Peak Season Replaced By Poof Season in Seychelles!

Two (2) months ago, when Minister Pierre Laporte was approached by the Seychelles Broadcasting  Corporation (SBC) on the issue of the ongoing economic downturn in March, April, May, June, he said that this is a seasonal issue and it is normal, no cause for alarm and we have to wait and see into November.
This answer of course, allows Minister Laporte off the hook, he can buy time, spend time looking after newly acquired boats, enjoy borrowed planes, and plan for his next BMW automobile if he likes. But for the People of Seychelles, the answer was not good enough.

Scratch Your Skin To The Bones
Players in the Tourism Industry are scratching their skin off their bones, looking for an answer to the economic quagmire Seychelles faces. These people trusted the SPPF in vain that the Government would be responsible in action when it comes to the Tourism Industry. They invested heavily, borrowed from banks, put their lives into their businesses. Their staff who are bar men, waiters, waitresses, housekeepers are career workers in their field. Few become managers and then move on to start their own business. These people rely on sound thoughtful analysis from government; they rely on government to act in the interest of the Tourism Industry. They count on Ministers to work overtime when failure lurks around the corner, not push the problems to next year. 
Seychelles is a wonderful country in many respects. It is also a micro state. Big problems can be solved fast if leaders focus. But they must focus on the problems not their personal opportunities in the mist of the problems. PL it is time to abandon the Patty Lablache way of solving problems for Seychelles. Do what is right for our country, not your pockets.

NISD Alarm Bell-Ring! Ring! Ring!
The National Bureau of Statistics last month put out a alarm bell that the country seems to have overlooked. The Statistic Bureau conducted a survey to assess national productivity to help the IMF understand why Seychelles does not produce 8% GDP.  IMF has been lost, dumb founded over the lack of productivity in Seychelles.

A Non-Productive Paradise!
The Report revealed that the country is productive above 0% only Two (2) months out of the year. The production levels per month of -3%,-2%,-1%, 0%,1% , 2% should be cause to a NATIONAL ALARM BELL and a Government should be burning the MIDNIGHT oil with private sector to address these cronic  problems that now appear to be crippling the Seychelles economy permanently.

The Gill Golden Rule of Productivity
Rule: Anything that inhibits productivity should be stamped out immediately.  In the case of the downturn naturally the Cabinet was hanging on to Mr. Laportes’ words of “wisdom” : he said -“ wait till the next quarter” …to know what we did wrong all year.
These famous words of Mr. Laporte exposed his lack of knowledge of what was happening in the Tourism Industry the engine of economic growth for Seychelles. It is noteworthy to say that even the IMF was counting on the Tourism Industry to produce 12% increases per year in Arrivals and 8% financial growth per year. Not 12% growth in Arrivals and 0% growth in revenue.
A chain of potential revenue PL, is only as strong as its weakest link. Think about that for some time and let me know what you thought of.
Nouvo Sesel!

Grand Opening Savoy Five Star-Beau Vallon  
At about the same time Mr. Laporte was waiting until the end of the year to know what happen all year, the credibility and ability of the Seychelles in raising  FDI was about to be exposed by the GRAND OPENING of Savoy Hotel Five (5) Hotel, with 166 rooms in the front of one of our best beaches in Seychelles and the World.
The opening of SAVOY at Scr. 2,800 per night two people with bed and breakfast, and is still running horrendously low occupancy rates like one of Richard Branson ‘s plane to the moon.
The Savoy is selling for the same rates as Seychellois self catering units. Ho ho ho! PL FDI program has turned into a total failure.
Now what? Build 10,000 more rooms PL?
Well, the investors of SAVOY have said this place is the worse investment they could ever dream of. They have been fooled by local investors love for their country and misunderstood where they were investing.
From the backed up toilets to the lack of staff and lack of fruits and vegetables, not to mention the occasional but regular attack of Tourists violently here and there, without an effective Police Force. Even the Commissioner has gone into retirement, but he is still holding on to his chair and desk at Central Police even though he no longer wears his uniform.

