Soap Opera of Ex - Rene Thug - Do not mess with us!

Pascal Chetty James Michel should be ashamed of himself. Michel needs to apologize for the coup.

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    Hansel Laljee Robert, I have known you for a long time, when you were still at Seychelles College, we used to play basketball and volleyball at the gymnasium .
    All this time we were friend and remained friend after you joined the armed forces.
    I feel the pain that you have to apologise publicly for your role in the armed forces.
    You are a decent person.
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    Jean-Marc B Lablache Good on you Mr Ernesta.
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    Judy Chang-Him ''The healing of my people come first and foremost'' isn't that powerful! This means a lot for all the victims n their families. I truly admire your courage to come forward, you are a beautiful soul. Thank you Mr Ernesta. God will help you through.
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    Kathleen Pillay Well done Robert. You will have the respect of many for this gesture. Let's see whether others can walk the talk for a true healing of our people allowing everyone to "move on".
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    Charles Zialor Good one so we all have to follow the path that robert had taken thats is the true reconsilt god bless u my friend
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    Serge Rouillon Sorry guys but the reality of our country is we are ruled by the ignorant materialistic mentality who believe more in covering up the dirt of the past under the carpet and now asking us to help them to show the outside world a happy face- repentance and humility is not on the agenda for these people. Instead they look for symbolic smokescreens in fake monuments gestures and speeches.

    Jean-Marc B Lablache I agree with u Nikol Roz. Nu bezwen a sak moman kestyonn konportman lentansyon motiv politisyen. Unfortunately they get away literally with murder. Non mon pa viktim vi ki in dir piblikman I pare pu cooperate si mon ti en viktim mon ti pu met li dan en sityasyon kot I ti pu walk the talk.
  • David Pouponneau Mr. Ernesta i believe was a powerful personnel within the inner circle of the SPDF.He must surely recall the short lived army rebellion during the early 80's and its aftermaths.
  • Jafar Tall I read the article with interest but cannot actually see what he is apologising for? Being paid by the Seychelles Govt? What acts did he do? I cannot just forgive and forget....say it all, say it loud and be truthful. This is, in my humble opionion, just a ploy to gain favour on his own ambitions....did he have a hand in the abuduction of my Father and counteless others? Did he torture, mame and kill? A brief newspaper apology is court is where this needs to take place? How does he recompense for the 35+ years of hurt? Can I bury my father? this stage NO.

    If you have the balls to whisper to the newspaper to further your own political interest, say it out loud, you need no court to have your airing. You are a liar and a coward. If you had a hand in the abduction of my father you will never ever be forgiven, enjoy your special place in the hereafter. I suggest you go confess to a priest but absolution from me is very unlikely. Your hands are likely stained with blood, I hope it resonates and shines brightly in your darkest of hours. We are all given free will - what we choose to do is up to us, no one forced you to do the acts you allege you did but not actually saying it. Think hard before you open your mouth again.

    If you are so brave now - why wait? There will never be reconciliation because the Government will not let it. So...what next? Suggest grow a pair or crawl back and receive your stipend from your paymasters.
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  • Hatim Tall Well said dear brother. Why dont you bring down the house of cards? We wait with baited breath. Somehow i think you will try to find some solace by say something buy like any politician you know they are lying their lips are moving. Grow a pair and stand up blow the lid name names and lets see what will happen. Please excuse me if I don't hold my breath waiting.

    The supporters of Ernesta are mainly his family and Boulle camp who he works for.
    Seems SNP is bashing him to now finish him off.
    Ernesta holds a lot of information.
    If he wants forgivness, it should not be so fast.
    He needs to come clean with all information.
    He must offer himself to Justice for his crimes done under the color of law and state authoritarianism.
    Christopher Gill,
    Leader of Seychelles Freedom Party.
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    1. Ernesta is terrifies by the ghosts of the vicitms he sees each night in his nightmares.He thinks by preaching about forgiveness he could get rid of the ghosts.

      Confession and saying sorry is not enough for forgiveness,RESTITUTION is vital in any forgiveness process.

      Go to church Ernesta and ask our catholic priest to excorcise you ,get those devil forces out of you.Then meet with vicitms or victims' family members ,tell then the truth and nothing than the truth.Then they could grant you if they satisfied with you words forgiveness.

      Stop hiding behind Boulle's back--The alter cannot grant you forgiveness but only the vicitms or vicitms' families.

