Seytihad Airways Appoints Arab As General Manager For the Seychelles

Nov 25, 2013
Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, has appointed Ahmed Ershood Al Shehhi as its new General Manager in the Republic of the Seychelles.
Ahmed Al Shehh replaces Rashed Saif Al Shabi who has taken up the role of General Manager in Cyprus.
His key responsibilities will include driving commercial results and further enhancing the strong relationships with the airline’s travel trade and corporate customers in Mahé. He will also work closely with international tourism partners in developing the leisure and business passenger traffic between the Seychelles and key destinations across Etihad Airways’ fast growing global network, in the Far East, Asia, Australia, America and Europe. As part of Etihad Airways’ alliance with Air Seychelles, Ahmed will also support Air Seychelles’ service between Mahé and Abu Dhabi, ensuring that passengers travelling with either airline are provided with a seamless travel experience.
Ahmed Al Shehhi, an Emirati national, joined Etihad Airways in 2008 under its Graduate Management Development Program. He initially worked in the airline’s office in Jakarta, where he gained strong industry experience in sales development, working closely with key industry partners. He later moved to the marketing department at head office in Abu Dhabi, where as Regional Marketing Manager, he was responsible for supporting the development and growth in brand recognition and sales in all six countries across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and in Iraq, Iran and Yemen.
Danny Barranger, Vice President Global Sales, Etihad Airways, said: “Ahmed has extensive experience working in a commercial environment. He also understands the leisure market and has excellent contacts with local industry partners, making him the ideal candidate for this important position.”
Etihad Airways launched its service between Abu Dhabi and Mahé in the Seychelles in November 2011, and currently operates three flights a week with a two-class Airbus A320 aircraft configured to carry 16 guests in Pearl Business, and 120 guests in Coral Economy class.
 This, combined with Air Seychelles’ four flights per week service from Mahé to Abu Dhabi, provides passengers with a daily service from the Seychelles to the UAE and beyond on Etihad Airways’ fast growing global network.


  1. It is high time for Pp to explain to Seychellois why Arbs colonized all high position at Air Seychelles when the National Airline hold the majority share in the codeshare.How is the decision taken ,together with Airsey/tihad management or by Dictation for Etihad. ?Or have pp made unknown deal in our names with Khalifa what it cannot say and thus it paralizes in the decision .-making of Airseychelles.

    II seem pp want to make us beleive Arbs are super managers with divine quality that no one could ever be better than them becuase they are Arabs.

    Stop bullshiting Seychellois Arabs,Stop animalized Seychellois PP.

    Since it seem AirSey belong to Seychelles only in name ,it is maybe time to change the name of the Airline for it is not represneting Seychelles anymore but abusing Seychelles name.And since no Seychellois seem to be favored though we hold 60 percent in the codeshare then maybe AIRSEY should sto pexist and use governemnt 60 percent share to inprove Airport facilities,up grade Domestic flights etc...I see no reason why Tax payers^money is being used to sponosr an Airline that does not fulfill its prime objective which was supposed to be transporting tourists from and to our main market to our shores.One million dollar profit in three years is also not a good revenue for an Airline.thus the investment being poured into the Iarline by Seychelles ogvernemnt it not worth doing.And finally since we are going to have another new Airlines operating by seychelois,for Seychellois there is literally no need to use tax payes money to keep AirSEY alive or afloat.Use instead the tax payers money to devlop OFF SEASON tourism etc...
    Ahmed has good connection with PP the national colaborator,predator that owrks for Khalifa instead of represnting the Nation.This is not a ogvernemnt but a organized state gangsters.

    Those Pp Astheist love Arabs and worship them more then the creator God.We must get rid of PP thugs to be able to stop and get rid of Khalifa nad his gang of Arb camels invading our land,dictating the course of political actions of our land,etc...

    Jeanne DArc

  2. Ahmed would be reisding at Kempenski brothel so that he can also participate in sex slavery and human right abuses by Arab despots.It thier favority sport.

  3. How can Air Seychelles has 60% and hire a muslim arab as General Manager?
    Mr Ball hold on to your balls drop drop it. SHAME SHAME SHAME.
    I think this bizou de locean endyen is almost over!
    If y'all disagree with me y'all wrong too,or prove it to me.
    We need to stop them bring any more CAMELS AND RUGS.
    Sa bann pov pti irondel pe anvole lo lanmiser pe demande kisisa sa sato lo mont
    anny I also heard that they had installed several bird,s censors around the building so they will not fly close.
    God knows what next!

