Seychelles Environmental Extremist Destroy and And Discredit Investment Climate Overnight

Last year in April 2013, unknown to the James Alix Michel administration, Since he relies on ministers who sleep on the job:

1. Minister Rolph Payet (Environment).

2. Minister Christian Lionnet (does he ever sleep on the job)

the highest court of the land the Seychelles Court of Appeal delivered a damning judgement on his administration and two ministries mentioned above in particular, for deliberately over controlling development in Seychelles by using with malice, zoning restrictions to prevent Seychellois and foreign investors the right to develop their properties as guaranteed under Article 26 (1) The Right To Property.
Christian Lionnet

The case involved Alwyn Percy (Don) Talma's property at Praslin, Anse Lazio about 65 acres worth perhaps $2 billion on the market based on Fair Market Value. If someone with that kind of land was knocking my door with investors, i would treat them with a little respect.

Court of Appeal Hammers PL Government Openly
The Seychelles Court of Appeal upheld the case of the Constitutional Court and said that Government of Seychelles cannot declare a "place of Exceptional outstanding natural beauty" a "No Development Zone".

The Court held that such declarations violate Article 26 (1) of the Constitution and Article 27 (1) Right to Equal Protection Under the laws. The court went on to say: "laws prohibiting development must be reasonable, and not obstructive to the land owner......", in such cases, it may/can amount to a Taking under the Land Acquisition.

When this happens of course, the Government of Seychelles must pay "Full and Fair Compensation" at "Fair Market Value" before the Taking took place. I hope the Central Bank has enough money to pay off private land owners on Praslin, which which has the most expensive land in Seychelles.

MLUH and Enviroment Obstuct Court of Appeals Ruling in Contempt 

Under the most basic principles of law, ignorance of the law is not an excuse, not even for a Minister. It will be comedy all night if Minister Dr. (Coastal Erosion) Rolf Payet and Minister Mr Christian Lionnet ("Sleeping in Bosoms anywhere") are to claim that they were ignorant of this monumental Court of Appeals ruling  concerning property rights written by Justice Macgregor, Justice Twomey and Justice Fernando when they must face the Justices of the Courts in the coming weeks. Dr Payet claims to be on leave for 30 days. I am sure the Ushers will find hin sooner or later.
Judge M Twomey

Zone Seychelles To Death
Soon after this ruling, these two ministries set out conducting quickie public meetings on Praslin and did not inform property owners in writing. They said the meeting was in context of zoning the entire island on SBC.

No one expected any radical changes to the existing zoning of Praslin, nor did any one except that most of Praslin would be declared brashly, to be a "Area of Extreme Natural Beauty" and development be restricted in direct contravention of the ruling of the Court of Appeals which every land owner on Praslin follows carefully. 

Guess what? Only in Seychelles. The two ministries ignored the two rulings of the Court of Appeals and implemented a new zoning map by Gazette in March 2013 which is in direct Contempt of the Court of Appeals Ruling made April 13, 2012.

Both Ministry of Land Use, Ministry of Environment stand in Contempt of Court today after implementing by Gazette a Land Use Plan in contraventionof the rulings of the Court of Appeals.

Even Planning Authority tasked with implementating the mishap, is now in Contempt of Court.
Dr Death, Rolph Payet

It Gets Worse
Zoning laws must be reasonable and cannot prohibit development unreasonably on private property. When this is done, and zoning laws are unreasonable, it amounts to a government Taking or land Acquisition as we like to refer to it in Seychelles from our One Party State days.

The decisions made by these two Ministries will now cost Government of Seychelles $ Billions and Billions as most as most of Praslin has DEFACTO been turned into a "Environment Protection Zone". Lawsuits and claims for compensation in the $ Billions and $ Billions will now start to surface as lawyers figure out what is happening to the investments of their Clients and the opportunity to earn 30% on Billions will create a new industry for starving lawyers in Victoria.

Investors Are Scared To Death To Invest Today
This situation is fuel to the fire from another hair brain idea promoted by Minister Christian Lionnet according to other ministers in the Cabinet Round Table. His idea, that he was able to feed into Michel's speech in June 18th, that is scaring off investors is this: "Our PL Government will no longer sell Land to Foreigners. Foreigners will be able to lease for 60 years and their lease will not be renewable.

Who Will Invest in Lease Property if They cannot Renew A Lease
Minister Lionnet thinks foreigners will invest in LEASE property for 60 years and build project worth hundred of millions of US Dollars then suddenly phoof!

On the Sixty year time limit, the investor will lose all effort, and his heirs will end up with nothing. Wow! Sounds like Disney world all over again.

Minister Lionnet go tell Mickey Mouse to do a ride at Disney and call it the "Christian Lionnet 60 Year Lease Ride" at the end of the ride, the passenger dumped out cold. What world do you live in Sir?

The key word of course, left out of the proposal that destroy the workability of the 60 YEAR LEASE is (RENEWABLE after negotiations with the lessor).

I implore you Minister Lionnet "stop messing James Michel up to mess up our economy which hurts everyone". You are good at building public houses financed by Khalifa- stick to it. Stop breaking the cycle of investment in Seychelles that gives Seychellois a fighting chance in this mad hat world you seem to be trying to create along with Dr. (Coastal Erosion) Rolph Payet.

Pierre Laporte must be on PANADOL 24 hours a day 7 days a week with you guys. How is he suppose to raise money to pay down the debts if you guys are literally killing off investments in Seychelles. Have you seen how many properties are for sale on the internet fellows? It is because of you. Everyone is selling, because no one trust you.

Back To Contempt of Court Proceedings
These two rookie miniters screwed up so badly, i mean badly that guess what folks?