      Jeanne D?Arc

    2. Answer your crimes in the court room--That is the only way a State base of rule of law can do.

      Then meet vicitms --after you have told them the truth and nothing then the turth ,they only, can decide if or not you can be granted forgivness.

      Jeanne D'Arc

    3. Forgiveness isnot a quick fix
      -forgiveness is a willed and real change of heart,and the successful result of an active endeavor

      -To understand forgiveness one must first understand what forgiveness is not Ernesta.-

      Ernesta must understand that forgiveness is one of the thorniest and most difficult things ,we human are ever called upon to do,namely to respond to evil with kindnessand to forgive the unforgiveable.

      Forgiveness is giving uo your rights to hurt someone who hurted you

      foprgiveness does not dimenished the wrong done aginst you

      forgiveness is not a denial of what happened
      -Forgiveness does not take away the consequences the person will face because of her/his actions
      -Forgiveness is an act and a process.

      Of course Ernesta thinks not asking for forgivenss is most corrosive and destructive.For forgiveness --is emotional detoxication,unforgiveness id toxic,it consume Ernesta especially psychologically,

      But Ernesta forgive yourself first,then ask God for forgiveness,go for an excorcise session,then finally contact all family members of vicitms to prepare a secssion in which you will have to tell in details all your criminal past,then alone the vicitms would decide if yes or not they would grant you forgiveness.

      Stop hiding behind Buolle ,Buolle cannot provide forgiveness,he is also a sinner that has to undergo his own sef-forgiveness and then ask forgiveness to the people of Seychelles too.

    4. As Christian we believe ion the forgiveness of sin and the redemption of ignorance,but forgiveness cannot be given without acknowledging your crimes first.

    5. Well said Tall brothers. Well said Christopher Gill. I admire you guys more and more everyday. Keep up the great work even if it means dirtying your hands with a scum bag like Robert Ernesta.

    6. Well said Tall brothers. Well said Christopher Gill. I admire you guys more and more everyday. Keep up the great work even if it means dirtying your hands with a scum bag like Robert Ernesta.

    7. Kristoffer Gill inn konfese li?

    8. Col. Ernesta why do you turn to Boulle when you should be turning to Jesus?
      Col Ernesta why do you rely on Kathleen Pillay to. Wash you wounds, and the wounds of others effortlessly, does she replace Mother Mary Magdeline for you in your hour of need, support, and compassion?
      Indeed you are a big man when you had a gun in your hands. But now Colonel, with a pen, why do you flee the scene ? Why do you not use your pen as a mighty bullet, to rid your regime you created and supported? Is your pen too weak? Is this why you forsake Jesus of Nazareth and sake boulle the Jesus of Money Laundering?

    9. Shame that there are some who are criticizing the public apology by ex-colonel Ernesta as soap opera or short of specifics, at least he had the courage to be the first to throw his hat into the ring of 'Truth Commission'. The critics are the ones who are always short of action. Talking and criticizing just for the sake of publicity will not bring change to the political problems facing Seychelles, on the contrary encourage Col. Ernesta to reveal more details and ask him to join you (Critics) on the streets when you walk the talk, just like he did for Ralph Volcere when they sat on the wall with "reprend nou pei" placards around their necks.
      Well done Col. Ernesta, you have the balls like Viral Dhangee who challenged the State on his own. You stole the show right from under the nose of President Michel, and from all of them mother f.... ers! Seychelles needs more people like you before it gets invaded by Sri Lankans!

      1. Ralph Volcere is fucked. Col. Ernesta is fucked. SNP/DP/SUP are in total confusion. They are in pieces and unable to move forward. No clarity in leadership.

        We can only survive aggressive totalitarian dictatorships only if we stick to our principles.

        It is all too attractive to forget the past and to nurture present illusions.

        It is the policies of appeasement and accommodation of the fake opposition, the likes of Boulle, Ramkalawan, Col Ernesta and others that makes it difficult to change the political system in Seychelles.

        As has once been said, those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

        Gary Tall

      2. To you Mr Anonymous

    10. Apology must be made to the victims not in a toilet in Boulle's office..Truth Commissiion where is it,who is incharge Boulle who is himself a conpirator?

      Apology ,confession,saying sorry is not enough ,victims need restitution too.
      Apologizing behind Boulle and not facing the victims/or victims' families is an insult to vicitms/families.It added salt in the wound instead of curing it.It is disturbing and unaccepted to victims to see a culrpits showcasing and monkeying about asking for forgiveness but hide behind the back of a crook calls Boulle.