  4. Seychellois should boycott this bloody Airline.....Do not give these camels your hard earned cash.....Fly Ethiopian for the time being...

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  6. Hee! Hee! Hee! welcome to our new Islamic islands brother Ahmed! Bought land, stock and barrel, including the founding President as a bonus! The turquoise blue sea awaits you! The topless gorgeous girls are there for your enjoyment at the Kempenski harem
    Our brother Yusuf told us about the changes that were coming but the infidels would not believe. Tell them that the 60% of Airsey in the Airline business is only a political gimmick not a reality. Time you tell the infidels who is the real boss, or we will get our friend Crammer to piss his balls on them!

  7. Does Amed understand our Creole spirit?
    Does Amed understand our joie de vivre?
    Does Amed understand dancing of sega is not belly dancing?
    Does Amed know our national fruit is cocodemer and not date?
    Does Amed know we don't kneel on rugs for praying?
    Does Amed know we chanted ahlelauya instead ahlahakbar?

  8. Dear Mr christopher Gill,

    Happy Thanks Giving to you and your respective Family.

    Given that you have had the unique opportunity to see and understand the importance of education/quality education on a nation - to advance Democracy the need to help educate one Nation.

    Just as we have addressed that article about thanks Giving 2013 would have been very Happy to shut up and allow the few who know the issues to comment, debate and pass it on.

    At the recent Dubai International Air show events and development - What I/we have been addressing, the reason those Powerful and Rich Arabs are interested to buy Seychelles and Seychellois - the Regional and international workings we represent and issues we drive.

    In London, the many Issues we have address about the Conservatives workings as in then Lady Thatcher, then PM John Major and now the Coalition - those who believe in the great accountability of Freemason and Illuminati workings. Those very important and influential conservatives who know the importance of that SIROP program and our greater European workings - what is driving Europe recovery, the USA an d the Region. Those Arabs have the capacity to understand those/such important strategic issues. How they work and why they work and the decision to invest heavily in the new planes - beside their own Investments in the market and big Investment like their nation Investment Portfolio - those who monitor and study those issues - the money will just turn anybody mad/unstable.

    You the Opposition as I/we wrote in 1991 onward have responsibilities - to educate. Then we talk of collateral fallout. On top of that they want to come in and control, our Tourist Industry - President FA Rene shame on you. That SIROP program called for a Regional International Airline/consortium being formed the negotiations and hwy ti fell apart all the expensive consultants and where it ended. Had you listened thing would have been very different today.

    Just as the mega bust up took place with the Gulf Jumeriah Development - because of the abnormal, corrupted dynamic/synergy those Arabs are using to build their Regional Travel Industry - there will be major consequences and Fall outs.

  9. I know that we about to buy the whole of seychelles and convert you all.I know that we hv paid yr debts and now you will work yr ass up to pay it back because yr safe is empty.Ha Ha Ha.

  10. Your Minister of Health Mitsy Larue spoke of new Dialysis Centre being rebuilt but afterward not all would be for free. We Arabs cannot share the same machines with infidels, those who are rich will have to pay if they want to use our machines.

    1. You can take her with you and that will be one idiot less.
      Ahla your god may love her,everybody else think she is a jerk.

  11. Seychelles is UAE-IOT, bought with hard currency now we have to handle it with soft change of administration, including soft porn!

  12. Cot ou caca couvert.

  13. We will make arabs and pp walk on some thing that blow their brain right cot zot kaka couvert but they have to watch also were their walk.

  14. Arab pe vinn enpli toutone famme creole avec zot dile desert.

  15. Migrant workers demostrat for better work condition.
    1.who bring them our shore.
    2.Arab and pp are promoting modern slavery on our shore.
    3.Michel is coping arabs they are doing the same in Qatar those migrant have 24 hours on 24 to built the world stadium.even one worker die During working in the night.arabs did not want to for his copensation.

  16. Sa stade ki pe fair qatar e appel virginia stadium akose son design e parey un toutoune un famme arab.banla e arase.


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