Born Free, Tax to Death By James Michel


  1. Partilepep does not know where to find money to collect than sucking small,medium Seychellois tourism businesses ?I will give those marons a few ideas----Coolect of foriegners to the Like of PAPA earning a fortune ,staying on permanent bases on our shores--all those foriegners earning over let say SR 20,2000 plus salry monthly should contribute in form of tax.

    -Make Khalfia pays his landind fee,parking fee at our Airport.

    -Cancel paritlepep self-given double salary and pension for life

    Close those useless Mabassies like the one In Swaziland,North Korea and fialed states that we donot have anthing to do with or Seychellois do not even know them--thus save millions is waste

    -Raplaceforiegn illegal Ambassadors by Seychellois -thus reduce housing,free tickets ,family catering etc....

    -USe renewable energy (sloar)thus reduce cost of fosil fuel and therefore waste of tax payers money.

    -Jeanne D'Arc

  2. Tax non active resident schemes that earn income paid overseas, an additional 10 percent. Successful project like Eden is first investment core when developers invest and buyers buy. After you past this stage, each unit sucks revenue out of Seychelles by capital flight if the owner treats it as an income earner.

    These projects compete with hotels. Since they are rarely occupied full time by owners.

    Wake up Mr. Pierre Laporte. You are sleeping on the job.

    Another example, bareboats . There are 1200 licenses with many boats are investments by non residents. Many have fractional ownership and are intended as income earners to be paid over seas each month as a revenue earner. Why does Mr. Laporte tax them just Vat 15 percent like all of us? They are non resident earners and all their revenue is capital flight. Tax them an additional 10 percent, if they pay put earnings overseas.
    Wake up Pierre Laporte. Too much dodo not good for the Nation.
    International hotels- there rates are published. Require that they transfer all their booking fees into Seychelles. If they use processing companies out side of Seychelles to skim the gros, fine. Let them, but put them in another tax category. Surcharge them 10 - 12 percent for that. Donor kill them . Keep it fair.

    Once you do that, you can reduce Vat by 5 percent for the rest of us who bank in Seychelles.
    It is time seychelles earns some respect.
    It can be done if the Minster would wake up.
    Seselwa Unite!
    Sesel Pou Seselwa!
    Christopher Gill

    PS we do not have the luxury of wait and see in the technology age. This was the strategy in WW II Mr. minister Pierre Laporte.

  3. This says

    Minister Jean Paul Adam is failing in his job to raise grants and assistance. He has focused too much on PRC alienating western states, USA and EU.

    Alienating the same group, Minister Adam, though a gentleman on the surface, has delivered a bad message to the western world: respecting human rights is too expensive for us, we lack capacity to record and monitor human rights in Seychelles. That said, few countries will give offer much in the way of grants assistance facing a cunning demeanor that is only meant to deceive. Guess what? Everyone knows the game now. News in Seychelles travels so fast today, thanks to our blogs that Adam now cannot keep up.
    When you want a truce. Let us know. We will set the conditions.

  4. Repecting Huamn rights is too expensive for Adam and partielepep but not to double their salary and give them pension for life.You know what Adam Human rights has no cost.Huamn rights hold universal values that should be adopted by states worldwide.And there is no excuse that a small country of 90 thousands inhabitants ,its government cannot monitor human rights abuses often perpetrated by State officlas as records show.If privates press can record those abuse ,surely any government should to unless it is badly organized,mis-managed,or having a ogvernemnt teemd with incompetent or the main Huamn rights abuse perpetrators.Otherwise,telling the world you not able to monitor Huamn rights abuses perpetrated by state apparatus is absurd,rediculous and laughing- stock for the world.

    You have money to import mercenaires to perpetuate these abuses but not enough money to monitor what your mercnearies' astrocities are ,Dr Adam?

    On PRC--we donot want their present in our sovereign land.Even if it was to fight priacy(the alter has been radicated in our EEZ)there is no justification of foreign naval bases in our waters.Could you imagine each foreign Navy operating in the golf of Aden wanted a naval base in our EEZ.Secondly,allowing a foreign country to deliberately abuse,rape our territorial integrity is allowing the restoration of colonialism on our people.

