Fake Opposition King With Fake Proposals!

President James Michel met with the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, Mr. David Pierre, today at State House.
The President and Mr. Pierre exchanged views of national as well as international importance.
Mr Pierre briefed the president on his recent participation at an international conference in Zambia on governance and accountability and finance.
They also discussed the work of the National Drugs Enforcement Agency (Seychelles). Mr. Pierre said that he has recommended that the Government provides this agency with the necessary resources so that they could deliver their duties to the highest level, so that the country can deal with the issue of drugs more efficiently.
They discussed lengthily the prospect for oil exploration in Seychelles.
In relation to the process of constitutional review, Mr Pierre spoke to the President about the necessity to ensure that there is provision in the Constitution for secondary laws regarding the National Assembly of Seychelles.
The Leader of Opposition spoke about the National Assembly’s Finance and Public Accounts Committee (FPAC) and he suggested that the Government gives the Auditor General all the resources that he requires in order to perform the auditing duties to the highest level. He stated that Government needs ministries and other public sector agencies to be totally accountable in the manner in which they spend public money and that in order for the country to achieve that, the Auditor General’s office needs extra reinforcement and equipment.


  1. The twin devil brother.They are both holding positions they were never chosen for by the people.they unite in the fake.They share the same traits---weak,lairs,coward,unskillful,unfaithful,bloody- thirty,creepy,self-centered.Let them play their comic show ,their time is getting to an end,they would have to face their crimes.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. Piere is willing stooge ,headless and meaningless.An Oppostion leader by appointment cannot in any way be genuine even when you present him shaking hands with his master each month on SBC.Yes Piere thinks by presenting himself with his evil brother Michel regularly on SBC ,he could achieve his goal by pretending to rperesnt the opposite.In fact each time he presented himself on SBc shaking hands with the Butcher ,it is a confessesion of a DUPE.

    Real Leaders are easy to identify Pierre---You can indetify them when they are marginalize and anathema to the masc media--surely you not one Judah.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. Here we go again, it is all a show of smoke and screen. Pierre is playing the clown for Pp and continuously speaking of more resources and highest performance just to have something to say. One can say 'highest performance' until one gets blue in the face but there is nothing achieving if there is no political will. Everything that happens in Seychelles in a mirage and doomed for failure. Watch out for the catastrophic result of all the buildings on the man-made islands when the world tide level rises as a consequence of Ice melting in the Artic Regions. Barry Faure's grand fraudulent scheme at Ile Soliel is also at risk too, better think and talk about that Pierre!

  4. Real Opposition leader(s) is/are never invited on SBC ,Pierre.Only morons are and you fake proposal do not impress any Seychellois not even a dog.


  6. David Pierre is a first class stooge. I wonder if he ever wonders whether he risk his life by doing what he does? Has money blinded him that much?
    Surely, asking for more money for SBC is a stooge move, when the country media is run by State House under what they call: "STATE HOUSE MEDIA PLAN" issued every week, which every SBC journalist must follow or lose their job.
    NDEA more funds? Funny he is asking for more money when NDEA is under scrutiny for possibly killing a young man in Praslin. NDEA is also suspended numerous Human Rights under their law and Pierre is silent to these issues. Example, Right to Privacy, Right to Prohibition of Search and Seizure without a Warrant or Probable Cause.
    Sesel Pou Seselwa!
    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  7. Sa liki Pierre give to a shark,the shark will not even want to bite a piece of him or smell him the shark will run away.

  8. "David Shark Repellant".

  9. David ti pran 15 milyon avek Danny Faure pou fer eleksyon.

  10. David i fer mwan malad. Son latet i parey en rice bowl man.

  11. He probably wonder the risk for his life but now and then , when he is not under hard drug influence.More fund for NDEA to pay for mercenaries so that become more brutal and murderous in the harassement of our People in their own Land.It could that intern some of those mercenaires are questioning their jobs or refusing to do the dirty jobs PP want them to do.

    Not need to throw him to a shark,he would not feel the pain.I think when my men would visit in 2016, I am sure he would go on his knees in front of them and cry out like GHADAFI "Donot kill me".You know what, I would ask my guys,to give him 15 seconds not to explain his criminal acts but to grow up his hair back on his baldhead,If he cannot do it, they would do it for him by force and for free.

  12. This ball head Pierre judas fake opposition just filling his pocket like Ram in the past.


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