Seychelles Implements Photo Voltic Fiasco Program To Protect PUC Inefficiency- Part One

Fake Rates To Keep PL In Power
The Seychelles, through the Seychelles Energy Commission and the PUC both run by Philip Morin a 1980’s engineer, who we supported in the past because he replaced a high price French Chairman, has kicked the bucket now with his ridiculous program on Photo-Voltic alternative energy program he is enforcing with the private sector.

Commercial Rates v/s Residential Rates
The legacy of inefficiency and lack of productivity is being enforced by Mr. Morin to suit his political puppeteers at PL. We expected professionalism from you Mr. Morin. Right now you are looking no better than your crony brother Charlie the golfing putz that plays 9 hole.
 Until today, after successive IMF programs, a wind with national bankruptcy, the PUC still charges commercial users a higher rate than residential users. This means the productive sector of the country, that earns money, is penalized and hence, the cost of earning money is heightened to the disadvantage of the economic producers on a national level of electricity and water. The effect is a classic Communist result of subsidizing water and electricity to make it cheap for residents the consumer side of an economy. If service is cheaper for residents, then abuse will continue to reign and non productive edge dulled at a national level.

Hide The Bills of Ministers and Ministries
Mr. Morin, PUC, Government of Seychelles- PL (Communists all of them), have cleverly fooled the IMF with a cunning argument, that only Jean Paul Adam could come up with: “Seychelles is a micro economy, and a micro state, and we must gradually phase in the electricity tariff increases on residents ( the non productive sector) and keep the commercial sector ( productive sector) subsidizing these tariffs, over Five (5) years, (until France Albert Rene and James Michel die)- add lip.”
The IMF  God only knows why, agreed with this ferry tail position.
The effect of this is investing in Seychelles over the next Five (5) years for electricity and water billing, will be the most expensive it has ever been.
Behind this smoke screen at ministers whose electricity bills goes unpaid, ministries that do not pay their bills, which the commercial sector pays by subsidy to PUC. What a nut house we live in….in Seychelles.

Thread softly IOT, Seybrew, and others that use water and electricity to remain productive.
What IMF failed to recall, is that Seychelles is a Middle Income Country. It can today, afford to pay for its electricity and water use, consumption on a level playing field. If residents can afford DSTV, Intelvision, Mobile phones, I pads, and be the No. 3 consumer of Beer in the World after Denmark No. 1 and Republic of Palau No. 2, they can pay their electricity bills and water bills at a non-subsidized rate. 
By subsidizing, electricity bills and water bills, what PL is doing is keeping the countries labor market inefficient, and worse, making the commercial sector non competitive.
The effect of this is lower production and lower revenue, and lower Gross Domestic Product (GDP) . This is why in part, growth rates burp at 1% , 2% per annum. It needs to be corrected urgently, as opposed to gradually for the people of the country to have relief from a bad prescription, that only hurts them in the long run. Lower productivity means lower wages or stagnant wages. It means less valuable opportunities for those who seek them. This results in economic flight of human capital, a classic reoccurring Communist problem. 
People of Seychelles, in our country we must not tolerate non-sense as Public Policy, we have been doing this for 35 years under PL.

Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. Surely we could harvest the energy from all the hot air produced by PL. There will be enough to power Seychelles. ///

  2. This policy says : "Seychelles is a No Go Zone For Investment". Even Prince Talal with his 450 Million US Dollar business investment of Raffles is losing money.

  3. Very insightful piece. Sounds like some funny business at PUC. I would not trust Morin's call on this. Solar panels will be allowed in Seychelles like the fax machine- after it is obsolete.

  4. Good article. PUC is advocating non competitive ness of Seychelles productivity. This is ridiculous.

  5. Morin has failed Seychellois and the country,he has been unqble to adapt to modern efficient and susatainable energy supply and production.