    Moreover,Chinese interest cannot be concider more important than our woe intrests and one of our main intrest is safeguarding our territorial integrity and sovereignty which deterring any foreign invaders ,pratices that put our sovereignty,peace and security at risks--And the illegal atrempt by Pp/Chinese communist to illegal build naval base in our Waters is one of them and allowing Sri Lankan Dictator to use our hores to operate his illicit businesses such as illegal Kidney trafficking,transfer of Arms to Africa by his Brother,etc....

    Finally Seychellois are mature enough to decide themselves who their friends should be ,not a gang of crooks call partielepep.And nothing shows be it culturally,socially,traditonally that Seychellois consider Chiense as best friends---it is the one party state friends' not the Seychellois people.I guess when Seychellois opted for democracy and refused communism in 1976 on in dependence day ..this in itself suggest which kinds of directions,firends Seychellis would have like..namely the western world of which they feel closer due to our Euroepean decendence history,culture and experience as a Nation.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  5. Cosmoledo Island as illegal Chinese Naval base?It seems Glenny is abou to bulldoze hundreds of tress to make space for an Air trip that would start and facilitate Chinese transportation of military wares and material to start an illegal base.

    We will never accept It,Glenny/Michel.Sesel Pou Seselwa not for Chinese.Seychelles must not and would not be the Tibet of the Indian Ocean.Seychelles would not be the palttform for One of the world most tyrannic State namely China,nor the target of super power in their geo-political fight--which jeopardize other countires interests,security ,stability and peace in the region.

  6. An illegal Naval base for communist China in our waters?It illegal,put our sovereignty,security,stability and peace at would make Seychelles a potential target for other super would affect other regional countires security and stability.

    We would never accept the present of the Chinese in our waters--to rape our soveirenty and turn Seychelles into the Indian OCean TIBET.Our country must not be theplaying ground for Chinese military interest and strategy and geo-political interest.Our country interest is above any other countries interests Partielepep.And our interst are defending our sovereignty,security,stability and peace and to achieve that avoiding that foreign forces abuse,rape our territorial integrity is vital.

  7. Glenny is building an illegal Airstrip on Cosmoledo to cater Chinese.Hundreds of hectar of trees would be chpped down,thus destroy environment to illegally pleased Chinese communist and help them annex our soil like they didi in TIBET.That is dippossesion and all Seychellois must oppose this illegal move by partielepep terrorists.

  8. I totally agree with Chris--in fact it shold be a normal practice to make thme pay tax too.This done in for instance MONACO,and other western countries.Only paritlepep fials to do so,.maybe instead of tax those indiviudlas pay money directly into paritlepep coffer/secret bank account for the party and members,not in our Nation's coffer.

    Jeanne D'Arc


    Anyonec who runs a company .i.e, is engaged in a commercial activity and operates externally under their own name liable to pay tax.This should also applies (as it is common practice in western world etc...)to COMPANIES with their registered office abroad ,but which operate in Seychelles.

    FOREIGNERS working for a foreign company (especially those registered abroad) and their employees are based on apermanent baisis in our country--example PAPA representing ETIHAD in Seychelles should PAY TAX on GORSS SALARY----a Common practice in for instance Switzerland,Austria,and others.

    High duty For goods aviable locally(vegetable,fruits,even fish) but are being imported (especially by five star hotels just because it is cheaper to import)should endure high import taxes.

    Since,Pp preach on protecting environment,reducing emmisions----well partilepep start encouraging Car Owners/drivers to instalt CATALSYTIC CONVERTER on their Cars--thus reduce,convert toxic emission into less environmental and health hazadeous emmisions---When yxou have done that you can then collect tax from those car owners who have not instalted CATALYSTIC CONVERTER on their vehicle---a mean of collecting tax ,other than on Small,medium Seychellois tourism businesses(the later have been paying the highest taxes-- astronomic VAT and a tax disguise as CSR...then you could leave small ;medium Seychellois tourism business establishment in peace,stop robing them.They have been the one to pay the failure of paritlepep.

