Career of Shell-Company Creator Points to Banks as Culprits

US senators Carl Levin and Chuck Grassley introduced the “Incorporation Transparency and Law Enforcement Assistance Act” in the US Senate on August 3, which is intended to close down the US as a jurisdiction used by unscrupulous businessmen, often of Eastern European origin, to set up shell companies. "Our states don't require anyone to name the owners of the corporations being formed under their laws, practically inviting people to misuse our corporations," Levin said, introducing the bill.

That move comes after June's G8 summit at Lough Erne, Northern Ireland, where leaders, including US President Barack Obama, resolved to legislate so that, "Companies should know who really owns them and tax collectors and law enforcers should be able to obtain this information easily.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron has subsequently launched moves to creating a national register of beneficial ownership, intended to eradicate widespread use of the UK to set up shell companies.

The prospects for the Levin-Grassley's bill may be less rosy than Cameron's initiative. But support from Obama is a given – he was one of four senators who introduced the Transparency bill first time round in 2007 – making the Lough Erne G8 declaration something of a return to his roots.

A shell in every Port-Louis
Stella Port Louis

However, the recent moves by the US and UK will probably raise false hopes that merely closing loopholes in corporate law will combat money laundering; experts say governments need to tackle the banks that generate such shell companies in order to shift funds around for their secretive clients.

Tellingly, Obama's original letter of 2007 picked out Seychelles-based nominee director Stella Port-Louis as a flagrant example of corporate abuse. Obama pointed to how Port-Louis featured as director of over 100 companies alone in tiny Wyoming. It was later revealed that she was also director of hundreds of shell companies in New Zealand. Port-Louis was the employee of a company incorporation firm located in the Seychelles called Lotus Holding Company.

Obama then seemed remarkably prescient when, in early 2010, Port-Louis featured as director of four New Zealand companies that were named as laundering funds from Mexico's Sinaloa narcotics cartel via Wachovia Bank. The story then grew wings after a plane stuffed with anti-aircraft missiles was intercepted in Bangkok, en route from North Korea to Iran – and it transpired the plane had been leased by another New Zealand company, SP Trading, which was set up by the same service provider.

Later, in 2010, following the death of Russian whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky in detention in Moscow, details emerged of how a massive fraudulent tax rebate had been siphoned out of Russia via shell companies, including by New Zealand companies featuring Port-Louis as director.

Journalists had a field day exploring the connections, and pinned the blame on the company service provider Geoffrey Taylor, eccentric founder of the GT Group, that had set up the New Zealand companies. The story of the colourful, but allegedly criminal, South Sea self-styled lord produced great copy, but dodged the question of how Australia-based Taylor sourced his secrecy-obsessed clients from the northern hemisphere.

That question was then answered when a massive leaked database of British Virgin Island databases, obtained and made available online in 2013 by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, pointed to a different story about Obama's favourite nominee director, Stella Port-Louis – a story connected not to the South Seas and eccentric colonials, but to the Baltics and murky banks.

Rigged in Riga

The leaked database showed nearly 1,500 British Virgin Island (BVI) firms that had been set up by Port-Louis' Seychelles employer Lotus Holding Company, and featuring her as nominee director, were all listed at the Riga address of a Latvian incorporation company called Financial Group Omega.

According to the Latvian company database, Omega was owned and headed by Latvian citizen Marks Rečkins, who is also listed in online sources as head of the Seychelles company Lotus Holding. Riga-based Omega offers customers shell companies with nominees in a range of jurisdictions, in combination with bank accounts at Latvian banks.

No surprise then that the criminal New Zealand companies that hit the headlines in 2010 later proved to all have bank accounts in the Baltics. For all the media brouhaha, the leaked BVI database indicates Taylor may have been merely the supplier of New Zealand companies and some nominee directors to Rečkin's Riga-based head operation, which worked directly for the Baltic banks and their clients.

