James Michel Says: Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa!

Former communist coup rebel, and Cable and Wireless messenger via bicycle, cum President, Mr James Michel, said in a speech, before the IMF, that Seychelles did the right thing Five (5) years ago when it entered into an IMF program. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa Mr Michel asserted as he endorsed his own failure leading up to the IMF program administration Five (5) years ago.
The Cable and Wireless Messenger, James Michel
 1. Who Increased Seychelles Debt Between 2004-2008 by 400%
After Mr Michel took office, our external debt was about $450 Million. Our domestic debt was about the same $400 Million. In the initial years of holding the presidency after Albert Rene, and Francis Chang-Leng, held the reigns of the Central Bank, Seychelles entered a financial bad house under James Michel. Our external debt ballooned to $875 Million, and our domestic debt did the same breaching $800 Million.
The James Michel Administration was going crazy like a lizard, that has just lost its tail.
At times, the Public, and even people close to Michel, thought Michel was just simply losing his mind. We were restricted to leaving Seychelles with $400 per adult person. Children could leave with $200. We could not possess foreign currency unless we had a receipt stamped by a commercial bank and sometimes, even endorsed by the Central Bank. Police Officers at the airport, under James Michel administration, were under direct orders from State House, to dig in every nook, crack, and hole of the human body to extract foreign exchange from Seychellois leaving Seychelles. This was your government James Michel. This is how things worked under your leadership between 2004-2009.
So when you ask yourself, "what does this person have against me?" Shut up, and take the heat you Communist! You deserve every degree of heat for allowing a great nation, like the Seychelles though small, to have to compromise its dignity and integrity for a few US Dollars or pitiful Euros. If it was not for Danny Faure and Afif Didi, who saved your butt, you would not even have the money to handle your divorce, today. So thank them, and thank all those Seychellois who did not pack up and leave Seychelles during a time when you did not know whether your left foot was your right foot, and your right foot was your left foot. Now embrace market capitalism blindly, as you allow an unfettered inflow of Arabs into Seychelles.
You may have taken our little Dollars and Euros, but you will not take our patrimony and gift it to Arabs without Seychellois dealing with you. We are on to you Michel.
The Michel Administration signed off Bonds debts without even reading the details. How on earth could a sitting President, sign off on $450 Million in Bonds and never read the terms of repayment? James Michel did. 
2. Five (5) Years of Success, Really?
Mr Michel has the nerve, to stand before members of his government, members of the IMF, and claim Five (5) years of success under the IMF program? Mr Michel does not tell Seychellois that in five (5) years, not a single cent has been repaid.We have only received haircuts from our debtors (agreed reduction in debt and grace period of repayment). In that time, we have built up reserve of nearly $400 Million, which is less than our reserve held at the Central Bank in 1977 when Mr Michel took the country. Then we had £475 million in the Central Bank Reserves. The SPPF have been having orgy party on public finances for decades, and today, many thousands of Seychellois remain landless, underpaid, and still struggle day to day, when we should all be rich equally in this blessed country of vast potential. But the potential of Seychelles, under Mr Michel, has been gifted to foreigners and non Seychellois. Seychellois under James Michel have been reduced to servants, boys, waiters, waitresses. Those of us who refuse this status are called rude, impolite, rough, even radical.
Mr Michel, we see right through you!
Orgies and parties under Rene and Michel
3. IMF Program Earn A Fitch "B" (Vulnerable) Rating