Fix The Problems That Plague Tourism Industry PL, Fix it Fast!
PL you may not like what I have to say, but you need to hear it. Pierre, Kalawan, Ernesta, Georges, and all these good fellows will not tell you this. What you need to do is work overtime, day and night, to fix the problems plaguing the Seychelles Tourism Industry.
Remember this: the New Season starts in November, so get your act together fast. Do not wait till next year. You will drag Seychelles into 2016 under the banner of failure.

Just because SNP is wearing Mancham’s hat and shoes do not believe that you are doing well and do not believe you are in a safe seat: your people are dumping you everyday and they are joining SESEL POU SESELWA-SFP everyday.

Back To Minister of Finance
As for Pierre Laporte’s thought of the moment: Wait till end of the year……..well Mr. Laporte (door in English), the year is over already based on NISD reports. By end of August national productivity will be back at -3% and that is why you will run out of money to run the government and that is why you will need another Supplementary Budget. God knows your ministries and departments are already asking for more money.
You better go dig the road in Bel ombre in front of the La Buse site, the treasure (The Golden Cross of Goa worth 3 Billion Pounds we need it) is underneath the road.

Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. This is what happens when those IDIOTS voted for an IDIOT as the president.

  2. No Direct Flights
    No Agent seat allocations, from Charles De Gaulle they are selling seats on Air Seychelles for travellers bound for Mauritius. They switch planes from Abu Dhabi.
    No control.
    This is like having a bottle with a big hole in it. So it leaks revenue.
    High taxes make the destination disfunctional now a 6 month season instead of 10 -12 months.
    Also people are very unhappy because of high strain from taxes, yet we are suppose to be happy to receive visitors.
    Beach access still a problem.We should start protests if government does nothing. They have had enough time to resolve the problem 34 years.
    No Police.
    No control on landing fees to beaches islands.
    Lack of clean space on islands when you land.
    Taxi are expensive
    Boat charter expensive
    Fuel expensive.
    Everything is expensive because of fuel expensive.
    Praslin and La Digue more expensive then heaven because of taxes on cargo and high fuel tax
    List is endless. But it all comes down to bad financial management by one man, and lack of attentiveness to other ministries, allowing other ministers to do what they want when you control the Budget Mr. Laporte.
    Now the country is upside down.

  3. Savoy Hotel another mammut hotel with hundreds of rooms that could never be fill up,But it good for the Hotel owner it allows him to contribute nothing to Seychelles' economy for each time the ogvernemnt would ask him to pay something the answer would be"we donot operate at full occupancy any time of the year ,thus a lost ,and of course the hotel's profit is bank abroad leaving Seychelles with empty coffers.(And NB that is why Michel is thinking of recruiting hundreds of Sri Lanakns to take Seychellois jobs abd use them as cheap labor in Five star htoels like SAVOY to futher kill our economy.allow financial leakage,etc...)

    LAPORTE shows us how incompetent he is,He tells 2Wiat and see what will happen in November"In other words,LAPORTE is telling us that since he has no clue of how to get us out of this economic mess his masters has created and he has no effective solution for his lack of inspiration and profound knowledge in economy ,let see,maybe by magic something positive would happen.MAYBE LAporte is not an economic indicateor to asure investors nor an indicator for growth.Real statisgics in real figures should be the means use to give investirs,potential FDI confidence not LET US WAIT AND SEE---Your answer LAPORTE shows how clueless,stuck your are on the economy.That is a clear lack of knowledge,leadership and direction.