    Why should Businesses pay higher bill for the same product and supply Morin?I will put it anther way--Why should a Taxi Driver pay higher cost of fuel at the same supply station than a fisherman,or locals?Why should a Hotel pay higher cost for rice bought at the same shop than locl?You not what Morin,it is einequality,discrimination and robbery and that because of the fialures to adapt to the 21st century method and practices.

    Businesses should pay the user-time cost as household Morin not on market cost. beucase higher electricity bill for businesses is ---else it ia competitive disadvantage and deter future economic development.The failure to introduce renewable and sustainable (alterantive )energy such as the use of SOALR energy or even WIND (Not those ugly wind mills at Eden Isalnd9But using small,aesthetic and effective WINDMILL like MAGLEV`turbines could have reduced drastically thje cost of energy and the use of fossil fuel cost that has not keep to increase in the last 4 decades under PP even when fossil fuel cost drop drastically on world market.Should Morin done what Seychellois expected him to do namely rapid implementation of renewable energy,today.Morin would have had reduced the use of those higher-cost generators and electricity cost would have been very low indeed.

    Growth rates Morin,and you know what Dr Morin,a simple regression on a firm aoutcome of electricity price yield inconsistency based estimated of the effect of elettricity price due to the potential endogeneity of prices.

    Higher cost on businesses means pirce repercussion on customers.that is businesses must artificially and often unwanted increase the pirce of their products in order to cover high costs on for instance electricity etc...That is not good for businesses especially in a country(macroeconomy depanding mainly on a monoproduce tourism).and the toll is felt by all seizes of businesses from small to big.

    Sustainable and renewable enrgy use ,maybe switching from coal fuel to Natural gas wihhc is cheaper than oil.

    but what is clear ,to sovle our eletrcity shortage,high unjusticed price,and long -term sustainable energy use .we need to implememnt more rapidly the use on alterantive energy Morin.I know failure is a quality in the Ppmaybe you should take advice from SONNY PAYET ,a new generation of Engineering ,trained for years in Switzerland and who has learned about renewable energy and understand better the new mothds to the 21st century.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. Since rupee has been devaluated I guess dozens of times since Michel Took office, there should have been also an automatic tariff adjustment regime that would slightly at least reduce the cost of electricity.The automatic Tariff adjustment should be a system that factors in the exchange rate the rupee against the Dollars,and the fluctration in oil price at the international market.

    it is also time PUC take actions such as ----change to fuel to Gas generators-.increase use of renewable energy,reducing system loses,increase the use of energy efficient technologies,etc..etc..

  7. Paying different prices for the same product and service provided by the state is discriminatory, abuse of power and probably illegal. ///

  8. it is illegal,discrimatory,unacceptable------Should I buy a beer produce by Seybrew for higher price because I have a restaurant?No fo course.What I can do is buy an identical produce from a different private company higher than another company rproducing the same and that depends on each company means,ways,technology ,etc of production.A government cannot ask one groups to pay for the same thing differently.There is no reason that simply because I got a business I must pay ONE LITER OF WATER HIGHER than a Local but also the contrary.There is no justification for me to pay a PUBLICC TRANSPORT (BU TICKET higher than any individual because I am a business person.there no explanantion for me to pay for CABLE and WIRELESS higher Telephone bill for same service ,same provider,than someone without a business.

    Moring does not either expect to pay a Bluejean for an indain shop more than a local because he is earning a high salary than a fisherman.

    stop robbing the business community Partilepep.

    1. It's nothing short of economic vandalism. ///

  9. Katkoko was doing the same bullshit to tourists, same distance, same class but at a higher price compare to locals. The next thing will be because I'm black? This is the modern world people!!

    1. 4koko did the same thing to me, I'm a Seychellois living abroad, when I paid for a trip to Praslin, they doubled the price because I didn't have a valid Seychelles ID card. Someone told me that Air Seychelles domestic services were also at it. Politically sanctioned theft allowing the elite in PL to rob the masses. 4koko, keep the money, not only can water float a boat, it can sink it also.

