After Pressure From MSR-SFP Citizenship Bill Surfaces

Recently, the Citizenship Bill was discussed in the National Assembly without ever being Gazetted. Odd enough.

Minister Joel Morgan was on SBC in Extra, Extra, to reveal to the Public what his intentions are behind the Bill which falls under the purview of his ministry.

A MSR-SFP Partial Victory
Clearly, the PL have succumb to the pressures of the MSR and SFP who have single handedly exposed the bogus practice of: 1. Selling passports, 2. Allowing GOP workers to become Citizens, 3. Not making it easier for a person married Bona Fide to a Seychellois(e) to become a citizen, 4. Not provinding for a permanent resident status for non citizens. All these points, MSR and SFP have fought hard to expose the PL and the weakness in the process of attaining citizenship in Seychelles.

The outcome has been, that after years of abuse of the system, the use of a Seychelles Passport when travelling has become a dubious venture. At home we have witnessed the outright selling of our identity, the gradual loss of our patrimony to non Seychellois, and the displacement of bona fide seychellois, many of whom, their roots in the country, go back to Independence, back to colonial England, France, slavery, and even the first settlers to Seychelles consigned from La Reunion, Mauritius and France.

Cancel Citizenship
The PL being obsessed with the keeping of power, have provided that if any citizens get out of hand, they will cancel their citizenship.

This is another gross violation of human rights, not matter what a citizen has done. If a citizen commits a crime, he must do the time. To revoke citizenship will lead the citizen without a country. He will become a ward of the United Nations and international litigation will follow when such drastic measures are taken over a citizen. The provision renders the Constitution of Seychelles nothing more than toilet paper.  
The Fool
Games The Corrupt Play
The Economic Development Act (EDA) that had so much heat from OECD and tarnished Seychelles reputation so badly in 1994, is back in the form of the Citizenship Bill/Act. Under these provisions, a person can be granted citizenship by depositing investing $ 1 Million in Seychelles. Today, we know that is not more than a little house at Eden Island, or a single barefoot charter catamaran. Who are you kidding PL?

In no time like in 1994, the Sunday Times will be down to invest $ 1 Million to be granted citizenship. Ironically, the PL has never prosecuted and jailed anyone in Seychelles for money laundering, corruption charges. misuse of public funds.
What does that say about our Citizenship under PL?

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Real Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Written by Christopher Gill, Leader of Seychelles Freedom Party.



  1. To victory we walk ... in Jesus ... Amen ...

  2. Holly crap! Look at those N.Korean names becoming seselwa.
    According to JMorgan if son papa i kreol son manman i kreol i osi en pti kreol.
    However I never heard creole last name like: LEE KY, FOOK YU, LANG GWET,THUTOUN SHEK,KWOK LOONG.
    Excellent job by SFP. Keep exposing them one day at a time. SNOUP is dead.

  3. Amen!
    MSR-SFP has pressured PL into submission, when every one else went to sleep, or went into drug trafficking.

  4. PP thugs is simply telling foreigners "if you have one million come to us,on arrival we will make you a seychelles National,overnight you could poccess hectares of Seychellois patrimony,if you want be candidate for President in 2016,or ministers and that without the need to workhard for it.PP wants us to beleive that if you have one million dollar and you a foreigner ,your one million dollar automatically make you know by heart the history of seychelles ,its culture,tradition,way of life thus no need for integration which in any other civilize countires would means years of integration first.

    In other words,instead of reduce foreign invasion and colonization of our country.Pp solution to reduce foreigners is "Make them citizen overnight"then the next mornng they would be called Seychellois.

    This One million dollar law that rape our birthright--should be challenged.Seychellois has a right to have their say on such an important issue which would modify their Nation.It could not be left to a handful of dockeys.

    In civilized societies like EUrope,a foreign investor would first get granted a "Special pPermanent resident permit as a business person ,and the buisness person would need to wait 8 years before applying for citizenship which must be a voluntary action.During that time they would have to integrate,leran host country's history,culture criminal not put at risk National security etc..... only then a foreign business could be naturalize.