All this fake horn blowing and self praising is classic James Michel. No one Else does it better then him. Rene could not bullshit half as much as James Michel. I have come to understand why he does it so much. Michel lacks any formal education beyond primary school or secondary schooling. So he lacks the instinct to know, when he was going too far, with the tall stories. His cabinet ministers are promoted according to who can hold back a laugh the longest, who can keep a straight face indefinetly, as Michel puts on the creme of pure "bullshit". Bullshit, Mr President, is not an impolite word at university. We use it to describe the values of statements, when they must be put torest. Please, Sir, do not be offended.
Now, Mr Michel has said, he is "ushering in a new era of modernity, profound change, accountability, responsibility and transparency to Seychelles".
Olivier Charles, Guy Sinon and James Michel
Sometimes you have to pinch yourself, to know you live in the World you do. Has this guy been diligently been following "seychellesrealitytoday", "STAR BLOG" all these years? STAR stands for *Seychelles*Truth*Accountability*Reality. Has Mr Michel been following us every week, every year? Has something finally clicked in the coconut Mr Michel? If so, we want our compensation, because educating you has been a mammoth of a task. We want our payment in USD since we understand you will devalue the Seychelles Rupee again, under IMF recommendations.
4. Compare Seychelles To Five (5) Years Ago
Mr Michel wants to compare Seychelles to Five (5) years ago, as if he has done something extraordinary for Seychelles.
Compared to Five (5) years ago, there are more Arab owned hotels in Seychelles that expatriate most receivables overseas, than ever;
Compared to Five (5) years ago, our fuel costs is still too high, and fuel is the major cost component of everything sold in Seychelles, making us less competitive;
In Tourism you have licensed houses, shacks over 450 of them as hotel rooms, giving us a bad name around the world, in spite of offering excellent tourism products;
Compared to five years ago, Seychellois have less influence in fishing industry then ever;
Compared to Five (5) years ago, there are more foreigners taking more jobs in Seychelles and in the next five years it will increase by 50% again;
Compared to Five (5) years ago, our Tourism numbers are up, because we take in anything we can scrape up and call it a tourist, but revenue is down;
Compared to Five (5) years ago, we have less flights into seychelles and no direct flights from our main markets Europe. You have forced us to tell our visitors that pay well to go through Abu Dhabi, your new partner in business, and they choose to fly somewhere else. Instead of popping sparkling wine over 185,000 visitors, in five (5) years we should have been popping champagne over 500,000 visitors to our shores, of aut de gamme guests, not sardine guests, that buy take-aways and complain about spending Scr 50.00 for a lunch in a box.
Compared to Five (5) years ago, is the Ministry of Health working better or worse?
Compared to Five (5) years ago, is Agriculture working better or worse?
Compared to Five (5) years ago, is offshore flying high or sinking to an all time low?
5. Growth Must Not Leave Any Seychellois behind
After Three presidential terms in office, Mr James Michel says: "growth must not leave any Seychellois behind".
What on earth has Mr Michel been doing for 12 years as President of Seychelles: "leaving virtually every Seychellois behind BEYOND 2000!
What can you say to a fellow lost in his own world, of plastic, fake Teflon presidency, made of prop interviews, propped girlfriends, prop wife, prop friends, prop ministers, prop handlers......the whole set up is fake, botox, lifts, pills, working visits accomplishing nothing, to Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, South Africa, Mauritius, UAE, you name it, a lot of travelling, but nothing done. Remember the trip to JAPAN? What on earth was Michel doing in Japan? He send us a You Tube message saying: mercenaries are behind the pirate attack in Seychelles waterss Really now.
Mr Michel's administration is the single administration that has disenfranchised Seychellois and their economic interests more than any ever in Seychelles history. He is even worse than the British and worse yet, then the French colonization of Seychelles and the slavery era.
 Mr James Michel, wake up from your dream man, your whole administration is on to you, Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa.
I dare you fellow: run a secret ballot vote of confidence in your Cabinet and see how they toss you and Lizzy out, before you can say: "VIVA CHE' GUEVARA" together!

