St. Ange trumps Morgan badly

May 02, 2014
Tourism and Transport Ministers are to meet in a historic first joint Ministerial Conference on Tourism and Air Transport in Africa on the 14 and 15 October 2014 in the Seychelles. The announcement was made following the signature of an agreement between the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization and the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) during the UNWTO Commission for Africa (CAF) Ministerial Meeting held in Angola last week.
The Tourism & Transport Ministerial Conference will address critical issues related to bridging air transport and tourism policies, including the current regulatory framework, taxation and the way forward in facilitating all the travel process. UNWTO is itself committed to improving air connectivity through a closer coordination of tourism and aviation policies to ensure sustained growth of the tourism sector and that of air transport.

It was Taleb Rifai, the Secretary General of the UNWTO and Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture who signed the agreement for the Seychelles to host this historic joint Ministerial Conference. The signature of the agreement was witnessed by Boubacar Djibo, the Director Air Transport Bureau of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and effected at the Commission for Africa (CAF) Ministerial Meeting in Angola.
About the joint Ministerial Conference between Tourism and Transport Ministers, the UNWTO stated: Tourism is considered as an engine of economic growth and development, especially for small and emerging economies. Intrinsically, tourism development has become a critical target for many governments, especially in developing countries. There is a general agreement that tourism is not only one of the most important export sectors that boost exchange earnings but also increases employment opportunities, prompt tourism industry growth and in virtue of this stands as a stimulus to the economy as a whole.
Reacting on the first edition of the UNWTO & ICAO (United Nations World Tourism Organization & International Civil Aviation Organization) Tourism and Transport Ministerial Conference to be held in Seychelles in October 2014, Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, said that the meeting between Tourism and Transport Ministers was overdue. "Seychelles salutes the effort by the UNWTO and the ICAO to make this Tourism and Transport Ministerial Conference a reality. We all know that it was needed and at the October Meeting in Seychelles a new page in history will written. As Seychelles we remain committed to unity as much in the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands and in Africa as we believe in unity in purpose to ensure that Tourism continues to make a major contribution to economic growth and development" Minister St.Ange said.
The Tourism & Transport Ministerial Conference is set to attract a very large number of Ministers to Seychelles this coming October. Tourism Organizations are also being invited for this historic meeting.


  1. Has SFP as well as proffesional in the tourism industry being telling you pp?It seems it is a mentally in the PP that when Seychellois tell them somethings they ignore unstill a foreigner come to tell them the same ,then only they bleive it.

    That tourism is an important industry for our economy ,is tacit,that it should create employment ti is alos tacit,but the later can not create imployment and would never create employment if Partielepepe continue to import cheap and massive amount of foreigners,,Thus should Pp want to create employment then it would have to change its crooked policy of dependenind of cheap exapt workers,trained seychellois and implememnt policies that would force those importing cheap expats(not becuase we do not have lcoals but soelyl beucase of profit)to start activily training and recruititng locals then economy gorwth can be boosted.

    We donot have to wait for a foreigner to come and tell us that the oturism industry and National carrier is interwind,and complememnt each other--it is a fact long proven---ONly pp donkeys just to please Khalfia fialed to accept this fact either by ignorance,incompetency or simply becuase the felt to have a slavish comimitment toward an Arab depot cname Khalfia.
    That the two department thus tourism indusrtry nad transport must wait for a foreigner or foriegn organization to make them understand that the two department have to work together to have a successful tourism industry and boost growth ,ti is tacit for Seychellois ,but unknown it seen to St Ange and Morgan .

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. St Ange did trumped Morgan badly,but failures are qualities in the PP,St Ange words do not impress nor make PP understand the reality and hopefully pp would not change for they are convinced failures arec success.Unless maybe if a foreigner come over to tell them as always for Pp thinks when Seychellois tell them the reality and the truth it is just not true for Seychellois are stupid and premitive and could not know better than foriegners even shoudl it happent to be the most stupidiest foriegner.It is simply a slavish mentality inherited from some of PP embers ancestors like BUtcher Michel.

    What Mr Taleb is telling St Ange ,Proffessional s have been telling PP for years now,especially when PP unilaterally and illegally gifted our National Airline to Khalifa to achieve Khalifa dream namely making his airline the world biggest and that by destorying other Airlines.That Maldives our neigbour has been attracting high percentage of arrival should have long been a sign that the strategy of Morgan and St Ange are bad and should be changed.They both Fialure to idnetified this fact,until Mr Taleb told them that it is true.Me Taleb must even organizae a meeting soon to make thsoe DOnkeys understand and teach them how tourism and Nationa carrier cannot work without each other.

    You know what,this kinds of comportment by St Ange,Morgan and PP Shame Seychellois ,for it give the world a feel and make them genearate an idea that Seychellois are under civilized,under educated,good for nothing,uncapable,etc.....There is nothing to celebrate when we see Morgan,St Ange rediculeing our people becuae of their ignorance,stupidity,uncapability on world stage.It seems only them(st Nage/Morgan )have no problem about how the owrld redicule us,for they brainless.

    I hope after the meeting St NAge. and Morgan would learn something out of it,and not just smile non -stop like a mentality ill,and then fail the industry once agian.I would adivce both St Ange and Morgan to carry a taperecorder with them to ensure that they do undestand every word experts say,and in caese they forget what had been said they coula^d aways go back to the taperecorder to educate themselves.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  3. The words of St Ange,the words of SBC on Partielpep meber Hoarua,the înteranl fight betwwen pro and anti UNITY teaches us one thing namely that SFP hard work is bearing fruits and the fake Oppostion is disintegrating and having intern fighting.We would look,commnet on their fights,and look how them destory each other after decades of collaborating to rob and enslave Seychelles.

    We will ensure that the exposure continue becuase it is that which has brough the fake oppostion and partielepe in the confusion and in fight they conducting.
    Let them destory themselves.they been long destroying Seychellis they somehow paying for their own made. up.

  4. As the adage goes if you cannot see it,you cannot find it--it is a quality of partilepep.

  5. Morgan projects air seychelles at the expense of open routes for other Airlines. This is making the tourism industry suffer because too many room nights and beds go un filled. Cost are fix.
    Catamaran business is eating hotels alive.

    That will not be the case if you have more flights and cordon ate with rooms.

  6. For years the Ministry of Tourism has been separated from Ministry of Transport.
    Morgan did his thing. St. Ange did his.
    Now we do not have any direct flights from our main market Europe except for one single flight per week on Condor.
    Come on guys get your act together and do things for Seychelles, stop fighting between the two of you and work to find a sensible solution to open our skies and get direct flights to Seychelles, our markets are crying or it.
    Alain St. Ange has done wonders in marketing for Seychelles, well beyond the doldrum years of Maurice Lousteau Lallane. No one will deny this.
    But St. Ange and the PL must take it beyond marketing props. We need to connect the marketing effort of the destination which is successful with direct flights.
    It is of no use to us all if we have the best Carnival in the World, with press from 70 media houses, if we do not have direct flights from our main markets.
    Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  7. I think they will let Seychelles Airways fly this route starting in July this year if all thing goes well.

  8. They are fighting because they are jealousy between each other one are filling his pocket more than the other one that's make them go at each other or they don't have the same vision the one doing better take the one for doing wrong.


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