Jean Paul Adam, Here Is The Evidence That Validates The Truth!

Dr Harsha de Silva, MP is a Sri Lankan economist and politician. A current member of Parliament of Sri Lanka, he has gained lime light as a media personality hosting several talk shows relating to development and international matters. In the recent years he voiced his opposition to the economic policies of the current government.[1]
Educated at the prestigious Royal College Colombo, he gained his BS in Business Management from Truman State University in 1988 and went on to complete his MA and PhD in Economics at the University of Missouri in 1993. He has also participated for an executive program on evaluating social programs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2006 as an Eisenhower Fellow.[2]
As an economist he worked for the DFCC Bank, going on to become its chief economist and treasurer. Thereafter he was the co-founder and Joint Managing Director of The Nielsen Company.
Dr Harsha De Silva's Press Conference in Colombo

Proof of money laundering via Seychelles


  1. Sfp is like en pikir lo zot fes!!Dont f**k with those guys Adam.

  2. Well said Dr Harsha Seychelles is becoming a place for mafia and killer brought by those moron PP and this old crook in power who has a mad cow diseases in his brain and don't forget Harsha his well known for crime shout his own son and stole us 2.5 billion dollars depose in Swiss bank and he kill Francis Rachel who did not want to take Ak-47 and take part in their coup.

  3. FUI we ask you once again do your jobs the way its apply with international law and bring international instigator if can not do what you should do under international law or pack up and go home,those peoples involed in this dirty should be brought to justice and they are right under your noise on the tiny island FUI is not that big.I bet Sri Lankan pp are giving our citizenship with some pp crooks are be hide dirty cash.
    PP last time Aljazzera frame Lucas! you still at it who is at it this time Adam?You working with Sri Lankan corrupt politician like your master to earn for a living no more money in our coffer for you to steal know? Michel want you to be come multimillion in one year like him and his daughter with dirty cash and our stolen money.They must be some on our shore still in this dirty business.You must be a shame when been got once again any way a man for who are selling its country and his peoples to foreigners they don't feel a shame destroying the image of our country with crimes like money laundering human trafficking destination for hard drug like crocodile,heroin to Africa to much to mention.

  4. Who those peoples are easy to know Dr Harsha,those Sri Lankan who on our shore and those peoples opening hospital in Seychelles call beauty health and PP crooks tolerate them to do they crimes activity on our shore by hiding in healthcare and so on.
    Seen years this tiny island don't have order with criminals corrupt leader in power like in your country your peoples escaping poverty asking asylum in country like Switzerland Australia soon Seychelles because of corrupt politicians on this plant destroying their peoples dignity making them becoming poorer with out a shelter


  5. It seems the man stakes his reputation and political career on the allegation.

    Why is it no one in Sri Lanka is suing him?

  6. Good point. Why is it that Jean Paul Adam, who represent the illegal Government of Seychelles does not take a lawsuit against Doctor De Silva if these allegations are false?

    The Illegal Gov. of Seychelles is facilitating money laundering of those closest to the the President of Sri lanka. They are all in it together.

  7. The documents are in his hands. Gary Tall should contact him and get copies of them.
    Then Gary Tall should publish them on the SFP bloggie.
    Once that is done Bouncing Jean Paul Adam should resign from Unlicensed Office.
    Place Lise Bastienne as minister of Foreign Affairs. Make Adam just a PS for his BS. Retire that dinosaur Rex who cannot even tex lousteau lala lane. Send him to wash Esmeralda back as ambassador at large.

  8. Jenpa and Pp did not expect we would uncover the illcit activites being conducted by Butcher Michel and Butcher RAJAPAKSA.With fanfare,military parade,expensive Diner,with SBC at all time filming them,Michel though all this showcase would disguise the real criminal activities partilepep were doing with The Butcher of the Tamil.

    Apaprt from money laundering RAJAPAKSA ,is the best friend of the Chinese which explain why Michel suddenly has become bedfollow with RAJAPAKSA.For instance,it is known that Chinese government sponsor RAJAPAKSA election campaigne,for the later has with the opposition of the big part of his citizens allowed Chinese to built Miliatry base in Sri Lanka teorrItiy just as Michel is trying to do on COSMONLEDO Island --one of our coral near Aldabra.cHINESE GAVE BILLIONS TO sRI LANkA IN AID, AND ACCORDING TO un EXPERTS and other Inrternational organizations RAJAPAKSA used the the money as part of his campaign of elimination of the erhnic minority TAMILs.

    JENPAS was send to try to tell Seychellois that the turths reveal on Michel and Sri Lankan Illcit activities and preparation for more illcit activities in Indian OCean region was lies.But you know what JENPA,Seychellois know since 1977 qwho are the biggest liars in Seychelles---and I would remind you who are they----Paritlepep terrorists of which you a member.Paritlepep Lied to Seychellois promising then SESEL POU SESLWA ,forty years later our country has become Seychelles to international mafias and Despots.Our country's image tarnished Intenrationally by Paritlepep Criminal activies from Money laundering,Huamn trafficking and abuses,and other Intenrational organized crimes--The world knows about it for they have common on your criminal activites on several occasions--So Dr JNEAP who do you think would buy your shit acuses?The people of Seychelles,USA,EUROPEAN?Maybe Kim of N Korea,Butcher of the tamil RAJAPAKSA,Khalfia but not the civilized world monkey.

    Why go and dig your head into Michel arsehole and hide yourself donkey.

    There would be more to be reveal.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    it seems RAJAPAKSA to serve the Chinese interest in return for bribes was sent to be the unoofical Chinese stooge in the region thereby attempting to convivnce monkeys like Michel to give our territories to Chinese in order to build illegal Naval base.

