Kamalesh Sharma Brings Shame to the Commonwealth

Kamalesh Sharma

The Failure to Implement “Commonwealth Values”
The Commonwealth Secretariat has largely refused to discuss the human rights situation at the meeting venue. Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma has stated that the Commonwealth is active in promoting Commonwealth values in Sri Lanka, such as respect for human rights and free speech, and also in helping implement the LLRC recommendations.

Ahead of a Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG), Secretary-General Sharma commissioned two independent legal reports on the impeachment of Sri Lanka’s previous chief justice, Shirani Bandarnaike. In spite of calls by the Canadian government and others to make those reports available to CMAG during its April meeting Sharma chose not to release the reports even to CMAG members. At least one of those two opinions, leaked on September 8, states that the impeachment of the chief justice was unconstitutional and was a “direct violation” of the rule of law and contravened Commonwealth Values and Principles.

Human Rights Watch believes that holding the summit in Sri Lanka cast serious doubts on the Commonwealth’s commitment to supporting human rights, democratic reform, and fundamental human rights enshrined in the Commonwealth Harare Declaration of 1991. It is likely to prove to be a major embarrassment to the Commonwealth and its participants, particularly given Pillay’s findings that  little progress has been made on key issues since 2009. Even now, intimidation and harassment of those who met with her was reportedly ongoing.To allow Sri Lanka to host the 2013 summit in the aftermath of the scathing report by the UN’s rights chief would be to reward an abusive government and a public disavowal of Pillay’s findings.

An Abysmal Human Rights Record
During her visit to Sri Lanka in August, Pillay held extensive meetings with residents in the former conflict areas of the north and east of the country, as well as with government officials, politicians, and activists. In her statement, Pillay acknowledged that there had been considerable progress in reconstruction, resettlement, and rehabilitation work in the war-afflicted areas. However, she made it very clear that there continued to be persistent human rights violations, and that many of the recommendations from the LLRC adopted at the Human Rights Council’s March session had not been implemented. Chief among the concerns she expressed were:
  • The need for credible investigations into allegations of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other violations throughout the conflict, and not just the end phase, including the murders of 5 youths in Trincomalee and of 17 aid workers in Muttur in 2006;
  • The failure to investigate or resolve thousands of outstanding enforced disappearance cases, leaving families without answers about what happened to their loved ones; lack of transparency about the army courts of inquiry set up to look into allegations of laws-of-war violations, and the need for credible independent investigations;
  •  Harassment and intimidation of human rights defenders, including persons who met with Pillay during her visit;
  • The need to restore the independence of bodies such as the Elections Commission, the National Human Rights Commission, and the Police Commission;
  • The need for a clear separation of the police from the Ministry of Defence, as the new Law and Order Ministry set up to supervise the police is headed by the president, who is also the minister of defence.
  • Interference with the independence of the judiciary, highlighted by the impeachment of the previous chief justice, Shirani Bandarnaike;
  • Extensive militarization in the north and east, with the military encroaching on civilian matters such as education, agriculture, and tourism;
  • Military acquisition of private land to build permanent army camps, creating an environment that gives rise to abuses and is seen by the local population as oppressive and intrusive;
  • Intense vulnerability of women and girls, particularly in female headed households, to sexual harassment and abuse.
Pillay also expressed deep concern at signs that Sri Lanka was turning into an increasingly authoritarian state. Critics of the government, including opposition politicians, journalists, and members of civil society routinely face harassment, intimidation, and threats. When Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the president’s brother, threatened the editor of the Sunday Leader, she sought asylum abroad, a fate that has befallen many others who have criticized the government. President Rajapaksa has appointed his brother and other members of his family to powerful posts, raising concerns that he is trying to create a family dynasty. In 2010, he engineered the abolition of presidential term limits.
When concerns have been raised about Sri Lanka as an inappropriate venue for CHOGM, many Commonwealth countries have chosen to ignore the question, with only Canada announcing that Prime Minister Harper would not be attending. Australia has confirmed that its prime minister will attend, as has the United Kingdom, although the United Kingdom does admit to concerns about Sri Lanka’s rights record, including after Pillay’s visit. Despite previous expressions of concern, the Indian government has remained largely silent on the matter, with no clear commitment as to either attendance or the level of attendance for the summit. Few other Commonwealth countries have indicated whether they will attend.

 Brad Adams of Human Rights Watch.


  1. What airline did he travel to Sri Lanka.
    Was it private plane from Khalifa?

  2. Sharma is a big fat pussy cat!

  3. Yes,it is a shame to see how the Commonwealth is turning from being a seriuos Organized to a show case for redicules.

    Sir Lnakan President ,The brother Dictator,was busy polishing the floors of Colombo to welcome is fanfare ^dignbitaires from 52 countires.But he cannot remove the stain of Sir Lanka's shame.

