SCCI Chairman Say Planning Authority Has Two Rules!


  1. The bucks stops with Gerald Houreau.
    He is too busy watching his dogs fucking.

    1. Perhaps he's fucking the dog!

    2. Or maybe the dog is f**king him.

  2. Christian Lionnet said in the National Assembly Gerard Hoarau is doing a great job. This means Lionnet is incoherent incompetent, and he too is failing Seychelles.

    The economic engine for growth in Seychelles is in the hands of a minister and chairman of planning who are like Dodo bird. They are lost, have wings, but cannot seem to fly.

  3. Too many meetings................ Due to the unproductive nature of meetings, many managers will feel a need to assign multiple tasks to team members during the meeting so they feel like something productive comes from the meeting. But these off the cuff tasks and ideas are usually not well fleshed out or thoughtfully considered. They are usually just busy work stemming from the fact that people aren’t meeting for a productive reason in the first place. This isn’t always the case but can be with the wrong management team. ///

  4. Planning is the engine for the reputation of the country as an investment opportunity. Yet they are ignorant to their vital role in advancing development and encouraging FDI and encouraging Seselwa to believe in their country.
    Planning and Ministry of Lands has destroyed the investment climate in Seychelles.
    Why does PL stay silent? Is it a plan to destroy Seychelles in play?

  5. Mr Marco, can you inform this forum if Mrs Marie Antoinette Rose's business are registered members of SCCI. I believe she owns the Beau Vallon Petrol Station and the Fish Tail Restaurant. Both these businesses are very successful. If these businesses are not members of SCCI, then we should learn from her. We should join SPPF rather than SCCI. Being a member of SPPF/PP will ensure you success in business. A FRUSTRATED INDIVIDUAL

  6. The multiples of rules ,conditions,practices that have been built up over the decades combine with corruption impede young Seychellois to start their business. Starting a business is still being soffisticated by red tape in Seychelles even with the massive economic problems.Partilepep seems to have an Alphabet agency for anything and everything,Partilepep should stop ramming thousands fo ridiculous regulations down Seychellois potential business persons'' throats.In staganted economic ,government should do the contrary namely facilitate,simplifies,things to speed up things and thereby allow potential new business persons to get their Bunisees to set up.The faster the better from the economy.Time is money partilepepNB that RAJAPAKSE Cosmetic Hotel was licensed by a blink of the eyes while for a Seychellois to get a small business started s/he ust fill up tons of applications and complete tons of paper work without being assure that in the end s/he license would be granted or not.(the later sometime depends on one connection to the ruling party).Bureaucracy paritlepep is also a cause for government growth thus costly to tax payers and encourage massive coruption ,something we cannot afford to continue proliferating in a small macro/micro economy.

    Hence,there is a need and ergency for government to rapidly improve the performance of our administrative institutions and reduce paper work too.

    The armies of bureaucrats keep proliferate like gerbils,scurrying like lemmings in pursuit of the ever-expanding ruling part agenda testify to that amply.End results,amssive waste and inefficiency,and poor service and it comes loaded with a whole host of negative connotations:laziness,incompetency,overpaid,imperious,.In short,,bureaucracy and paritlepep bureaucrats are unmitigated bad things with absolutely no redeeming qualities.
    Business is always better than bureaucracy partilepep .Businesses are always better than government efforts,since government bureaucracy does not have to produce a profit and are not subject to market competitions,and have less incentives to be co-efficient in its managememnt and tis delivery of service.So do not tight the hands of young potential enterpreneurs partilepep/laporte.

    We neeed tosee partielepep making less speeches,TV show,long rediculous monologues,and act to get us out of the mess partilepep has created.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  7. Partilepep business-killing bureaucracy is also killing young Seychellois dreams,potential and opportunities.You do not know how to do business partilepep at least let those with ideas and potential put into practice their ideas,it would provide partilepep incompete government generate more VAT,CRS to feed partielepep marons,help pay back the pharaoic debt its created,allow the financing of our crumbling healthcare,education system ,continue paying your illegal astronomic salalry and pension for life that the least young potential business Seychellois natives can ask from you..

