MultiChoice cuts off all its content in the Seychelles; blocks all of its DStv channels and SuperSport to Intelvision subscribers.

 Pay-TV subscribers in the Seychelles are fuming after MultiChoice cut of all of its content in the Seychelles and blocked all of its DStv channels - including SuperSport - that was available on the island nation's only pay-TV provider Intelvision, leaving angry TV viewers with no access to any premier international sport.

The Seychelles News Agency reports that Intelvision is going to give its subscribers a refund of one week's pay-TV subscription value on the next invoice due to the blackout of MultiChoice's DStv channels on its system
 The exact reason for the blackout of the SuperSport and DStv content is unknown, but Intelvision told the Today in Seychelles newspaper that MultiChoice's content was cut off and will be replaced "by better quality channels" following complaints from subscribers about too many repeats.

There is however ongoing legal wranglings and litigation between MultiChoice Africa and Intelvision dating back to 2010, which started when MultiChoice Africa demanded that Intelvision stop downlinking and transmitting MultiChoice content after its contract between the satellite pay-TV providers had ended.

That court case resumed in July last year, and in Novemer 2013 yet another tussle between MultiChoice Africa and Intelvision bubbled up with MultiChoice Africa demanding $24 million in unpaid fees from Intelvision.


  1. Well, back to PLP mouthpiece, the lovely SBC....... So much for "free press" according to Ms Ferrari. ///

  2. Yes she collects her check from State House.
    Next thing Michel will do is make her Minister.
    Then he will say see: I have a St. Ange, Ferrari, Morgan, Georges. Pierre as Minister

  3. Intelvision have been distributing Multichoice's product illegally for a long time. They have made millions from Seselwa without a care in the world. I hope Multichoice will get justice in an independent cout of law. What intelvision can do is wind up the company and set it up again under a different name !

  4. Better make a deal with SKY, intelvision better quality picture for our money.

  5. Please drop all those pay cable, there are a device on the market that I can't mention the name. Do a research. Just hook on with your on-line computer and voila FREE CHANELS for life. Ofcourse it should be high speed.

  6. Intelvision had been favored by SPPF from the start and given preferences over other competitors, so this is what you get when a lesser company gets monopoly through corruption and political favours. Remember the days when Rene was telling Seychellois that they will get television channels 'par grab!' Well, we've heard the saying 'you rip what you sowed'.

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    Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United State. ///

  8. Check online Seychellios, ups cablecom good value for money or ups cablecom should set a branch in Seychelles to give intelvision competition that they can provide better service for Seychellios for their money.


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