Talma is now going back to court, to hold them in Contempt of Court, (likely request that they will be jailed) and fined probably Scr 500,000 each this time, and next time likely another Scr 1 Million each next time his project is delayed.

Suing this government with lackeys like these two ministers, will prove to be very profitable for People of Seychelles.

A little advise for James Michel:
1. Dr Rolf should be running a garden maintenance company for hotels and
2. Lionnet should be doing a little house and building maintenance as a contractor, nothing more, really Mr Michel.

You can only speculate of the amount of damages they have done to luring investors to Seychelles. How many Billions of US Dollarscould Two Ministers cost Seychelles because they were sleeping on the job?

Unfortunately, the reputation of Seychelles, as an investment zone, has been destroyed overnight, and litigation will start flowing as we speak like vultures to dead carcass.

Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Written by Christopher Gill, Leader of Seychelles Freedom Party
Mr Christopher Gill





  1. Michel is just a bay-sitter with no experience of parenthood!


  2. What a mess. They have zoned the entire island to "Place of Exceptional Natural Beauty". Stupid idiots. The whole country is a place of exceptional natural beauty. James Michel should fire them.

    Grand Police Bay is not a place of exceptional natural beauty?

    Cap Ternay is not a place of Exceptional Natural Beauty?

  3. While we have defined zone for EXCPETIONAL NATURAL BEAUTY this does not give governemnt card blache to impede a citizen to use and enjoy his property else it is no avail.Anything that detroy any of the lememnts of property,detroys the property itslef.The substantial value of proeprty lies in its use.If the right of use be denied,then the value of the property in annihilated and ownership is rendered a baren right.

    It is a breach of common law to forbid a citizen to exercise his right.The use and developemnt of one^s property etc.. is regualted by the Constituion that has drawn upon principles of reasons and crafted law that property that repects the equal rights of all.A citizen or man has to sustain his life by his own effort and If MR TALAM and others do not have the right to peoduce to his effort then has not means to sustain his life.

    The govenremnt has a right to regualte ,etc the use of land but it must not impede or rape the right of its owner in any case.As CHris says,Should governemnt think the palce should be extra protected then BUY the4 land from the owner PP.Stop raping our constitution and rule of alw.Instead,PAyet should be revoking all our patrimony illegally sold to Khalfia and other foreign crooks.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Rolf Payet where are you hiding?

  5. James Michel to fire them! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Every single thing those ministers do JAM is in on it!
    Sadly corruption in Seychelles keep repeating itself
    because, some people are unwilling to learn from the past.

  6. Rolf has gone hiding under rocks with 15yrs old girl. It is the norm for him! One by one of those girls has to pay entries to uni or to optain a certificate with virginity! Sad Seychelles :(

  7. Dr. Rolf where are you? Answer the questions.

  8. Dr Rolf is on Google looking for answers...PL Government love Google, it is the brain they do not have,.:)

  9. By the way did you know that National house is a brothel
    where all brain-less women go to work without panties? tihihi I am not kidding, it's true!

  10. Unfortuantely Michel is the Chief-of-thugs he cannot fire anyone for each knows one another crimes.There is no leadership at governemnt level,the system has worn out.What is needed is real poltical change.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  11. Where have you been Jeanne? Leadership in Seychelles was none existent. From the very beginning they have been like baboon, scratching each other’s back and removing fleas from one another. This is the reason why Seychelles is not progressing the way it should be. Take the hospital for example, if you are not PL cronies your chance of survival is zero. Look at the education system, these baboons send their children overseas schooling. Meanwhile the people of Seychelles (those in the dark and completely brainwashed) think that Seychelles school is one of the best. The water system, when was the last time PL Government build a reservoir? Road, traffic and road worthy……(danger zone)
    IMF is supporting these baboons offshore business. I can tell you right now that money loans to boost Seychelles economic were used for offshore business…….what the deal Jeanne , go figure!

  12. They think our school is one of the best that all they know.Well money recieved by Pp from Interantional donor (BONDAID)should had directly affected the people and that is how foreign loans policies are defined.To date not a single cent can be proven by Pp that it went directly into the poeppl's pocket nor does IMF,World Bank the donors ever questioned PP on the whereabout and use of those loans.Housing project for instance,PP has been teeling each year for the last 40 years that it is contructing hundreds of houses each for citizen.Due to the Zero gorwth of population,and unborn babies being buthcers i suppose all SSseychellois should have a dissent house by now.The problem houses are being given to proxies,ilks and so time even to PP members who can afford to build or buy their own house.What to they do wit those houses ?well they rent it and pocket the money instead.Hospital ,Health,Social security,education are falling apart,because of crushing corruption and embezzelemtn but also becuase these department cost a lot to operate and it cannot continue to be successful and provide the quality by giving them for FREE.A kind of contribution must be introduce in order that Seychellois understand that ti si a duty and a right to contribute to the country standards of living etc...and that it is not sustainable to be given everything free.Should Pp not bankrupt and emblezzled billions from our coferr.We could have for instance,palce in a foreign bank a few hundreds millions as deposit for a ten to twenty years which would have generate profit which could have been used to cover the expenses (or part of it)of health,education etc...hence helping keeping the standards and amke them INDEPEDENT from GROSS ANNUAL REVENUES of the ocuntry.And even on the long term making them fianacailly independt form the annual revenues.

    Theose departments have become a fianacial durben for our economy---and those departments cost will always increase due to new technologies,new illness and medications thus impossible for a small economy to sustain.

    We have many possiblities and ideas of how to deal with those issues klike cost of health ,education even muilitary on our economic revenues.Contact us Pp!

    jeanne D'Arc

  13. Barclays bank staff ambush by robbery!my question were those criminals get teargas?are Seychelles police working with criminals?that mean seychelles police force still smell corrupt.


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