According to Latvia's regulator, Financial and Capital Market Commission, around 23% of the Latvian banking sector's non-resident deposits are incorporated in the BVI, 14% in the UK, and single figures for Cyprus, Belize, New Zealand , Panama, Seychelles, the US and Russia – pointing to huge demand for shell companies on the part of the banks' clients.

"I have no interest in talking to journalists," Reckins confides to bne, answering a Latvian mobile number. Reckins apparently closed Omega in Riga in 2010, and Port-Louis was struck off as a Seychelles director. But she was later reinstated on appeal, and Rečkins now operates as Lotus Corporate Services in BVI, whose address of 3A Little Denmark Complex scores nearly 20,000 Google hits, many for dodgy business such as online pyramid investment scams – and, where visible, with Latvian bank accounts.

Alpine scamming

bne traced Rečkins' activities and discovered they extend to another famous banking secrecy region besides the Baltics – to the Alpine countries, where shell companies are also de rigueur for clients, among whom are many wealthy businesspeople and officials from the former Soviet states.

In 2009, Rečkins registered a Swiss company called Lotus Corporate Services at Ville delle Scuele 34, Lugano. That was also the address of a tiny new bank called Aston Bank, founded in 2007. In December 2009, Aston Bank was raided by armed police, and the manager-shareholders bundled handcuffed into vans. In January 2010, its licence was withdrawn. Swiss financial regulators found CHF20m was missing from the bank's capital, and tens of millions of Swiss francs of client funds had also apparently vanished. News magazine L'Hebdo established the funds belonged to Russian-Israeli oligarch Vitaly Malkin, apparently managed for him by Luxemburg banker Pierre Grotz.

In 2010, Rečkins joined the advisory board of another freshly minted bank – Valartis Bank in Liechtenstein, acquired and rebranded by the Swiss Valartis group in 2009, and headed by Gustav Stenbolt, a former fund manager in Russia. According to its annual reports, Valartis "specialised in providing advice for high net-worth families and institutional investors… from Russia to Turkey, the Middle East and the Far East."

Andreas Insam, board member of Valartis Liechtenstein, tells bne that the advisory board, on which Rečkins serves for free, is "only a marketing tool to get closer to the bank’s markets," and that the bank has no relationship to Rečkins' Lotus Corporate Services.

In early August, documents linked to a Liechtenstein money-laundering investigation were leaked to Maltese paper Il-Torca. The Liechtenstein investigation traced assets at Valartis that were linked to exiled Kazakh oligarch Rakhat Aliev, former son-in-law of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who was accused in Kazkhstan of abducting two bank managers in 2007 before fleeing into exile. According to documents seen by bne, just under €10m in cash was anonymously paid into the Valartis account of Aliev's Panama offshore called Plotin Associated on it being opened in late 2007. According to sources cited by Maltese paper Il-Torca, which originally obtained the documents, the account swelled to around €212m before Plotin Associated was dissolved in 2012. Valartis said it could not comment on any client.

In early August, documents linked to a Liechtenstein money-laundering investigation were leaked to Maltese paper Il-Torca. The Liechtenstein investigation traced assets at Valartis that were linked to exiled Kazakh oligarch Rakhat Aliev, former son-in-law of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who was accused in Kazkhstan of abducting two bank managers in 2007 before fleeing into exile. He has never resurfaced, and was sentenced to 20 years in absentia and his property confiscated. According to documents seen by bne, just under €10m in cash was paid into the Valartis account of Aliev's Panama offshore Plotin Associated anonymously, on it being opened in late 2007. According to sources cited by Maltese paper Il-Torca, which originally obtained the documents, the account swelled to around €212m before Plotin Associated was dissolved in 2012. Valartis said it could not comment on any client.

