Mr. James Michel, is your nett worth today: A. Scr. 100 Million B. 300 Million C. 500 Million or D. 1 Billion? Thank you for allow us to address this issue as you are a Public Figure. Did Khalifa help you achieve this figure?
James Michel

 Mr. Guy Adam, can you confirm whether while at SEPEC and building TANKERS and hotels on Government of Seychelles land leased to your company for 046 cents a square meter, as Chairman, your personal wealth exploded to over: A. $500 Million or B. $1 Billion, C. $1.5 Billion or D. $2 Billion? Thank you for your disclosure. We appreciate your honesty, enjoy your golf.
Guy Adam

Father Wavel Ramkalawan, can you please advise us what is your nett worth today: A. 25Million, B. 50 Million, C 75Million or D. 100 Million. This is the question I posed before being blocked on Seychelles Daily.


  1. Coruption is dyed in the very fabric of PP crooked regime.It cannot be washed out with detergent of amke beleive of NATI _CORRUTION prgramm desigend by self -serving ,sanctimonious and self-congrtulating pimps.

    It is a shame to see while Seychellois are strving to make ends meet because PP banrupted the country ,those crooks have embezzled multi-millions from their people and asking them even to do the sacrifice to pay back their mess.It is a shame to see a poor little priest who was only 4 years in a fake Assembly is pocketing an astrnomic life pension gifted to himself while not delivering nothing for the country than playing the cuckoo of the crooked teorrist party to cling on power.

    As to ADMA it is clear that he has been sucking multi-millions from SEPC and that with the consent of PP officials.PP members are part of the machinery of thieves for no single member of the Aseembly nor any minister ever questioned Adam crooked practices.And they also know that SEPEC ans it is to IDC never provide audits,or no govenremnt officials ever question such pratice and ni forensic investigation ever amde though the various conplains by the public.WHY does PP never investigate ADAM:GLENNY SAVY and others?Because they all members of the state organized crimes.And of course,Semi god Govinden also chief Escobar and the personification of the law in Seychelles,was dreseseed in regalia to overule all decision made by judges and even take decision in fvour of crooks and stooges before even the judge in charge of cases invovling PP thugs even starts the process as we has seen in CHATERINA case--which is a triage justice for the poor.

    Corruption is like a mushroom ,grows best in the dark. the benighted terrorist Michel has so far provided splendid husbandry mushrooming corruption in all sector fo the Seychellois politcal economy.

    I would advice the Butcher to come out clear,now that he is still on power ,for after Pp is toppled your punsihment would be unpresidented.There would be no pardon for pre.meditate crimes, crooks.

    You will inherit the wind dogs.

    Come our Ram the cuckoo,tell us how you become multi-milluionaire.Dito to Michel the butcher and Adam.Do not wait that we bring justice to you for the punishemnt would be such that it might be impossible to bear.

    Come out crooks,the poeple want to know how you become multi-millionaire and they have a right to know

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. SEPEC as IDC are public companies,when is Michel government going to make audits and relative information public for the citizen to check? WHen is ADAM going to be investigated for money embezzlememnt and money laundering?


  3. Port Launay ex NYS camp is a parcel of land where Ephelia Hotel is built on, 380 plus rooms. The lease is for $3million or 0.46 US Cents per square meter or $1,960.00 per acres. Is this honesty and integrity in Public Service Mr. Adam?

    Additionally Mr. Adam is shareholder of Lemuria as is Glenny Savy. They obstruct Seychellois and Tourists from entering Anse Georgette.

    Mr. Michel is a James come lately. He has formed Soeliel Investments in 2007 which is an offshore company at the same time Lehman Brothers Bonds to Seychelles was issued: $350 Million. Mr. Michel, why would a sitting President, with an offshore sector, need an offshore company in another jurisdiction if Seychelles is such a good place to do offshore?

    Mr. Ramkalawan- in opposition has built villa in Anse Royale on LAND BANK land he paid Scr. 40,000.00 for. He has turned these villas into monthly rental and this is against the law. Yet, no PL sanctions Mr. Ramkalawan. Funds raised for opposition cause apparently went into his 3 level Villa St. Louis, after the 2006 elections. He negotiated a secret pension deal for himself his SNP MNA's and other PL ministers and MNA's for life, paying off per month as much as 70% of each politician of his last salary.

    While Seychellois start to go hungry, politicians and public servants go off into sunset as multi millionaire. Now our tankers are sinking.

  4. Indeed International Monetary Fund (IMF) must call for a full forensic audit of the SEPEC Group and IDC.

    Putting pressure on Gregoire to cough up 15 Million when he owes 300 Million, is not right.

    Put pressure on all that are corrupted who have fleeced this tiny little country to her knees.

  5. Guy Adam looks like the kind gentle old uncle next door.

    Wavel Ramkalawan looks like a priest luring underage into...and luring those that dare follow him into giving all their wealth to him.

    James Michel looks like a communist just filling his pockets with use of a new suit.

    Nice pictures.

  6. Ram you say Michel is a forgotten hero,michel was never a hero a zero and a ciminal.Hero are man like Mandela,Malcom-x,Martin Luther king.But you!you are a forgotten priest and a forgotten politician together with Volcer,Boulle and Pierre the judas.


  7. Michel look like he fill sorry the mess he has put Seychelles and seselwa in.Are you praying Michel?Devils will not let you in peace until you transfer to them for murdering your own son and other Seselwa.

    As for Adams he has the same mafia face like Rene.