People of Seychelles tell James Michel we want a divorce, now!

Mr Michel take your retirement bed in UAE, go watch the Ferrari races, you might see some Seychellois drivers there and leave us to sort out the mess you created, you cannot take a pill to undo the mess you created.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa! (I bet this slogan makes your skin crawl at night)

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Written by Christopher Gill, Leader of Seychelles Freedom Party.





  1. La Verite pou ofance sonmet !

  2. I bet that Nathalie is having nightmare when she look this leekeysonmanman in the petengge. Nath you made a nice move now be yourself. You are a self propelled flower not an insect anymore! Matoit can be his Hackerberry from now on with his green parrot on his shoulder.

  3. Michel and pp entered IMF 5 years ago,when seychelles was going bankrupt under Faure as minister of finance. And 7 years ago its the time also when Michel and Faure started with their off shore banking stealing billion from their peoples and after stolen billion they decide to entered IMF and start begging, and now IMF have to watch pp like littel childrens who dont not how to count and have a propblem mathemathic.Faure you will get the seat at state house,but just for a short time me say we will never accept any more criminal like you that been participate of bankrupt our country.We dont want to be rule by thief for more decade and continuing destroying our dignity and making seselwa living on foreign debt for more decade.

    Normaly when you grow you learn,but with pp even their grow they never learn.


  4. SFP is also doing a huge favor to the mortician.
    Et toi pti kouto gardez votre salanm pour toi menm.
    Les dame des Seychelles surport Nathalie.

  5. Edit
    Faure took advise from Afif to address the national bankruptcy. At the time, they were at odds with Michel.
    Afif was fired because he exposed the mess at Air Seychelles.
    This does not expunge Faure from any criminality which Johnny accuses him of.
    Justice when served, must serve everyone.

    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  6. 2% growth again. James Michel, what happen to think BIG?

  7. Breaking News
    High level meeting taking place within PL to oust James Michel and have him retire.

  8. Oust James Michel? too late. Arabs got everyone by the balls! There is nothing left in Seychelles that Seychellois controls entirely and independently. The leaders have sold their patrimony and souls for a fistful of dollars! To hell with Rene, Pp and the rest, what Khalifa says is what goes!

  9. If you look at those facial expressions. On the faces at those high level gov meeting prresiding by JJ. You get the sense that those people expresses a vote. of No confidences.could Jame Misel be reaching at the end of his political life after divorcing?
    I wonder what FAR think about the decision to put. Him there in the first place instead. Of. Joe Belmont.For a gov to be in power for over 35 yrs without a proper succession plan might well turn up to be a disaster in the end.its like a. Pressure cooker.

  10. At that meeting,D Faure,P Herminie,W Herminie,R Toussant,S Gill,M Potteur by mob phone link, S Testa,S Pool,O Berloius, D Ernesta,S Jolicouer,F Bonte,R Bonte,R Marie,N Choungfaye,J Belmont,J Belmont,ex members of the military and JRM.

    1. Was that the Pp high level meeting? and who is JRM? Don't tell me it's 'James Richard Mancham' no one will believe you, even we know the man has lost all personal convictions, principle and pride. He pretends to be a world statesman but he is so weak on his own home political affairs.

    2. Believe it or not Manchanm will be awarded a position in the PP administration as soon as FAR kick the bucket!

    3. FAR is not kicking any bucket anytiume soon,.Sa bann disen dimoun ki inn bwar fer li for. Mancham ya will kick the bucket sooner.

    4. iS THERE a Tender oPEN FOR mortICIAN?

  11. GDP is what a country produces. What about the over SCR 1Billion in GOP expenses per year? Did not think of that did you? Money in............money out........back to India.

  12. Arabs can be kicked out like the British were kicked out. Rene taught us Seychelles belongs to Seychellois. It is a lesson for all parties.

    Arab Go Home!

    1. Keep on dreaming sucker, Arab is here to stay, unless we slay them basterds.

  13. Execellect article.We saw the butcher lying right through his teeth and staying oblivion in the gace of reality.A demontration of the audactiy beyond the hubris of an evil.The butcher refute to admit that PP for long have refused IMF helps for Dr Michel anf FAURE were convinvced that the illiteracy in economy and a potpourri of stallinist /lenist economic principles that have proven unworkable.

    You know ,i enjoy bedside storiesMy favorite is PINOCHIO in AFRICA,The wooden puppet who wanted to become a Human but could not stop telling lies and tall tales.whenever PINOCIO lied his nose grew longer.