    Are you charging extra tax to Sir Lankan President COSMETIC HOSPITAL and made its personals contribute too,partilepep?

    You favored foreigners and strangle Seychellois partiepep?

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. Sorry guys to stick my nose into your affairs, as a foreigner it appears to me that the outer islands of the Seychelles is run by a small number of people who are not accountable to the public, they appear to be making important decisions about the future of those islands on the basis of what is right for them without anyone being able to challenge their decisions.. The question is why are the people of Seychelles in general apart from you guys are all staying quiet about it? I have been in Seychelles during the election, what I saw was unbelieveable. The media and even the constitution all sided to the ruling party, again the population appears to stay quiet about what is going on. It was a strange feeling. It is like a domestic abuse where the husband beat up the wife behind close doors and when they step outside they are like a happy couple. I have been following your President on line for a while, someone behind the scene is running the show for him.

  11. If LePep receive money from the Chinese which they will, then the Chinese will get their base. There is nothing anyone can do about it. These guys have done what ever they like for 40 years and will continue to do so. They will continue to divert criticism directed at them and they will play the nationalism card. Unfortunately the silent majority will go along with it even though they do not agree with the status quo. It is up to you Mr Gill to change their minds, it will be tough believe me.

  12. POLITICIANS ON THE ISLAND GOT NO BALLS THATS WHY THEIR STAY QUITE:Seychelles foreigners climbing on it like monkeys climbing on a banana tree for banana.
    They don't have the balls to organise a peaceful demonstration and take the streets.If Chinese make Base in Seychelles you will still stay quite Seychelles politicians?But we not we will use any mean to free Seychelles.
    Mr Hessler come holiday in Seychelles saw what Seychelles politicians don't see Wo they to f**king blind or corrupt.Corruption is a diseases on this island and Seychelles politic and a country that corrupt there is no forward Seychellios i fill sorry for you.On the island we have drug addict alcohol addict gamble addict and politicians addicted in corruption.


  13. Quite right, politicians in Seychelles have no balls! The one with no balls at all is Mancham. That one should had never been entrusted with the responsibility of the Statehood at independence in 1976. He could not fight back when Rene unlawfully took away his presidency on 5th. June 1977. Now he says best not to mention 5th. June 1977! This man not only he has no balls but also spineless! Seychellois, there will be no 'unity' unless there is a truth Commission! And the 'Truth Commission' will reveal how and who killed Davidson Chang Him on the 5th. June 1977, the brother of Rev. Bishop Chang Him and classmate of Mancham. Will reveal how and who killed the policeman Jeannie on the 5th. June 1977, a police constable on duty at that time together with P.C. Dingwall the brother-in-law of James Michel. And will reveal how and who killed Francis Rachel on the 5th. June 1977, a comrade-at-arm of James Michel on the night of the coup d'Etat. Mancham wants to shut off all those healing facts from Seychellois because they would embarrass Michel! He wants to have a National Reconciliation without a 'Truth Commision'. Weak and with no balls like on the negotiation commission for the 3rd Republic, he gave Rene all that Rene wanted, now Seychelles has a flag that resembles a candy-wrapper and a decade for term of Presidency!

    1. Agree with you my friend, only one word for Mancham, JUDAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Agree with you too until you mentioned this m@t#&r Judas. He got his land and house back, his fat pension and now he licks a55 of partilepep.

      En sans glasi ki resti obor Li.

  14. 4,27
    There is something we can do about it namely take our land back from Pp,Our outter islands are our patrimony and know one single Seychellois ,the sole owner of these lands has autoried Pp to gifted Chinese part of our patrimony.

    We will never accept Chinese base on our soil.We sovereign and our sovereignty is not for sell,.Chinese has nothing to do in our land.Seychelles is not Tibet and would not be like Tibet.Any foreign crusader must be repelled out from our land.

    If pp makes the mistake of giving Chinese our land for base,then PP elimination is evitable,Instead of reconciliation and unity Pp will get the bullets they asking for.

