( For the first time since its introduction in 2011, The Notting Hill Road Show Company has not won the Seychelles Carnival`s Best International Float delegation.

This year, the accolade went to the Hai Cheng Stilt dancers from China.

The performers dazzled members of the public with an array of acrobatic moves on “stilts” in their colorful and intricate costumes.

They blended their performances which included traditional opera, acrobatics, dance, and music.

Although the Notting Hill Road Show Company, which has won the title for the past three consecutive years, came out this year with all guns blazing, armed with a revamped theme, it didn`t stop China from taking the lead.

The Hai Cheng Stilt dancers from the authentic folklore Liao Nan province said the first prize symbolizes the greatness of Chinese culture.

The group based their participation on a great Chinese proverb “winning first prize is winning for friendship,” the most important is remaining in the lead of the competition.

Jean Luc Lai Lam, Seychelles Tourism Board Manager China, who brought the group to Seychelles, said the prize will “reinforce Seychelles` visibility in the Chinese market.”

The 2014 Carnival procession for the international floats category was an intense contest between the twenty delegations from around the world.

The Notting Hill Road Show Company, unbeatable for the past three editions, took the second position, and Brazil`s School O Samba was third. The Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Seychelles Tourism Board congratulated China for pulling the first prize, Notting Hill Carnival of the UK for taking second place, and Brazil`s Carnival for winning third place. Representatives from the Ministry and Tourism Board said that they were so thankful for the big participation of international delegations in the 2014 edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria. The prize-giving ceremony was overseen by Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture; Sherin Naiken, the CEO of the Tourism Board; and Anne Lafortune, the PS for Tourism. The ceremony was witnessed by the Designated Minister, Vincent Meriton; Minister Mitsy Larue; and representatives from La Reunion, Madagascar, and Mayotte Tourism Offices, and well as by Pascal Viroleau, the CEO of the Vanilla Islands.


  1. Chines would probbaly win whatever international events that could take place in Seychelles even when they won't have competitors for Pp and China communists are eager and obssess to make Seychellois love them in order that maybe then the people of Seychelles would allow Chinese Naval to dance in their EEZ,a obssession of both Pp and CHina.It is a long term strategy and ambition by Chinese who is thinking more about their own miliatary might,and infleunce and having cvontrol over the Indian Ocean region than their paritcipation in Carvinal or gifting Pp a patrol boat.

    What i am interested to know is, .How much more or extra arrivals in toursits has those Carnival genrated so far(not juornalists and 1000 of foreigners Pp invisted and pay all inclusive for thme but i am talking about grnuine arrivials) .Before most attracting more arrivals is supposed to be the aim of the Carnival and St Ange objective, beofre anything.WHile the show itslef might have been nice,eye catching,the question that crops up is--should Seychellois tax payers continue to sposnor A Carnival that genrate loss than profit?

    Seychellois won last prize,for our people have second importance for PP,it is demonstrated in our Institutions from judiscairy,police,Ambassies,Ministries etc...

    It is also questionable that Brazil who are world known to performing the best Carnival ever and talented in dancing came third while Communsit CHina won first pLace.Stranger surely for ordinary Seychellois who know about the quality and proffesionalsim of Brazilain Carvianal story but sruely not surpriseing for Both Pp and HCHina communsist for it was pre-planned and the end result also was pre-determine, with the hope once again that Seychellois would fall in ,ove with China---so that after they can rape our EEZ.

    Of course those juoranlists would show therainbow Carnival in their country,but even if they would repeatedly say it was in Seychelles ,the eye catching attraction for their viewers would be those Foriegner talned gruops like the Brazilian Smaba gruop who would cartch more the eyes of viewers not Seychelles name.Thus in the end instead of advertising our Country in order to attraact tourists ,the end result would be advertising foriegner groups like the Brazilain Smaba group rather than Seychelles.WHcih would means,Seychelles governemnt imported,paid,and give foriegners a platfform to advertise their own countires and traditions on our strrets while we paid the bills.

    St Ange we would like to know for the multi-millions invested HOW MUCH REVENUES this CARNIVAL GENERATED and of course We would like to know how much increase in aarivals thecarnival genrated.It nothing ,though it was nice,it must be revited or cancel---we cannot operate at a lost---St Ange just for pleasure.Every cent count for Seychellois after PP bankrupted us,we cannot afford that millions are wasted top advertise foriegn culture and tradtions to the detriment of our own culture and tradtion.You NB St Ange Brazilain group show their cutlre and tradtion even on our Sohres namelySAMBA--not sega -WHy becuase that is what they are .it is not fake but real,A real produce of brazil thus worthful in the eyes of visitors which also expalin which Brazilain Carnival is the most popualr Carnival in the world.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  2. After the Carnival they would end up in our EEZ for illegal naval exercise,just as when they worked in goose march illegally in our stadium last june.After goose march the<y wre illegally firing rockets in our EEZ,WHICH SONFIRM THE WICKEDNESS AND BULLSHIT MENTALITY OF THE cHINESE ,WHO WOULD TRY TO FOOL OTHERS,ABUSE OTHERS AND PRETEND TO BE YOUR FRIEND AFTER.

    jEANNE d?aRC

  3. Prc using back door carnival to establish naval presence in Seychelles. More boats are coming, bigger. With more guns.

  4. Not only that.They need fish to feed the billions of them,this is where the damage have started.The fish stock in Seychelles is about to deplete.The Chinese hv got trawlers that sweep everything from the sea floor upwards leaving nothing as they eat everything.
    Seychelles is the next Somali.kaka lera from sfa.


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