SHTA Attempts To Revive After One Year of Blunders


  1. I recommend that members of the SHTA endorse the following Candidates-

    1. Albert Guillaume from Creole Travel Services. DMC's control 50% of our Tourism market and the their opinion and ideas must be inclusive on any issue that concerns the Tourism Trade;

    2. Cardon Sybille from Laurier. This is a businesswoman who gets things done, and she is hands on. I served as a member of the Board of Governors of the Praslin International School with her, and she is tough and objective oriented, SHTA needs the fresh blood.
    3. D'offay Eddie, a tourism Industry professional worth his weight in Gold.

    4. Elizabeth Maria, Authentic, La Digue, a small hotel operator that has excelled and La Digue must have a voice.

    5. Gangster , Christopher the large hotels, that have over invested, are feeling the pinch resulting from lack of adequate policies in place to cope with the expansion.The Raffles GM will bring that voice to the table.

    6. Hodul , Paul brings to the table practicality, experience, and historical record of the functioning of the SHTA and The Tourism Industry.
    7. Karkaria Freddy, DMC operator and experienced aviation specialist, his voice and ideas are critical at this stage.
    8. Alan Mason , Mason's Travel , another DMC with deep roots in Tourism and deep vested interests, high integrity, and can be trusted to do what is right for Tourism.
    9. Payet Alis Daniella, Frank when she has to be, capable as any, ambitious and energetic. Her energy, can drive the SHTA and Tourism issues when needed.
    10. Jean Lee Weeling, highly intelligent and capable, sits on numerous key boards including Air Seychelles, Constance, ties to companies that have invested heavily in Seychelles Tourism and now must chart a way out of the risk marsh for himself, his companies, and the Seychelles Tourism Industry will follow en-suite with his decisions.

    Fellow Trade members, the time to play games with our Tourism Industry is over. Too many things are not being calibrated and tweaked to make Tourism the successful bread earner of the country.

    Too many decisions have cracked the golden egg: Outrageous VAT rates, Burdened GOP process, unfettered drug trafficking that affects worker productivity and honest incentives. Today, Seychelles is price out of market, and we are seeing the affects of this.
    SHTA in my view, must retain a strong and firm posture when negotiating with Government. Simple.
    Failing this, it will become irrelevant while Seychelles goes through the next 10 years of IMF reform.

    The hour of back slapping and lap dancing with Government of Seychelles must past.

    Christopher Gill

  2. Definitively,It is high time SHTA get serious,and for that proffessionals in the industry are needed ,so that they can work and facilitate the full potential of the industry.

    Jeanne Dàrc

  3. The Tourism Industry counts on the SHTA to be frank, firm, and work in the interest of the Trade at all times.
    Given the history of Government's lack of understanding of how Tourism works, and their traditional heavy handed -ness, SHTA must reclaim its position as a honest and firm partner.
    Stop being the messenger of the Government, they already hire people to do that job.

  4. The opportunities for ensuring sustainability and prosperity through tourism are great,hence the point of departure must be the conviction that tourism ,in most cases one of the main means to achieving the necessary economic growth for the continued existence and future prosperity.SHTA must be the voice at all level of the industry for the development of our potential tourism industry in a highly competitive and sophisticated International environment.

    Thoug I donot know all the actors or candidants ,I do know some like Sybille ,DÔffay.Payet,Elisabeth ,Yes those persons are professional,hard working individuals,they have proven themselves,and it would be a plus for the tourism industry to have such devoted persons as members of the SHTA .

    Seychelles tourism industry have lots of potential ,in order to bring alive those potential the SHTA also need persons with potential,and talent.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  5. What has SHTA done for me this year?
    Nothing, aside from press releases from Government of Seychelles, giving me notice, they are prepared to screw me more and make my business harder then ever.
    John Stravens is a yoyo Yes man from an era gone by.

  6. That is Why we must choose people like those propose by Chris,for we cannot have more stravens bullshitting the industry anymore,else we would have to be bailed by IMF ,World Bank for the coming century.

    Jeanne DÀrc

  7. Partilepep built building two ,three story high but have no fire fighter Truck equipped with Ladders.

  8. Agreed, time for serious players. I am shocked we have not yet heard the introduction of "You First"!

  9. Why are our hotel rooms empty? Why are our roads empty? Why are our ferries empty? Why do charter business not have enough clients?
    Has Seychelles been struck with a plague of failure?

  10. Rooms are not empty but not beinf fill up at their capaicity--beucase there is no direct flight to connect our country with our main markets.The forced transit in DUBAI ,discourage tourists and too expensive and time comsuming.Charter businesses do not have enough clients for many hotels especially Fie star hotels provide All inclusive hat is they have their own boats thus affect locals boat cahrters---it is unsustainable.Seychellois have not been stuck with a plague of failure for they havenot been taken dicisions themselves for the last 5 decades,it is the crooked dictatorial system that has brought us into the mess and that must be changed rapidly either by peaceful protests or by force.

    Seychelles unlike her neighbor,s is the country that has lots of potential be it in regards to tourism and other non-tourism realted possibilitiy-Fo instance our Coral Islands could boost the tourism industry and make it the first destination in the region but unfortunately Nothing has bben done to develop those islands in a sustainable manner so that they can generate millions like MALDIVES DODES.We have the biggest EEZ in the region but still after 5 decades we have not even a single TUNA SIENER fleet while Foriegners who have been given access to our EEZ are making billions annually on our back not to mention the many ASIEN illegal fishing boats from China,Thailand Iran,Sir Lanka robbing our Natural resuorces with the collaboration of PP.We have tonnes of seaweeds that invade Narually our shores on each North East monson,there is ther a potential to use those seaweeds and convert them into Medicine---a lucrative business world wild but ignore by PP idiotsWe have the potential (with our neighbor )to develop the first ever CRUISE FLEET in the Indian Ocean(inexistent today compare to oter tourism destination like the Caribbeans,Medditerrean,Pacific where there are even too much) a lucrative business that could also generate milllions in revenue but ignore by PP idiots.We have the possibility to create an import POULTRY farm on one of our Coral Islands to feed our Nation(food security)and supply many of countries in the region,but pp idiot ignore that and prefer to import Toxic,CHicken from Brazil teemd with ANTI_BIOTIC (no control of quality in Sechelles to see the over doses of ANTI BIOTIC in those chicken) that are bad for health thus increase healthcare) ,theother side of world which make the product expensive when reach our shores.
    We have the possibility to develop CRAB FARMING fro export,proccces SEA CUCUMBER locally and then export thus generate more revenues But PP idiot let Chinese come and rob us.In a word the potential are immense but unfortunately Seychelles are illegally rule by idiots with limitzed brain who cannot see further as their nose and live of illegality,sell out and other criminal activities like HuMan ,Drug trafficking,etc....

    Jeanne D'Arc


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