Seychelles Nation Zooms On Planning Authority Bureaucrat Extremist

SBC has taken on the Planning Authority lynch man Gerald Hoarau the Chairman. Mr. Hoarau is a surveyor by profession, whose hobby is raising dogs and studying the Town and Country Planning Act of 1974 in his past time, which he refers to as the “Bible”. It is noteworthy that the private sector is suffering greatly from lack of sufficient land surveyors.
Mr. Hoarau has no children. Perhaps  he does not understand the pain he causes, when his procedures delay plans, for a family, and cost them money, beyond planning fees.
I wonder if Mr. Hoarau has ever sat down to calculate the damage he has done to the economy of Seychelles, over the years? It is tremendous, I suspect. Its time to put an end to it, and it is time to say Bye, Bye Mr. Hoarau if he cannot catch up to 2014.
The People of Seychelles, from all parties, except for the Seychelles Russian Club and Seychelles Arab League who get what they want from the Planning process, has had enough. 

Beware of Fanatics of The Unholy Bible
Mr. Hoarau has taken on a zealous fanatical convert state of mind concerning the Town and Country Planning Act of 1974, before most of us were ever born. He says on SBC, “there are too many tricks, by agents submitting works, they must be dealt with and punished severely……… they must be punished…they must feel the pain”.
The zeal that Mr. Hoarau says all these things is represented in his action over the last Two (2) years. It is clear to me, as a user of Planning, that Mr. Hoarau has declared war on dubious draughtsmen, and technically more proficient architects then himself.

Hoarau Forgot His Mandate
The world is changing from those early days of 1974. But Planning Authority is not changing. Mr. Hoarau is still calling a 1974 law: The Bible. Something is not clicking where it should.
To refresh our recollection, Mr. Hoarau had a mandate that appears he forgot when he took the post as Chairman of the Planning Authority. He was mandated to clear up the back log of planning applications; he was mandated to bring the Planning Authority into the digital age in the application, consideration, approval process. It seems he forgot this fundamental and important mandate, given the rapid lose of Human Resources and has chosen instead to become the hang man of the draughtsmen, and architects trying to earn a living, with what knowledge have, as best as they have, given the education the system has provided them. 
Mr. Hoarau forgot about the people behind the plans. Behind each application submitted in Eight copies, are real people, real families waiting for a house or investment. When they suffer, Seychelles economy suffers. When your image is bad, it spoils Seychelles image as an investment zone. You make Rupert Simon’s job at Seychelles Investment Bureau impossible.

Screw The Mandate
Applications must be submitted in Eight copies, hardcopy.
Why are applications not submitted by pen drive or electronic transfer, then forwarded by Planning on to other ministries instantly. Get rid of the paper Mr. Hoarau if the paper does not get rid of you before you act.
Mr. Hoarau says a reply is communicated in Six (6) weeks. What happen to Fourteen (14) days Mr. Hoarau? Each reply is Six (6) weeks and it can drag out for years like a court case. 
Mr. Hoarau does not tell us a hard truth: the ministries that receive the Eight  (8) copies, of applications, no longer have  capable human resources to study the plans, make valuable recommendations, and work effectively with the engineers, architects and developer. We have run out of qualified human resource in this field. It is over. They are gone. What we do have is not enough to cope with the demand.
Instead of amending the process, prioritize projects according to location ie more attention to Town projects vs, rural projects, Mr. Hoarau is hell bent on implementing all provisions of his Bible yet he forgets, the law is a colonial law and it is out dated, remedial, and is the single most predominate cause of slowing Seychelles economy, with his 100% support today. Beware of the over zealot bureaucrats  - allowed unfettered discretion he will destroy your country, to the point he will give Madagascar an opportunity to shine. 
One application request Mr. Hoarau ask that the foot print of buildings on a plot is not more than 20% of the total area. What are we going to do with the rest of the land? Leave it as a monument? The balance will have to be gardened. Who will do this, Mr. Hoarau? More GOP?
Another request Mr. Hoarau makes on the same application. Submit a topographical survey detailing all elevations, for a house. Mr. Hoarau, do you know we have a shortage of surveyors in Seychelles? Do you know how much a Topal cost? Yet you have a GIS and Google Earth available to see all contours of all land in Seychelles, accurately. My 13 year old uses it. Why Mr. Hoarau cannot use it?
After that is over with, Mr. Hoarau is not finished with us. He then ask us for a detail landscaping plan for plants and fauna with color schemes for a home.
Mr. Hoarau, you want to control our garden? That is what I call a control freak, proposing to control the garden of a private housing estate. Where did you go to school anyway? Cuba?
It is conclusive, that you have turned into a Town and Country Born Again Fanatic-extremist.
Time to go to save Seychelles!
If you want to stay Mr. Hoarau, take your Town and Country Planning Act, call me and I will bring my copy of the Constitution to you, and show you how you should interpret your inferior legislation to the Constitution in relation to every single issue of the Town and Country Planning Act. I offer this service for free, because I know no one in the AG office can interpret a Constitution in relation to inferior laws.
Then when you implement what I tell you, the GOS will love you, the People will love you, you will not have to rely on your dogs for love.
In the meantime, watch your back and get some body guards. Its open season on you, according to the State House Media Plan, the templates at SBC, and the  the Market. They say they raise the price of fish to Scr. 1,000.00 for Red Snapper because of you, since you gave the Russian a free for all. Is that true?

Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. keep up the good work Christopher Gill, we hear you. Is it possible that Kathleen Pillay are going to replace Wavel?

  2. Gerald Hoarau was placed at Planning Authority by James Michel.
    This is his mess.
    Hoarau is now killing the Seychellois business economy.
    He blames St. Ange.
    He blames Rolf Payet.
    He blames Architects.
    He blames draftsmen.
    He blames every single person that sits on the Planning Board.
    It is Gerald Hoarau fault.
    Hoarau- RESIGN or face the Boot!

  3. Another Waro? Wishy washy politics. He must be related to SNN.

  4. I am told the Russians & Arabs will always get what they want in Seychelles because our politi 'chien' y araze larzen.

  5. SBC ran the zoom program with Gerald Hoarau again this Sunday. This man is so petty. How can Michel have appointed such a small minded person to run the Planning Authority?
    How can Michel let our economy go to tatters with this man?
    How many Seychellois have suffered because of bad leadership under Mr. Hoarau at Planning.
    SBC should zoom in on Hoarau some more. Lets get to the bottom of it all.

  6. Hoarau pipi bonom.

  7. NDEA going island to island how to avoid deadly drugs and fight deadly drugs.UN have said the world have fail their fight against drugs and trillion have been spend with out success.
    NDEA you have to rid of pp escobar and Russians mafia to get rid of hard drugs on the island your fight against deadly drugs is just a fake for us, nu zet dan banan.Let them bring it on their private plane and after go island to island to promote fight against it.Why let it come on our shore in first place NDEA?be prepair NDEA when you come on Praslin to face question.
    Legalize cannabis then you can fight deadly drugs moron take example from country from South America and some state in the US.

  8. Even Far will tell you under his rule cannabis was growing and there was not that much crimes like today and that much unemployed like today.We put the blame on Michel a ruler that abuse power by bringing foreign criminal on our shore..

  9. Hpareua,has a feelling that the Planning authority is seomthing he inherited for God,and it is a his private.personal asset and can do as he wish.Moarau must know that he is the servant of the people not their master,and he is there to serve the people .Should Seychellois let one monkey to the likes of Hoarau bulsshit them?Of course,Not PP should act or the people should act in the place of Pp and get this monkey out of their insitution and go find a real job.