    In an interview responding on our country's down fall on HUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDEX"Laporet once aginst demonstrates his ignorant by saying"We are not concernabout the degrading position on regards to Human development for since 2012 Seychellois standard of living have increase*What for a lie¨Waht for a maron!Since 2008 after Michel and FAURE bankrupted us and since Michel abd FAURE have been recruiting cheap lanbor by thousands to kill and steal Seychellois jobs and robe their economy ,Seychellois has become poorer ,unequal to any time in our history.PROOF--consumers power inexistent,Hchronic high unemployment,Pahraoic debt which increase annually,social collapse all these Laporte are signed of a crumbling economy and society and one main reason of this down fall of our people standard of living and economy is mis-mangememnt,economic illiteracy,corruption,massive dependency of Foreign work force and a massive control of our economy by foriegners and the altter foten benefit from all sorts of economic advantages that Seychellois do not benfit from and at the same time these same foriegners keep the bulk of their profit abroad thus abusing the beauty of our land to make them selves as rich as possible while leaving Seychelles' economy in shit.

    Investment in Human Capital or development Laporte is what increase long-term/lifelong productivity.The easiest way to measure differences in productivity LAPORTE is by comaring differences in WAGES RATE in well function labor market)among worekrs of different education and skills.Higher level of education ,and better skills lead to higher productivity there is a direct links between .Human development and economy -

    Huamn development is not only Not a concern for LAPORTE but for aprtilepep whole government for they can recruit cheap foreign labor to replace Seychellois.After Indains,Pakistanis it is the turn of a massive invasion by Sri LanKan on our shores ot take Seychellois jobs,put more stress on housing and other natural resources,destroy futher our economy and standard of living of our people,allow colonization.It alos provide partieleppe criminals with rooms for illict activities in the recruitment of foriegners.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. 5 Years into recovery supposed by massive foreign aid and loan,the country still in stagnation.

    Economists LAPORTE measure economic performance not by MAYBE or WAIT AND SEE,but measure recession or recovery according to technical and Data-driven criteria.Morevoer,LAPORTE the two indicators that primarily affect citizens standard of living is JOBS and WAGES.What we have had under Michel since 2008 is wages discrease due to Expats competing with Seychellois for jobs thus force wages down and increase unemployment among Seychellois for the same reason.

    What is clear Laporte is that the ECONOMY,particularly the labor market ,remains far from normal and with partileppe bossession to recruit cheap foreign labor to please foreign foreign makes it more precarious,is almost a function of deficienteconomic demand-household,businesses and government of LAPORTE is not spending enough(because dependency on expats)to keep capacity .all workers and productive employed.

    This diagnosis is the only one consistence with the economic evidence-particularly the failure of long-term interest rates and measure of core inflation to rise ,even partilepep deficit has increase sharply. etc...

  5. No clear idea, LePep economic plan is totally dysfunctional and a steaming plie of fudge. ///

  6. No Direct or already direct flight for Morgan.Morgan/Khalfia replace ETIHAD Dubai Paris flight by Air seychelles and then call it Direct flight from Seychelles to Paris.As 60 percent shareholder of AirSEY(the majority shareholder)we want our Airline control by Seychellois and have it operating Direct flight from MAHE to EUROPE not DuBAI to PAris.Dubai is not part of Seychelles Morgan.

    Human development -that is training,forming Seychellois is not a concern for LAPORTE as It is also not a concern for Partielepep-- Partilepep REASONS are--there are hundreds of millions of cheap Sri Lanakn,Indians,Pakistanis.Bengladeshis to exploit ,abuse and thereby help partilepep destroy Seychellois fabric.It seems Sri lankan is Paritlepep new friends and it has abandoned Indian--even coast guard boat gifted by Indian now go for service in Sri Lanka.RAJAPAKSE^with his wickedness seems to have convivnced Michel that working with him(RAJAPAKSE) criminality could be extended and expanded in the rgion.They made a pact between SEchelles,Sri Lanka and Maldives.We even have now an Ambassy in Maldives to coordinate money laundering,organized crimes in the Indian Ocean region..
    There is one thing that partilepep needs and would get it namely being removed by force thus have them executed-You know what they are asking for it--they would get it.Hope they would be able to carry the load when they get it.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  7. In the partilepep there is not National wel--difined strategy,programs etc.. each ministers do what he or she want without challenge.Morgan can decided Air Seychelles would not flight from Mahe to Europe but from DUBAI to EUROEP well no one in the government can over role him or challenge him,Dito in the ministry of Economy--Laporte can tell business community wait and see--as if this is an economic performance indicator.and no one challenge him.Michel can import thousands of exapts no one gcan tell him no---he is dictator and holy.etc...

