Ramkalawan Takes Seychelles Into An Electoral Reform Mess‏

This week, Mr. Gappy of the Election Commission along with his Board of Commissioners rightfully and duly submitted the Electoral Reform recommendations to the Vice President Mr. Danny Faure as Mr. Michel was absent from country. It is noteworthy for the reader, that the Seychelles Electoral Commission did do its best in this exercise. It is the leaders in PL, SNP, PDM, DP that failed all of the People of Seychelles. PL failed to keep its commitments, and the Alliance and PDM failed to take steps to hold PL to their commitments. For that, the entire process has been compromised and Democracy in Seychelles is at risk. I explain clearly, below why.

A Fools Electoral Reform Proposal
Prior to this, Mr. Gappy submitted the Report to the parties participating in the process. PL was not seen on SBC. Only Mr. Ramkalawan and Mr. Volcere sat in the room, holding their breath, and wondering what a mess they have gotten themselves into, now the attempt to cover up over the coming months.
SFP will not cover up anything to fool our people. We deserve better then what we are getting.

Mr. Gill Said: BOYCOTT!
SFP lead by Mr. Christopher Gill. Called on all opposition parties to BOYCOTT the process not because Mr. Gappy and team were doing a bad job, they in fact were doing the best job they could under the circumstance, but because PL was not honoring materials conditions set out in early meetings in 2010 late and early 2011 as PRECONDITIONS TO PROCEED WITH A FULL ROUND TABLE FOR REFORM. The SNP Leadership (Mr. Ramkalawan) and DP leadership (Mr. Volcere) stayed in the process, ignoring the fact that PL had broken material pre conditions to the process. These conditions are so important, that once broken the entire REFORM EXERCISE, like the EXERCISE to Reform the Constitution a few years back turned into a waste of time. It is noteworthy to say that both  Mr. Ramkalawan and Mr. Boulle attended that in full that exercise with SPPF and it turned out to be a  total waste of time.

Preconditions Broken By PL Ignored By SNP PDM DP!
 1.     All Political Party Leaders Have to Attend The Reform Meetings
SNP PL PDM DP hoodwink the Public. They agreed in the Reform Process preconditions that all party leaders will have to attend the Electoral Reform Process. Not one PL leader ever turned up to these meetings. On numerous occasions no one higher than Mr. Ralph Agrippine in PL attended.  
At times, we asked the Electoral Commission where is Mr. Michel and Mr. Faure, they said: “we contacted them, but they are not available for the meeting, but their thoughts are with us and they are watching the developments carefully”.  Has SNP PDM DP made PL some sort of royal family today in Seychelles? In the Reform they accepted this. SFP walked out because in Seychelles there is no royalty!

2.     SBC Must Televise The Proceedings
      A second house keeping precondition was that SBC would cover the proceedings. This would create a check and balance of the entire process. The truth could not be hidden with SBC coverage, and each player could be assessed by the Public and the Public could decide on the merit of the debates and issues raised. PL failed to keep this material promise. SNP-DP played along just like PDM did. The Public failed to know what was happening. Even the SFP BOYCOTT was never made public in case the Commonwealth would come to learn that not all players were on board, and not all pre conditions were being met and respected. In the end we had a process that was secretive. Why did SNP play along with PL? Because SNP leadership was in too deep and could not handle the debates and issues Christopher Gill raised. If this got out to the Public, it would show that SNP has nothing but a tin man running the show. 

3.     Attorney General Representative Walks Out Quits The Job 
 Another precondition not followed but agreed by all parties was the attendance of the Attorney General’s office to draft legislation and put draft documents to the Reform Commission. Attorney Ronnie Govinden attended the first session and then never turned up again. He sent in his place a lady to sit in take notes and refer the notes back to him . No drafting took place. The Madam from Sri Lanka who is trained in drafting legislation was so offended, by this babysitting work, she resigned. Not a word from SNP, DP, PDM, they all just played along with PL.