    Russians are being given illegally for brbe all kinds of favours,soon PUTIN who beleive everywhere there is a Russian community,the palce is RUSSIA as we see in KREMEA,where Russians who came to Ukraine during the Communisits ERA now thinks part of Ukriane must be for them.We could have ask them when the think they RUSSIA why not go back to RUSSAI(in SErbIA there is lots of Lands instead of bulsshitting the securitymstablitiy and sovereignty of a Ukriane?probably if we donot stop the RUSSIAN invasion of our land ,including INDAINS and the rests we could imagine having those kinds of imported conflicts ,tensions in our land.Not only Russdians.Most Indains shop keepers who were imported by Pp to our sohres,though ,not seychellois and the law no foreigners should poccess,buy land in our land,had bought land to build their shop on instead of leasing.

    Seychelles. Haorua is for Seychellois,i peice of advice if you cannot serve the people as you should,then DEGAE CONNARD.Donot force us to come and visit you in your home ,and make you respect the rule of law and the owner of this Land namely the people of Seychelles or you go monkey.
    if you have not understand that Seychelles is for Seychellois,which you should by now,well sooner than later you would have to be made understand.

    jeanne D'Arc

    jeanne DÂrc

  10. Haorua,should understand as a member of the planning authority he is to serve the people and his job is a CIVIC responsiblity of helping residetnd,businessses,and property owners articulate and achieve a vision for how they want their communities to look and function in the future.Haorau ingorance,arogant thinks the oppositie is his duty.Hoarau has nnever undwerstood that the Planning authority has both formal and informal roles designed by state and rules of law.(assigned duty or responsibility).Seycvhellois needs comeptent people working for therm and controlling heir institutions ,not arogant monkey who beleive they above the law and they personificate the law.


    JEANNE d'aRC

  11. Our institutions under Pp are all corrupt to the bone.where by you got crooked indivis^duals foten incompetent operating those institutions as personal asset or porperties.This pratice of impunity must be stopped by all means and soon.

    Haorau as proven that he is corrupt,incompetent and should be sacked.
    The people expect to have proffessional instotutions with competent individuals at their helms not party affliates just becuase they are party affliate but lack competency.

    While Seychellois expect the planning authority to re^spect rules and be strict in there aplication,the people also expect to see competent institutions that delevier ,adapt to needs and time.Time is money,each delay in a business person^s planning is costly and affect the eprson business and that cannot continue becuase we have incompetent like Hoarau who thinks the Planning office is his and can do what he wants.

    The process of making developemnt plan must be open , transparent,and most crucially inclusive.All interest indidivduals and organizations,at local,National levels must be given adequate opportunity to comments,or make submissions for considerations by "Not an appointed council BUT AN ELECTED COUNCIL PP"before the polcies ,objectives and measures to be include in the plan are dicided upon.
    memebers of the lected council must have the decision-making role,both active and driving role in the entire processs,from its inception to its finalization.They must listen and take into account views of communities.There is an onus of elected members of the council to fuflfill their resposnsiblity and functions in the common interests ,adhering to proper planning ,principles and facilitating the sustainable developemnt of the country.Illegal Sell out Hoarau/PP are not norms, not rules defined by the people ,they are crimie acts pereptuated by Pp gang of teorrists from the lasrt four decades and it must abd will be stop by two means--1)pp change itself or ") Pp will be changed by all means including force.All those who thinks they would get away if the opt for the last option.they making a big mistake of their crooked lives--for the contary will and be the only solution.

    We awaiting for Michel the butcher or stalinist FAURE to act,and that without delay.Stop selling our land to foreigners ans start taking care of the people.How if they think they not conpetent they should go,the instutions they control belong to the people and not teir personal assets.

    Developemnt plan Haorau--should be strategic>;should be catalyse for positve change a progresss,should anticipate fututre needs on an objective basis,role is to protect environment and heritage,developemnt plan in which sustainabel developemnt could be achieved,constency between palnning and strageties at different levels are essential,diverse communsity,should be addreessed,Yes codes and conducrs shouold be observe in making developemnt plan but not abuse Hoarau,etc..etc..etc..etc if you cannot repect rules and donot know your responsiblitiy Go home Hoarua.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  12. India time have come opposition win India election when Seychelles time will come.