    We have a duty to fight aginst State terrorism.We cannot let criminlas rule us any longer.

  15. GOP judge BURHAN should have left Seychelles in 2013,but was illegally gifted our passport by Michel.Michel continues to abuse our Constitution and continue to make GOP Seychellois.BURHAN should eave Seychelles,his contract is over.

  16. The time served under GOP cannot be used to acquire Citizenship.

  17. Forget about Mancham you guys,you are young generation of politicians you must show Seychellios the way to change by starting taking the streets and stand for your right and defend your territory from invader.
    You can see around world how its done when a nation not happy when their land been sold our BASE been built they took the streets and you on the island just talk no action and passive.You want change why you are not participating in the coming election?


  18. FUI warn public of false paper securleting.Terorists from africa and arabs PP had brought on our shore are at this act of crimes to get money to sponcer Bokoharam and Alsahba
    and ISIS.

  19. How can a micro state economy of just 88000 people run on 15% VAT when Fisheries is seasonal and Tourism is seasonal. Both are no longer 9 months a year but 6 months a year now. Yet fix expenses are 12 months a year?

    Think about it?

  20. 15 percent VAT with a 6 or 7 month economy? No wonder no one pays VAT.

  21. Fisheries is seasonal but generate billions,Unfortunately these billions have been goping into the pocket of foreign TUNA sieners beucase of the failure of Partielepepe to developed our own Woed TUNA SIENERS.ROursim is seasonal but remember Seychelles HIGH SEASON IS during the raining season (thus not necessarily the best season as it is in other countries,Unsually a country's high season should be when weather is good that is sunny weathger and no rainfalls,But our high season happens to be during the raining seasons because of EUROPEANS WHO through the deacdes have been coming to our shores during our raining season to escape the harsher WINTER in EUROPE.Hence ,since the BEST SEASON for tourists should be during the SUNNY season and it is not the case now,What is WHY WE SHOULD DEVELOP OFF SEAON tourism to make tourism season longer for the industry and thereby generate extra renevues for our economy.Then by doing so,there would be no concentration of tourists in a period of 6 months only.By developning OOF season tourism--it would make Seychelles as a destination more accessible for lower budget tourists,but also avoid the concentrated stress on environment,water etc... that occurs during high season,In other words ,OFF SEASON tourism could balance the stress that occur during high season..for instead of seeing tourists invading our shores only during high seasons we would have a more balance amount coming literally all year round.

    We have lhe potential to devevop non-tourism related businesses.
    USING an OUTTER island to produce Chicken farm to supply Local deamnds which is very high indeed.could generate not only a good quality chicken meats not as those teemed with anti-biotics our body do not want from Brasil.This would have generate millions and create jobs for Seychellois.Not to mention derived produces that could be produced from a chicken farms such as manure for local farmers,animal feeds from chicken residues--etc,etc...

    And in fact there is the possibility of developing many small.and medium businesses that could compensate the tourism and fisheries industry.For instance,Like Mr PILLAy has just done by opening a frim that produce HEATHLY FRIUT JUICE.
    You could have other small and medium frims to produce:
    -ICE TEAS with local herbs and favoured
    _ROOM OIl- SCENTS witj local herbs suc has Cinamon,Lemongrass,vanilla,but also from fruits such as lemon,and also SCENTED CANDLES---this will reduce the import of SPRAY SCENT usually teemed with chemical thus good for environememnt.And of course You would also need a scent pot produce becase oil scent needs a pot and is heated by small candles.

    Tthere are many small and medium buisnesses possibtlies to make our country more productive and less independent on tourism and fisheries.What is needed is the willingness,the vision,the seriousness of government to help Seychellois both financially and technical supportswhen setting up their business ideas.

    Partilepep says it will give money in form of grants---there are other things as alterantives that ogvernemnt could do.For instance,if a person new business would have to depend of raw material from abroad--that is the person must import ihis rwa material from abroad because it is not available locally then government could for instance,consider giving the new Business let us say two to three years duty fee on the import of his rraw material to allow set up his business(all according to size,kinds of raw material being imported).Or tax example for a fixed period of time,according to seize of business etc...