Next generation

Underscoring the central role of banks and their agents in generating demand for mass-produced shell companies, a leaked audit of stricken Cyprus banks in April estimated that a whopping 75% of all accounts at the banks had been opened at the bank by "introducer structures", ie. company service providers like Rečkins, who set up offshores together with bank accounts, on behalf of clients. Such introducer structures conduct customer due diligence in lieu of the banks – one reason why banks love them. As a result, "customer business profiles are generally not properly established by Cypriot banks," found auditors Deloitte and Europe's anti-money laundering body Moneyval.

Thus the secretive bank-client relationship in countries like Latvia, Switzerland and Cyprus seems the real motor behind the creation of shell companies around the world. Tightening up laws in UK and US, as Cameron and Obama propose, may simply prompt a search for fresh fields – and there are many. "Untraceable shell companies are in practice widely available," says Griffith University expert Jason Sharman.

Offshore incorporators – including those who are agents for Latvian banks – are increasingly offering South African, Scottish and Canadian shell companies, and the cases of such companies implicated in East European dubious dealings are proliferating.

Even squeaky-clean Denmark could become the "new New Zealand", according to market sources. In particular, the Danish equivalent of the UK's notorious Limited Liability Partnership (LP) – the kommanditselskab, or K/S – is being touted as the next hot thing, potentially providing anonymity and tax exemption in a jurisdiction with spotless reputation.

Jan Breum Eriksen, Danish representative of offshore incorporator Sovereign Group, pitching to Moscow businessmen, even points to loopholes he claims can make a K/S completely invisible to law enforcement – meaning corporate rot could soon become a depressing feature in the state of Denmark.

Graham Stack in Berlin
August 15, 2013


  1. To you Seychelles Reality Today

    I read the original post and there was no picture whatsoever.I would like to know where you obtained my picture and what rights do you have to simply reproduce it without my consent as if making me appear like a criminal.
    Nobody from the USA has come looking for me.I am a Seychellois,working just like anybody else,i only earn a salary and i am not rich.I guess you could have done a more indepth research and find out how much money i have in my bank accounts and the figure will indicate to you if i am amongst the wealthiest.
    There are a lot more interesting news you can post other than this crap cause the truth is that im not an icon,im not into politics,so what is it you really want to get out of this blog.I would appreciate that you remove my picture because Facebook has a privacy policy and i can in all rights bring you to court for illegally reproducing my picture.I think you need to know where to draw the line.

    1. Ask the questions to the President of the United States.

      I am sure Obama has answers for your questions.

      Why don't you try and take a lawsuit against Obama?

      I bet you would not dare to do so.

  2. Tormex ltd and DORIo ltd,were accused of laundering u$40 million for the SINALOA drug cartel.STEALL is an example of how individuals with unknown credential can be registered as Director with no questions asked.We also remembered the court case in 2010 whereby Cheif judge Egonda challenged LOTUS in the court.

    As The USA Seanat is about to take actions against such pratices,What is Dr Govinden,Dr Michel,Dr Faure going to do and when are they going to open an investigation against Ms Stella criminal practices?or was LOTUS used by Pp thugs as means to tranfer their embezzlemement out of the country which explain why PP never open an investigation against Stella?The people want answers Pp.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. Can the lady confirm or deny these allegations made by the President of the United States?

    Can you give us the full disclosure of all nominee companies on your books?

  4. Haivng the President of USA came out to mention her name is not a coincident,He probably holds rock hard evidence that cannot be challenge by Stella.That she has stayed quiet to date, speaks volumes of not only her invovlement but how she consiciously know what she was doing.

    Where in the world have you seen a person directing over three hundred comapnies while the director 's office is based under a coocnut tree in the world smallest nation?Who in the owrld will give full power to a person with no crdibility and experience to run such big companies?Not even Khalifia ,Michel's lover has so much companies under his direction as Stella has had.

    We awaiting for PP governement to open a serious investigation into this criminal act committied by Stella.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    1. You will be waiting for a very long time. These morons will keep on enriching themselves while our econmic deteriote bit by bit, and soon we will all end up in camel sh**.