    2. Take this advice from me.
      I am also a Seychellois living abroad and never renew my Seychelles Passport when it expired.
      What I did is carry my birth certificate and my old passport wherever I travel on the island. Voila!
      If you can say langate, lazarlang and leekey it proves that you are a seselwa rasin at its best. They can't charge you as tourist.

    3. I didn't know that a government that preaches "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity", were advising businesses to do the opposite. Thanks for the advise.

  10. You can be fairly sure that when a government slips an announcement out at nine o'clock on a Friday night, it is not proud of what it is doing. That is one of the only things that makes sense. ///

  11. Seychellois has not been proud of what Pp has been doing for last 5 decades. ,I guess nobody with a good brain should be proud of PP .FOR before anything,t.PP is a terrorists gang ----WHo is the criminals who would be proud of their crimes?Unless you a psychopath and serial killer to the Likes of Michel the Butcher.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  12. PUC is a State Enterprise therefore subject to abide by the Seychelles Charter of Fundamental Human Rights-
    Article 27.(1) Every person has a right to Equal Protection of the law.
    PUC is treating the class of Commercial users in a disadvantageous, unfair, selective manner as opposed to Residential users. PUC is subsidizing Residential users with cheap under market price electricity, while making Commercial Users pay the price, above market. This practice is illegal, and grossly unfair to the Commercial sector. It results in the under productivity of the Seychelles economy, discourages further business investment, makes Tourism Industry non competitive with other regional players that compete dollar to dollar for the same Tourist. Worse, then this, PUC uses this variance in its pricing scheme to subsidize electricity bills of houses of cronies and non paying ministries, when they run short on money.This encourages further inefficiencies in the management of the Seychelles Government.
    The 50% usage and sell back of only 50% is a Red Herring put out by PUC, to placate installers of Photo Voltaic technology with the objective that they fail in their mission and do not succeed in providing alternative energy to Seychelles.
    Because PUC led by Mr. Morin knows, the SUN does not send you a electricity bill every month.
    SCCI and SHTA must call PUC to come in line with best international practice, at the soonest time possible. Buying time on Business backs will only make all Seychellois suffer more of the same.

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  13. Competely agree---Yes we all equal under the law PP.Smae porducts from same company with the same quality must also be the same price for all customers.

    if Morin want different pirce for same products then Pp should privatize the company and allow competition then we would have different companies selling the same products for different pirce--which also mean Customers would be free to choose.


  14. The trade Commission has a duty to protect consumers rights and ensure that consumer protection laws are respected.

    Morin gives citizens under price eletricity bill top cizitens,and then rob businesses to compensate it..Pp is afraid that after all the suffering and sacrificed made by Seychellois already, a high electricty bill could be the missing drop of water that could make the cup brim over ,which could result in mass protests.So Morine got an idea"rob buisinesses to pay for my failures and incompetency,maybe they would not realize it".Where is NATCOF?

    Jeanne D'Arc

  15. Why the double standards to protect Mr. Morin's job? Morin can always go work for a hotel as an engineer. Raffles needs help with their generator, it is leaking diesel into the marsh.

  16. Durg fleo,teenager pregnancy,children abuse,domestic violence--all are the result of a failed state.socio-economic failure of a system

    Teenager pregnancy---Parents who had been made poor by Michel--has as first priority not their parental responsibility but figuring out how to make ends meet to survive--Pranetal responsibilities have become a secondary concern.And that creates domestic violence,that affect childrens and families with such socio-economic problems ,their teens are often victims of abuses,and you would often find teen mothers coming from the same families.CHildren abuse too is your crooked soico-economic policies that have brought all those curse ,literally ixisted 20 years ago in our country.Soon babies would be making babies if pp does not reduce expats and give Seychelles parents jobs in order to feed their kids and could then effectively exercise their paretnal responsibilities.

    Shame on You Michel!You the root of all those societal problems----

    Jeanne ?Darc


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