4.     Attorney General Not suppose to change Terms and Conditions of Report
In the pre condition meetings with Jean Paul Adam for PL and the Election Commission, along with all other parties, it was agreed and fully supported by the Commonwealth, that the Attorney General will not amend the recommendations of the report, nor draft legislation out side the scope of the REOPRT. Since the meetings started, the Attorney General has been given air time on SBC to say he can do whatever he likes with the Report. PDM, SNP, DP stayed silent. Why are they playing along with PL?

5.     National Assembly Not Suppose To Amend The Proposals
The Commonwealth went even further to say, that given the lack of implementation of democratic best practice in Seychelles since 1993, once these Electoral Reform proposals are put in draft form, the National Assembly must not amend them. This implies that the National Assembly is a bogus National Assembly without any credible standing. The Commonwealth of course is 100%. Yet, the SBC gave air time to Dr. Herminie , the Speaker of the one party state National Assembly, and he said on SBC: “ no one can question the powers of parliament and parliament can do what it likes to any Bill”.
In spite of this gross statement, giving these facts above, the PDM, SNP DP stayed silent knowing full well and good, PL was going to do what they please with these Reform proposals.

Mr. Ramkalawan complains that SFP BOYCOTTS only. SFP BOYCOTTS when the      ruling party steps on us and steps on Seychellois rights. BOYCOTT forces PL
hands and enforces respect. The Anse Aux Pins elections taught SNP this. But they endorsed a candidate in spite of BOYCOTTING. Pathetic.
Mr. Ramkalawan does not like BOYCOTTS. They are difficult for his nature. Similarly be does not like PROTEST. Yet, he is fond of quoting Nelson Mandela to fool the die hards in his party, who have been knocking their heads to the wall for over 20 years in vain. They support a pathetic man and worse then pathetic leader.

Nelson Mandela On Boycott:
“By and large, boycotts are recognized and accepted by the people as an effective and powerful weapon of political struggle.”
The problem of course, is Mr. Ramkalawan has caught a little of Ton Jim’s fever, he is not in a struggle, he is a self made Priest Millionaire, who cares more about getting along with PL, then he does about changing the country and bringing the struggle to VICTORY.
Bake Ya Ya is there waiting for you Father Pathetic, you are beyond belief, Pathetic!
We want to bring down this evil regime, not live in perfect harmony with it you political moron.
Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Written by Christopher Gill, Leader Of Seychelles Freedom Party.



  1. That is not a reform but a Band-Aid gaping wound.Any reform that does not represent all stakeholders and without public scrutiny is fake and should be void.

    Eltoral reforms,is a broad term that ocvers, among other tihngs,imptoving the reponsiveness of eletoral process to public desires and expectatio:Eletoral change can only be refered to as reforms,if it primary goal is to improve letoral processes,for instance,through fostering enhanced impartiality,inclusiveness,transparency,integrity and acuracy.The reform concocted by the Three stanch Stogges Ram,Volcere Nad Pierre just do not provide those conditions nor all politcal parites was involved in the process and no possiblitiy for the people to scrutinize what it.Thus is must be considered as VOID and can not and would not be accepted by the people.

    We all know the drill--Pp and three stanch stooges want to keep the status quo.On one hand to keep PP on Power illegally like Mugabe of Zimbabwe and for the stooges to keep the cash rolling into their coffers.

    Seychellois must reject this scum eletoral reform and should Pp and lapdogs insist --Oppostion parties which did not participate including the people of Seychelles must do two things--1)call for a referendum on this scum eletoral reform concocted by by Three stogges or restart the reform process by ensuring all Parites without exception participate.

    Now a piece of advice to RAM,Vocler,Buolle and PP --do not think we are going to allow to fake the result of eletion in 2016 ,like Mugabe is doing tfor a promise you---Should you try to fake the lection to keep PP artifically of power --I am going to use force Pp and you will not be judged in a court room or be imprisonemnt, but judge and punished on spot of your arrest like Ghadafi,Seychelles after 2016 will not be rule by a handful of state terrorsists and clics like RAM--Seychelles will be free by democratic election,by mass street portest or force.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. Well said Gill. Ramkalawan has been a waste of time and costly for all of Seychelles.