  5. Responds to first post

    You are an International fugitive wanted in USA,Seychelles and probably in New Zealand and else where.Your photo is available to the world(Interpol), in order to apprenhend you .If you have become rich ,that would be for a court to find out.We donot expect a criminal to come uot vonluntarily to confess her or his crimes.

    Are you guilty or innocent?Let the court of justice find out.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. Okay then take it upon yourself and take me me to court.Maybe you got paid by someone to come to this blog under the name of Jeanne D'Arc.Hope you will hide behind this blog forever...until someone unmask you

  7. If you want disclosure you simpy need to file a case in court and then you will get it.Do you think you are getting any popularity?Everybody knows who is behind this dont you worry Mr.G.

  8. Have you changed your mind?

    You stated that you will take legal action.

    Why don't you try?

  9. I have all the rights to take you to court for publishing my photos.They are personal and you have no right to just take my picture from FB and publish it in any manner you want.It shows you do not have respect for others.Sanmenm sa ki ou apel seselwa unite,ler ou pe sali ou prosen.

  10. And you have the gut to tell me that i am a Fugitive.Everyday im in the street walking,i have a home,i have a work place,i travel anywhere i want.Why is it nobody has arrested me so far.Like you said,i work in an office under the coconut tree,in a small country,if anybody from the USA needs to arrest me they can feel free to do so.Im a Seychellois and i belong rightly here.I dont need to hide from anybody.How about you?Why do you need to hide behind a blog.Cause you have been hired to do some dirty work,right?You have been hired to attack people personally.But you aint going to get any mileage out of this blog,trust me.If you want to be a leader you will need to show respect to others.

  11. And mind you,hope all the slandering and calling me a fugitive,hope you will be able to prove that i am indeed a fugitive and a criminal.Dont worry.Kekfwa ou kwar ki tou seselwa i kouyon

    1. Excuse me,the proof is here on reality for everyone to see.

      It clear stated on the article written by Graham Stack that you were laundering funds and dealing with unscrupulous individuals.

      Even Obama described you as a "flagrant example of corporate abuse."

      Why don't you deal with your selfishness and your greed before attacking members on this forum.

      You are a disgrace to the Seychelles and to the people of Seychelles.

      Just accept that you have been caught in the act and you are now trying to blame other people.

      You should take full responsibilities for you actions.

    2. Hope in court you will be able to prove all your allegations.Talking is cheap,bring down your evidence.Im not gonna waste my time to bark back at you but we shall meet in the not so distant future.

  12. Dear Mr Christopher Gill,

    Had wanted to wish you a good morning and saw this.

    We have stated that that SIROP program a great deal is not known - in relation with the many leading personalities we put/help put that Program together, given that the UN was not involved directly.

    Part of the core workings which we had been developing since the Lady Thatcher, the abolishment of the Communist Corporate workings and replace it with what. Those involved in high corporate management knew and know the working, the culture and ethic of the former COMECON and USSR Nations. WE had and have highly important Italian workings from the USA, Europe and Italy - their Corporate practice.

    These were issues which were highly badly managed, by Many in Britain and EU - sheer greed. Then make it believe that Seychelles was changed by the Commonwealth and the OAU demand and the such. Few Seychellois really know what that SIROP program was about.

    We work and have worked the above issued over past 30 years and hold the view if we have a new government system what kind of economic workings, service sector, offshore will we be developing.

    For your information we have today the person of Mr Paul Stravens we discussed some of the issues and in Seychelles Mr Revera. We had wanted to develop a Seychelles none dependent on direct Arab findings. Many a time have stated the issues of Lehman Brothers and Mr Bernie Madoff.

    What brought me to this Blog was the future Joint Seychelles Mauritius economic/Free zone development and exploitation - that historic accord. . The practice in Mauritius by a number of people we have hope to associate with - only last week the media address an article of Triangulate right across the Board. Yet they have no alternative solution.

