President Cristina of Argentina Denied Having Been Two Days in Seychelles

Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner
The President’s website published a communiqué signed by Secretary General Oscar Parrilli, informing that the technical stopover at Seychelles of the chartered plane that was bringing back Cristina from a visit to the Far East lasted 13 and a half hour, was made to allow the pilots to rest, as informed in the timetable decree on the flight.

The communiqué states that the allegation made on the TV show, "is a maneuver by Jorge Lanata" media hit man of (Héctor) Magnetto and Clarín."

"The lies, affronts and the invention of situations with the purpose of disqualifying the President, made by the media hit man of Magneto and Clarín, Mr. Jorge Lanata, has no regard for time zones, international flight regulations or officials and public tours of the President," the communiqué reads.

The Presidential flight included the cities of Havana (Friday 11 and Saturday 12 of January, Abu Dhabi (Jan. 14 and 15) Jakarta (Jan.17 and 18), Ho Chi Min (Jan. 19) and Hanoi (Jan. 21). President Cristina started her flight back to Argentina on Jan. 21, 2013, at 11:18 PM local time, using plane D-AXTM, belonging to the Chapman-Freeborn British company."

The communiqué explains that after seven and a half hours of flight, the plane landed at the Mahé Airport, in Seychelles, at 3:50 AM local time. That same day, after completing the minimum rest period of the crew, the President departed from the same airport at 5:25 PM of that same day, thus remaining 13 hours and 30 minutes in Seychelles.

In the Presidential decree of Jan. 10 on the tour, its  participants and the stopovers, was informed that the Victoria, Republic of Seychelles stopover was not only to refuel, but had required a minimum time for the pilots’ rest.

"What would have happened if the President made a stopover not mentioned in the decree, visit secretly a country with a tax heaven in a secret way? How many prosecutors and politicians would have accused her?", queries the communiqué signed by Parrilli.

"To set up a media circus for a mandatory stopover of a plane for security reasons to permit the rest of the crew, lying with an unlimited amount of hate, only proves the bad intention and the political enrage to which the alleged journalist responds," ends the communiqué.


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