Seychelles Airline Policy Destroying Tourism Market


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    Seychelles Reality Today.

  2. Seychelles airline policy under Pp has one sole object namely ensure that rules are so that would discourage airlines TO FLYING TO Seychelles OR Operating direct flight to Seychelles to FAVOURED ETIHAD(MONOPOLY) .Pp does not even interesting about Arrivals,Toursim industry though now and then they come on SBC to try and make us believe the care about our Tourism Industry.

    Condiditons for ETIHAD is not the same as for any other airlines twhcih would like to operate flights to our shores,and this policy in pre-meditated ans aim at allowing ETIHAD to monopolize the route for Khalifa interest not our country nor our tourism industry ,This is crooked policy that must be stop immediately else all in the industry should get together and take into the streets to stop Pp thugs from destroying our main industry.To prove that the policy is pre-meditated ,though on amny occasions the concern has been brought forward including public critics from St Ange ,PP seems not to care and just do not act or even attempt to change though Air Seychelles has the Biggest share in the deal with Etihad and should not be the scapegoat but as Biggest shareholder the main decision maker.

    When you challenge Pp on the WHY we have less arrival than our neighbours Its excuse is always the same namely---There is a financial crisis in our main market .Well Pp the financial crisis is literally over,and the arrivals we see in Maldives,Mauritius are made of the same visitors who you told us are affected by financial crisis. or global economic probleThe tourism industry and all related tourism busineses must get together(and you are the biggest Industry in the country and the main legal reveneues of our land),come out ,once and for all,screw Morgan and pp thugees.Together you must stand and act--by sending a first step a petition to Morgan,if he donot act you must modilise the whole country behind you(which is possible for most family has one or two of their parents ,sister,brother affected).

    SHTA,St Ange is he was truthful in regards to his criticism of Morgan,etc..etc..

    We cannot let a gang of idiots,thieves,wicked bullshit the whole industry and destroy our main source of revenues of the country.Those donkeys are not affected by any crisis,fiancial problems for they have stolen billions from our coffers and now enjoying a lavish life.They get their money from corruption,from Chinese,Khalifa ,or rob all money given to them in form of foreign Aids.

    it is time to screw from marons.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  3. Understanding trhe impacts on demand of every air transport policy decision is an essential consideration ,without it,uncertainty over demand lead to ineffective,counter-productive decisions as Morgan and Pp have proven.

    Pp policy seems protectionism -not to favour the National Airline or to benefit our country's tourism industry ,the latter seems secondary to Pp,the pirme objective of PP in ti airline policy is to ensure ETIHAD has the momopoly in order to please Khalifa /ETIAHD objective which is to become the first world Airline.

    And to discourage other airlines and ensure EITAHD monopoly --Pp has deliberately,pre-mediatetively put in place all kinds of disadvantage policy in palce ro discourage others from operating to our shores.This is the soel object behind PP policy nothing else--High landing and parking fee for others airlines ,but free landing fee for ETIHAD etc..etc...

    Air transport does not only provides economic benefits from the tourism industry but for CARGO SHIPPERS,but also by connecting individuals and businesses to global markets.Modern,Just-in-time,and multi-national businesses are made possible by global airline networks.Yet,pp government deliberately and pre-meditatively fail to recognize this,and continue to implement Air transport policies that are definitely not at the best interest of our country,people,but also the aviation industry and wider economy.
    You have a monopolistic Airport that raises charges but does not improve services to cope with demand.A government that impose high tax of passengers and other airlines (not ETIHAD)are taking advantage of less sensitive movements in demand at national level to raise revenue at industry's level.

    AIR TRAVEL demand ELASTICITIES Morgan/PP.--the elasticity fo air travel demand varies .Competition provides this elasticity---travelers are concern with price afforditiy ,rapidity,possibility of access etc....Impeding other Iarlines to operate by pre-meditatively putting irresponsible policies of the jungles in place not only discourage other Airlines from operating to our shores but also travelers from coming..So if arrival has been stagnating since PP unilaterally made deal with ETiHad you must not be is all in the crooked pp policy.

    Pasengers are snestive to price especially with Low Cost Airlines' offers ,when you monopolize to favor not our country industry or even your National Airline then they go even if they would have like to come to our shores elsewhere there is aviable choices between Airlines and different price offers than PP actual policy that has and would keep destroying our tourism industry and thereby our economy.Having more airlines DONKEYS allow competition thus price become interesting ,thus allowing more travelers to opt for our shores.