    Pp forced law does the contary namely sell out our birthright like selling bread at the is a risk to our Nation sovereignty, and it should be rejected ,or even call for a referendum.

    Just picture a racist like the South African guy at Eden Isalnd,just figure out this---Imamgine this guy pocket our passport on arrival as pp is crookedly intented to do.This racist and his gang of other ofreign mafias could join force put his candidate and overnight turn our svoeriegn Nation into an Apartheit system.Is that what pp wants,Michel new Seychelles for Arab rich,mafias,criminals etc...

    Jeanne D'Arc

  5. I encourage you all to keep up the fight for Sesel Pou Seselwa.You have been proven right over and over again and again.

  6. When you start selling your birthright you will sell anything.To which price one shall value one's nationality?I would like to start by a qoute from A US Bishop at the Cofenrece of Bishops shortlyf ("Foriming conciensces for faithful citizens)"He said"Responsible citizen is a virtue,and aprticipation in politcal life is a moral obligation"

    Citizenship and foreign inventors are two different things that should not be amalgated----A foreign business choose a foreign country to invest becuase he or she thinks the host country provides the conditions that would allow him or she to make an important profit in return.It purely economic--it is about investment for profit--not pasport,birthrigght of a host country.Citizenship should not be a commodity .Having a paasport is not only haing an entry passport ofr one country to another;It constitutes a major part of one's Indetity.Nationality is not mere a filed in one fills in facebook when one signs up a new profile ,but it is the embobiment of the culture,history,ideologies,mannerisms among other factors.

    If the schemme boiled down to attract investors as Pp thugs want us to beleive,therefore even the idea semm to be fawed.The law has crossed the borbers of dicency and is put at risk our sovreignty.
    My conclusion is now our people get sold shared iwth rich ofriegners who see our nationality as a convenience.My antionality is what bind me to the rest of Seychellois Nation with its good and bad heritage,surely such an important characteristics can nad should never be offred to the markets aginst payment.

    Pp thugs is forfeiting our Birthrights.And we should not accept what Morgan thrown we us without our consent and accept it a faite acompli.The issue has to do with our existence as a Nation---It is about our survivla or extinction.It could be left unchecked and unproved by the people.

    A referendum should be call for.,in order thqat Seychellois give ther approval or refusal.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  7. Making foreigners seychellois over night to vote fof them,pressure pp also about this electoral reform,its very important for freedom and democracy.

  8. This practice, may destroy the credibility of the entire voting process. It is colonialization and the destruction of the power of the will of a people.

  9. Not to vote for them,but they could them present as candidate.You could have racist South African,Russian Mafias,Arabs terorists as presidencial candidates,overnight they can exitnct Seychelles race and National and take other Seychelles.Pp thugs is selling our birthright to a bowl of stew, no Seychellois should accpet this gross crimial act on our people.

    It is increbible how those monkeys can stoop that low and their intelligent be insulted by comprising the dignity for mere pittance.

    Ppthugs tells us that "Investors who participate i our contry developemnt should be made Seychellois.Well.Pp investors invest in return for money.And hiow could you prove your allegation that investors help us in our evelopemnt,economic growth when you have given all of them everything free of charge and allow them to import thousands of cheap labor to produce the contary from helping economic growth ,jo creation etc...Where is the so called technology exchange they supposed to bring,and the expertise--is it maybe money luandary,fianacial leakage,dipossing us from our patrinomy and now selling our birthrights?

    Our nacestors fought to gain their freedom and built their our Nation,we should never allow a handful of brainless crooks sell us and revive slavery in our land and those donkeys be it Morgan and all those brainless in the ssembly should be accountable and be investigated once Pp is toppled.many in the Assemby are their without knowing what they voting for,many have never seen the modern world in their lives and are convivnced that modern societies are that propose by PP.Non of them went on to informed their constitutent in their District about waht was going on ,for they think once elected they are accountable not to the people who voted for them by to PP thugtocrats.

    this law allow foreigner to become Seychellois on Arrival must strongly be rejected and all Oppostion parites,Ngos and oridnary Seychelles should unite to say no to sell of our birthright to foreign mafias ,despots ,terorists,colonizators etc...

