Ramkalawan Talks About Salaries Again

In Le Seychellois, 31st, October 2013, Wavel Ramkalawan addressed the issue of salaries again. He made a similar address in his weekly column sometime back. But Mr Ramkalawan does not tell us that he is the expert in securing fat cat salaries for politicians.
The millionaire priest
The Salary Master
It is Ramkalawan that walked up to State House in 2008, five (5) years ago, when Seychelles was facing down the reality of an IMF plan guaranteed to make life hard for all Seychellois, and this priest secured a life time pension for himself, SNP MNA'S and SPPF ministers, MNA'S and all political dead beats in Seychelles.

Jackpot Bonanza 38% Increase, Pension for Life Ya....hoo!
This salary increment amounted to 38% increase in all existing salaries. It also included a clandestine provision of PENSION FOR LIFE for all ex ministers and ex MNA'S, amounting to 70% of their last salary. In the case of MNA's three (3) term MNA's many from SPPF and SNP got a whopping Scr. 10,000.00 for the rest of their lives, each month. Talk about Bonanza! This is it! The politicians hit the 777 jackpot and the initiative was led by none other than Mr Wavel Ramkalawan.

SPPF Ex Ministers and Ramkalawan Are Mega- Millionaires
With a pension of Scr. 40,000.00 per month for the rest of their lives, each SPPF ex ministers walks off with a mega millionaire retirement plan worth Scr. 420,000.00 per annum, and topping Scr. 1 Million in just Three (3) short years. In 20 years, for young under 50 retirees like Ramkalawan back then, it means he is worth over 25 Million just in pensions in the next 20 years or so give or take a few years. As long as he lives, even in ICU, or on a bench in town sucking his thumb like many SPPF ex ministers, they bank the money every month.
Ramkalawan with James Michel
 What is unfair about a political pension is that it is for the leadership. A Shepherd should look after his flock before he looks after himself. With salaries SNP went into conspiracy with SPPF to dish out the cash for themselves, and they forgot about the people. We must not pardon this act of treason upon the people of Seychelles, who have been asked to suffer now for Five (5) years, and the suffering will go on for Five (5) more years, perhaps longer, likely.

Hypocrites and Parasites Ask Questions

In his column, Mr Ramkalawan ask:

1. When will salary increases come forward?

2. When will increases equate to an improvement in the standard of living?

3. When will Seychellois be able to acieve some possible savings?

He says that salary increases are linked to increases in taxes, rise in cost of living, and any increase is a mockery.

He says: "the people are suffering. "Too many families are struggling to make ends meet....Lethargy should be eliminated", among other useless spineless gutless, coward statements on the issue.
What happen Wavel?

In 2008, when you were scheming for your retirement, with such precision, what happen to the people? If you regret scamming this money with SFFP in conspiracy, why don't you offer to give it back to them, and join SFP in a call to cancel all politician pensions, and cancel this 38% salary increase for all politician?

Put your money where your mouth is.......aret marse en ville avek 2 lapo!





  1. My parents worked over 30 years each as civil servants, one as a registered nurse and the other at the old Treasury Department.

    Since they took their retirement, one gets Scr 1500 per month and the other fuck all.

    Mr Ramkalawan has not contributed a days work in Seychelles, yet he gets Scr 40,000 per month for sitting on his fat ass at Arpent Vert.

    His greed has overtaken his common sense.

    Time to get rid of this fat bastard!

  2. What Ram is doing to get 40,000 per month this lazy pussy for letting his peoples suffering..Ram for me your value for what you are doing in politic you should get zero a month.Is ram getting salary also from the church or been paid by the church?

    Every time ram see life is getting more expensive and his spending to much on the bar on wishkey he go and shout for more $$$$.Ram are you shouting for salary increase for seselwa?


  3. They all look like a bunch of clowns. I wonder why they did not participate with the Samoan Circus last month so the ticket price could go a little lower instead of 200 rupies. Misel the buffoon, somewhere in the army is missing a colonel, errr..... an Idiot. Jojo said enough is enough. Sa voyaz ni en ti ziblo ou pa pou krose kantmenm oun byen leng ou lanmson akok ou lasomir i pabon.

  4. RAM the difference between last election and next election is this: SFP let people know for 2 years with LAVERITE 20,000 copies a week that you stole a pensions and forgot about them.

    Next election, be prepared for 500 votes.