    Jeanne D'Arc


    Jeanne D`^Arc

  22. A few words on MERITON`S statement made in NATION:

    Communsit Educated Meirton of whom we still do not know his qualification tells us"that the greatest investment we can make in the lieves of our young people is to_--Love them,trust them,listen to them and be paticne to them"

    Well Dr Meriton,first maybe it would be good to tell Seychellois what qualification you have thus would make thr former more trustful in you.LOVING them but allowing Pp escobar to destroy them with Hard drugs bcannot be called love MoeritonImporting thousands of cheap foreign labours to take their jobs is surely not caring for Seychellois young people.

    -Young Seychelles people need resources such as cash and tools to innovate.
    -They need MENTORSHIP --give them the proper mentorship and guidance--surely paritlepep criminals have proven not the right mentor to provide mentorship to young Seychellois people--for they would turn criminal too .
    What young people want-- is high quality ducation and mathc skills and training to be well-armed when the present themslves in knowledge society.
    As we seeing under PP ,many young Seychellois after theirx study ended up unemployed beucase they were trained in the worngs field or fleids that there is no demands of job market thus dependency of Exapts and increase of youth unemployment.They want the opportunities to fulfill their dreams,their potential,thus create a more responsible,engaged and cohesive society.etc..etc..
    You know what MERITON I think you have a problem of genrations conflicts.You just oblivion on ou youth deamnds and needs ,Best would be to allow them to speak out and express themselves etc...Stop dictating and telling Seychellois youths you killing with Hard drugs,unemployment,poverty ,mis-match training and skills,etc--- listen to them but most importantly hear them when you listen to them and fulfill their wishes.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  23. Merit on is perhaps the weakest Minister in the whole lot. He is full of shot really. Nice words, always nice words, the dude lives in some sort of dream world. Almost like a fairy!

  24. I agree . No minister talks so much with nice words and delivers so little. He is always carrying flowers or looking At himself in meetings the. SBC films him
    His meeting with social workers highlighted that.
    He promotes himself as the compassionate minister.
    What world does this guy live in?

  25. If Meriton is so passionate why does he not hand in Ryston Meriton his brother who was given the confidence of the SPPF in return he used his power to steal millions from planning and transport.

    Instead what do we see? Merit on protecting his brother who is hiding in Madagascar. Yet merit on is a designated Minister. A next president. The streets of Victoria will be awash with social workers collecting bodies my friends.

  26. We still awaiting for MERITON before he even starts giving us lessons to simply tell us What qualification he has.Dito to Dr FAure.

    Srtealing is partilepep party sport---Look at the project on ILE SOLEIL------The brother of FAURE --DANNY is responsible for the project though we already have a development minister.DANYY still called himself Ambassador but he seems under partilepep we have two ministers for the same position.One appointed by Michel and the other FAURE?S brother appointed by FAURE to rob,practice corruption,illegal sell out etc.. just like Glenny was given our Outter Island to sell out in the name of partielepep.The alter thinks our Outter Islands are not part of th mainland and do not belong to Seychellois people but to partilepep.Glenny can sell it,even attempting to allow Chinese to build Naval Base,Sold one to Sir Lanakn dictator and criminal friend of MIchel namely RAJAPAKSE and his family.OR gifted a South African one island to produce tress that are cut than exported to South Africa whereby no revenues on how much government gain if any is published.etc..etc..etc..Such illegal project put in peril the fragile eco-sytem of the island.

  27. All Partilepep members are criminals--you donot have to see their names written or mentioned in an article on Seychelles government illict activities to know that--one knows that the all involve because of the membership to such a criminal party.

    They all illegal signed without Seychellois knowledge and accepted to gifted Khalifa our patrimony but also allowed him to built an ugly pharaoic blocks on top of our mountains.Dito to the selling out of our passports to foriegners,money laundering and all thoer partilepep criminal activities.They all must be punished for they are all involved.


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