    Bureaucracy nust either be brought into a comma or die,Why? because it add overhead-by creating multi-tiers structure where handful of administeurs spend their times doing nothing than waste others time and money.
    -Create friction---by forcing new ideas to run multi-level gauntlet that create significant lag time.
    -Distort decision---
    -misdirect competition
    Hobble initiative
    -obliterate nuance
    In all these ways bureaucracy imposes a managememntTax.Like arterial plague,it is mostly invisible,but not less dangerous because of that.

  8. Planning and lands division is run like a dinosaur operation. When christianl Lionnet became Minister they just changed the furniture. They did not change their approach to the Seselwa public. They got worse and worse. Now they have affected our image completely for FDI. Many Seselwa that lived through transition of 1992 are leaving the country and giving up because of the madness at MLUH.

  9. And thereby creating brain drain.this party must be abolished as being a political party for it is nothing than a criminal organization disguise a political party.

  10. The planning authority has two rules.the first is aimed at foreign partileppe friends foten despots,mafias,criminals and ready to pay bribes and the second rule is aimed for Sechellis and genuine FDI who refuse to pay bribies and are honest.

    What is needed is A STEEING Committee on FDI to facilitate conditions for FDIGenuine FDi are prefereable over forms of external finance beucase they are non-debt creating,non-volatile and their returns depend on the performamnce of the projects financed by investors.

    Morvoer,Aprtilepp,enterpreneurship is a vital economic engine for is the real drive of innovation and growth.Policy uncertainty conducted by aprtilepep mafias is stalling Sechelles potential economic growth,which is also why our economic though all the multi-millions in foreign aid still in stagnation.

    there needs to be an integrate approach towards investment across the often-disconnected government in order to ensure that investors could operate in enabling environment without arbitrary government hindrance and on the bases of market-based incentives.A rule-based FDI policy regime and its enforceability is keymaron lionet.And that is probably one reason why partilepep joined WTO recently.So get the reform needed and ensure the rules of the game are the same for every players donkey.

    A level playing flield and clear rule require an honest,even-handed,efficent government.The ruoles and a system of values that encourage productivity and efficiency.Failure to do so,will certainly as we already experiencing will undoubtly discourage DFI.However,even more importantly,it will carry a heavy political,social and economic price-continued decline in the country's economic performance will still lower level of new investors,higher rate of unemployment,and a gorwing percentage of our population living below poverty
    The problem faced in Seychelles are large part relevant to most Domestic investors as they are to foreign investors in Seychelles economy.However,the basic different between the two is that the Domestic entrepreneur is condemned to cope with domestic/local conditions while foreign investor is free to chose from among competing host countries and to decide which one offer the most attractive balance of risk and opportunity its investment.

    Acountry's success is attracting foreign investment is therefore a measure of its domestic success as well.As and when positive change occurs,FDi will dramatically increase and such investment will come indeed become a motor for economic growth and prosperity in the long-term.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  11. Wake up folks, our country is falling into a hole worse then ever envisioned when IMF came to Seychelles.

  12. I was expecting much more from Mr. Lionnet . He is making our party look bad.
    I am concerned.

  13. Marco Francis is 100 percent on this. Everyone should sport his call and back the effort to clean up Planning and MLUH.
    Call for a full audit of all government lands and all transfers of government land and leases aswell.
    Then we will really know what is going on behind the walls that are silent.

  14. Your party are bad seen created and memebers in it are all worst than slumm.Seen Michel took over you should have had concern about your party now its to late to pick up the pieces and put it togethere.Michel just put any kind of idiot as Minister ban voler.

  15. James Michel doesn't give a shit about Seychellois businesses, his money is stashed safely into the offshore business: Soleil Investments. Until we are ready to demand an explanation about his offshore dealings he will continue to take us for a ride.


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