our island this two problems electricity and water will give you nightmare if not stop destruction and continue built hotels that are neraly empty for most of the year.

  9. Jam pull another end of July Christmas joke.
    This time with his First National Consultative Forum.
    Folks notice the KEY number of personals on this forum. 15 including him.
    That mean if there is a TIE he will VOTE the tie breaker meaning PL will always come on TOP.
    Ase fer likey zot gran moun.

  10. Michel ,I think has also Helicopter equipped with special tools to put fire .Why has Michel not use his helicopters to help foot firemen to put out the fire more rapidly?Ground fire fighters are usng fresh drinking waters in their attempt to control the fire,with helicopter using sea water I think this could speed up the intervention Commander Michel.

  11. We aretalking about the fact that we have a natural source of energy call SOLAR nergy we have all year round that could be used to solve our long shortage of neregy problem and paritlpepe fials to deliver.We are talking about the fact that there is any increase of waste due to more hotles,more expats etc... and dumping it on Providence creates other problems like health problems and these wasts could be converted to power eletrecical genrators (renewable energy )thereby help reduce our dependency on fossil fuel.By converting waste into erengy it allows to stabilize the amount of ewaste dump on thec site dialy.It allows to have a balance in dealing with waste ,that is the amount dump at the site can be regulated and control that it does not become a envorinemnt burden.As you can see the Dumpsite is becoming a mountain that keeps rising up daily.So an effective solution must be put in palce to control the among and that is by using waste to combusture genrators to provide elelctricity thereby help redecue the among dumped at Providence.

  12. 18.29
    NATIONAL Consulative forum.NATIONAL but only a handful of the same paritlepep members who bankrupted us sitting around the table,To consult of what how to intensive money laundering,import more exapts,sell out more passport and our patrimony,how to borrow more foreign laons,how to illegally allow international criminals to better ise our land a ransit for money laundering,What is 'paritlepep consulting on?

    NATIONAL memans every single Seychellois pariticpating.If not at least all Politcal parties and leaders not appointed members of partilepep the same who create the mess we in.

  13. Michel should instead hold a National Consultative Forum for All political parties not a handful of crooks the same who brought us in the mess we are in now.Then we could call it a NATIONAL Consultative Forum10 hand picked partilepep thugs do no and cannot represent National views.

  14. 04.07

    This government nenver forsee,any actions.PUC knew it would qwitch off two genrators.The questions why there were no alternative actions,preapration to ensure that the switch off would not affect households

    Another thing--In industrial countries for instance, there qare public work,etc that are crucial for the industries and public that these ogvernemnt opt tod late at night when cities sleep to avoid inconvenience.PUC could have started by switching One generator at a time and service it mostly during the night.Thati s PUC engineerings would have had to work night shift in order to avoid less inconvenience possible.partielepep does no such practices they never lived in western world and oblivion of how things are done..

  15. The National Consultative Forum is an Executive Branch Forum. Aside from SCCI that has to work with any government the members look like they all work for Michel in the first place. So Michelis trying to find a way to survive politically when Seychellois are tossing him in the bin. The murders, killings, disappearances, and years of ongoing victimization, is catching up.

    I am SNP and I am very sad to see Bernard George in this meeting. He has betrayed all that he stood for. As Daniel Belle is has always been a weasel if not a worm. We expect nothing less.

  16. Michel can survie political by doing one single thing namely engage the Oppostion and start a reconciliation process,That would make him be seen as the man who not only destroy Seychelles but intelligent enough to change and tries to do good.

    be real and genuine Michel ,Stop faking Seychellois have become immune for fake.lies,incompetency,redicules,absurdity.

  17. I think a National political forum would be more bnenficial for the country than a fake,Michel self-organized Forum with eleven partilepep members in a hidden office.

    You Know what in a school classroom,those who are less able,those who are lees capaplbe those who have fialed --are rarely listen by those more successful.Michel and his gang have fialed us not once but on several occasions and still fialing the country,maybe he should let those who are more successful to educate ,advice him than advice himself and dictating this failed ideas on eleven of his sheeps.Sheeps follow their those eleven guys sitting around Michel do nothing than paly the yes men they have always been and would probably stay.

  18. Those that stayed silent, while a Tsunami of failure came upon Seychelles cannot be voices of the way forward.

    This is a talk shop for Michel simply because his ministers are letting him down and hiding their respective mess.
    We see right through it.


  20. Breaking news,poul roati pe al lo latab bientot.

  21. Those who stay silent should be considered and treated as collaborators and thus punish accordingly.No one criminal would be left unpunished--Justice is for every citizen the same there would be no exception for anyone.

    Michel is the most hotorious criminal Seychelles ha ever known in her history.Not even LAbuss was that crooked as Michel.This guy should be in fact not jail for live imprisonment but be executed for treason--after all he concider himself Seychelles^greatest ARMY GENRAl -therefore he should judge under MARSHAL LAW(MILIATARY which allow also execution.

  22. Gill bez leve oil ou!

    Sanz Sa Rezim ! SSR!

  23. 04.37
    Poul roti or Kamel roti,salted turtle meat,bird eggs,dolphine slated meat all delivered by Glenny.

  24. Seselwa Rasin have the right to eat anything!


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