  3. The Electoral System in Seychelles is unfortunately now bankrupt. Less then 3% of the people inspected their names on the list in 2013.

    The Reform has been done in secrecy.

    The changes will be done in the open now, by AG and National Assembly.

    RAM has played the fool again and again and again.

    How many times does a man play a fool before the People understand, he was just a fool all along.

    There are no words to describe this incompetency. PL fellows were drinking last night and they were laughing at RAM all night. They could not believe, that he went thru the reform without Michel,without Faure, without SBC. They just thanked their lucky stars because they were afraid Gill would rail road them in front of the Nation.

  4. 2016 Pp will see us using force with those fake politifes like Ram.Boulle are not ready to bring seselwa change and out of this mess they are just sell out of their land and their peoples.And after we will decide a democratic eclection and a fair one this eclectoral reform we will never accept it PP and Govinden.PP want to smell gun powder than you will smell it be prepair.apre zot a dir pa tir zot.


  5. Yes they afraid of being remove in democratic election.But one think they must not think we are going to allow them to do namely rape again election to keep Pp in power.

    Waht we have seen in Zimbabwe would not be repeated in 2016 in this cOuntry.PP WILL GO VONLUNTARILY OR BY FORCE.

    dsONOT WORRY ABOUT RAM ;VOLCER;PIERRE GOVINDEN they will be wiped too and that according to the gravitiy of their crimes.

    You FAR allow told them ,"No one will change this sytem"Well,i am not only going to show Pp that i will change this sytem,but i can also punish them.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. Under PP everything is Fake,fake lections,fake promises,fake reforms,fake economy and toursists arrival figures,empty words,etc...this are the hallmarks of PP terorrist organization.

    The whole process in itslef is unconstituional for not all parties were invovled and no possiblity for public scrutiny the main concerned.

    Pp,RAM,VOLCER;BUOLLE think it is fait acompli"and might think we will let them deform electoral process to keep them on power.But be sure this will not happen again.The Butcher robbed election in 2008,this was the last ever elections PP raped.In 2016,in this 21st century,no terorrists would be allowed to enslave seychellois anymore.If they do not bleive well just wait until 2016 and simply rob election by fraud,i asure you FAURE will not even have the Time to swear in.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  7. The people canno0t approve a eletoral reform without seeing the copy for PP never made things public in order to be scrutinized by the people.This in itslef make PP/RAm eletoral reform illegitimate.

    We will not agree on disagreement PP/RAM,and disagreements cannot be implemented ,they are simply unimplementable.Your Reforms is simply unimplemntable ,thus we the People will reject this reform for it does not reflect our will.

    No to organized state crimes and state terrorsism.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. The opposition knows full well that the key element to change the political landscape and to win a majority of votes in Seychelles, is allowing Seychellois living overseas to vote. With the modern technologies,it would be easy for the Diasporas to cast their votes wherever they are in the global village.
    Again the opposition failed to hear the call from Mr. Gill to boycott, see what happened in Zimbabwe? Morgan Tsvangirai should never have joined the Government of Mugabe and helped to replenished the shelves in the shops. Same thing has happened in Seychelles, remember the days of 'napa'? Let the vermins rule by themselves until they bankrupt the country twice over, and when they are all dead then they can be buried for good!
    The day will come when St.Ange will rue for what he is doing for tourism, Pierre for being a stooge in a fake National Assembly and Ramkalawan for being a deja-vue for too long.

  9. Seselwa observers are also to blame,if voilence go in the streets in Zibabwe by helping AU observers to manupilate vote and fraud to keep Mugabe in power like they do in Seychelles election keep pp criminals in power.

  10. St. Ange on the way out. He was rewarded the Ministerial post for spying on SNP when they had to. Now they don't, they just call Ramkalawan and learn whatever they want to know.

    Now he is going out. The PL have realized what we knew all along: St. Ange is no substance, just BULLSHIT!