    We did not come to the aid of the above lady - we came because of the dynamic and core workings of today's Big Finance and Seychelles future. There is a marked contrast between the workings of our Credit Union and the above. The issues mentioned here is just a Pin head of the problematic and challenge.

    For the past 21 year have been branded and labelled a total fool for not joining the Corporate Benchmark - and mark you we were involved in the issues that brought the Northern Rock down and the Global finance and banking practice/Events.

    We need a great deal of Headache tablets/Panadol after what we addressed over youth/graduate unemployment in Mauritius 18/8/13.


  13. This is not only an interesting article, but very important.
    Stella Port Louis would be well advised to target those who have caused her to be in this predicament, rather than attacking "the messenger", seeking the return of her photographs etc.. This is non sense. She would have had an education under the patronage of this regime, but she does not seem to have been able to acquired much in the head. For example, she claims that she does not have much in her bank account. If she is the Director of so many companies and not have money in her accounts - she ought to question herself and those who have profited by her ignorance. Attacking the blogger who publish the article is rather stupid. She ought to spend time naming those responsible for her situation, pretty quickly. Her personal data/profile is now well known around the world. A blonde wig would not help her either.
    Our corrupt government has allowed Stella to believe she can get away with it. We have had examples, of several fugitives operating in our country, seemingly without our government doing much to help. Stella's reputation and the reputation are in complete tatters. Do something about it girl - name them and hopefully clear your name.

    1. Yes Stella I agree with anonymous 19 August 2013 04:48.

      Get in touch with Mr Gill and list the names of those people that are taking advantage of your sweetness and innocent. Gill is not a bad person he is doing what a good concern citizen has to do to protect our country, and he can do his best to protect you as well. So please call him. Before those corruptors and cold blooded killers get their filthy hands on you. For your own safety get intouch with Gill.

      Good luck sweet girl!

      a concern Portlouis like yourself.

    2. Sa blonde wig i dan kartye ou manman i ladan al tire a retenn li kouler fes ou manman gran pilon sal...

    3. Stella Port-Louis, your mouth is dirty, your hands are sticky and i wonder what your pounani looks like.

      Time for a good cleanup!

  14. Yes you are,not only a fugitive but a hard core criminal,the people want you arse ,for your criminal action has tarnished our country's image. You said you can travel anywhere.Not in USA yet i guess,for it would be the first time as well as the last time.USA unlike PP criminals who promote and defense crimes USA justice does not joke with criminals and when it come to applying justice and punishing criminals the MAIMIS are just comprimsedless.
    I am right here" you siad,for that is where you feel safe ,for probably you having the protection of PP thugs ,who also used LOTUS to transfered stolen taxpayers' money< abroad.

    You siad "i have been hired to accuse others"I am aPatriot not a cuckoo,stooges to the likes of RAm;VOCLERE nas as a patriot ,i think it is a duty and right to deal with crooks who are helping to destroy Seychelles.

    No Seychellois expect to get any mileage out of this as long as Pp thugtocrats that protect you is still on power.But be sure once Pp toppled justice will find you even in if you chose to hide in a cave left by the MAORI in New Zealand.Criminal must be and will be punished , regardless how long it takes.

    Leaders show repect to honest people not to criminals.Repecting criminals would be to provide support to them ,i would not provide support to crooks but participate to aprrehend them.

    RESPECT OTHERS than other will respect you.Money laundering is not a sign of respect but dishonesty .

    Seychelles want to see justice now PP!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  15. Dear Miss Stella Port Louis:

    I am Christopher Gill. Leader of the Seychelles Freedom Party. We are actively uncovering fraud corruption in Seychelles as a pass time. Our people stumbled upon these 2000 plus companies that Mr Obama, President of the USA, is also investigating. We published a article on the same, that implicates you, Lotus, and other players in Seychelles.

