Kalawan Makes A Fool of Himself Before Public Orders Act Board‏

Parade of Horribles
Recently the parade of horribles coming out of Kalawan has taken new heights. Members of SNP, what is left, must take to their knees, raise their hands to the Lord and beg him to take this buffon back into the Anglican Church to let us sort out our political challenges ourselves.

Bernard Georges To The Death
Kalawan has said in VIZYON, a blind A4 paper, that Bernard Georges will remain SNP until he dies and he is not joining PL. Georges for your information KALAWAN has been working for PL for years. Ask Terry Scholes.
It is most likely SNP will die before Bernard Georges dies, the way Kalawan is going.

Kalawan Call All Seychellois Prostitutes
To add insult to injury, when people question him about Georges giving the Speech De L'Honneur for James Michel on the launching of his book, Kalawan called Seychellois PROSTITUTES because we infer a hidden agenda behind the move. Georges for his part in his specch has said the past is the past as Mr. Michel says. Who the hell is Georges to casually pardon things, and move things along in the name of all Seychellois? I for one do not accept this.

Kalawan Files Appeal For POA
Worse then defend Goerges is his latest move to file a appeal before the POA Board, which avails himself of the jurisdiction of the Board. The Board, of course, ruled in his favor to give them credibility. In spite of Kalawan having a case before the Constitutional Court. This desperate priest failed politician is so desperate he gets into a cockpit and just presses all the buttons at once, not knowing what impact it will have. He could be a pilot for Malaysian airline Flight 377 at the rate he is going.

The POA Board is unconstitutional. Why would Kalawan go there to seek justice. It violates Article 160 (1) of the Constitution and usurps the constitutional authority of the Commissioner of Police. Secondly, it is a executive Branch appeals process that violates the principle of Separation of Powers. When a fundamental right is suppressed, the proper course of action is to go to the Constitutional Court or file a case in the Supreme Court.
It seems Kalawan has gone all JJ Spirit. Next time will see him and Bernard Georges in a singing competition on stage, competing for Michel's attention with David Pierre.
Kalawan has definately lost some marbles. He even went to 95 FM to claim this as a great victory.
..........when pigs and priests fly mon boy!


Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!


  1. Michel appointed you foreign judge from Uganda!its seem Michel hate Seychellios.

  2. Foreign judge who has no qualifications. Was he ever called to the bar? Having a bachelor of law degree and a diploma is no qualification to be a judge. Michel either gives us this guy real qualification or if he doesn't have any then terminate this contract. We need capable people running our institution.

  3. how can Michel get capable people, when he is not capable himself, oh please give me a break, give me a kitkat! will ya?

  4. Michel and co are violating our constitution we must stop it,its affecting Seychellios.

  5. Uganda,his friend with Joseph Kony war lord that special force are hunting down in the bush in Uganda.

  6. WHAT RAM IS SAYING IS IN THIS PICTURE IS se-ma-fot-se-ma-fot-se-ma-te-gran'n-fot. me ban'n Seselwa kouyon I ankor kontan mwan.


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