    Bye Alain.

  11. Another glaring example that election in Seychelles is useless and a sham is to look at what is happening in Iran. No matter who is elected as President by Pp, the real power never change it always stays with Albert Rene who behaves like a grand Ayatollah. Do not believe that he has moved away from politic, he is still there pulling all the strings behind the curtain! The whole system is a fraud to deceive international communities, like in Iran the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has to approve that Rouhani becomes President, so every presidential election that Pp holds in Seychelles is a farce!

  12. Did you know that Ramados is back in Seychelles? and who he went to see on arrival? Yes, the grand Ayatollah himself and he has the clearance to carry on business as usual, at least for now! Expect more news to come on this item soon.

  13. RAM says he gave his life to a cause and we should respect this.RAM in the time he has been in opposition has become a millionaire, he is filling his pocket. This is why people do not respect RAM. He is doing tricks with PL in secret. This is why we have had enough of him. RAM you are washed up.

  14. In competive authoritarian sytem like IRAN,Seychelles,Zimbabwe,elections are never won by votes but by fraud.Afrcian Boservers regardless from where they come ,are simply incompetent as African dictators.For instance,ex-Prsident of Nigeria demonstrated his incompetencyby saying"The election in Zimbabwe was free and fair"but when on to say"But there are some irregularities that need to be dealt with" So for Him irrregularities means fairness.M

    Morevoer,Pp dreams is to bring the same incomptents in Zimbabwe eletion as Observers in 2016,that is why ZUMA is going and coming to Seychelles---trying to figure out with Pp how the will tthey legitmiate Pp manipulation in 2016.But my adivce to PP,do not even try it ,for unlikw ZImbabwe who stay passive in the eyes of fraud,We will reject any rig Elction and if we can not choose our leader,we will challenge PP in the streets.We will PP/RAM come a reclaim our vote back in the streets.

    Be careful of those Olive branches and freedom drums RAM.Itmight well end up as Ghadafi.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  15. I would like to address Mr. Ramkalawan, it is clear Christopher Gill has exposed some serious issues in this article.

    Why are you silent?

    Were these the preconditions that were broken by the PL?

    Why was SBC not present?

    Why was AG office not drafting Bill at the Reform meetings?

    Why did you allow James Michel and Danny Faure to not be present in meetings when they are the leadership of PL?

    Why did you not work with Mr. Gill to seek the agreement of PL to not change the REFORM submissions?

    As a Seychellois who has voted for you all these years, I am shocked by these allegations if true.

    Please explain your position. If not, you should go back to the priest hood and let others with know how and courage move Seychelles to change.

    If you could not do the job in the last 20 years are you going to do it in the next 20 years?

    I will be dead by then and guess what Mr. Ramkalawan- so will you.

    Please explain to the people what happen. You owe us that after all we have been through.

  16. He is silent,for he posed by abstention which is a quality of a uncalable leader.By doing so it allows him refus to escape from his responsiblity.RAM has demontrated on several occasions that he simply does not have the moral capacity to resist the temptation of doing wrong when the oppoertunity present to him.

    Moreover,you must know that from the very beginning (that is when he was recruited by Oglivy Berlouis at SEPEC as SPY)he was indoctrinated and picked up to play the role of fake oppostion leader to give Internationla opinions the illusion that PP thugocracy is democratic.RAM never came into politics by convictions or becuase he think he could propose an alteranitve to PP,but to be the clown in Pp's circus to fool and divide our people thus by doing so keep PP for internity on power.

    That RAm parrot against PP in REGAR then refuse regardless on which issue not join the other Opposition on issues they sahre the same views simply becuase it his role to divide the Oppostion.For a UNITED OPPOSITION ,PP knows too well that a united Oppostion would send them without diffculty send Pp to bustbin of history.

    And you might have also asked him--Why refusing SBC to braodcast the debate live?Well,for the public,his supporters would have found out what for a crook he is.

    As you say,We would like RAM to come public and give the people a clear explanation for his slavish Behaviour towards PP thugs.

