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It is reported that State House is keeping some Madagascar ants in its
garden.These ants are big very large, and collect in colonies of a few
thousand at a time.They are known to burrow into tree logs and eat
other bugs. They are also red and are known to eat trees and even rubbish.
It is reported that these ants are most prolific at the State House 
News Agency.The Brain of these ants according to scientist is very small. 
Because of this they pose a particular danger to the health welfare and
general well being of the country.


  1. And if escape they would proliferate and cause an unprecedence disaster to endemic ants and other infect spicies .Michel is a real crook and I am sure he cannot even understand why he is keep ants at Statehouse---For superstition reason he who is atheist?

    Recently Pp was preaching about fighting the invasion of foreign animals ,insect etc to our shores---while at the small time Michel the brainless imports and keep ants at Statehouse.

    We asking Michel the maron to destroy all these imported ants immediately else an investigation should be open against Michel for illegally importing illegal and dangerous aniamls,inects to Seychelles which hasve the potential to ascape,proliferate and put in danger endemic speicies and create a nATIONALCOLOGICAL CATASTROPHE .cOULD IT BE THAT mICHEL SEES kHALFIA IMPORTING ALL KINDS OF INFECTS ETC.. TO OUR SHORES WITHOUT CONTROL AND AS THE MONKEY THAT HE IS IMITATES KHALIFA?

    What ever the reason Michel the maron must be made to eliminate all those ants on our territories immediately without explanation,ro what-so -ever

    WHo gave birth to this half-brain maron call Michel?Where is Prof,Dr., Astronaut RUDOLF PAYET?What are imported Madagasy ants doing on our shores Payet?
    Michel deserve execution--if he does not stop his criminal activities immediately -he would be executed soner than later.We just cannot tolerate a half-brain monkey to bullshit Seychellois to this extend.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. WHy does Michel the monkey posses crooked mentality?What goes on in this monkey's brain?Is it mental illness?does he have PSychological PROBELM?or this guy is a crook because of his atheist belief?TIme to get this monkey into the court to face justice for his multiple crimes.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. After selling out our land to foriegners ,Michel the butcher has decided that he would destroy Seychelles ecosystem by illegally importing ALIEN SEPCIES to invade Seychelles thereby radicate our endemic spieces and all the other prbolems they can cause on the long term-This monkey Michel is a criminal,irresponsible and an investigation should be opened against the Butcher.We cannot allow this monkey to continue disrespect Seychellois people and their country.We cannot One half-brain monkey endures all those suffering,etc.. on thr majority.Time to radicate both the imported ants of Monkey Mihel anbut alos all pp monkeys illegally controlling our insitutions in order to commit their crimes.

  4. Michel imported an insect that looks like him.The onkly different is that an ant is intelligent while Michel the monkey is an idiot by excellence.

  5. Those ants been there since 1977 in case y'all short of memories and are as big as Michelle head. Just have a look- no need to wear a bifocal.

  6. Looks like someone in FIU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. State news Agency led by Sarjana Fabrike brought the ants and her team is mating them to spread them all over Seychelles.

  8. Those idiots at Seychelles News Agency are sending google a
    Sets on ants in Praslin.
    They are the most stupid batch of government employees we have. Who overseas these idiots? Is there anyone really at work up there?

  9. SNA - Send New Ants!

    This is what Michel pays Sarjana to do?

  10. Seychelles News Agency

    Woman found hanging with panties, but her knees were on the ground in Police Station.

  11. Man found dead in Beau Vallon Next to Savoy Hotel.
    State House appeals to travelers to continue to come to Seychelles, ignore dead people Announced by Seychelles News Agency around the World.

  12. Man and woman found dead is announced by Seychelles News Agency. Keep on coming to Seychelles State House says. Ignore the deaths .

  13. NDEA announces its force is made up of dumb shits by Seychelles News Agency. NDEA stalk citizens and use drugs themselves .

  14. The Army of Ants at Seychelles News Agency is destroying Seychelles image. Does any one in State House not say anything?
    Mr. President as usual does not know anything?
    If you rely in Pat Lablache for Advise, you will know nothing of course.

  15. If it was election day in 2016 I bet Pl were going to bring those two deceased individual to cast their vote.

  16. This President knows the letter A and K in the alphabet.
    This President knows 4 and 7 in numbers.
    This President was a teacher at Anse Boileau.
    This President was elected by IDIOTS.

  17. Thank you for this information. I was thinking why is State House making press releases about ants. This explains it all.

  18. 04.28

    No oneever elected Michel ,not even an idiot,michel elected himself thus he is an illegal President elected by fraud.

    There are at least one dead each week,none on those dead causes have been ever revive by paritlepep experts.They have all kinds of experts from Forensic to criminologists but all seems like Michel namely holding diploms,qualification from University not known to Seychellois,and they all part of the terrorist partilepep-Rember,the investigation by paritlepep forensic experts in the case of the TAZAR soldier whose head was chopped by GURKAS---Paritlepep forensic experts were paid by paritlepep to come and lie on SBC.


    No investigation by GOVINDEN,forensic experts to determine the causes for instance,if the woman really hang herself,or was butchered by police officers any modern countires this would have been a normal procedure not in Seychelles under partilepep criminals.

    NDEA should be disovled for it is just a window dressing rognaization lead by mercenaries to rape Seychellois citizens rights and protect Partielepep escobar importing Hard Durg to kill Seychellois <outh in order to replace them by forien Children like the Children of BURHAN;SIVA;RUSSIAN MAFIANS ;MORE SIR LANKANetc....

