Emirates To Cut Flights to Seychelles During Dubai Airport Revamp By Half

Emirates Airline will be trimming several services during the 80-day maintenance at Dubai International Airport beginning from May 1, 2014, according to reports.
The airline is planning to halve the number of flights it operates to Amman, Amsterdam, Beirut, Cairo, Cape Town, Glasgow, Lagos, Moscow Domodedovo, Muscat, and Nairobi, reported UK-based Business Traveller.
Emirates currently operates twice-daily services to these cities.
Services to Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Milan Malpensa and Tehran will also be reduced to two-daily from the current three daily flights.
The carrier will also decrease flights to Bahrain, Bangkok, Colombo, Delhi, Doha, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait City, Mumbai, Riyadh, Seychelles and Vienna, said the report.
Emirates did not officially confirm the route-cuts, responding with the following statement: “Emirates has a close working relationship with Dubai Airports and is aware of the need for runway upgrading work to be carried out in May 2014.
“We fully support the airport enhancements, which are in the wider interests of Dubai’s development as a global aviation hub. Emirates will provide full cooperation with any rescheduling required and adjust operations accordingly. Mirroring the approach of Dubai Airports, safety is of paramount importance.”
Dubai Airports, which announced the runway enhancement project earlier this year, confirmed at the time that scheduled passenger flights will be reduced while maintenance work is taking place.
“Safety and service are our two top priorities,” Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports said in a statement. “While we regret any inconvenience caused to our airline customers and our passengers, these upgrades are necessary to heighten safety, boost capacity and quite literally pave the way for future expansion.”
Dubai World Central, the emirate’s new airport which opens its doors for passenger operations on October 27 this year, will also be an available alternative to absorb affected scheduled passenger flights, the statement added.



  1. Thats a shame. i like Emirates and i like Dubai. i usually take that route to get to the seychelles so i will have to double check before future travel

  2. All our eggs in one basket! Nice job PL. Now what happens when the basket is dropped?

  3. I am most concern of the negative effect it will have on our already struggling Tourism industry,our main source of revenues.

    The demand for a destiantion depends on its accessibility and cost and route development must invovle governemnt,airlines and the Tourism industry, thus the starting point for capacity growth.As Interanational airlines deserted Seychelles,this does not only affect our tourism industry but also show that while Airlines can reduce services or change routes to adapt to the shifting market conditions ,Toûrism businesses which have a fixed location would struggle to make ends meet,thus lost in national reveneus and Airport revenue will take a blow too.

    Pp has invested our life savings in a deal with the assumption that its asset will appreciate in value but now Pp found out that its is at the mercy of Airlines that influence their investment decisions in the first place.

    I hope St Ange will get our National Airline operating to and from our main Market to cover the deficit causes by the put out of other airlines and now the reduction of flights by Emirates.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Indeed you are right. Over 22,000 seats have been cancelled per year to Seychelles since last year from loss of the following: Transaero two flights a week, Qatar Airways one flight per day,Air Austral three flights a week,Blue Panorama, two flights a week, Turkish Airways one flight per day, that never materialized but was promised by Alain St. Ange 14 months ago. Germany is booming and we still have only one single flight per week.

  5. We all remmeber ST Ange meeting with ICPT on the 12th July 2012.It was to advance the understanding of the value of Airline CONNECTIVITY.Back then Stange said"This had been a great week for the new forms of collaboration between old friends(meaning EUrope)is a very special privilege.We will in trun pledge our support to the continuing work of ICP and routes and ensure that the unique spirit of the Vanilla Islands remains close to the accomplishments that I know will result from the work together".In fact working together with ICPT would have benefit AIRSEY and impetus our tourism industry.Why?because it would have intensified partnerships with Airlines in countries AIRSEY used to fly by entering into code-share agreement with AIRSEY which would have been a WIN_WIN situation.
    But the next morning Pp and St Ange sold AIRSEY to Khalifa.Since then the poor CNNETIVITY has been an inconvenience for Interantional tourists,putting a damper on the overall tourist industry.

    In other words.PP and St Ange made CONNECTIVITY agreement with the wrong partners.Now that Michel is in HANOI,he will probably sign a code-shre with Vietnam Airway and convinced this will bring more Europeans especially German on our shores.Why not try code-share with CONDOR Pp?Then will we not only have direct flight from EUrope but CONDOR could even increase its flgiht to Seychelles.

    Get our National Airline back St Ange.The strategy with Etihad,Emirates has not produced what was expected namely more arrivals.It is time to change course before you completely destroy our tourism industry.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. There are many negative and plus points. Its totally depends. But its really informational update. We should to be make sure about the tour packages, air flights, hotel reservations etc. Try it Dubai Delhi Flights on the future travel plans.


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