    You and the other players, I have been informed, will soon be receiving USA Sealed Indictments for your role played individually and collectively, in money laundering, arms smuggling, and covering up for drug cartels. I have nothing to do with this. Nor does anyone else. We just report what comes out, and this helps us in our effort to clean up our Country Seychelles, and set it back on the right track.

    If you do not like what we do, take your money laundering techniques to another jurisdiction. But that may be too late for you.

    Enjoy your walk under the coco nut trees while you can.

    If your account in Seychelles is low, you can always tap into the 2000 plus other accounts around the world registering nearly $1 Billion. Surely, a nominee Director can do that. If you cannot, your name should not have been on the dotted line in the first place.

    You will soon learn, ignorance of the law, especially, when you are smart, as you say you are, is not an excuse in the World.

    As for your picture, it is on facebook, your page has been set on a public open profile.

    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party


    1. Sa wa dir ek bann failed politician parey ou menm.Im not intimidated and im gonna take you to court.If i get anything from the USA this will have nothing to do with you as far as i am concerned.You are smarter than i am,since you have a long list of accomplishment but still you got nowhere in politics.You are just barking your a** out day in,day out to the extent that you think you have found a soft target to gain popularity.Be la mon fer ou konnen ki ou liki ou pa pou fer ek mwan.Wa fer ek bann kouyon.Lokipasyon lo ou sarze pou ou dil avek.Obama pa ni bez konen si ou bez egziste,ankor mwan i konen mon egziste.Mwan mon pa ni per ou ek tou ou bann network akoz mwan mon pa bez bezwen ou pou mwan viv.Prezan si Obama pankor vin dil ek mwan,desann ou menm Mae,pran avyon oubyen helicopter,wa vin dil ek mwan ou menm.Sepa si ou pou konen dan ki fes ou pou met ou latet.
      Prezidan ki oule vini sesel,dan mon fes wa vini.Ou pou mor koumsa menm parey en lisyen lo koltar zanmen ou pou bez li prezidan akoz you are no better but a corrupted and failed politician.Bez al dormi ou

    2. You seem to know the law better than i do.Ki ou pe araz ou ek mwan then.Mon pa araze larzan mwan akoz mon pa en gran voler e mon pa dwa for thoughts.

    3. Your reaction proves your guilt.

      You are like a headless chicken running in circles, disorientated, confused, completely lost and out of touch with reality.

      Rehabilitation is the only remedy for you.

    4. Miss PortLouis travels on fake passports, provide by James Mitchel!

  16. Money laundering has become a burden on many industrial nation's economy. Today more and more US citizen are renouncing their nationality to avoid paying taxes on income earn outside of the USA.

    Mr Obama has a reputation of saying one thing and doing the opposite! Instead of prosecuting all the war criminals of the recents past and the corrupted House Of Lords, he has find time to investigate Ms. Port-Louis. That's what bully does, they never pick someone of their own size. Be careful mademoiselle, anytime your whole village might be hit by a drone with depleted uranium warhead.

    I see no difference between corporate mafia and government mafia, they are all ruthless, well protected by the law and has no respect for human dignity.

    MICROIOME :) :) :)


    In democratcy like USA,the justice system is INDEPEDENt,it acts according to rule of law and the Constitution,thus regardless what OBAMA do or not do,the USA justice system does what its has to do independetly.This is not the case under a thugtocrat Michel and state organized terorist system whereby you have an idiot hanging to power who think he has devine power and can ditates how things should be done.for he feels he is the law.