      Ernesta has a psychological problem that is giving him nightly nightmares,and he thinks by blah balhing about asking for forgiveness ,this will free him from these nightmares.He can hears doors open and close in his sleep ,footsteps walking in his room,and this are turinging him crazy.Erensta show not sign of seriousness in his attempt of asking for forgiveness and his lack of seriousness disturb victims' families for it give them the feel that this guy is not just a crook with bllod on his hands but find fun in ti that he even come out and fool victims' families with his 2ASking for forgiveness".

      A state is based on rule of law Ernesta----Therefore a State has an obligation and duty to apprehend and bring a crimianal to court to face justice and A State based no rule of law has no power to forgive.

      Forgiveness should thwere be --can only be granted by victims' families not State and facing justice for your cirimes in a court room has nothing to do with forgiveness which is up to victims to grant.So Ernesta you must no bleive that forigiveness should it is granted to you avoid you facing justice in a court room.These are two different things.

      Jeanne D'Arc

    11. Ernesta come to sfp office give us some infirmation about the killing.

    12. The art of ruling by distraction--Ernesta was colonel --why you never attempted to conduct a coup Ernesta and free your people from slavery.Those donkeys have the ability to lie boldly,to declare the bull pregnant,and so forth.As In Hamlet Shakespeare penned the immortal line*something is rotten in the state of Denamrk"Well something is very,very rotten is the state of Seychelles.Ernesta send by Pp as distraction and diversion aim at distracting attentions form minority regime's scams.

      How can you be forgiven when you do not want to?How to you ask for forgiveness without looking at victims straight in the eyes Ernesta?Is Erensta trying to tell us he is taking upon himself the penalty of for paritlepep sins,being the sacredcow of Paritlepep criminals?You know Ernesta ,you are a sociopath.We are outraged by your sociopath behaviors.You want your life back.If you were genuine in your endeavor,you could have a chance of at least having victims^family members accepting your action ,but your are a predator attempting to paly the victim,evwen attempting to give the impress that you have become mentally unstable.No one seems to be able to help you.

      it is infuriating.If you were honest with yourself you^d to admire that you really want forgivness and take the actions that lead to it.An as sociopath ,you will continue a life of destruction.So focus on the first priority,which is haling your own life donkey.As the saying goes"A tree born crooked will never straighten its trunk".

    13. Gill has done nothing wrong Ass hole.

      Gill is fighting everyday for a Sesel Pou Seselwa.

      Just because he does not drink bakka with Ex SPDF does not mean Gill is not paying attention. Gill is a gentleman, but don't screw with him. He is no fool.

    14. Breaking news,Local fisherman has seen a boat load of Srilankan Tamil heading toward the island of Cosmoledo.The boat is full of people on board.

      1. JeanPaul can you prove this is "false" allegation?

        Pl stop lying to seselwa.

        I will pay extra for a upgrade google earth and watch this island of
        Pl kot zot kaka kouver. Mous ver i osi annan lo sa zil.

    15. Ernesta is. Sicko.
      Call Dr. Ramadoss for diagnosis.
      I see the president of Sri Lanka has a big Moustache for sexy Jennifer vel.

    16. 19.07
      What that fro a shit!Tamiloppose Sri Lanakna dictator ,they were vicitms and no one would believe they would allow the Butcher of the Tamil,RAJAPAKSA to ship them illegally to COSMOLEDO.On Cosmoledo ,the problem is not Tamil or else but the attempt by PP to allow Chinese to build an illegal Naval Base on it and that in secrecy,without the people's knwolegde etc...

    17. Son gros moustache pou Li pass Dan son taba pou fair Li criyer Dan Leo la point larue.

    18. If any one in the army ready for coup they will get support form my out side group realy profer we will take pp out just in 8 hours and give Seychellios who want to join us each a gun to free our country.Frist rebellion they should had done it like this that's why this rebellion fail.

    19. Breaking news,Oglivy Berlious is about to apologies to the Seyc people for the disapearences during the August army rebellion.
      can SFA. investigate the twin brothers who was in the army at that time disappear never to be seen again.They were living at Copolia .

    20. There is also my brother Andrew Poponeau who was a sergent and was captured and taken to Bel Aue Army camp to never be seen again.

    21. He should rather put a bullet in his head.
      Ernesta wants forgiveness by putting his head in Boulle's arsehole.He think forgive is hidden in buolle's arse and that where he would then find it instead of coming out bravely instead of a coward ,look the victims in the eyes ,tell them the truth and beg for forgiveness.