  8. Seychelles would be a better place if:

    The priest spent his time praying for us instead of enriching himself;

    Michel spent his time implementing democracy as promised in 1991 instead of just borrowing money to get a cut and spending all his time on the phone asking Khalifa and Mohammed when is their next trip to Seychelles;in turn, forcing the communist will upon the people with one sided National Assembly and un level playing field, which includes hogging SBC like a pig.

    Volcere would get a real job stop using politics as a parasite to earn money;

    Rene would go to Australia to retire;

    Mancham would be told to his face, go earn a living, and stop sucking off the government for hand outs because of the coup of 1977. That was a while ago now.

  9. Father Ramkalawan should be a shame of himself.

  10. PP corruption LTD is endemic and systematic which posing serious developemntal challenge being responsible for the poverty of the popualce.Public resources meant for the developemnt of all ends up in few hands,the nation pay the price.This has resulted to absent of social amenities,it has led to extinction of instituions of antional significance and pride such as has led to high lelve of crimes affecting our touriasm industry and discourage foreign investors.

    Corruption has a high propensity t othrive when legal and politcal instituions are weak and governemnt policies generate economies rents.
    Our public services have long been dominated by patron-client realtionships,in whihc the sharing of bribes and favour has become entrenched.When disperatly needed funds are stolen by corrupt individuals and instituions the vulenrable citizens are robbed of their education,health care,and other essential services.

    Closely related to the issue of weak institutions in the role of formal rules and criminal justice which is a farce.Judiciary seems to have no power to deal with those Pp thugs or politically influence not to deliver justice.WWe cannot continue this way Michel?

    The cancer of coruption has become the seed fo destruction.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  11. MIchel/KHalifa airline Airseychelles grounded.What it supposed to be a brand new aircraft Michel?Or is just trash reapinted to make it looks new?

  12. Guy Adam, give back the money! Your public service years has tarnished your otherwise good reputation.

  13. Guy Adam, give back the land where Ephelia Hotel stands, and everything opposite the street. Greed is like a cancer. Get treatment.

  14. Adam is one of the most noteorious thief in Seychelles,he has probably stolen even all Pp minsiters combined.Since the creation of SEPeC no Seychellois nor PP One -party state Assembly members have ever seen an audit on SEPEC nor the amount of revenues made and no one in PP seems to interest in asking Adam for accountability or to ask ADAM about the money.Multi -Millions have been diverted into Swiss Bank(thus the amount of u$ 2,4 billion in Swiss bank)and after the Swiss governemnt made public the existance of the billions in their Bank ,Captain Adam( Haddock In TINTIN ) had in a rush laundered multi -million of the money in the five star hotel at Port launay.Note Glenny SAvy of IDc operates the same way as ADAM--no audits made public,no one knows how much revenues IDC collect and probably multi-millions are being bank in Mauritius and else where.Donot forget DAVID SAVY who was at the head of AIRSEY who also robbed,embezzled mutli-millions too.

    The problem is that PP leaders who have allowed the cancer of corruption to spread its malignancy among the polity of the country,are the mentors of corruption and they just cannot even challenge their ilks who learnt from them.

    PP even signed UN covention to root our corruption,but the same PP never put in place independent body to reality radicate this cancer nor provide any froms of public scrutiny.

    Corrutpion should no longer be viewed as a simple crime matter,od prosecuting a few petty governemnt officials for bribery,extortion and fruad and embezzelemnt.Corruption lead to huamn right abuses in at least three ways:corruption prepetruate discrimination,corruption prevents the full realization of economic,social,and cultural rights,corruption leads to the infringement of various civil and politcal rights.Beyond that.corruption undermines the very essence of the urle of law and destroys citizens' trsust in politcal leaders,public officials and politcal institutions.

    Corrutpion persists in Seychelles because those thugs who cling to power benefit from it enormously.Having cuckoo Pierre and other Pp thieves investigating the architects and beneficiaries of corruption is like TWEEDLE DEEinvestigating TWEEDLE DUM,which is an exercise of futility and absurdity.

    One cannot seriously root out corruption by a toothless and feckless anti-corruption commission,or by palying lip service to the cause of corruption radictation to impress Interantional donor and hoodwink Seychellois.Effective anti-coruption efforts,requires a democratic culture based of the urle of law and a vigilant citizenry empowered to confront and fight corruption of a daily basis.

    The chemotherapy for the cancer of corruption in seychelles,is the real Oppostion aprty like SFP and the FREE PRESS which can aggressively and doggedly investigate investigate and report corruprion pratices for public scrutiny.The radiation therapy for the cancer of corruption is an independent prosecutorial office that could catch not only winnows in the pond but the big whales and sharks swimming at the top level of governemnt.An independent judiciary capable of ajudicating corruption cases with due process of law .The preventing for the cancer of corruption invovles vigilant civil society institututions which can work freely at the grassroots levels and provide anti-corruption,education,training and monitoring.And it also invovles a genuiely competive muti-party system that could hold the ogvernemnt and officials accoutable.

    Noe of those "medicines"exist in Seychelles today.And it is difficult to imagine that PP which is the cause of the cancer having any cure to radicate this floh.That is why i beleive that the cancer of corruption in due course will destroy the Pp regime though,it is the very source of its survival now.As we the people prepare the grave of thos crooks.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  15. Those pp crooks are destroying seselwa dignity,because we have a leader with out dignity.

  16. The way the system works in Seychelles is shit.people in high positions looks after all the buddies n families .they don't care about the rest of the people.they only care about filling their pockets and get richer.


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