  8. We are steamrolling toward the edge of an economic cliff, and most people in our entertainment-addicted society are totally oblivious to what is going on. So they are not doing anything to get ready for the immense economic pain that is coming.......... Warning: LePep can seriously damage your health !!! ///

  9. Our economy situation reflect lacks of progress in structural and institutional refroms,seychelles under Alporte and partilepep continues to underperform in many area critical to advantage overall economic freedom.Monetary stability has been hampered by by state distortions in prices.etc..etc..etc..

    Where did you get your qualification in economy Dr Laporte?

  10. He took his eye off the ball. He thought the jog was done and tourist will always come to Seychelles, even swim if they have to.


  12. PP and Michel its time for reconciliation but you and co are trying to retaliate this will make you crooks jump in a fire soon or later.

  13. Even Chinese are trying to show the world they trying to punish corrupt politicians they security chief for communist party ZHOU YONGKANG to face trail.

    May be Laporte have a degree not putting it in practice fall in crooks trap when seating and eating drinking champoo on the same tables with mafia make him become one of those Mafiosi.Typical Seychellios

    Michel and pp stolen money of your peoples is not a crime?.

  14. Forum
    Reconcile murder pillage disappearance, with fake opposition, paid opposition. Money laundering, free for all for foreigners while Seychellois get screwed in their own country.

    1. Trust me these issues will not be raised in that forum. They are all paid participants.

  15. On the first photo.That disperate,addicted lie or sleeping on the street and seeing people walking by without helping the victim shows how morality has been degraded under partilepep.Not even a police officer is to be found to help the lying victim of partilepep hard drug and socio-economic down fall.What a sahme partielepep!

  16. Deenu passed away and on SN not a word mentioned of SPUP official.Not even Alber. WHY?
    They were the one who said ' no pa oule malbar...fodre zot bez anmas pake e ale'
    Now watch JRM letter very soon about Deenu! WHY? JRM want PL to throw a party for him on his birthday very soon as FIRST OF THE REPUBLIC OF SEYCHELLES.

    Rest in peace GINOU

  17. People do not care? This government has put us all against each other, and turned us into a heartless ruthless people?
    The crime ongoing everyday, un recorded not passed by SBC is horrendous.

  18. US put traveling ban on some Venezuela dictators for not applying with international law on human right.PP for you is around the corner its coming later this year or next year.

  19. PP crooks now a days put foreign mafia and terrorists even gave them our playing field to pray one day they blow your head off in the same Stadium.

    PP crooks are running fast but coming last all the time like always.

    Another attack at Anse Boileau secondary school this government as lost control in every things school,health deparmentl,police force everything in a mess ha yo yo demon lo zot.Zot si dan fes etranger pou Largent after bankrupt our country.


  20. Seychelles living on charity from other countries.
    Black market coming back.
    Indian shops are paying extra for hard currencies.
    Donor assistance dropping.
    UN pressuring GOS Michel on human rights.
    No new investments, Raffles failing. Savoy failing, warf Hotel closed down. Berjaya Beau Vallon closing.

  21. Russian want ban on fish sale to local market . They want to sell all fish in Moscow
    Pierre Laporte your friends really want to take over Seychelles and stop us from eating fish?
    You will be Russian President?
    Mr. Michel increase your security from 10 men at night to 100.
    More on this soon.