    Since the abolition of Apartheid ,it seems the Commonwealth has not got the sexy issues that are going to hit the headlines.On the other hands there are tons of issues such as democracy, good governance,corruption,State terrorism(DIctatorship),Human rights,free elctions etc.. to talk about.What amy come up is whether Prince Charles would asusme the helm.

    Indian and Canada to Democracies did boycott the summit of shame.Probably to proud of themselves and people to join in the gang of Tyrannts present.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. 28 out of 58 Commonwealth countries attend. The rest boycott. Says a lot about Seychelles and Sri Lanka.

  5. Commonwealth summit in Sir Lnak is one farce too many.Since the majority weere not present ,the oucome of this summit has no substance.Thsoe who are present just wnet to play along Sri lanak theatrics.The duplicity cannot continue.The Queen should act and ensure that dicators do not use and abuse the commonwealth as a plattform to promote their dicatoships in the same way the Commonwealth has done to Mugabe.

    Pp thugs does not repect the values inshrink in the Coomonwealth cahrter namely democracy,huamn rights and rule of laws.The commonwealth and members states became part of this organization becuase it supposed to defence those very values such as democraca,human rights ,rule of laws etc...Commonwealth of Nations is more and more becoming Commonwealth of crooks.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. Tamil tigers are coming on our shore stop it please Sfp.

  7. The picture in NATION resemble ALIBABA EK KARANT VOLER.

  8. 08.10
    Arab primitive is even more dangerous than Tamin Tigers.The former have the One million Morgan is asking for a passport of arrival,though they cannot speak our croele lnaguage ,nor english or french,and Morgan has told them for one million on arrival they do not have to learn about our culture ,tradition and as Arab who hate Christian.They wouzld be able with their millions to buy kilometers of coastal land,island,be ministers,even candidate after arrival for the Presidency.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  9. As Kamalesh bring shame to the Commonwealth,FQAURE is in Kuwait bring shame to the people of Seychelles.Arabs are using africans to boost support ofr arabs causes .In the summit in Kuwait all Africans who hav not historical or bibilcal invovlememnt in the Palestian,ISrael are all unity according to press release to support the cause of the Palestinines and to FIGHT OCCUPATION.Khalfia comes in to occupy Seychelles then he brain.washed African leaders by making support the cuase of PALESTINIEN AND OPPOSE OCCUPATION.When Arbs are occupy it is a problem ewhen it Christians like Seychelles You can occupy them.Seychelles should not be muddling in the biblical fight between ARBS Abd ISRAEL--these are tow tribes from the same country just hating one anôther-- -----Seychelles as Christina country should be supporting Arabs and acting against Israel to pelase Khalifa,(WE non-align PP).And to show you how those Arb shieks want to use Afircans in their own wars againt ISRAEL-- An ARAB call ALRABY said"The Arab world still seeking to establish an area free of weapon of mass distruction and nuclear arms(Therefore meaning ISRAEL)and Afircans who have nothing to do with ARABS.ISRAEL conflict applaud in unison like North Korean applauding KIM.
    Al -Araby even pointed out why suddenly ARBAS want to work with AFRICANS --for food security--probably for ARABS nothing gorw in thier land so they looking forward to colonize,diposses Africans from their FErtile land as they already done in ETHOPIA.and else in Africans especailly where there are dictators and brainless.

    And the most distrubing preaching i heard in this summit is hearing Afircan dictators like ZUMA talking about enhancing deMOCRACY AS IF IN aRB CO8UNTIRES AND ONE-APRTY STATES THERE IS ALREADY DEMOCRACY THAT MUST BE ENHANCED.Achieving sustainable developemnt--- prbably by importation of cheap foriegn workers and sell out of passport of host countires.But the main issue was PALESTINE-------Arabs are making Africans unvoluntarily take side and unite behind Arbs to fight Israel------This bullshit must stop .In fact our christina country should be in this shit summit that is used as platform to oppse the Jews people.Seychellois Nation has nothing to do in this shit.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. “Nothing can be achieved by boycotting Sri Lanka” President James Michel of Seychelles said. James Michel thinks he is wiser than Prime Minster Singh of India, than Prime Minster Harper of Canada, than Prime Minister Ramgoolam of Mauritius, all those who boycotted Sri Lanka's conference! and Prime Minister Cameron of UK who spoke out loud and clear against abuses of human rights in Sri Lanka? The President of Seychelles said things that were prepared beforehand for him to please the Sri Lanka Government; what an idiot! If his words won the hearts and minds of millions Sri Lankans as alleged by Seychelles Nation, then the words of Prime Minster Cameron referring to the sufferings of millions of Tamils when he said " what I saw will stay with me for a very long time" were beautiful and sincere words that touched millions of hearts and minds across the world instantly!
    Seychelles backs Sri Lanka on human rights issue because both countries are guilty of abuses and both countries are in need of further and faster Reconciliation Processes.

