USS Bainbridge, USS Carter Hall sailors arrive in Seychelles for port visit

USS Bainbridge
NORFOLK, Va. — The Navy says the USS Bainbridge has arrived in Seychelles (say-SHELZ) for a scheduled port visit.
The Norfolk-based guided-missile destroyer arrived in Port Victoria on Monday. It joins the crew of the USS Carter Hall, an amphibious dock landing ship that arrived in Seychelles on Sunday. USS Carter Hall’s home port is in Virginia Beach.
While in Seychelles, the Navy says sailors will have an opportunity to experience the local culture and assist Nature Seychelles with wetland preservation.
Seychelles is a 115-island country spanning an archipelago in the Indian Ocean east of mainland Africa.
The Bainbridge is on a scheduled seven-month deployment that began in June.

By Associated Press, Published: August 26


  1. St Ange will record it as toursist arrival.

  2. US marine can give them some dollars,zot touni and empty,tourists are not coming.

  3. We should not allow Nuclear-powered warship to enter our harbour!

    MICROBIOME :) :( :(

  4. If you had half a brain you would think before you make a comment about USN ships. These two ships are powered by diesel. The Carter Hall has propulsion: Four Colt Industries, 16 Cylinder Diesels, two shafts, 33,000 shaft horsepower. While the Bainbridge has for it's propulsion: 4 General Electric LM2500-30 gas turbines, two shafts, 100,000 total shaft horsepower (75 MW).

  5. You may be right, the new USS Bainbridge is clarified as a turbine engines powered ship. We the half-brain people has the right to ask the question and it is your duty as full-brain people to answer them. Then again, this is what the USA tell us. You have fooled the world before and there is no doubt that you can do it again. WHY SHOULD WE TRUST YOU!

    MICROBYTES :) :) :)

  6. US navy should come when will be in action to take pp out of power and bring democracy and justice

  7. Microbio why chinese.russian Nuclear-powerd warship enter our habour?

  8. I think you'd stand a better chance of getting the truth by calling the port authority or the SBC. All nuclear powered vessels regardless of its origin should NOT be allowed to enter our harbour.

    If the democracy you're talking about is anything like IRAQ, LIBYA, PAKISTAN, AFGHANISTAN, I think we'll be better off the way we are.

    Do you really want to see a group of terrorist fighting the Michel government in the Seychelles?

    MICROBIOME :) :) :)


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