    Jeanne DArc

  17. Mr. Ramkalwan answer the questions.

    We did not support you so you can avoid answers. Show them you know your stuff.

  18. Ya Wavel dir li. repon li. pa reste trankil parey delo pi !

  19. He cannot answer.He is aworn out cuckoo clock .Even if PP wind it up continuosly ,he continues to give wrong time.Like PP ministers who never come to answer the free press' questions, back on their offical visits,RAM seems to have the same problem as PP thugtocrats,namely escaping responsiblity,It is a sign of politcal malaise.Donot pressure him ,he might have a heart attack.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  20. Pierre said million lost in goverment coffers will never happen again,we have hear this so many time this word.seselwa dont want only that it never happen again we want to see justice for all.

    Any way Ram also say the same thing when he was opposition leader in the assembly,but today his pocket are full with stolen money from our coffers his mouth is shut his full.


  21. My question again will any politicians in Seychelles fight for seselwa abroad to have their right to vote?

    Aswer please Mr politicians! i want to come and invest in my country,but i dont want to invest now because Ssychelles is in a mess with corruption by SPUP dictators and they been bankrupt seen years.

    TO Pierre under you as a fake opposition leader you been paid for doing nothing just a clown in the house under you more billion will be desapear in the future,under Ram trillion have desapear under his reponsability as a opposition leader for doing nothing letting pp crooks transfer trillion on their account oversea now its your turn pIERRE?

  22. SFp as you should have recongize by now,was ans is still the onlypolitcal party which raised the question years back and still fighting for all Seycvhellois citizens to be able to exercise their legitimate fundamental civl right. Not sepaking about it on a daily baiss doesnot means SFP is not active,pushing to ensure that our citizen aborad enjoy thier fundamnetal rights.Action speaks louder than words.I know many Seychellois would like to hear more often on our progress or determination,but be sure its determination is intact and unbreakable.noone not even Khalifa wil stop SFp from doiing what it consider is right for the people of Seychellois--thus Sesel Pou Seselwa forever!

    Now you should never belvie that Pp CUCKOOS RAm,Volcer and Judah and Buolle would ever fight for our citizens rights ,hisotry shows they never had done anything positive ,constructive for this country and people but rather prostitutes with Pp state terrorists nad Arab camels to enslave Seychellois.

    The fight continues and only victory will stop SFP from fighting for our people abroad.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  23. Pp is talking about developing our own fishing industry--but the strange things is that OCEANA is owed by one Seychellois with 49 percent shares and the rest with be for a RSIIAN oligar.Such a company PP should be owe by govenemnt due to its importance for our economy not by two individuals maron.Such pratices will rbo our EEZ dry without our Nation beenfiting to the maximum-LIke other african dictators Pp thugs sell out everything instead of exploiting oursleves and pleased themselves with a handful of peanuts which is one of the cuases what Afircan/seychelles economy is stagnated and their people the poorest in the world.

    Seychellois need their own TUnaSEINERs that is National owed Fishing industry not URSSIAN oligars or Arab Cammels or any other ofriegners maron.

    When would Pp monkeys get things right?

    Jeanne D?Arc

  24. Seychelles Opposition must decide once and for all what they want to do, continue with the same strategy as Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe did or face the next election in unity with a defined strategy.
    Morgan Tsvangirai almost succeeded to bring down the Government of Mugabe but he was naive to join the Government when Mugabe was weakest and helped to replenish the shelves in the shops. He wanted to be Prime Minister whilst at the same time the opposition leader! The temptation of opulence clouded his political vision. There are several similarities in Seychelles politics, Mancham was too much in a hurry to return, Ferrari was never in agreement with any body, and at the end there was a weak constitution where Rene got away with all he wanted - No vote for Seychellois overseas and a National Flag that looks almost like the old SPUP's raising sun-flag. Now we have St.Ange and others praising the land of 'Napa' and bankruptcy. At this rate, soon there will be nothing left of old Seychelles, sell baby sell policy is only a financial quick-fix for individuals.
    For Christ sake, decide on a long term strategy that will be best to bring complete change to the country.

