Stella Port Louis, Director of Companies Linked to Money Laundering

NZ firms linked to money laundering -�Stella Port-Louis, of the Seychelles, is director of four Queen St companies linked to illegal activities Related Links Web of intrigue Relevant offers Criminals are using shell companies set up under New Zealand's lax company laws to launder money.
Wrong address or wrong Stella Port-Louis?

Port-Louis is an offshore Agent working for Lotus Holding Company Ltd – a registry agent in the Seychelles. 
Companies created by an Auckland firm operating out of Queen St have been linked to Russian crime, a Mexican drug cartel and Romanian extortion.
A 16-month Fairfax Media investigation has also tied companies created by Geoffrey Taylor and his sons Ian and Michael, who work out of 363 Queen St, to a company that smuggled arms out of North Korea.

Taylor in academic garb
The government admits there is a problem but says it has had other priorities.
The Taylor operation is not illegal, but the companies they create are connected to serious crimes in a number of countries.
They set up a shell company, Bristoll Export Ltd, that helped move part of the proceeds of a $245 million Russian tax fraud out of Moscow and into Swiss bank accounts. London-based Hermitage Capital Management hired a lawyer to find out what happened, but he died in a Moscow jail.
Hermitage chief executive Bill Browder told the Sunday Star-Times he was "highly motivated to make sure all aspects of this story see the light of day", and that he had a "treasure trove of information" about New Zealand companies' ties to the scandal.
The Taylors set up complex webs of companies, and one of them, linked to Russians in Cyprus, is administered out of a home in Albany near Auckland.

Stella Port Louis
A United States Justice Department investigation into the banking giant Wachovia, also tied Taylor-linked companies to the movement of drug money. Wachovia was fined more than $202m for helping disguise the illegal origins of up to $479 billion for Mexican drug lords, predominantly the murderous Sinaloa cartel. Four Taylor companies "filtered" $50m in drug money through banks in Latvia and on to Wachovia. Each of the companies had just one director � Stella Port-Louis, 32, of the Seychelles, until recently a director of around 300 New Zealand companies.
Canada's Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre, which assessed Wachovia, identified the "exploitation of New Zealand's weak company registration laws" as a problem.
International expert Martin Woods said shell companies were "ideal vehicles for money launderers, tax evaders and arms traffickers".

Thai security personnel surround the cargo plane loaded with smuggled weapons
In 2009, a Georgia-registered cargo plane flew from North Korea to Bangkok and was found to have 35 tonnes of arms on it. The plane was chartered by SP Trading Ltd, a company set up by the Taylors.
Ad Feedback�� The company's director was a Burger King cook named Lu Zhang, 29, who was later convicted of 75 breaches of the Companies Act for giving false addresses on registration forms, something she described in court as "one little mistake".
She is also a director of companies linked to Romanian Lorenzo Kiss, who is under arrest over an alleged $14.5m embezzlement.
Ian Taylor told the Sunday Star-Times media reports connected dots that weren't there.
PricewaterhouseCoopers Auckland's forensic services director Alex Tan said using company service providers had become common here.
"The money-laundering and even terrorist financing risks associated with them are high, particularly considering they can be set up over the internet."


  1. Is it possible that this Stella Portlouis is not from Seychelles because the address indicated above is Victoria, Australia.
    If our Seychellois Stella Portlouis is the real culprit can someone enlighten me as what is the profession of this lady or what does she do for a living in Seychelles if she claims she is poor. Seychellois wants details.

  2. Lotus Holdings Company limited is incorporated in Victoria Seychelles.

    Suite 310, Premier Building
    Victoria, Seychelles
    Tel: (+248) 323105
    Fax: (+248) 324798

  3. This Taylor guy in academic garb reminds you of who? Birds of a feather flock together they say. He resembles James Michel and Rolph Payet in their fake university garbs, their minds must be on the same wavelength.

  4. This story was on Drudge not too long ago and I was waiting who in Seychelles will have the guts to report first. Christ I will give you credit for that,job well done and now I wonder what PL administration will do.Time will tell sooner or latter.

  5. SIBA has revoked the license of Lotus Offshore to run an offshore operation in Seychelles.
    They have not taken further action.
    USA still has court cases ongoing involving these cases and companies.
    Why has SIBA been silent?

    1. because they are shaking in their boots. Pulling string from every corner to cover their smelly butts.

  6. What does other opposition party have to say in this matter? or do they exsist at all?

  7. Stella Port Louis works with me at Fidelity Offshore in Victoria, Mahe. She is cursing you guys all day. She does not realize what trouble she is in.

  8. Stella Port- Louis
    Fidelity Corporate Services Ltd
    Suite 9, Ansuya Estate
    Revolution Ave, Victoria
    Republic of Seychelles

    Above is proof that Stella Port Louis is still active in the offshore business although been involved in money laundering with Lotus Holding Limited.