    Do not let a handful of old frailing monkeys to continue abusing your rights anymore ,it is time to make them get the message by all means .

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. we have anything to pressure Pp on---for instance to forced Big hotels apart from imploying seychellois to also purchase their goods such as fish ,vegetable,fruits locally in order tha our farmers and fishermen can also eat.Otday all big hotels imported their goods including goods that can be bought locally.Dito to,services such as boatcharters,taixs,etc.. they should be amde to use lcoal servbices that already exist.

    I heard some of those foreigners saying "We want to recruit Seychellois but ther are not enough locals.Well,is there no locals to repalce a hotel bus drivers,gardeners,gaurds, ?So wahtabout if we ask you then ,why you import all your goods including fish ,vegetable etc.. from abroad not locally?probably becuase our EEZ in too small and we donot have fisheremen or what?

    the real problem is not that we donot have enough locals but it is becuase big hotels want to pocket the maximum while giveôut nothing.It is about money.Even small and medium hotels are importing expats --for the same reasons.

    Morevoer,i asure you ,if you pass a law saying Expats must be paid more than a seychellois,i am sure overnight you will see all those same big hotel owners recruiting more seychellois and sacking expats.

    The second ,is their hotels is over-dimensional---most of those big five star hotels cannot and would never be able to fill at full occupancy their hotels becuase there are not enough rich to come and fill any one of those hotels at full occupancy.The reason they built their hotel over-dimensional is to gsupport the excuse that "you donot have enough locals work forces"I
    They should be asked or forced to close all those 50 percent rooms too much they cannot fill.then they will have enough localsworkers.

    And another important point.One may ask why big hotles and ofreigner to the likes ot despot Khalifa pump dring water from rivers just to fill up their swiiming pool and to bath in it when seychellois have shortage of fresh drinking water?You may ask..why drinking water that after pumping in their pools they poluate it with chloride to kill bacteria.Would desalination water best fit for pool in the sense that in desalination there is still a certain among on salt that would make them use less chloride in their pools?

    Seychellois must make sure we get PP out of power in 2016.PP might use their old trick of manipualtion,buying votes ,making ofreigners vote to fake elections.But i promise you one thing ,Seychellois,not in 2016,Should pp manipualte and steal our votes,they would be dealt with by force.And i can confirm to you,my men are long ready,and no one,i repeat no one will stop them.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  11. Can someone tell me where is th guy who three weeks ago what walking around Victoria with a Placard around his neck"calling "Annou reprend nou pei"where is he now that pl has passed a illegal law that speed up foreigners to PREND NOU PEI.He changed his party's name to UNited Party--Seychellois is eager waiting for him now that Pl had passed this law to together to"rperend nou pei. where are you Volcere?RAM does not only has his lips zipped but nowhere to be find.

  12. Pp will bom you ou pa ran nou,nou pei.

  13. RAM is in bed with PL. Gary Tall posted a picture (cartoon) of it on my facebook page.
    Christopher Gill

    See for yourself.

    1. Mr,PL.You may FOOL some People.But,You ca'nt FOOL all.

  14. He is his cot ¨having his bottle-feed(call increase of salary and life pension) from his babysitter Pp, to make sure he does not cry out against Morgan mess of faddage ,his Imm. law.That is simply RAm making the perp walking as aways.Birthright for RAm is a godd as nay goods that can be slod on the market.

    . BIRTHRIGHTS RAM,MORGAN refers that which one is entitlted by reason of birth ,It is birthright that defines the specifics that defines specifics of one's natural inherance.That heritage impacts our world views,our concept of destiny,our life style,our religious value system,our politcal views,our civic responsibilities,our domestic life,personal conduct and last not least our Nation not sell out of our birthright for One million dollar of arrival to foreigner who cannot sepak our langauge ,some not even English and a word of French.

    RAM cannot get away with the bad habits of a fake leader.You waht RAM,leadership is not a title or a position,it is a behavior that earns the title or position.Fake leader RAM keeps focusing on external gratification not internal satisfaction that makes him lose him grounding.RAM a fake leader who has ethically failed.HE is a shame.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  15. He is in his cot having his bottle-feed from his Pp babysitter in order that he does not cry out against Morgan mess faddage.It is a bad habit of a fake leader.RAM thinks leadership is a title , a postion that you can give one -self.It is not RAM. it is rather a behavior that earns the title or postion.

