Dirty Money - Sri Lankan Funds Placed In Swiss Banks Via Seychelles

Friday, 11 July 2014 17:27
The United National Party (UNP) said today there was a trend where black money including money swindled from development projects was deposited in Swiss banks through Seychelles because Switzerland was tightening its laws.

It said that though all funds deposited in Swiss banks were not ill-gotten lucre a large amount of such funds were deposited concealing the true identity.  

UNP parliamentarian and well-known economist Harsha De Silva said the amount of funds deposited in Swiss banks under Sri Lankan addresses had decreased in recent years because of strict laws adopted by Switzerland while deposits through Seychelles had drastically increased.

“The population in Seychelles is slightly more than 90,000 but the deposits under the addresses of that country are worth about 3,000 million Swiss Francs last year, which is higher than the accumulated deposits under Sri Lankan addresses,” he said.

Dr. De Silva said most of the addresses in Seychelles are of companies which are registered within another company. (Lahiru Pothmulla and Yoshitha Perera)



  1. Many Seychellois was wondering --What makes Sir LAnakn actual PResident the best friend of Partielepep?The answers were already clear.Both Seychelles actual PResident and the President Of Sri Lanka share many traits---they both butchered their people,invovled in illicit Intenrational deals,corruption,arm selling to Africa,Human rights abuse and the rest.

    We know even Aprtilepep criminals attempted to keep it secret that Michel/Glenny have sold one of our Outter Island to Sir Lankan Butcher thus disposses Seychellois once more a part of their patrimony.We know that the Cosmetic Sir Lankan just opened in Seychelles belongs to the Brother of Sir Lankan RPesident,The former is also a high official in the military and his Hospital was investigated ny UK TIMES and found to be involved in illegal Kdneys trafficking.
    The going and coming of Sri Lanakna President to our shores already raised eye-brows among Seychellois ,and the speed at which Businesses owe by Sir Lankan family members are being given speedy access t our shores.For instance,after Michel Diner party with Sir Lanakna Dictator the next morning we show SBC and NATION footage showing us the opening of Sri Lanakan Comestic Hospital omn our shores.That is all was pre-meditated .

    before of course Michel allowed the opening of a Branche of Sri lanakn Bank on our shores ,which prime purpose is to be used to washed,laundered illicit money woe by Sir Lanakan Presiedent and family members ,And having a bank outside Sri lanka directed by a family member or close firend of the President accilitate the illicit transactions. and avoid scrutiny or made it harder for any future Sri Lanakn govenrmemnt to trace back or presecute the Bank which might be found involve in helping Sri Lankan Dictator's illicit transaction.The Sir Lanakn Bank also allow Seychellois government crooks to laundered and washed their own stolen money .Using a foreign bank rather than a local known Bank like Barclays Bank avoid detection or make it harder for collaboration of the foreign bank involve in criminal activities with for instance a new Seychellois government which might want to investigate all those illicit deals by states.

    it was clear that the love affair between Michel and Sir Lanakn butcher was nothing to do with Seychellois andSri Lanakn people but putting together a criminal netqwrok within Indian OCean dictators in order to perpetuate their criminal practices.Whre FUI.Govinden.Why they have the mouths zipped on the continuall criminal activites of the state?St Ange told us recently"Stop writing negative things on our country"Well ,St Ange ,it is aprtielepep criminals and the aprty you serve that have been for the last 3 decades tarnishing our people and country image abroad with their illicit and criminal activities of all kinds.Maybe staAnge should bring Pp criminals ,addicted to illict activities ro the REHADS. it seems the addiction is as desasterous to society,economy, tourism industry, our country image as that of Hard drug addicts.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. Using the same facilitator and a means that Pp used to transfer our 2,4 STOLEN Billions in to Swiss Bank.Hence the same swiss bank probably involve too.

  3. December 26,2004 ,after the TUSUNAMI struck Sri Lanak hardly,Foriegn aid for Tusnami victims flowed into the country.Now it has been discovered by indepednt sources that money aimed to Tsuniam victims was stolen and banked by the actual Sri Lanakn Preeident RAJAPAKSE(Back then Primeminister) maintained by fis father's name .However after various articles were written on the robbery By RAJAPAKSE ,the later finally returned back the stolen money amounted to 82 million Sri Lankan rupees..

    SRAJAPAKSE has also a record on illcit arm deals with crooked African states. Iran and North Korea,Exposed by WIKI LEAKS and Nowegian Daliy AFTENPOSTEN.

    MIHIN LANKA AIR according to Sri Lankan opposition it is believed to have been named after MAHIDA RAJAPAKSE the PREISDENT who is the owner.MIJIN LANKA was incorporated on 26th October 2006,its directors were:SIJAN VASS GUNAWARDENA(CEO),GOTABHAYA(CHAIRAMAN__ALSO BROTHER OF RPESIDENT RAJAPAKSE and ROSHAN GOONATILAKE(commander of the airforce).Since then the Airline has been plagued with corruption,financial loss,debts,and many ireguaklrities since its inception.

    The guy ahs a criminal recrods similar to that of Michel--With the only exception namely The former has butchered millions of Tamil people.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Michel and aprtielepep already expert in the issue provide their service to Sri Lankan President for the laundering.Same Bank Partielepep used to hide our 2,4 billions stolen from Seychellois coffers,With no doubt the same contact persons and facilitators.

    When would Parilepep addicted criiminals stop tarnishing Seychelles' image abroad?By changing themselves voluntarily or they prefer the use of force?You have the options Partielepep.Hopw you donot opt for the later ,it is lethal and would destructive.But if you continue asking for it as ti seems to be the case ,we wouls surely detoxicate you on demand.