  11. Nothing can be achieve by boycotting Sir Lanka for Sir lanka President is so powerful like the USA president and becuase James Michel has just invested some stolen million in Sir President cheap Airline now foperating flights to Seychelles.What Michel is refering to when he said"Sir lankan President won the hearts and minds of millions of Sir lnakan i guess he is refering to those butchered who no longer can speak out for themsleves just like RENE the last two days had been self-proclaiming himslef as prophet the,omnipotent President love by his people.

    The thing is that most of those attented the shameful summit with the exception of Uk are all crooks.The principles enshrinked in the Commonwealth charter "sahre values of Democracy,Human rights,and rules of law are just catchwords for dictators present.

    Michel blah.blah.blah is not new,you remember him sending JENPA to the African Union meeting a few months ago to defence UHURU KENYATTA challegned by ICC--All african dictators were untied and wanted to picked their marbels becuase ICC did not want to play their crooked games.He probably think UAE is a democratic and free soceity too,or that Mugabe is the best leader african ever had follow by RENE.

    Those donkeys are living in their own little fantasy world--I thought when they use their I-PHone,the latter would have made them realise that they are obsolated and living in oblivion and should shut up the old arseholes and let the youth lead.,No not Pp thugs, they have convinced themsleves that Seychellois youths are still retarded as them.A dangerous approach that led to our bankrupcy and enslavement .

    Once a monkey always a monkey.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  12. ICC is a racist organization that targets African and third world leaders only. If you think I am wrong, then, how come they did not prosecute Churchill, Bush, Blair, Obama and others?

    By the way, we share a lot of the Sri Lankan culture. Primarily, the sega music! We dance to the tune of the Sri Lankan music! :)

    MICROBIOME :) :) :)

    1. Can you tell me what did Churchill Bush Blair and Obama did for ICC to act. If you are referring to the war in Iraq for Bush and Blair then you are a real idiot; killing a few thousands muslims is a blessing for the civilized world. It is people like you that allow terrorists to prosper.

  13. ICC is independent,Obama .Blair as free men can give their persdonal opinion but cannot influence an independent organization,we not in a one-party state like in Seychelles whereby you have a dictator who dictate the rules of the game.

    On Iraq-we cannot agree and disagree on whether Bush action was legitimate or not--but there is one undeniable fact namely that SADDAM butchered more of his own people than in Iraq war.Moreover, democrates cannot find enjoyment in butchering innocent people ,it is not a trait of free-minded persons.Dictators butcher their people and find joy in them.Moa butcher other 30 million Chineses.Kim countless more,,etc.. the fact is dictators and communists to the likes of Lenin ,Rene,stalin etc... have butchered more people than in the second world war.Nad finally if it was a blessing for civilized world,they would have allow SADDAM,ASSAD,GHADAFI to continue butchering their people for eternity.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  14. Tell him Jeanne this microbfes.

  15. Microb then you belong with dictators in the sahara in Africa.Africa have lots of resource to developt for better africa,but with corruption microb no way foward,.Why african escape for better future and land in Lampedusa in italy 100 hundreds lots their life,african peoples have no future to much dictators and peoples like Mugabe and other dictators are holding guns on innocent body every day.If we share the same culture to TAMIL TIGERS then you can go to colombo and get a ship full with tamil tigers and bring them on our shore or if you have a sister not married give her to tamil tigers he can nuturalize as a Seychellios.TAMIL TIGERS tune sound like sega,are you sure?were did you made your research.

    Microb did you watch the video when Aljazzera african journalist fram Lucas want he said to Lucas african peoples are starving with corruption,watch it again if you did not watch it and listen well.


  16. Sadam gas thousand Kurdish like Hitler gas the jewish was that ok for you microb?

  17. So dictators butcher their own people, then what do we call those who butcher other nationalities?

    Bush, Blair and friends attacked and butcher Iraqis on false pretence. Obama kills innocent people on a daily basis. He claims that he is very good at it in “Double Down,” by journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann.

    As for Churchill, the list is quite long. Check them out, http://www.countercurrents.org/polya230109.htm

    MIROBIOME :) :) :)

  18. By the way, Saddam was a CIA pawn. He attacked Iran with WMD that he got from his western buddies.

    Assad is being attacked by Al-Qaeda, an affiliate of CIA, Mossad, RSA, Qatar and friends. People who beheaded allies and eat their organs.

