There is no EASY WALK TO FREEDOM

                                               (Jawaharal Nehru, Nelson Mandela)

                                                  Only Free Men Can Negotiate

                    No Power Can Stop oppressed people determined to win their FREEDOM

                                     There Is No Such Thing As part FREEDOM.

               Only Through hardship, sacrifice and militant action can FREEDOM be won.



  1. Ramkalwan you like to quote MANDELA ? Quote him now sell out!

  2. I agree Wavel has let us down. Shame on him.

  3. When I give money to the Seychelles orphanage
    they call me an angel
    when I ask why the PL Government is not helping
    they call me a trouble maker.

  4. N oone should expect freedom serve to them on a golden plate:Freedom it is not a gift from heaven ,one must fight for it everyday.

    COmmunsits,Tyrranty,State terrorsits ,Marxist-Leninist like FAURE beleive FREEDOm is a necessity--which is a plea for vevery infringement Human freedom.It is an argument of tyrannts:It is the creed of slaves.

    Freedom is nothing more as one generation away from extinction.We did not pass it to our children in the bloodstream.It must be fought for,protected, and handed on for them to do the same.

    Thus we have a respnosibilty and duty to fight against Pp tyraany to ensure our children and generation to come enjoy their freedom.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  5. Seychellios napas larsan.UAE is now feeding the poor of the poorest at the convent.jeanne dark do you see how we love seychellios?

  6. But seselwa dont love you terorist!GO HOME CAMEL or face arrest! like this logo immigration in england.CAmel you know why seselwa napa larsan ban politicien voler parey pp in vole nou and The 15000 immigrants Michel and Kahlifa have brought on our shore are making Seselwa getting poorer by taking their jobs and their food and criminals in power have stolen trillion that belong to seselwa,putting on their account oversea in swiss bank..

  7. Seselwa napas larsan becuase of corruption,embezzlement,theft,mis-amangement,nepotism,cronyism ,economic illeteracy of Pp idiots.With a vast EEZ as ours we should make multi-millions for instance,but Pp idiots do not know how to do business.Instead ofreigners have been for the last 40 years making billions on our back that Pp must prostitute with Arab despots to stay alive.Seychellois are not proud to see their country on the list of fialed state and be a country of beggars.That is PP mess.Michel the butcher shamelss,even went on NATION on the 7-8-13 to tell us "aprreciation pelase"The man who consider himslef as god,was almost on his knees begging to the people to love him.His crimes, fialures should be appreciated by Seychellois.Corruption,sell out,invasion of foreigners,destructions of our environement,embezzlememnt and all his other cooked practices should be apprecaited by Seychellis.What for a maron!He want to be a hero.But he coudl never be a hero ,for he is a zero.Tu es pas un hero mais un bourreau!dEGAGE CONNARD!

    It seems though we tell the Butcher repeatedly that "we donot all him,the donkey has convivnted himself we do.Perhaps we we should use sign language to make him understand"W-E D-O-N-O-T L-O-V-E Y-O-U.wE LAOTHED YOU DOG.

    Shame on you monkeys!

    That is why Seychellois want their show those monkeys how productive and prosperous our country could be without living on chairty and be beggars of the world.

    on freedom,
    No one on this planet was offred freedom on a silver plate.Freedom is not food aid,or charity,it is something one must fight for.

    Freedom though can hardly be measured as freedom is an abstract concept which people have different interpretation over it.Be that as it may ,freedom can still be proved and measured in realtive terms my comapring the economic rights and civil liberties of different societies as they show the control over choices and directions that one can have under social constraints.In other owrds it is the ralationship of humanityy to the objective law of nature law and society.

    Of course freedom cannot be absolute.Why?Becuase man is born in society with certain essential needs that can be satisfied only in society.Hence man is a social animal.Hence society is a juridical institution.It is a juridical insitution becuase it is base on natural and acqiured rights which every one within the country is bound in justice to respect all thoer individuals.(Thus rule of law regulates each individual dos and donots in order that each individual enjoy thier freeodms equally).In other owrds,freedom is limited by the freedom of thoers,who has the same rights.

    So when one asks after the meaning of waht kinds of freedom one is asking,it is about the sytem in which this word has its meaning.The question deals with the description of philosophical,judicial,politcal,economical and societal system in which freedom dispalys itself.It is some types of politcal and economic freedom that invovle living in jurisdiction that is not acquired by militaryli and economically and that limits all forms of coercion against individual citizen or group etc...And you asurely have recognized that Pp dictatorship is state terrosrism and in which freedom in not asure.E,g even unborn babies are butchered,they cannot even born free.

    jEANNE d'aRC

  8. We people of Seychelles eat mackerel, breadfruit, and they are in abundance. Take your dates back to your ugly hot dessert State UAE.

  9. Ramkalawan eats dates. Give it to him. It is good for his knees.

  10. This 15,000 foreingners invaders are getting our healthcare for free,we have to supplie them water,electricity ect...who are paying for those immigrants and you?Even our fish industries are in the hands of foreigners mafia .This goverment have nothing ban pli malen ki Michel in vole Seselwa zot largent parey,Savy brothers,Adams families much to mention and those who had fleed the country.PP to lazy and no knowlege to make it work nothing will get better with old crooks time for change.