  25. The question should be put to the Shamebolic fake Oppostion leeaders -- cuckoos RAM;VOLCER;BUOLLE ;and JUDDAH who make PP dominance possible.As to >SFP it has invited and still inviting the three cuckoos to come around a round table to get thing done.You know what,the three cuckoos instead went to participate in PP's fake electoral reform which sooner than latter Cuckoo RAm will tell you it is perfect.

    UNIY of the Oppostion of course is needed and should it happen ,they can topple PP overnight without a shot for the people who have on the part showed that they are ready(Proof-Takakama,La Misere,La Digue)what is missing to unite Seychellois on a National lelvel is a United Oppostion.

    The problem of the Oppostion is not a different in ideology but those bribed Cuckoos to the likes of RAM who was paid to become Oppostion with the ultimate goal to divide real Oppostion in order to keep Pp on Power.Such leaders are not doing politics becuase they are competent,offer alterantives to PP crooked policies,or becuase the morally care about their poeple but simply to divide,conspire against the people of Seychelles for money.What would be called in Italy as Mafias.

    it is rare to see those Cucukoos undertaking a thorough analysis and critics of the crooked terrorists gang's policies,prgrams and projects.If they do is just lip service and never follow by actions.

    if they were serious and really care for the country and people ,they can play vital role instead of simply waiting and preapring for elections.They can help build consensus aggregate the interests of their members and broader society.They can articulate their preferences and choice and educate the wider community.They can promote debates,dialogues,and antioanl conversation on issuesmproblems and the direction of the country.They are best positioned to build and institutionalize a democratic culture.If Oppostion parties are to succeed,they must unite and take actions.

    Unity does not means agreeing on all issues but simply finding common ground on issues they all share for instance,democracy,Huamn right ,fre and fair elctions etc...

    Thus waht Seychelles needs is then "A UNITED PRINCIPLED DEMOCRATIC OPPOSTION:Such an Oppostion is built on the foundation of values of tolerance,cooperation and compromise.A united Oppostion is consensus based and results in a coalition of divergent interest and groups.The coalition provides a forum to work together not only to compete in elections but also to formulating broad based policies,proving broader representation of electorate,and broader representation of the views and demands of the majority.Since a wide consensus of opinions necessary in coalitions,policies and actions will be examined thoroughly before being presented to the public.Coalitions provide a basis for good goverance,because their decisions are made in the interest of the majority of the people.Coalitions sometime may sometimes be fractous but the tendency to build consesnsus foten overcomes that impulse.

    Coalition is possible what is left is that those Cuckoos-take their responsibility and do the right things instead of collaborating in the enslavement of their people by Pp terrorists.

    United we stand,divided we fall!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  26. I think Seychelles immigration should start thinking of changing its law.Why?Because to much drugs courier from Africa and Asia and midelleast are coming on our shore.

    Seychelles should start to introdue visa application for some african countries and Asian countries and mideeleast and Seselwa should start to debate on this issue,because we have to much drug courier coming in and going out when they want from Kenya,Pakistan ect to deliver their heroin in Seychelles to get money to sponser their brother muslim terorists like Taliban and Al.


  27. Now that Seychellois are being duped by Ramkalawan, may I ask Mr. Ramkalawan to declare his nett worth today. Is it: A. 25 million? B. 50 Million C. 75 Million or D. 100 Million.

    Thank you for replying as a responsible Public Figure.

    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  28. Ram what is your nett worth go ahead and answer Gill's question.

    Tell him.

    Tell all of Seychelles so he shuts up!

    Tell him it is 75 Million rupees and growing because you are a smart business man.

  29. Tell them Wavel tell them it is only 50 million and Michel is much richer by 500 Million. Go ahead Father Ramkalawan, be brave, tell the truth about your nett wealth as Mr. Gill asked and we all want to know.

    Oh yes, how many bedrooms does your 3 level green villa have?

    Is it true, does it have a elevator because your knees are bad?



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