Seytihad Appoints Non Seychellois As New Chief Financial Officer

Air Seychelles, the national airline of the Republic of the Seychelles, has appointed Ms Tara Murphy as its new Chief Financial Officer.

Tara, who is currently Etihad Airways’ Manager Financial Control, takes up the role on secondment from the Abu Dhabi-based national carrier.

Air Seychelles Chief Executive Officer Cramer Ball welcomed Tara to the Air Seychelles executive team.

“Tara’s experience in financial planning and management will be a great asset to Air Seychelles as it enters the next phase of its development.

“She brings valuable insight from managing cost control projects with fellow equity partner, airberlin, that will be hugely beneficial to our business.”

Tara said she was excited to take on the new role and to relocate to the Seychelles.

“I look forward to joining the Air Seychelles senior executive team and to contributing to the airline’s continuing success.”

Tara is a graduate of Dublin City University with degrees in accounting and finance. She is also a chartered accountant and chartered tax adviser, with membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ireland and Irish Tax institute.

Cramer Ball paid tribute to former Chief Financial Officer Shelley Cole who will relocate to Lugarno in Switzerland on a secondment to Swiss-based Darwin Airline as the regional carrier’s new Chief Financial Officer.

“Shelley has played a pivotal role in the turnaround of Air Seychelles leading many of the initiatives that delivered the airline’s US$ 1 million profit in only one year.”


  1. I guess there are if not many but enough Seychellois will the same degree from Western Universities too.That is Michel new Seychelles(Seychelles for foreigners).Of course their salaries is nothing to compare to Seychellois and it is in foreign exchange thus in away as fianacial burden on the Airline revenues(just as when Daivd Savy was there).While i agree that the Airline is in a better shape fiancially than when Michel bankrupted it in 2008,the astrnomic figures Pp and foreign clans want us to shallow just do go down Seychellois throat(I million profit in three years(((Nb in PP's article it is states i million in one year antoher lie) and suddenly in 2013 in the quater Pp is telling us it genrates 300 percent revenues)That must be magic Mr Cramer!If it true,then Khalfia should promote as director General of Etihad.

    How does ordinary Seychelloi and Business perosns in the in industry take this praise.?Well They all hold firmly on their position namely less Airseychelles doesw waht it was meant t do anemly fly tourists directly from Europe to Seychelles ,Air Seychelles profit do not concern them really for it is not bring toursits on our shores.

    I was a bit disturb by Mr Stravens (SHTC)saying the private sectors must organize LIKE THE PUBLIC SECTORS AND THE MINISTRIES.When a governemnt with all its ministries have banrupted us,destoryed us etc..i personally would say that proffessional organization in business term maybe as criminal gang.And if Mr Straven find his aspiration and take exmaple by the failure of Pp ministries that he use as organization example then SHTC would suffer.Not bad at all for the organization.

    Yes SHTC must unity to ensure they are strong in order to pressure the ogvernment of issues that affect them and ressist dictations on the industry that had help affect the industry.SHTC should not be let to be dictated by fools who do not know anything in the industry.

    Where is the Direct flight to Euroep St Ange--You want the Birts to come in mass to Seychelles but you do not provide them with the means of transportation Dog.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. Mr Stravens with all my respects,you just cannot take partilepep ministries as examples of organized institutions--look at the state of the country,health service,employment dept,education,and so on all in a mess.The only thing partilepep is good in is organized crimes,robbery,corruption,bribery,and other illegal practices that cannot be used as reference of organized institutions.Do not tell us St Ange^s move to operate AirSeychelles to regional destinations and not our main tourist market is a sign of well-organized ministry.

  3. After the success of SFP in regard to Immigration law,SFP can proudly appreciate its other success namely get PP operates direct flights to EUROPE our main market at last,in(2014).With RAM,Boulle ,Pierre we would have waited for iternity to make a different.

    That is hard work that need recongnition and then we can say"Recognition starts at home "

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. JP Adam says "that in a number of areas in relation to financial governance, Seychelles has actually led the way in enhancing regional cooperation relating to tackling financial crimes and money laundering. Seychelles have been one of the frontline states in pursing the financial flows linked to piracy and has successfully intercepted a significant amount of illicit financial flows into its jurisdiction, and has also worked with partners to bring the perpetrators to justice."
    Why? oh why Lord that Seychelles only mentions piracy and makes never mention Soleil investment and all the rest of the money laundering they are affiliated with. Adam we are not stupid shut the hell up. Stop making us look like fools on the international scene.

  5. When it comes to monitoring, filing human rights reports- JP ADAM says: "Seychelles does not have the resources", but it does have guns to kill, and every year, ministers get a new car, and their girlfriends get a new car.

    When it comes to monitoring money laundering, JP ADAM says, to OECD does not have resources to do this job, yet, its bank accounts are used for money laundering and companies are used, most of it is done by a few operators in Victoria, Mahe. JP Adam if he does not have money to do this, I am happy to pay for his bus pass to Victoria, from Mont Fleuri.

    No money to check and balance your criminality. Of course.

    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  6. Well- said,you hammer the nail right on the head !Not to forget pension for life, astronomic salaries for ministers,sponosring fake Opposition party and leader etc...costing tax payers a fortune and a financial durben for our small economy.What about the U$ 2,4 billion JENPA?Saying we donot have the means is a confession of a police state and trashing constitutional rights.Nad JENPA if you think Pp cannot afford to do it,well SFP has a records of your abuses--from Gerald to Rwanda genocide,Dispossing seychellois from the land,etc... you can have a copy and use it as your record, then you would not have to redicule the Seychellois Nation on international stage with trash.This guy is sound more and more like Mugabe with his retorics of the stone age.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  7. What the f..k is JP Adam talking about? He cannot even keep track of the spending in his own government, everybody is stealing and out of budget, just this week there was another supplementary budget before National Assembly for over Rs 99,000,000.00 that's a lot of money short to finish the year 2013. Minister of Finance with all his associates in doctorates could not count and erred the National Budget by that much? Come on Laporte, every year is the same gimmick, shows you how much money are unaccounted for and disappearing in private pockets.

  8. Te second supplementary within months--Pp cannot balance the budget and no Seychellois known where those supplementaries are used for.No record kept by PP.Maybe to buy thmeslves expensive christmas presents.And of course spending of ministeries are not controlled ,checked,scrutinized or accounted for,and no one seem to wonder .Pp spend too much,more than we generate and that has been the norm for decades.Pension for life another fianacial durben on country's revenues.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  9. Frankly PP doesn't have a glue what they are doing everyday.
    They just hoPe for the best and think it might change by itself.
    tHOSE 80 students just graduated at U of S. are feEling sturborn after taking Picture with JAM. They wish he never showed uP that day. To make matter worst his PS was telling him why he didn't suit uP! even His body guard dress better than him.

  10. iF adam said PL don''t have enough resources to accomplish the job i have a word of encouragement; send them to Mullah so they can tickle the goat under the chin to get extra ruppia.


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