      Donot put your faith in pps donkey for a coup.I am going to show them in 2016 how to conduct successfully a coup without using all styxle namely taking over military camps,Airport,Tlelcommunication etc... the tactic is easy and there is not need to take all those strategic position in the 21st century.What you have to od is target those on power directly.

      There has been several occasions whwereby those monkeys could have beenalreada elelminated--e.g Michle/faure could have been rocketed when they were opening their arseholes in PP?S Musuem opening,Or during the Independence day in the Stadium though they invited CAPVERDO President as Shield hoping no one would attack them when Foreign Dignitaries are present--we donot take a damnm who is present.


      We could if I want eliminate those Mercneaires present on Praslin at the moment searching for grass in fish mouths--but I refuse to eliminate the later because my alreaday planned objective is to eliminate those monkeys who imported them here on our soil.



    22. Cosmoledo --paritlepep wanted to illegally gifted ti to Chiense for illegal naval base.Just figure this out¨Chinese already have set up naval base in Pakistan,Sri Lanka,Maldives and if we would let partilepep gift Chinese our coral Island to build illegal naval base then Chinese would have a second great wall,this time in the Indain Coean from Pakistan to via Seychelles and would end somewhere in Africa.Then Chinese would control all the southern Indian OCean.

      If we let Chines build Naval base on Cosmoledo---then the island ecosystem would be completely dstroy?why?For Chinese would have to big the natural bay deepr to cater big war ships ,submarines,but alos a huge Airstrip would be build ,Why?For Chinese would need to transport logistics,Menpower etc at a rapid space,Then only by air would be possible.For example --Chinese sailors would not be siling back each month back home--it would be too costly they would need to be transfer by air .
      This would be an ecological disaster for our fragil Coral island,it would means not indeedence but noe-col.onialsim,we would loss our soveiregnty and control over our territotories.etc..etc..etc..etc

    23. CHINESE WILL POLLUT OUR WATER AND AT THE END OF THE DAY THEY WILL BE NO FISH AROUND COSMOLOLEDO ALL BEEN POLLUTED .Killing all OUR SPIECES WE HAVE IN OUR WATER LIKE DOLPHINS,TURTELS SEACUCUMBERS ETC AND PUT IT ON THE MAREKETS IN CHINA AND ON THEY TABELS.Cosmoledo will be not only for Naval Base by Chinese but for their f**king illegal and to watch their illegal fishing vessel not hijack by Somalia Pirates.

      Anonymous 03.39 I agree its better to eliminate chimpanzees that are stealing our banana given to foreigners:Michel you can have more than 10 bodyguards but none of them are worth,they worthless.

    24. He wants to apologies,he knew and was responsible for all those deaths.
      He drive around with a cicar in his mouth,seychellios pas blir ou liki ou maman.


    26. Chinese would try all kinds of things in order to try and gain Seychellois love.But Seychellois must know Chinese are just like a devil who tries to portrays itself as a man of good while being a wicked as Chinese past and recent history show.

      As to Chinese Naval Base ,the Chinese would continue in its attempt to illegally build a Naval base on our shores.But we must never allow this to happen.Seychelles instead should use its stragetic positon in the region to bring orders and peace in the region by not allowing any foreign force base in our teorritores.

      Just a little hsotry on Chinese recently imported as EXAPTS wrokers than stayed and even obtained illegally KENYAN passport.They chasing Natives on their farm lands,practicing racism against Kenyans.That is ^Chinese made fake Kenyans would be allow on the long term to influence Kenyan Both National and Intenrational policies,provide a minority to in the future defence Chinese Intenrest but also in cases of conflicts be used as dummy to prostest for instance ,against the Kenyan government Intenrational position which might be engative towards China;we ahs ssen Chines Ambassador in Seychelles,attempting to create the same situation in Seychelles by creating the so call,SEYCHELLOIS OF CHINESE ORIGINE-- first it is creating and paving the way for ethnic group and discrimation in Seychelles something we d onot have here and in our culture,which could be use to divide nay dicisions against Chinese by government etc...

      We must stop Chinese Ambassador using and abusing our National Media to promote his Chinese communist strategy of neo-colonial strategy on our land,with the hope maybe once Seychellis would love then and allow them to abuse our territories as Chinese GEO-political strategy and interests.

      Jeanne DÂrc


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