  22. Where does Seychelles go from here now?
    What a mess created by Michel and company.
    What a mess.

  23. After bankrupting us in 2008,economic refroms should have been taken to ensure the same fialures are not repeated.Unfortunately partilepep has done zero economic refroms ,because they thought things by magic would get better alone.No economic refroms therefore end results are the same.Laporte is taking us into another recession which would be much more painful than in 2008.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  24. "0.51 the created a mess but they show no intention,seriously or they have no solutions to solve the mss they created.LAPORTE seems going to bring us into a second recession in a little of 5 years after MIchel and back then Minister of finance FAURE did in 2008.They keep following the same economic policy that bankrupted us.Partielepep has no solutions to the problems they created ,the solution is get partilepep out of power and send them do what they innitailly be doning namely cleaning public toilettes,gardeners,bus drivers etc....

  25. A word of GAMAINI HERALD comment of Sri LanKan doing business in Seychelles.RAJAPKSE and family are the ones doing business in Seychelles and they are known for their gross invovlment in corruption and including Huamn rights abusers.Should we let a criminal invest stolen money in our Land,Is xsecretly buying one of outter island (though rule say noforeign should be able to buy land in Seychelles)a business or a dispassion and why do it in secrecy ?
    Why Seychelles is attractzing over 200 thousands toursits a year is because it was always a unique spot that otourists dream of visiting-In fact we should be having more than 200 thousands a year and tourists are touristrs not business persons or criminals like RAJPAKSE who has robbed his people's wealth and trying to launder the money in Seychelles with the help of corrupt partilepep criminals.

    Having paritlepep signed illegal deals which involve the importation of hundreds of Sri LanLans to our shores to take Seychellois jobs and puit stress on housing,natural resources etc.. is not a business unless it is done like RJEAKSE/MICHEL is planning to do it namely __USe it as a means to perpetuate illict deal and exploitation.

    Yes they using offshore companies --operated illegally by Partielepep to wash money stolen from the Sri Lanakn people.that is a fact--approve by Intenrational bodies donkey.ç1 thousands plus companies registered in Seychlles that no Seychlllois knows about and never heard about--What it means ?it means that they are illegal elese they their names would have been made official .

  26. Morgan tells us AirSeychelles will flight to Sey/Paris in December.Why not now?why should you flgiht from Paris and land to DUBAI now instead of Seychelles?its ti to wait until Laporte decalre Seychelles banrup once against.The aircraft flying now to DUBAI /PARIS can start immedaiteyl flying from Seychelles to Paris ,there is not need to wait until DecemberMorgan.

  27. Seychelles bankrupt by October a second time since 2008!

  28. If terrorist invest in Seychelles, tourist will Boycott Seychelles.


    I bet Michel face Kare did not think about that.

    Botox pa pou Ed ou Kwan boy!

    Face dan disab Salem I vey son Limey, deman Lise baby.

    Love the dolphin baby! Sweet.

  29. I donot know who pays GAMINI to come on NATION to defence RAJAPAKSE:DR Da sivla have exposedRAJAPAKSE in Sri LAnkn PArliament without any culrpits reacting to his challenge.Why because culrpits were so exposed that they could not even react.WIMAL WEERAANSA spouse was exposed beucase she was on an official visit to Seychelles without real duty but also the number of indiviudals who travelled on several occasion with RAJPAKSE overseas without real reasons. SOme are not even government members.MR Da SIlva asked in Sri Lanakn Parliamnet for reasons of WEEVAL wife as part of the delalgation to Seychelles recently--Sri Lanakn Parilelment cannot answer the why.Oppostion think it was a family consulting trip in Seychelles where they were received with opened arms and kisses on the chicks by Seychelles t<yrannt and criminal Michel.Business deals was signed which invole mostly RJAPAKSE family members and members of his delegation including WEVAl wife who had officially nothing to do in the delegation.
    GAMINI says in his LETTER TO THECEDITOR--"No medias in Sri LAnk covers Mr Da sival accusation-Of course not for most medias are controlled by party members and that of RAJAPKSE ilks as Seychelles Medias.There is not media freedom in Sri Lank like Seychlles Dr GAMINI that is why Sri LAnkn medias made not cover on the issues.If they do so,many would be sacked,if not jailed by RJAPAKSe the Butcher of the TAMIL.
    And one important point GAMINI-RAJAPAKSE is a brutal Dictator,who deliberately jailed opposition.That he has not arrest and Jailed Dr Da silva speaks volume on how expose he is .Arresting Dr Da silva would prove RAJAPAKSE culpability.