    Ghadafi was dumb enough to give away his WMD while trying to phase-out the US dollars.

    Mr. Rene is a traitor and a thief but I cannot say that he is a butcher. If he was. me and a few of my friends wouldn't be alive today. Rene killed Gerard because Gerard was trying to kill him in order to re-instate Mancham. Therefore, Mancham is responsible for the death of Gerard and many Seychellois regardless of who pull the trigger.

    MICROBIOME :) :) :)

  19. Johnny,

    Check the links for yourself!





    I do not have any siblings to give to the Tamil Tigers and I do not intend to smuggle any foreigner in the Seychelles but I will continue to counter your propaganda.

    How come Africa is the richest continent and yet the African are the poorest nations? African dictator are put in place by western nation through military coup in order to steal the nation's natural resources. I know you will say that African leaders have large amount of cash stashed in Banks around the world but you should also want to know that those cash came from their western backers.

    MICROBIOME :) :) :)

  20. African dictator are put in place by western nation through military coup,but in seychelles dictator are been keep in power by arab donation and from mafia money and foreign donation and they are putting their fucking noise in Seychelles politic.African leaders have a lot of cash around the world especialy Michel and pp crooks they have off shore account know?Do you also have one microbiome?

  21. Microb for me it dons't make any sence to go on you tube,tamil tiger musik can have the same tun and sound like sega,but what is important here for me,tamil tiger musik to dont play on the same note like our sega..Can you read note microb,or you are also one of those peoples that play musik,but can not read the note?


  22. Apparently Johny is screwed up with Microb.
    Microb don't know how to read note but Johnny can barbare ziska lapousyer i monte.

    32 years ago we almost tear down the zonmlib.
    32 years ago the day mercenaries came to overthrow FAR's regime.
    32 years ago Far was half way to Tanzania trying to escape.
    32 years ago Seselwa tya pe met pare pou decand pou celebre.
    32 years ago Mad Mike landed in Seychelles
    32 years ago was so close to victory.

    Then UNITED NATION found that South African intelligent was behind the coup.
    Then it was suspected that USA played a significant direct role in the incident
    Then there was cooperation at the time between the CIA and the South African government on other issues
    Then, the biggest one, THREE MILLION DOLLARS were paid to FAR and his comarad by South African for the return of the remaining detainners.
    Then the million disappears.

  23. we were never taught this at school i have to google it after i read the above comment.
    merci bokou pou ou comant.
    bann zen ladig i dir pp zanmen ankor.

  24. Johnny!

    I am not an expect in music but I am not tone deaf either. I do not pretend that I know a lot about music in order to make a fool out of you or anybody else, all I am saying is that the Sri Lankan music is part of our culture.

    I know you are offended because hatred has blinded you. Each individual artist has the right to write his/her music in whatever mode or scale he/she chooses, and also to choose whichever pulse he/she wants to, and this has nothing to do with note.

    Does it really not matter how well you can read the note if you cannot identify the metrical form of music?

    Are you telling that sega has its own scale? Let's say that I started a song with a meter of 3/4 or a 6/8, add a sega pulse, run a I-IV-V progression and play a blues scale on top of it or a dorian scale. Will it not be sega? If not, then what makes a sega?

    MICROBIOME :) :) :)

    1. I'm not crazy,I've just been in a very bad mood for 36 years.
      Let 's get back on the issue and that getting reed of PARTI LEPEP.

  25. Mr Tall this is the first time I go on your blogg after some of my friends pressure me to visit this site. I was a long time SPPF and after I visit this blog as far as last year I change my mind we need new direcssion new blood new genaression to lead our island, ramcalawan is just feeling his pocket at the same time helping PP. Last night I was watching the president reminding us about the day we were attacked by foreign mercenarries. I went to do some research myself on google. He lied to us big time and make us like bourik gran zorey. He did not tell us what did they do with the 3 million dollars. I guest they shared among themself. My parents once don't me they were looking and searching the mercenaaries who escape and head the mountain. Zamen enkor mwan to vot pour Parti Lepep.

  26. SFP is doing a great job exposing PL.
    Keep up the pressure until the gasket blows up.
    Time and time I notice SPUP/SPPF/PL are losing support.
    Finally they are seeing daylight after thirty-six years.
    History always repeat itself.

  27. Yes you are absolutely right and they are losing supporters by bundle.
    Just where I stay I heard them taking how bad the situation is and they are ready to change this next election. I'm not going to mention any name cause this person was an SPUP for a long time and talking about the past what they promised but never deliver. They are doing the same mistake over and over again but expecting different results.


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