    RAJEPAKSA is try<ing to build a criminal regional network with Maldives ,Seychelles Tyrannts to serve not only his criminal activities but that of the Chinese interest in the region.

  9. Agree that Parti Lepep is allowing money to be laundered in Seychelles. All of a sudden everything is about Sri Lanka and one only has to look at today's Nation newspaper to notice. Michel is a corrupt leader and will continue to allow these criminals in the country because they fund his party. The coffers are already full for the 2016 election, all courtesy of dirty money from Khalifa and his Arab cronies, the Chinese mafia and now the Sri Lankan corrupt leaders. No wonder Michel is so scared for his life and has 50 bodyguards and spies, as one day the likes of Krecjir will show up in his hotel room when he is overseas and take him out for good. These crooked politicians never learn their lessons it seems and they will end up in hell one day.

  10. Dr JENAP,tells us why there is a need to have a Sri Lankan Ambassy in Seychelles suddenly?__To facilitate the transportation of illcit money from Sri Lanak to Seychelles via Diplomatic bags.

    Why We need a Ceylon Bank in Seychelles and as Dr Ahrsha puts it ,in a Country where there is a handful of Sri LanKan Expats and not in Suadi Arabia,UAE,Oman,Qatar where there are hundreds fo Thousands on Sri Lankan expat workers?Well,to wash up RAJAPAKSA illcit money.
    Opening a branch of Ceylon Bank in Seychelles allows RAJAPAKSA to avoid,minimize scrutiny at home and pressure from person like Dr Harsha on Banks to disclose information on those illcit deals perpetuated by Butcher RAJAPAKSA.

  11. In this video i heard Dr Harsha mention only SeychellesSeychelles shame on you VOLER DE LA REPUBLIC DE SEYCHELLRS.

  12. I was thinging La Porte can short out this problem but his also a moron voler.

  13. We got no opposition in the house that's why pp are at it the way they like a share of money laundering go on Pierre account in Switzerland.

  14. We got Opposition but they divided because most are fake.That JENPA must go public in an attempt to deny than retracted ,did not happed voluntarily but because of the exposure and pressure from SFP.SFp has been working hard in the interest of the country and people since it exists ,proofs are there for us to see,while others count their life pension.

    You must know that RAJAPAKSE amended a law in 2011 to deal with with money laundering.Strangely whe nhe passed the alw he reduce the existing prison sentence for money laundering of Sri LanKa by % years while implememnting alos a cuase in the law that allow prosecutor to confiscate any money consider illcit money to holders in SRI LANKA ONLY.It give you an idea why he wants a CEYLON BANk branch abroad--For the law he passed does not take into consideration potential illcit money or Bank accounts teem with illcit money OUTSIDE SRI LANKA.

  15. RAJPKSE and all his family members including his son BASIl are involve in a list of illegal activites from Kidney trafficking ,arms trafficking,money laundering by investing and buy hotles,the list is as long as that of Paritlepep--there is only one exception namely that RAJAPAKSE has butchered more of his people than Michel.Having said that ,this doesnot mean Michel is less a wiked.No just because RAJAPAKSE has a big population to butcher.

  16. After this video was shown and this scandal of money laundering was publish ,pp show Seychellios on S.N that Michel will continue invited Tamil Tigers and the rest of the world on shore for criminal activity this man is a perverse get him out Seychellios..

    ITS NOT A INVESTMENT SEYCHELLIOS!Seychelles IS BECOMING A DESTINATION FOR FOREIGN MAFIA TERORITS ECT:PP know when their boat sink they will be like monkey be hide bars like Mubarak and Morsi and they are doing every things to stay in power till they transfer to hell especially Far Michel,Payet.
    PP are preparing for the coming election but we will distract your election if we see foreigner that you have granted our citizenship they are also at the ballot box.

  17. Lucas get caught bright daylight,they never arrest him for questioning because he knows all the names of pp politicians that are be hide this criminals act and be hide dirty cash.

    Seychellios have a problems money and alcohol they will do any things for this two things that's why they don't care about their country if pp are destroying it.

  18. Till today Onzemie and S:N Seychelles Nonce have not publish one articel about this scandal of money laundering to show the public what bag full of criminals ruling our country.

  19. We nned more than an ariticle we nned investigations against paritlepep criminas.Articles there have been too many through the last for decades on this issue,it is time for real action.

  20. What about SBC/NATION questioning Michel on his illigal OFFSHORE company it would give ONEZIME more leverage and legitimacy.Or question Chief-of Staff on the missing Sr 6 millions desaspeared in 2008 in military coffer.Or Dr Alporte of the whereabout of our 2,4 billions,Or Morgan scam deal which make state lost u$ 2,4 million in a scam deal,Or government to account on all foreign aid given so far to paritlepep.and so on.
    What about changing EN MOMAN AVEK PRESIEDENT to a MONEY LAUNDERING Actitivies of paritlepep.,Role of Laporte,Faure as ex-minister of finance,FUI for passivity and unproffesionalism,Judges Lawyers like LUCAS,BOulle,and others.

    A real National debate of money laundering affecting our country reputation and image abroad which is turning Seychelles from being a Unique tourist destination to a unique money laundering country,thus involve in Intenratzional organized crimes.

  21. Seychellios can travel in EU with out VISA for 3 months period it will revoke soon or later and you will have to apply for VISA again like before,because Arab terrorists and Russians mafia Michel and pp had brought on our shore will be carrying and travelling on our Seychelles passport.



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