  30. Bankrupt 2008!and after six years later Seychelles will be default again like Argentina.

  31. Dr Jude Gedeon made a mess not letting Sierra Leon National team board their plan to play our national team for CAF2015 because of EBOULA.If Seychelles get 3 years ban of international football by FIFA them loser are responsible f**king destroying our youths chance .Sierra Leon players have tested if positive or negative before jetting to Kenya. Aljazzera shown at the Sierra Leon Air port security is tie before passengers boarding a retest on is done on passengers again. Thousand Sri LANKAN iNDIANS Nepalees are coming on our shore with diseases with out being control by health department.

    Why there were no allowed to jet because afraid you don't have what its take to handle a epidemic and you doctors don't have the degree to remake another test when those players arrrived like your government can not handle this 90,000 thousand on the island.LOSER DR GEDEON

  32. Seychelles police what really happen with Moreen in Grand Anse Poilce station?Hang herself with her under wear but her foot was on the ground you put self as main suspect for her death in your custody .How can she hang her self when her foot was on the ground MURDER COPS.I think you rape her and after struggle her to death information we are getting..

  33. Partilepep praises Praslinois for the patriotism and for keeping our cuisine alive.Thank you for recognizing that, but Praslinois has always been known Nationally for being the most patriotic Seychellois in our society.It was them who attempted to over threw partilepep and always opposed pthe system.

    As to our Croele dishes,Cuisine ,I personally things it lack creativity,innovation or if you like it has not improve for century.For instance,i believe thatn those who are titled with the title of Chef Cook,should not only be good,excellent in cooking Seychelles existing dishes but be innovative,creative,that is invent new dishes ,there own creation,innovation.For instance,Seychelles cuisine has a lot to do with SEAFOODS.Hence they could start introducing WHITE WINE in their dishes prerapration thereby create new flavor,new taste wetc..WHITE WINE is greatly used in MEDITEREAN countires in prapring seafoods dishes--it provide cooks with a product that could allow them to be creative.

    Maybe Paritlepep should introduce a kind of FRENCH MICHELIN SYTEM ,that is highly qualified ,creative,innovation cooks receive STAR for the achievement which in itself serve as publicity for the cooks or its restaurants etc...By doing so Seychelles cuisne would enjoy lots of creativity,we would see new creole dishes,flavour etc...
    It make cooks jobs more recognizable,which give a boost to the businesses.

  34. 10.45

    they told us they donot know.For it seem they were all under Hard drug influence -tzhey didn ot hear ,see anything.That a wo^man hanged hershelf with her slips is questionable due to the sieze of slip and logically it is almost impossible ofr someone to strangle him/herself by pulling with their hands a slips around their necks.The slip must have been tied up somewhere ,then which would make the slip much smaller therefore almost impossible to round it one^s neck. and be use as a means to hang oneself.The death of this lady is a mystery which seems more and more to be a crime due to police abuses,incompetency,etc than suicide.Forensic experts of Partielepep were never activated and sent over to Praslin to investigate which shows the lack of govenremnt interest in solving the case.Forensic expert alone would have been able to determine if the victim hang herself or not,or was murdered by police officiers.Looking at the circumstance,the sdlip seize and what is nedded to hang oneself with slip,it is clear enough to say that using a slip to hang oneself is practically impossible especially in a cell where there is limited possibility to hang a slip up with a roof than jump downward and suzcide.All the indices push Praslinois to believe that it was a murder committed by police officers.