  11. Arabs bring dates and keeba to make our Seselwa woman look fat and ugly like their woman.Arab seselwa beleave in its roots not in camels roots.Like this person mention we like our breadfruit,possion sale on the tabel.

  12. Since you like to mention Camels in association with Arabs, I would suggest to my Sahib to ship two Camels to Seychelles, They will adapt very well on the reclamation land but not high up at La Misere where the air is too mild. They would be an added attraction for the tourists as well as educational to the children of Seychelles.
    I suggest two Camels, a male and a female in order that they can reproduce and fill the landscape with a beautiful specie of domestic animal that we Arabs will feel more at home.

  13. Educate arabs childrens sucker they know only know how to carry a suecide vest or underwear bomb killing innocent peoples.Arabs dont have any species just desert with dates trees and a few camels and goats.The two camels give the female one to your friend michel.Seselwa no need devil philosophy arabs are bad creature teaching their childrens how to blow them self,that what you camels what to do n Seychelles
    teaching SEselwa muslim also how to blow them self up!

  14. Can't you see there would be many advantages for importing Camels to Seychelles, Minister St Ange will have another attraction for his Carnival International, imaging the lovely Hostesses of Emirates Airways riding on the humps of the Camels in Victoria! Better than the ugly and stony slow tortoises. Would be another first for UAE-Seychelles! Allez!

  15. Breaking news,there are rumours circulating that the Herminies is planning a coup detat.

  16. Bring your camels. You will see what happens to you and your camels.

  17. Importers of Camels-

    If you ever watched tortoises screw, you would never call them ugly.

    What is ugly is your country.

    I have never seen an uglier country then UAE.

    Nice buildings, but that is about it.

    The country side looks like hell during its period.

    Man your country is fucking ugly.

    You guys don't even bathe regularly. You even spay your ass with water spouts each time you shit, because you do not bathe regularly.

    You cannot touch us Seychellois.

  18. My Sahib will bring two Camels to Seychelles island very soon and you Seychellois will look after them night and day. There will be new law to make the Camels protected animals in the whole country.

  19. The Camels will be included and match with the zone of "Exceptional Natural Beauty" for Seychelles. And if there is a Coup d'Etat, the Camels will feature very well on the new National Flag, not that ugly tortoise and obscene Coconut!

  20. By the way,the world biggest/largest yacht of 180 meters was launched two weeks ago in Germany, its owner is nobody else than KHALIFA.Cost u$ 500 million dollars.

    SAHIB,when Seychellois was a Nation,Arabs waere still nomades living from perls,ti was after the discovery of oil that they have become what they are fianacially,but morally,socially,they are still primitives,and have an archaic religion whci came into existence,4000 thousands after Hindu,2000 years after Christainity.Khalifai must not beleive that Seychellios will change their old religion to adopt a primitive and Arab relgion from the stone age.We proud of our roots,culture,relgion etc.. they are so rich that probably Arabs are jealous of us.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  21. Camel!european tourists like our tortoise they come to Seychelles especialy for two things to see coco de mer and tortoise.We dont care about you camels if you like it or not you see on passport our coco de mer is still on it.It will not be remove by camel and will never.And also we dont need camel tourists they belong on the beach.UAE have only artirvisel land when sea level will rise higher all camels will sink. That why kahlifa run to Seychelles and take the higher place at La misere.But one day this place will come back to Seselwa all you arabs Michel has gave you our land for one rupee we will take it back you better pray for now that we dont remove PP in POWER.

  22. D'Arc, Arabs discovered the Seychelles and it is rightly we buy it back with petrol dollars. By the way, the dredger is already in Seychelles to enlarge moorings for the super yacht, when it comes to Seychelles, it will carry two Camels in crates and Dr. Rolph Payet will organize the landing ceremony to show that Arabs and Camels are part of Exceptional Natural Beauty of UAE and Seychelles. Allez UAE!

  23. Two guys, one wearing a MANU jersey and the other an Arsenal jersey (costing around $200 each) were criticizing the arabs while selling fish at the Victoria market!

    MICROBIOME :) :) :)

  24. Anonymous Hey me and my group will stop arabs i'm mastering a plan beprepair arabs.It can be the end of year or later,if you think you will provocate Sseselwa on this blog than you are tell me and my group to take action.Dredger we are planing to sink it and not only dredger,if we get our chance.Arabs have to put a lots of security around it day and night in the future.Normally no one speak about its plan,but we like to warn you befor action.

    Now you,you have a problems what Seselwa wear Microb?If they work to get it not stolen like pp.Were is your problems?Make a comment on corrupt politicians not on a fisherman.Seychelles is in a mess, because of corrupt politicians not because a fisherman wearing a jersey that cost $200.Do you ever write a comment about our trillion hiding in swiss bank by those crooks?

  25. Michel are telling Seselwa,if he like arabs we seselwa also should like arbas.NO mICHEL this is old crooks sytel we are moving in the 21st century not with this young generation.We will not let you destroyed seselwa dignity.


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