    Pp is killing not only our TOURISM industry but our economy--they must be stopped before these donkeys destroy completely our society.We cannot afford than a gang of Donkeys with some foreign crooked to the likes of Khalifa destroy our proud Nation--we must destroy them.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Air connectivity--the higher the level of connectivity,the greater will be the level of access to our shores.

    policies limiting air connectivity present one of the major barriers to growth of travel and tourism.This is not only clear to professionals in the toursism mindutry but also by UNWTO'S Executive council for instance.

    recent research shows that the measure of connectivitiy is closely correlated with important economic varables including the degree of liberalization of Air transport markets.

    Pp policy is vested of single company ETIHAD ,this puts severe constraints on the access to our country.

    Transport and government decision can make a big different in destination available to tourists .The expansion of International tourism has a large impact on the discipline of transport geography.

    Morevoer,tourism .as an economic activitiy,is characterized b< high level of elasticity---As transport costs are significant,demands are highly influence by pirce /cosr fluctuations--------fopr that there must be competition between airlines not monopole by one Airline .Visitors want to move efficiently ,rapidity ,,and have choices of transportation means.

    Morgan does not get it.Bad air transport policy is not only affecting our tourism industry but most industries in Seychelles for we depend on export.We cannot let a few monkeys to the likes of Morgan destroy our economy because of ignorance,obssession to please Khalifa and iresponsible unilateral actions.

    We must react now.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  5. Partilepep puts Khalifa's interests before that of the country and people.For Morgan pleasing Khalifa in above National interests.These monkeys have not a single pinch of Patriotism in them. They are traitors.

  6. Has SFP told you monkeys to use SOLEIL ISLAND built with Tax payers' money and build a NEW TERMINAL thereby put our National Airport up to date and at the same level to our neighbours.What the hell you waiting for to do so monkeys?You still haven^t get rid with your sell out mentality monkeys?

  7. I look at the photos of second in commend in spdf field Marshall Clifford Roselin,zot vant Sa bougue pre pou Pete.can someone explain this please.soul yetnan madeleine.

  8. Right,it is the result of the SR 6 million he robbed in 2006.No investigation from Partilepep.You also read about Govinden report on the case of Jean Paul David.Govinden tells us,his mercenaries are not responsible just as the TAZAR soldier.In other words,the two Seychellois brutalized themselves wihle Gurkas watched them and do nothing.

    Not later than 2015 if partilpep fails to send those mercenaires back to their homeland, we would start an active cleaning up of our police stations from those mercenaries by force,Start preparing their coffins Govinden.We a sovereign Nation not part of NEPAL,foreigners have nothing to do in our country's defense forces.

  9. Mr J. P. David did not receive fair justice and he could not be happy with the outcome of the investigation as the Nation newspaper wants the people to believe. This is again another 'fixed' investigation by Pp in collision with A. G. Govinden.
    Probabilities of the fix are easy to assume:-
    1. Put the wrong suspects on the identification parade.
    2. Pay or blackmail the victim not to pick out the suspects.
    No direct evidence A. G.'s office says, but what about circumstantial evidences
    Mr Govinden? Probably you are not familiar with this legal term and it is why the Police is carrying on a departmental investigation of their own to hide some of their shame for corruption, political manipulation and spineless leadership.

  10. Minister Joel Morgan says load factor into Seychelles is 60%.

  11. Breaking News-

    John Stravens has been removed as Chairman of SHTA and removed from the Board.

  12. ARE THOSE OFFICERS STILL ON DUTY WHO BEAT MR J.P DAVID?They will repeat again next,but if next time your officers end in coma don't blame the youths blame Govinden mafia for not taking action with his officers.

  13. 06.51
    Govinden told us they brutalize themselves and he is calling in foreigner experts to conduct an extra investigation.Porbalby exprts that would be send by Mugabe,ZUMa,Sri Lankan President to fool Seychellois.You know that this case could be investigated not by an expert but by one of our fisherman ,and I asure you,ther fisherman would solve brilliantly the case within a week ,without the help on any expert for the case is cristal clear.

    The victim and PP mercneaires were the only individuals on the crime scene--If it is not them,Who then Govinden?If it not them since they were on the scene why they did npt see who was it then?Govinden has shown the unproffesionalism of our justice system but also shown that he is under qualified,as well as all those illegal foreign judges they brought in to rape our justice.Here also the only solution is the use of force.

    Jeanne D'Arc


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