    STELLA should come forward,and reveal all the scam,which at the same time would provide many more names of Pp officials involve ,thus ensuring that she deos take the durben alone.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  18. KRISTOFER GIL aka Jeanne d'arc i en politisyen kin fel.Menm son blog dimoun pa lir.I zwe son bal i dans li menm.Akoz ou pa sort out ou ta problenm ki ou ena olye pas ou letan atak dimun.Kasyet deryer blog pou ou koze frer.Ou enn dyok.Al fini ou palais pralen avan i grenn lo ou.
    Tou sa ki oun sey fer oun fail,seselwa rasin bann la ti bez kalot ladan,star sesel in mor koumsa menm,fer zournal in bez fini koumsa menm,partou kot oun ale oun anmas defet mon frer.Savedir ou pa pou jamais prospere.Ou lespri pa pe dir ou in ler pou ou al anter ou?
    Eleksyon dan sesel ou a gany deryer mwan...lekel sa seselwa ki pou vot pou ou?menm oun cross the floor en lepok pann aboutir ou dan naryen akoz SPPF/Lepep pa bezwen bann salte parey ou dan zot ta.Lepep kanmenm i annan tou son defo jamais ou pou anmenn sa pei pli byen.Zis to lagel ki koze,bez al kasyet toi dan enn barik koltar...kasyet pralen dan enn sato dekoke

  19. Dont blame world wide for you mess pp crooks suckers.Seselwa will not vote for us because you ban voler.vole largent le peupel,vole vote,but this time if they will be fraud and manipulation your ballot box on praslin you will pick it up in the sea or we will take it and burn it.We had enough avek sa ban voler demon rouge.PP 35 years they are trying but still they up on the loser side more we going in 21st century Seselwa are suffering and pay the price avek ban fes zot manman parey ou arab ass licker your tongue must be brown with shit.


  20. Pissdoff you back on SFP blog.Dont read donkey,but what are you doing on it,you read SFP blog otherwise you should not have reply idoit.Those crooks are reading SFP blog every day searching ideas Sfp writes on its blog copy cat.Those articel gill had publish making you pp crooks getting pisst off and scracthing your balls.

  21. Pissed off- you final got a comment thru. Good on you.
    Now let me answer you sorry ass.
    Christopher Gill is a success everyday, contrary to what you say and try to do to deter him.
    Christopher Gill does not attack anyone. He exposes the Truth and corruption and associates with people in Seychelles and abroad that want to do the same.
    Christopher Gill does not associate himself with sell outs, collaborators that want to sell our patrimony, and reduce Seychelles name to shit.
    Everything Christopher Gill has done is a success you fool. To face obstacles does not mean one fails. It means he has met the challenge. Was Mandela a failure sitting in Robbin Island breaking stones?
    Christopher Gill and people with him have done more to expose corruption in Seychelles then any one else. For that, Pissed off, he is a great success and he continues to be a success for every freedom loving Seychellois. To many Seychellois Christopher Gill is a hero. You think we will turn on him because you are vile and attack him in hiding?
    This is exactly what Christopher Gill has been saying we must stop: using fake profiles, to attack people in an empty space.
    Christopher Gill lives a humble life for a successful person. We applaud him for that. He has not taken money that belongs to the people, to build himself a fancy villa with three levels and fresh paint.
    Pissed off, I pray for you. I hope the Anglican Church does not kick you out.

  22. I ma not Chirs but Jeann D'Arc,There is no need to try to change the issue .

    As to elections.Fake election have been recognized by SNP;and other Pp cuckoos,This one in 2016 ,will be free and fair or focre will be used.Make no mistake about it.And note,NO one in the world be it UN,AU whoever,will come to tll us not to use force.for the ifrst question they would have to answer Seychellois the victim of tyranny is"Where have you been UN;AU for the last fourty years"Why World Bank,IMF were sponsoring a tyrranic system which never accoutaed for thre loan given to them.Else they would have to shut up their arses.Pp terrorists msut be radicated and should they steal eletion in 2016 ,they will be radicated.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  23. One idiot says no one reads this blog yet he is reading and attacking. I guess that idiot does not consider himself a human being. He must be indeed a die hard LP who we can all confirm are not human.

  24. It is Ramkalawan making these posts.

    Interpol out on Stella Port Louis.

    SFP has exposed the corruption and crimes against Seychelles name.

  25. what is SIBA doing regarding this ??????

  26. Wavel's girlfriend implicated in money laundering. What next?


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