Viral Dhanjee Wins!


  1. Bravo Viral!

    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  2. "The pen is mightier than the sword"

  3. Everybody knows that the President of Court of Appeal is there as the final guardian of Michel's government, to over-turn judgments not in favour of Pp or rules in favour to safeguard the continuity of a shenanigan judiciary. Francis McGregor who is always present at all government functions, should go!

  4. Then what? Nothing will change? Bravo for Viral but at the end of all this all these so-call world bodies will always side with the ruling party. It is the government in power that have the resources to bribe them all.

  5. Mr Viral a real Patriot,has kept remarkably his unmatched persistence and the determination of not to let his rights be abused continually by gangsters and thereby exposed their wrongs.We know that PP gangster government runs a kangaroo court teemed with with illegal foreign jduges,puppet-mastered by State apparatus.

    MR VIRAl is speaking truth to power;more accurately for speaking truth to those who abuse power and misuse political cloaked in judicial robes.
    The act of courage demonstrated by Mr Viral is an examples we must follow.The courage demonstrates by Mr Viral is a virtue that is manifested in the endurance of his body,mind and sprit,It unables him to stand immovable in the midst of tyranny.Those who practice courage in their lives,like Mr Viral,do so despite personal sorrow and hardship .We should be proud of having such ersonalities to the likes of Mr Viral for they contribute to bringing a better future for our people.

    You have our moral support Mr Viral.

  6. Mr Viral wins,and at the same time,he has pushed the constitutional Courts' Seychellois judges to challenging the present of foreign judges to Likes of Burhan imported by Partilepep to rape our rule of law in favour of the system.The Constitutional court should continues to over- rule partilepep arbitrary dictations as it has done recently by Asking illegal foreign BURHAN to be removed of the Panel.

  7. At the time Viral crossed the Boycott line to run in the election.
    This case now has taken on a new dimension all it's own, and it is breaking new ground.
    Good luck and keep the light on the dark corners .

  8. Viral did not cross the boycott line- WHy?-He only wanted to be registered as a candidate which is his civic rights to do os, but he never said if his candidancy was accepted as it should be by law -he would have taken par in the election and not boycott as Other Oppostion parties.

  9. Mr Viral wins ,and Seychellois win too----Even the Constitutional court has started speak out and starting to opsses Michel appointment of illegal foreign judges into our institutions.The alter reaction toward illegal judge BRUHAn speaks volume of the state of mind of Seychellois judges sitting on the Constitutional Panel.By the words they show that they want to be independence and not take dictations from President or illegal foreign judges.That in itself is a result of Mr Viral persistency and determination.It seems those Seychellois judges were impressed by Mr Viral determination and wanted to take a leaf for Mr Viral book which is a good thing and should have more often.

  10. If the court wants to be independent, it must stop accepting to pushed around by a AG who is a total idiot that makes the government and whole country look like a Banana Republic.
    AG office is making a donkey of the court process,his rational in law goes beyond kromagnum. Unfortunately Michel relies on his bozo. This makes the whole country look bad, worse, horrific.

  11. AG is under qualified,a stooge oput in place to do just that namely rob justice in the name of paritlepep terrorists.He is the less qualified law person in Seychelles but he is AG.REdicule is a aprtilepep trait.A donkey in judicial robe.

    1. At last a sensible ruling from the Constitutional Court to disqualify Burahn. AG has been proved beyond doubt to be incompetent. Swearing an affidavit as a witness and not knowing the facts!! What a joke of an AG. Come on Mr President open your eyes even now and get rid of Govinden.
      Guess who drafts Burahn's judgments. The ex-judge Perera.


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