  5. That's why Sri Lankan are coming on our shore like grasshoppers.Corrupt politicians around the world are friend with each and they are born to lean on their peoples on the way down destroyed they peoples dignity make them come poorer and the big heads get richer.

  6. The Opening of SRI Lanka Bank in Seychelles is to facilitate the washing up and transfer of illicit money .In other words ,the Sri Lanak Bank is Seychelles provide a kind of FOOSHRE service to crooks Sir Lankan criminals like SAJAPAKSE to launder money he has stolen or obtained through illcit activities and that with the HOST state government which is has also a record in operating and its invovlement in illcit dealings.

    it is no secret that Michel and SAJPAKSE are good friends and the later justcome and go between Seychelles and Sir Lanka..there is a lucrative and criminal business operation between the two evils.

  7. That is is is a lot of money to be transferred from a country of fish traps and salted fish into Swisszerland.


    ALE Sesel!

  8. Another discovery of PL trick .
    Michel oun kapot ek las.
    SFP in'n ankor en'n fwa dekouver zot.
    At this age of time and new technology, SFP will know every manboulouk you are trying to do.

  9. Partilepep continues with the illicit business of money laundering.Seychelles under partilepep seems very accommodating to criminals looking to legitimize their cash;Seychelles seems to have well-established underground Banks that have been accepting deposits from sketchy clients for some times now and the more the government consumes illicit money the more addicted it seems to become that even though it has been exposed on several occasions by both National as well as International bodies this government just continues conducting illegal activities.

  10. Funds deposited in Swiss Bank under Sri Lankan addresses had decreased--because the transfer is done via Seychelles with the help fo Partilepep government under fake names.So it has not decreased because the banking in Swiss banks is being done by facilitators in Seychelles which help hide the real owners.When would partilepep stop tarnishing our Country's image abroad?

  11. Partielepep says "Though in Seychelles there is no Homeless"the night shelter provide by government is becoming a safe haven for many Seychellois"That means paritlepep we have homeless else they wonot be using your shelter.Buiild house and shelter for Seychellois paritlepep and not Expats.YOu building houses each year but there are still Seychellois without shelters?What a shame partielepep!.

  12. This exposé will put OECD into action .
    OECD will place more pressure on Seychelles banking and offshore jurisdiction.
    This is nothing new, but this time, it implicates the leadership of Sei Lanka and they have a very well organized and internationally syndicated opposition.
    PL, I have a question for you.
    Do we really need this type of aggravation which you bring to our shores?
    Do we really need to accommodate rouge money to excel in Seychelles?

    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  13. Pl is just addicted to such illicit deals,just a Hard drug user.Nothing would Rehabilitation,except getting pl out of power,the power they want to hold on at all cost for by doing so they can get away unpunish.

  14. WHERE IS FIU?n the past you been attempting to sell Seychellois window dressing caases in an attempt to give yourself so legimacy in the eyes of the people)to fool them)Now we have a hot case against partilepep members/ministers why is fiu suddenly silent?Waht is going on with FUI?No comment?Its officals are all hiding ?What is RUI for them?Why should tax payers' continue to pour their taxm oney in such a fake organization as FUI?

  15. Good question.
    FIU is exercising favorable status for money transfers from Sri Lankan officials?

  16. Congratulations SFP with posting of this article, you have dragged Jean Paul Adam to the National Assembly to answer questions and hide this allegation

    Where is Kalawan Priest Millonaire on this?

  17. FIU run by Irish mercenaries, they are crooks and we all know it.
    NDEA queen sited looking for drugs in fish stomach at market Grand Anse Praslin.
    Idiot at its best.

  18. NDEA need more food Michel. They are all skinny and heir guns fall off their hips.

  19. FIU run by Irish mercenaries, they are crooks and we all know it.
    NDEA queen sited looking for drugs in fish stomach at market Grand Anse Praslin.
    Idiot at its best.

  20. Not at statehouse.NDEA think fish transport drug from Africa to Seychelles, not priate jts of Russian mafia,GLenny Savy IDc private jets and other which land at our Airport without immigrantion control or check,or land in Diploamtic bags or Cargoship.

    NDEA and partilepep still want the world to beleive that GRASS its the problem and what is sending young Seychellois into REHABS and not Hard drug imported by state apparatus.It seem NDEA and apritlepep think the GRass paltation is under the sea and the farmers are fishs that when fishermen go out and catch them,the fishes sell our fishermen grass.
    GRASS is not what sending young Seychellois into rehabs but hard drug.$

    Most western countires are considering the legalization og GrasIn Colorado USA---since grass selling is legal Crimies have dropped drastical--and experts bleive it has to do with the legalization og Marijuana.

    Partilepepe does not want the legalization of GRASS for then Hard durg that paritlepep control,imported --the market would need to be closed.So harass GRass somkers and promote HArd durg dealers------ensure hard drug market does not have competition.

  21. Dirty money from Sri lanak soon from Pakistan.

    Use force is inevitable---no need to even attempt starting reconciliation ---it is too late -force would be used anyway to get those monkeys out.And they will be executed cold blloeded as the butchered Gerald and the rest cold blooded. we will free our land from those handful of devil.

  22. Another deal with Pakistan to sponsor TALIBAN terrorists,they are already on our soil.

  23. SFP should made contact with opposition leaders in Paskistan about the activity of money laundering in Seychelles before its happen.


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