    1. It was not only a win, they decimated the Congress Party and the Gandhi's firm grip on Indian poiltics...... Yes we can!! ///

  13. there is a necessity to modernize,simplify and make the planning authority,refrom rules or poorly managed process to adapt to the 21st century development needs.The prupose of planning authority is to help achieve sustainable development,for that the ogvernemnt mustrefrom,else as we can see now ,the planning authority bureaucracy and incompetency slow down or prevent people from building new homes,business projects,creating spaces and palces and bringing disused or neglected buildings in to productive use.

    To simplify and speed up planning approval process the planning authority should___Provide a National Planning policy Framework fro pallning system.The actual planning system should be discentralized----thus empowering Lcaol Authorities at districts level to make statutory districts' planning decisions about for instance planning casework,,compulsory purchase orders and land transaction case through the National Planning Policy framework.That local authorities prepare development plans (base on consultation with citizens) which would set up their overalls plans for development in their districts.This includes,,aking planning decisions,compulsory with law about determining most applications for planning permisioons.they can also offer pre-application advice to prospective developers and help enforcing planning law in their districts etc...While The National planning authority has trasfered some of its power to local authorities it can then concentrate on overseeing and supporting local authorities^ planning-making and planning decisions mainly by providing planning laws,National policy and guidance.

    Moreover,there is little need for a central planning authority to assume executive responsibilities.The Cnetral Autority should be reduce to an Advisory body,.When a body assume executive functions,it may indicate that the head of government or the PLANNERS themselves lack a proper understanding of the role of a central planning Agency;becuase it involves a transfer of responsibility to planning agency which only heads of government should possess,it may also indicates that the heads of government are unable or unwilling to face up to the implications of plan's objective and targets.

    The function of the planning authority is define as"assigned duty or activites"thus the planning authority shouls work with communities,local authorities,to craft long term and comprehensive plan,and for implementing that plan.The only Plan that the require the PLANNING AUTHORITY to prepare and recommend for approval should be the so call "COmprehensive plan or master plan".so there is not need that Hoarau is given extraordinary power ,in a centralized system---Cnetralization has shown lead to corruption,illegality,--as Khalfia's bunker ,and hotels construction in National Reserves such as on Ste Anne .Port LAunay etc....Decentralization would minimize corruption,make local authority accountable ,and help develop their districts according to the inhabitants needs and wishes and not that decided by centralize body which not necessaritly know the districts and their needs.It also avoid ruling party ofr poltical motive without necessarily delivering what really the inhabitants of a distrcits want.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  14. Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. ///

  15. In Seychelles we have fake opposition. So ruling party will remain until we have genuine opposition. Maybe, one day SFP will be recognised as the real opposition.

    1. did you say one day? SFP is already recognized as a real opposition, with about eight face book page supporting and working under the same banner,. Just a matter of time before we out our feet on the ground and starts having meeting ect..

  16. Itimidating pusher with Ak 47 is surely not the solution--Pushers are not the importeurs .NDEA should deal with Importeurs whitouht them there would be e^neither pushers nor consumers.Ask Michel who knows them all .for their names.

  17. Get that shit out of the planning authority immediately.local architects n draughtsman.

  18. For the sake of intellectual honesty, Mr. Hoarau has placed a young girl on my file and she has called me today to say the last outstanding plan for houses has been approved without any further delay.
    What about the rest of the back log, let's move those files along, and give Seychellois what they rightfully deserve?
    Mr. Hoarau should take my advise and seek assistance to bring the Town and Country Planning Act into conformity with the Constitution of Seychelles , Article 26 Article 27. Right now it is inconsistent with the law of the land.
    Thank you
    Christopher Gill

  19. This blog is getting things moving. Bravo Mr. Tall. Keep up the excellent work.

  20. It is bringing brought to our attention that Mr Gerry Hoarau does these delay tactics intentionally in search of "Goose".
    Now why would you do that to a Seychellois - Gerry ol' boy?
    We may just kick your little butt silly, and leave you with bones for your dogs to lick on.


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