    Since the existence of NDEA not a signle Hard drug dealers has ever been apprehended just to show you thow useless NDEA is.Should tax payers continue to accept that their money is used to firstly Pay merceneires to brutalize them?
    Dito as NDEA we should also question the needs of FIU ,which seems also a window dressing organization to make Seychellis and Intenrational community bleive Paritlepep is serious but as each year we discover partielepep become more and more active in Intenrational organized crimes and FIU is just useless and a cover to fool the world.But the thing is in the 21st century with the new technology you cannot fool people anymore .

    Jeanne D'Arc

  19. Does Michel the Bitcher and sadist because he is Prsident have the right to illegally import invasive,allien spicies of whatever to our shores and in a country with a facile ecosystem and rare endemic spicies?No.Michel is the servant of the people not their masters and have no rights to do what he wants as he thinks he can.

    Have Dr Rudofl Payet speak out about this illegal act by Michel and ordered the rDICATE OF THESE MADAGASCAR ANTS IMMEDIATELY BOEFRE IT ESCAPE AND START PROLIFERATING WHICH WOULD BE THEN JEOPARDIZE the blance of our ecosystem etc... No he has said nothing---For he is a paritlepep criminal organization member.

    Has NGOs or environment organizations speak out? No .one could aks why they silent--
    Invasive spcies often are introduce by Human--an what Michel is doping is dangerous and he must be stopped.You could imagine should these ants escape how fast they would proliferate for Seychelles is a tropical country thus tropical climate suitable for Magadascar ants to proliferate at the speed of light and create an ecologic catastrophe.

    This monkey Michel sems to want not only to destroy Seychellois Nation by illegal importing foriegners to modify,colonize eychelles but to destroy its ecosystem,environement and anything that naturally exist.Atheist Michel thinks what GOD gave Seychellois should be destroyed and replace by his own fantasy.

    Time to blow the head of this primitive ant off!A bullet seem to be the only mental treatment for this monkey.TIME TO ARREST MONKEY MICHEL AND PUT HIM in a zoo,as tourist actraction.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  20. Who is SARJANA?The duagther of a ex-yoglolavian doctor .The ^later never returned to his homeland as GOP contract ended Like most foriegners who came here on GOP.SARJANA was born in Seychelles ,but a chid born to a GOP worker constitutionally have no right to become Seychellois :Moreover,She still hold her YOG name thus not mairred to Seychelles ,She would probably go find a yog back to her homeland then made him Seyhellois too ,to help paritlepep in its policy of colonization and modification of Seychellois Nation.

  21. An UAKARI monkey who keeps ants as pet is unique in the world.A scientific sensation.

  22. If we let paritlepep take unilateral decision in the pople palce by 2020 Seychellois will be minority in their land.Michle perpetuate Arbs policies in regards to importation of expats in our country,Like UAE,Saudi Arabia,oman and the rest ,Paritlepep criminals think Seychellois should be replaced by foreigners.

    partilepep should stop diciding in the people's name immediately.We donot recognize paritlepep illegal decisions in our names often crooked deciisons that rape our Constitution,rule of law, and against citizens will.

  23. Sorry guys.Just few words about the death of Mr Ernesta from La Digue just open archive of my post from sfp blog you will see I say Praslin need a hospital to save life of Diguois and Praslinios and tourists life and workers on those outer island near Praslin.May be if Praslin had have a emergency room or those corrupt government have a emergency helicopter stand by on Praslin or on La Digue Mr Ernesta will still be alive today. Mr Ernesta have to fly to Mahe with his pain all the way to Mahe and the plane have to come from Mahe cost fuel till he was waiting he was feeling pain to death shame on those crooks may god punish pp evils.
    No money in the coffer even for one helicopter just wating for present from arabo or chinese like Naval boats cadeau from chinese! how long pp?you must be a shame get not handle a population with 85.000 Seychellios now you have increases to around 95,000 plus foreigners you have granted our citizenship and continuing.

  24. SARJANA IS A PUSSY YOUGO RASCIST:And yougo living in EU countries are well known for well organised crimes woman like man drugs smuggle weapons smuggle you name it,like Russian mafia.


  26. I would prefer those thousands of Indian ,And the rest to go home.They are not ready to integrate,they want to oppose there culture tradition on us,they take housese from Seychellois that PP must not build extra shleters for Seychellois homeless though in a small country like ours there should be no homeless since government build houses each year.Unfrotunately houses are built to cater Exapts,Indian Exapts etc... have more negative eefects of our country socially,economically ,culturally ,religiously, on natural resourcesetc......

  27. Expats go home we Seychellios we can make them in 24 hours if we stand up strong and have balls to take the streets with placard asking those foreign immigrant to go back

  28. Breaking news!!Russian shot down Malaysian airline by BUK rocket 295 dead.


  30. NDEA sizes around R1.250.000 cash at the Airport NDEA were those dirty cash goes and to whom this dirty cash are handle too and which account it goes too?
    Do you burn it?like drugs I don't things so public have I right what all this dirty cash are done with it.Scully its time you come forward and tell SESELWA were does this dirty cash goes seen years dirty cash have been taken from drug dealers but we don't were those dirty goes in which hand.

  31. Sculls will give to his wife to buy new dress.


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