    I also like the sotry "Puff the magic dragon and the land of living lies"Puff took a little girl called SANDY.who lies a lot,to the land of living lieswhere honesty and truthfulness are porsecuted.She must the famous fibble PINOCHIO and the boy who cried wolf,and saw the famous purple cow that noone has ever seen and a pink elephant.
    If you do not know the stories or might have forgotten them, well the Butcher did give us a good AVANT GOUTE in his monolog in regards to IMF job that have temporarily save Seychelles from PP economic suicide.

    While we recognize IMF intervention bad needed to save us from Michel apocalyse,we must also recognize that IMF as equally WORLD Bank are helping Pp in its politcal survival and at the same time moon walking on human rights in Seychelles.By gifting PP irresponsible governemnt millions in dollar without accountabilty and tansparency on how the money are being used(often wrongly)They contribute in expending our People suffering under the one party system.IMF has moral responsibilty too,and pampering a rogue regime is not a moral obligation at all.IMF as the owrld Bank must feed Seychellois not PP beasts .

    You know waht Michel.get out `you donot belong here maron.Voodoo economy that you conducted by focre of our people has proven desastrous for our people and Seychellois cannot accept and tolerate under educated and under qualified marons to rule them any longer without their approval and consent.

    And as Chris put "retire,go look Formular One in Dubai,Have a good mug of tea with Ben Ali,a Caml ride in the desert of UAE,and why not seven arab virgin girls from Khalifa and fianlly convert yourself to Islam and start a new carrer as terrorist leader.

    The way SFp is exposing the butcher ,he might well apss away before handing office to FAURE next year.SFP has expose him and ilks ,it is so pertinent that it has become more painful than his divorce with Nathalie-The altter i was told ,refused Michel's plan to exile in UAE.She refuse to reduce her Human rights and convert herslef to Islam ,that would animalize herself and drag her back into the stone age.

    And finallysince he might pass way beofre Xmas--i would wish him *Happy death maron!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  14. If Arabs do not leave, all Seychellois reserve the right to slay them to end oppression.

  15. If arabs is here to stay, then we will use taliban tatic to crash invaders and oppressor on our shore.

  16. Allah knows we are here to stay! The infidels forget that their country was dry and starving. They begged us Arabs for dollars, we brought in a tsunami of dollars in exchange for worthless rocky land, and make Seychelles look beautiful. How dare you complaining and comparing us as invaders! Infidels, you have forgotten the days when you lined up in front of your local banks every morning for a pittance $400 to travel abroad? Infidels, you have forgotten how your police searched inside your bags and bodies at the airport? and you were not allowed to be in possession of one single dollar in your pocket? Think about this before we introduce stricter measures for lazy f...kers that you are! Long live Sahib Khalifa!

  17. Support Nahtalie in which way,she must support Sfp for better future for Seychellios childrens and her children.And our childrens can stop depending on arabs and foreign donation ect...its remind me a bit , le pok Pere Houreau when i saw arabs giving clothes to our childrens.That mean pp in touni arab pe abir zot e pi pou dezar bir zot.


  18. JOHNNY

    Did you hear Miche lthe Butcher in regards to his words on IMFpresent in our Land?He showed the hibris of a crook.Basically if we would beleive Michel,He Michel called in IMF,Prepared IMF^s action plan,which have resulted in keeping our economy afloat.

    And of course as Semi -god he is never to blame ,it is always others.

    Listening to his nonsense i thought ,FAURE would have ordered his arrest and transfered him to LAZIL.This guy has made Seychelles the laughing stock of the world.Even Mugabe finds fund in listening to him.

    And have you notice one thing?Pinochio is tale book nose grew each time he lies,Seychelles Pinochio- Michel the Butcher- hairs fall each time he lies.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  19. IMF will be around for a long time as long as PL is around.
    If you remove PL, IMF will go.
    Make PL return all the stolen money, Seychelles will not have a debt problem and therefore no need for IMF.


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