  9. Why does an opposition or a member of the national assembly ask to clarify the "Stella Port-Louis LOTUS-GATE?"

  10. SIBA was right to revoke the license of Lotus Offshore. But given the gravity of the money laundering ongoing with Lotus Offshore companies based in Seychelles, it must go further to clean up the mess it allowed to take place, by registering companies, but not monitoring Fiduciary activity and allowing a Nominee Director to basically freak out, breaching all her obligations to the companies she represents, and the jurisdiction which she operates from. It looks like total criminal recklessness with a signature with impunity on the reputation of the Seychelles Offshore industry and our jurisdiction as being a credible place to do business.

    SIBA should be investigating this case. In the meantime, suspend Stella Port Louis from any agency, fiduciary activity in the offshore or on shore in Seychelles.

    Fidelity Offshore should also be investigated if she has worked there, since at Lotus Offshore, she established a very abusive pattern of offshore practice, it is highly likely she will continue such practice, since she has no remorse for what she has done. I take that from the personal communications she has had with me in retaliation for these posts that expose the scheme. It is noteworthy that the most recent article posted was written August 13 , 2013.

    This shows there is indeed an investigation ongoing in the USA.

    It is this type of practice that gives Seychelles offshore a bad name and dirties the name of Seychelles. It also works to drive downwards the fees charged for offshore services, and it reduces the credibility of the jurisdiction, which guess what, makes life a living hell for every Seychellois that needs a VISA to get into any country in the World.

    Many Seychellois work hard and struggle is a way of life. It is for those people, that we expose this money laundering scheme ongoing right in the center of the smallest capital in the world. They do not deserve this and nor do any one of their family deserve this.

    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  11. Folks there is nothing to clarify. It is wide open.

    The articles say that Government of Seychelles said: "prosecuting her was not a priority" (for them) . They have stuck their heads in the sand.

    This is why the reputation of Seychelles so bad? This case explains everything.

    Since it clearly appears from these articles, which were all written in foreign press doing in depth investigations,that Lotus Offshore, Port Louis and now Fidelity Offshore very likely, are doing loads of shell companies that launder Billions of US Dollars around the world.

    I congratulate those who have brought the matter forward.

    It is a shame so many have slept on the issue for so long. Perhaps today we would have had a serious offshore sector instead of a bozo one, as we have now.

  12. Gill I see nothing wrong with what Stella Port Louis is doing. James Michel told us all to leve debourye so she is doing just like her mentor/master has taught us all. James Michel only knows how to steal/launder money/corruption and so on and to him that represent travail so Stella is only trying to follow the master. You need to go after James Michel 1st.

    1. We will go after everyone who gives Seychelles a bad name. Be James Michel or Stella Port-Louis.

      We do not pick and choose.

      Seselwa Unite!

    2. Time is limited to pick and choose for Seychelles is drowning into deep. To save Seychelles SFP have to gather hard evidence and shame the culprit. None the less it is the only thing they can do, nothing else for James Michel still holds the key and AK-47.

      Seselwa unit! or soon you will be fed of sea weeds.

  13. All offsohres companies should be investigated to be if they also involve in this organized crime called MONEY laundering.

    Seychellois want an immediate investigation of this gross crime invovling STELLA which is doing lots of harm to not only our country but have ruin the lives of many innocent dividuals around the world who put their trust in such comapanies.

    Morevoer,STELLA crimes could result in life sentence in many Western countries under the guilt on HELPING terorrist organizations.

    The State who should be heard in this case too,is uncapable of action inthe matter due to Stae failure and collusion of the country's highest political authorities and its judiciary to theMoney Launderer STELLA.Due to the failure for the State to represnt the people of Seychelles interest,^Seychellois should be admitted as PLAINTIFF to the case,in order to repair our tarnished image abroad and the pride of Seychellois.

    We awaiting for PP thugs to take legal action against all money launderers that including STELLA and other Pp thugtocrats to the likes of Savy brothers,Guy Adam,etc...

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  14. 00.37
    It is true that dictators can best use their AK 47 than their brain.The Butcher demonstrated his easy finger on the trigger when he shot Frnacis Rachel a member of his gang cold blood.But Michel the butcher must always remind himself of what happen to his Brother Ghaddafi namely, "should he resist change he might end up as a sewage rat too.No Seychellois would allow a frailing donkey to the like of Michel to enslave them for eternity.Michel will change or refrom ,else we will change or reform him and his gang of thieives.It is not important who start the game,but woh finishes it. We will finish your crook game PP.It not a matter of how,but when:

    Jeanne D'Arc

  15. I am trying to wonder how deep is her pocket because to be a director for dozen of international companies she should be about the same level as Donald Trump.If not she should fire her TAYLOR and find a new one!

  16. who is the author if this blog?


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