John Stravens Out As Chairman of The Board


  1. Good move, it was high time to get him out of the board,for he was like cancer eating SHTA^s nerve system :.I wish all members good luck though I would have prefer to see persons Like Cardon Sybille rather than for instance,Jean Weeling etc... on this board.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. It is indeed late to move Mr. Stravens along. I personally asked him in the begining to the year to hold early elections.He ignored my request.

    At least now the waffling about will stop.

    The SHTA has suffered tremendously in esteem as an organization with its members, and with government over the time he led it. It will take a lot of work to rebuild the esteem position this organization held while led by Mr. Louis D'offay over 15 years.
    Mr. D'offay had a laser eye for issues that face the TRADE. He zeroed in on issues, fast, and listen to everyone, and positioned tacked the association in a professional manner, like a seasoned sailor, going through rough seas.
    We must now wait and see who is the next Chairperson. This move will make or break the SHTA.

    Jean Wheeling has served on numerous boards in the country. Among them is Constance Group. They have a heavy investment in Seychelles and they too are feeling the under performance in Tourism. This will impose on Mr. Weeling a need to do the right thing, for the entire Trade. If his companies sink, we will all sink It they float we will all float. Why? Because for his companies not to sink, we need more flights, and for that all players must be on board.
    It is unfortunate Sybille Carbon has not been elected. I advocated her candidacy, but perhaps the people on Mahe do not know this fantastic businesswoman well. She is highly capable. The Board can opt her in as a member under the Constitution.
    Congratulations to the newly elected Board Members!

    Christopher Gill

  3. Mr Gill, Sybille is a fabrike. She is a Swiss. Lets keep Sesel pou Seselwa.

  4. Butcher Michel preach about our children as teenager pregnancy ,child abuses boom in our land and that because of his ill socio-economic policy that has brought Seychellois families/parents in to extreme poverty.

    Improverish families often ended up in drug and alcohol abuse,which results increase domestic violence ,thataprents from losing their praental responsibilities,thus cannot supervise their kids ,child abuse and finally teenager pregancny.These problems are all realtead mainly to socio-economic and failure of society.

    You could imagine the psychological deasastres of thr teens,their health,and future.And the probability that their own kids repeat their mistake in real.

    -fOR THESE TEEANGERS MOTHERS lives and future are over----Teenage mothers are very unlikely to stay in education and training:In later life they lack qualification and skills what leads to limited career opportunities and unemployment thus become recipients of social benefits(the later does not exist in Seychelles) and living in a cycle of poverty and that their whole lives.

    OTHER CAUSES:Most pearents evade their children from talking about sex.In most cases ,they provide false information regarding sex and discourage their children to participate in any information discussion about sex(at home only for in school their no porgarmmes aim on this issue though there should be).It is a Tabu.
    _In Adwqaute Knowledge about safe sex,they have no acess to conventional methods of preventing pregnancy and the main reason for it,is that the are wither too embarrasseb of fear to seek information about it.

    -Exploitation by old perverse men.Aging discrepancy relationship between teens and adult menis a mian contribution to the fleoh.Teens with old men are more likely to carry the baby to term rather than have an abortion.
    -lack of contraception and educative programmes at school.

    When teenage girls when made pregnant by teen boys(both)should have financial support and psychological support from STATE.

    -Teenage girls made pregnant b<y Adult men(which a rape)the latter should search apprehended ,jail and then made to pay DOUBLE ALINOMY for both child and mother.
    -Real educational programmes on sexuality at schools.
    Family life educations-
    -MEDIA COMPAIGN on this issues--

    _Comapign on the risks such as the risk of HIV

    Part ONE

  5. There is other problems that must be dealt with in our society namely TOO MEN (and this floeh is at all lelvel of society involving intellectual as to the lowest level of society)anamely MEN who go around pregnant woemen than just flee from the paternal responsibilities.They do not just flee from their paternal responsbilites but more dramatic they go around pragnanting of women and again flee.

    Those irresponsible Men should be search ,apprehend and made to take their paternal responsibilities by all means.Not only finanancially but to raise up their kids.They should be named and shamed.In oder to trace them back,hospital should haver a system of keeping DAN data that could be use to find them.

    The other immoral case,is those men and women who made kids than abandone them and leave their kids as ORPAHN and thereby left the burden to the SATE and that just in order that they can go and enjoy a better lives for themselves.These men and women should be search ,apprehend,and though they would not take back their chid should be forced to finance the Child cares and that all their lives unoess proven by medical experts that they might haver mental disorders,etc....

    I can give a concrete case on PRASLIN.There a young girl at Cote `Dôr whose mother is a teacher trained at Uk University and Father a lawyer.they left their girl to the grandmother,fialed to take their parental responbilites simply because they want to get rid of the girl so that they can live the lives wuithout pranetal burden.The girl is know to be brilinat at school and that on all subjects ,you know what at 15 she got pregnant ,which means that she now has no future though her intelligent just because her parent rejected her and id not take their parental responsibilities.One could aks why those persons made kids and did not abort when they know theouold reject their kids.This must be stop .

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. Sybille is legal married to a Seychellois ,therefore her present is legal in Seychelles.She contribute genuinely to the economy of our country.The land tshe bought was done according to llegal procudures.While as I speak the Son of Dr Mitsy Lure is illegally selling land to foriegners at PASQUERE PRASLIN with the knowledge of Morgan and the planning authority.Sybille create jobs for Seychellois who would otherwise be unemployed or already fallen into durg abuses,Her love for Seychelles is genuine and real..Her businesss which is very successful has allow Pp to collect millions since its existence to pay back the astronomic debt PP created but also to sponsor Pp lavish life.Sybille is Belgium/SEYCELLOISE not a SWIIS and no one should question any body present ewhether she or he is Swiss,Europan or else married guinely that real love to a Seychellois according to the rlue of law on our land for the law she follows are laws dicided by Sechellois before Pp robbed our democracy.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  7. You right Chris,the board could opt her in as a member under the constitution but also to ensure that all level of the industry are represented namely from big hotels,small and medium ,guesthouses to restaurants.Tus creatin a real balance in the organization.Maybe,as the consittution can do for Her,other members from tourist related industry such as boat- charters,taxis,Travel angencies etc..should also have the chance to participate not active members of SHTC but consultants on certain issues when necessary.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  8. They just come and take and then go typical on the island.


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