    Just imagine after you have tied a sdlips up somewhere to use as hanging tools.then the slip become to short to roll it around one neck .Secondly< the victim must have the possibility to climb up to reach the roof where she hanged up her slip. iguess in a ceel such possibility is unexistent.Third ,victim would need something to stand on before jumping doem to commit suicide,soemthing literally impossible in a cell.

  35. Well, if partilepep forensic experts cannot do this simple investigation and come without doubt the cuase of the woman death then there is not need to have a forensic dept and keep paying individuals with tax payers money .If they are incompetent they should be sacked and find another job.

    Any forensic experts even the the less qualified ,formed would easily come uot with the real cuase of the lady 's death.Even my dog could do that.Any forensic experts would have been able to tell us due to several forensic mehods what had really happenend I hours after the death of this lady.

    For instance,by checking the dell the lady was supposed to be in--is there any possibility of hang a slip somewhere that would allow the lady to hang herself?Can a slips of reduce seize really be used as hanging rope by a person?How was the lady if she really hanged herself was able to tied the dslip from th ceiling of the cell when one cannot reach the ceiling without standing on something?IS the trace on the neck of the dead lady due to hanging ,or hanging by a slip or not,is the position of the lying body show foreign traces.could the lady by pulling her slips from both side have enough power and able to hang herself?Is the trace around her neck really from a slip(a pieice of cloth)or other material such a rope,wires,?Why did the poclie on duty never herad anything?Why wait until morning to declare the lady suicide?What the police officers questioned separately to see if their argument match?Forensuc experts should have also been able as usually forensic can ,tell us when the lady passed away,the time etc...You see,any simple question could answer the cause of the lady death within hours if we have really fprensic experts.By using the same type of slip and make a physicvall demonstration in a LAB could determine if a slip of the sieze the lady was wearing could really be a useful Hanging tool.etc..etc..etc...Forensic experts should be able to determine if there was violence or not just by examining the corps.Partilepep forensic experts seems to have been trained in Zimbabwe,maybe CUBA that they proud of holind their tiltle though the cannot dlever their duty.Just like FAUre who is proud to see himself as Prime minister but cannot tell us his qualification.

    You know what,everything show that 90 percent the lady was murdered in her dell by police officers.That should be the position of the governemnt unless proven otherwise.

  36. The basic that would be used by any forensic experts and that just by observing the trace on the neck of the lady would have been as follow.And that just be looking at the dead corps----
    Hanging according to professional forensic experts always leave an INVERTED "V" bruise,it is easy to tell from LIGATURE strangulation(murder) which leaves a STRAIGHT LINE bruise.
    hanging compressed the veins,causing bleeding of the lips etc....Just the form of the mark around a copr FOrensic experts can straight forward in a primirary observation determine if a Person committed suicide by hanging ,or if a perons was murdered by hanging simple as that.Partilepep forensic experts stay in an office ,you never see them on a crime scene,one can ask why waste tax payers money to feed those incompetent.


  37. DIASOPRAS V7s Migrants

    Theforemr will bring Capital,konw-how,new ideas,contrubite to real sustaianbel economic development,they would not create ethnic,religious,cultural,trandtiona conflicts,they would not send their salary back home for them home in Seychelles,they< are genuine patriots,

    As to EXPATS it provide only ONNE POSITIVE short -term effect to develppment otherwise they create a multiple of long-term problems that some are already visible in Seychelles--stress on housing ,waters, environment, take Seychellois jobs,kill wages,kill seychlleois standard of living,create ethnic problems,help voer-populat our land,cultural problems etc..

    Depending on Migrants boost Migrants home country economic growth with REMITTANCES they send home nto host country.ONly shellfish business persons who are thinking just of making maximum of money ffor themselves without thinking on the long-term negative effect on society,economy etc.. think expats is good.These are not Patriots but conspirators,with no morality.

  38. Folks I just saw Iles Des Palmes site and saw what Christopher Gill hotel did to a coco de mer!

  39. Baya should go back to try fix the TATA buses!


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