Dredger In Seychelles on Behalf Of Sheikh Khalifa

THE Emirati Royal Family has ended Roman Abramovich's three-year-reign as owner of the world's biggest yacht.
Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates and emir of Abu Dhabi, has been revealed as the owner of Azzam, a 180-metre superyacht so big few berths can accommodate it.
The boat beats Chelsea Football Club owner Abramovich's Eclipse to the top spot in a survey of the world's 100 biggest yachts by just 16.5 metres.
After its sale earlier this year, the identity of Azzam's buyer was not known.
But according to the annual survey in Yachts France magazine, it belongs to the emir, whose half-brother and government colleague, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan, is owner of the investment company that acquired Manchester City Football Club.
Azzam was designed by Nauta Yachts and built by L├╝rssen Yachts, in Bremen, Germany, who called it the "most complex and challenging yacht which has ever been built".
With a top speed of 31 knots, driven by a combination of two gas turbines and two diesel engines, it is the third-fastest yacht in the top 100.

It is reported to have cost between $400 million (£258 million) and $600 million (£387 million) to build, and features a lavish 6,000-square foot salon. Mr Abramovich's boat, though smaller, still has room for two helipads, two swimming pools, a disco and a mini-submarine.
Of the 100 yachts listed by the magazine, 31 were owned by people from the Middle East, 19 by Russians and 17 by Americans. The biggest British-owned yacht was inventor James Dyson's 91-metre Nahlin, ranked 36th.



  1. Bredger to destroy Seychellois reefs to please Camel Khalifa.When is PL going to stop to raping Seychellois sovereignty?

  2. I think PP will not understand what Seychellois ask them to do unless by the use of ofrce.Has the people of Seychellois marons told you to stop allowing Rab despots,foreign mafias to rape our sovereignty?Who the hell has given Khalifia the authorization to send dredger in Seychelles and to dredge our sea beds?Who the hell is Khalfia an Aran has to do in Seychelles?Who the hell does this camel think he is?

    Seychellois have been cristal clear when it comes to Khalfia the despot ..They don0ot want this camle in their christian land and they just donot and will never love a primitve like Camel khalifa.Have we told him to go home!

    Sesel pou seslewa--and if Pp thinks it is for Arabs --we will sooner than ltter show you who is the real owner of this land.We will not allow Arb terrorists and PP toerrists bullshit our people any longer.

    Khalifa go home Camel!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. Proffessioanl as well as ordinary Seychellois want Pp to re-establish direct operation from and to Europe as a materr of National interest,earning foreign currency ,our pride and to boost our Tourism industry.Pp must explain why Air Seychelles is not doing what it spupposedly waht created to do namely operate direct flgiht from our main market to boost toursim indsutry not to gifted Khalifa or be a lsot Airline operating between africa just to satisfy Khalfia wishes.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Jeanne D,Arc what do you see in this picture? Tell me what do you see?
    Power,power n more power.the petro dollars that will keep you writing forever.I have bought your family home on the island in case you don't know.
    Yr royal highness.

    1. royal highness my butt!

  5. james misel brought those parasite arsbs to seychelles, they should go back and shit in their country! Khalifa go home! no more dredging in our seas... AND TAKE MISEL WITH YOU!

  6. They have until the end of 2015 to leave our country otherwise they can end up going back home empty end .Its better to pack up and go home now if they dont want to lose the yatch that cost million.

  7. It is not important what do i see,bAs JFK KENNEDy puts it" what could i do for my country" to stop the neo-colonism policies of PP.I think the answer is clear remove PP should it rape election in 2016 to enslave Seychellois and help the porliferation of Arab,Russian, and other pests on our soveriegn land,wihh is a duty and right of all Seychellois.

    As have been saidprior--The main problem is not those foreigners attmepting to colonize us ,but the rogue governemnt who allows it to happen.Without Pp thugs be it KHalifa,SIva and others would not be on our sohres bullshiting Seychellois and allow CHinese to rob our soveiregnty like in Tibet.All happens becuase of this thugocracy who disrespect the costituion,rule of law and people of Seychelles.So the solution to those problems is eliminate those handful of PP corruptoids in the first place,thne as a soveriegn nation we could simply ask Khalifa and others to leave our land and they would leave like it or not ,be it Khalfia or not.

    Power will keep you writing forever.you said,But it is not money power as you think that is powerful ,but the poeple's power as have been demonstrated by Lybian,Egyptian,Tunisian,Yemen,and other countires,Dictaotrs,despots always falls when the people rise up and it won't be different in Seychelles.No amrmy not amount of money would be enough to stop the people power when they have decided to show it to tyrannt.

    One more things Interantional communittee have been silence on PP terror for four decades ,and hopefully they won't open their arses when the people rise up and punish Pp tyrannts.for if they do so --first we will not listen to them unti lthe job is done and secondly they would have to explIN TO THE PEOPLE OF sEYCHELLES WHY THEY BBEN SILENT FOR SO LONG AND WHY THEY HAVE BEEN FEEDING sTATE TERRORISM FOR SO LONG.iF THE CANNOT ANSWER US,THEY WOULD HAVE TO SHUT UP THEIR ARSES.

    jEANNE d'aRC

    Jeanne D'Arc

    You asking when maybe,i would prefer you ask why PP thugs just do waht the people ask them to save their assholes?


  8. The richest Arab on the planet with an estimated wealth of US$19 billion.
    To remove these bastards from our country will be war. Get an explosive attach it to a remote control plane and voila!, and get these verminous bastards out of our country.

    1. These Arabs will have to chose how they want to leave the Seychelles, on their plane, or by bits and pieces in a coffin.

  9. The richest Arab whoever he is ,is doing nothing than embezzlement his people money for a minority tribe while the majority sunni are struggling.In Bahrain,th majority have been taking to the streets for a wihle now.That Khalfia want to colonize Seychelles and mkae it his new Sheikdom,is not an accident ,there are fears among the SAUD family around the region trhat there time to fall will come and some like Khlifa is simply preparing their hideway.Saudi Arabia has in recent months launched an offensive against anti-regime activists,arresting many and sentnecing some to years in jail.Total numbers of jailed politicans exceed 40 thousands:the crack down has even forced some of family members to defect.Prince Khaled Bin Farhan Al-saad,accuses the monarchy on corruption and silencing all voices of dessident.Something unimaginable years back.Things do not seem rosy for them too.

    Finally, Seychellois is not to be bought,we are Human being not animals that can be trade,our dignity is priceless.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. How many Arabs does it take to ride a 2 wheel bike?


    one on the handle bar;

    one on the seat;

    one in front of the front wheel;
    one in back of the back wheel;
    one on the left side;
    one on the right side;
    One behind the Arab on the left side;
    One one behind the Arab on the right side.

    I have seen it with my own 2 eyes!

  11. What does an Arab call a coconut tree?

    Answer: Vegetable.

    What does an Arab call a Camel?

    Answer: Transportation.

  12. What does a Arab call money?

    Answer: Brains.

  13. and What does an Arab call a suicide bomber?
    Answer: A devout muslim

  14. Khalifa does not represents all arabs as much as Michel does not represents all Seychellois? I AM SURE KHALIFA HAS MORE ENEMIES IN HIS OWN COUNTRY THAN IN THE SEYCHELLES.

    MICROBIOME :) :) :)

  15. Indeed. They had an attempted coup last year with Muslim Brotherhood. 75 men were arrested.


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