    Resign RAM,you a fake!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  16. He told us a decade ago he was the politcal watch-dog.He seem more a partilepep corporate stooge.And he had set example--Al those donkeys in the Assembly are following in his foot step.They all want part of the pension for life nad to make sure they pocket it,they are voting Yes on all partilepep criminals throw to them without a word of position or a single question.

    SNP does not a stooge but a new leader,a new breed of patriots.Go RAm!

  17. Interesting to find out how Commissioner Perera of Sri Lankan origin obtained citizenship of Seychelles. What favours did he do in his capacity as a judicial officer?

  18. 2016 Perera will not have our passport anymore and all of those foreigners should start packing and give back our passport at the end of 2015,because we will not responsibel for them after when we take action.

  19. I was tipped that Ngoda whatever his name the Ugandan judge is also dreaming of being Seychellois,especially when he sees the astronomic pension for life on offer.Scully too ,even Materi hiding since in an attempt to make us forget his illegal present on our shores.You come as GOP you end as Seychelles National under partilefes tyrannic system.

  20. Perera holds our passport illegally for he came on GOP,and the new laws passed by partilepep do not apply for those who illegally obtained our passports prior to the new laws.They are illegal and would stay illegal.

  21. Arabs Businessmen should be forced to convert in to Christianity should they want our passport--avoid terrorism risks and ethinic tention.As to other muslims.Like in Arab countries.

    1. This is a great suggestion. Let us make Christianity mandatory in order to get our passport.

  22. It is not diffilult to untangle the musical chairs played by Perera and his associate Govinden.

    The former AG was appointed CJ, but before he was sworn in Perera/Govinden masterminds came to play. The proposed CJ was made judge of the Court of Appeal, Govinden became AG and Perera, for his judgement in the Plantation case, made the CJ. Is this how the system works?

  23. When the outlaws get to make the laws!

  24. Pp thugs are antitheses of the rules of law.Did you see JENPA Diplocracy at the OECD ,like a drill-sergeant,he was in full swing attempting to defence PP records.He ended up having a non-compliant rate for OECD.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  25. Jenap was flying handle,exploding in anger and ignity into spantanous self-combustion his hallmark and a habit inherited from RENE.

    Govinden also beleived to be the CApo di Escobar in Seychelles,he is more a GA thug than a AG ,i would say a cartoon thug with a degree in law not recognized anywhere.As comical as it may sound,Govinden reminded me of YOSEMITE SAM,that looney tunes cartoon character known for his grouchiness.The non comical of the fact is Govinden manifests no proffesionalism,civility .He clueless about the rules of law.Listening to him when he open his mouth,it is apparent that Govienden has the personality of a procupine,the temper of a Tasmanian Devil,the charm of an African badger,the intelligent of Afgan hood,and the social graces of a dung beetle.I will tell you something,Govinden should accompany the butcher to retirement next year,together they can start preapring their defence and help if he wants to,the butcher dig his grave.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    1. Your description of Govinden's personality and his professionalism fits him 100%. Well said!!

      It is rumoured that Govinden recently let go unceremoneously the only expert and the most qualified lawyer in the AG;s chambers.

  26. 10.25
    This is something we must take into consideration,for the risks of seeing thousands of Arabs invade our shores and become on arrival Seychellois is real.The consequecnes is beyond imagination.You will see more mosques,women animalized,kiliometers of costal land will go to arabs.etc..etc...etc..Converting to christainity should be part of the conditions for naturalization.It would avoid the risks of religious conflicts we never had on our shores,seychellois unity,culture,mentality,ways of lives.Do you know that a non-muslim should he or she want to married an Arb muslim must convert to islam else it is impossible,even change their names etc....
    why should we let foreigners dicide their conditions of stay in our christian land.

  27. to all of you living by the coast or you know places where arabs like to hang around there is a solution that might work.
    Go to PIG SOUNDBOARD and download it.
    You know what to do next.turn up the volume.


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