    Like your last public meeting with 75 people, yet you and Volcere advertised on SBC for three days at 2000.00 a spot.

    Seselwa i war zot kler. Mersi SFP!

  5. All hamn being,generally learn and is taught to work hard in order to make a dissent living.But there was some lazy,greedy,brainless,heartless marons to the likes of RAM,JUDHA who beleive that sucking the blood of others like a tic on a cow milk is legitimate and normal.They are not even ashame to go public and ask for more of tax payers' money to sponsor,and finance their lavish,expensive life style to the detrimate of both our economy and people.He was not even ashamed to once call himslef "A Cookoo"Unlike the butcher he seem to have a brain and recognize that depending on others hard work is like a COOKOO.Then why not change RAM?Why continue making for more while doing nothing?Why do you prefer governemnt illegal hand out than to work like every single Seychellois RAM?You waht RAm you gambling Seychellois future dog.Maybe as ex-priest it is high time to repent,confess and at least retire as oppostion stooge politcal party and let someone else ,who is turthful,honest take over for the betterment and future of our country that You and PP are destroying.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. Johnny valueless objects,and a stincky fish to the likes of RAM should be frown in to the trash.Like stinky fish ,he smell bad even when well-wrapped in papers.That means is not consumable--trash it Johnny!

  7. Is ram a bar man or opposition.

  8. RAM is dreaming big, and big he shall be!

  9. Ram makes more money then 10 priests a month? My God. That is a sin. He drinks at a bar as well? What kind of a priest is this guy?

    Shall we publish the brothel pictures SFP,please.

  10. RAm is a willing stooge:throughout history colonialists and oppressive regimes made use of local stooges who undercut their own people welfares and interests for pure personal gains.This was ture in Apartheit S.Africa,it is true in today's Seychelles.REMEBER DrRAm telling us after leaving the lectoral office that "He is ready for election".and that before any geniune refroms were even made public.You ready for which election RAM and to represent who?Where have you been since the last election after asking Pierre to play fake oppostion in order that he can also pocket a life long pension ?Your few supporters left,have not seen you since the last election RAm,Where have you been hiding ? And tell us RAM.What amkes you beleive,convinced that you ready for election when you public said you not fit to be president?What can be the purpose of you being candidate than faking lection to keep Pp on power?

    You know what RAm..you should resign from politcs ,you just dont have what it takes,and secondly note life pension voted for yourself and PP ilks (that under one aprty state and you as stooge party cannot be legitimate would have to be refund in full--Why the people never authorize,decide,approve such deals)Thus we the people will ask you to refund without delay every single cent you wrongly pocketed ..

    You will refund all the money RAM,you illegally given yourself,make no mistake about it.If you canot refund all the millions,then we will organize you a specific job to ensure that you work ,toll to refund the tax payers money you robbed.Dito ,to Dr Pierre.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  11. He made more money than many hard working Seychellois businessmen and that for particpating in Pp crimes,and whithout serious responsibility that Seychellis can say,"Yes he is delivering something back for all th astrsno mic salary and pension.The thing is Seychellois never approve those astrnomic life pension ,RAm and PP gifted themselves and than bankrupted us and ask us to do the sacrifice.

    He has not only robbed Seychellois money together with PP thugs ,but he is not even ashame that he brings his time on bars drinking seychellois stolen millions.

    Juddah though betrayed God ,then recognized his mistake,RAM on the hand refuse to recognize his mistakes for his astronomic salry has turn him from a man of god to a crook of PP.

    As Preist he drunk Wine ,since prstituting with PP he drink,COGNAC,Champagne,Whisky,REMy Martin.Tequilla and so on..The little sober priest is becoming a alcholic like Michel.Guy Adam,Jenpa and most Pp crooks.

    jeanne D'Arc

  12. Jeanne,
    You really have it in for the blok. For good cause I suppose.
    The bar picture with booze on bar, does not look very encouraging for a priest.
    Photo taken at Maison Du Peuple, I am told, what can be worse.
    But there are worse.
    Seselwa Unite!
    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  13. I thought as a trained theologist ,i would be an example ofr the youth,and an important palyers in PP's RENAISSANCE MORAL programme.RAM instead of following LA BONNE PAROLE ended up as preacher for vice.

    Sometime,when i self question myself on theWhy RAM would refuse to resign,i really could hardly find a pertinent answer.Concider this---He is already pocketing a multi -million pension for life,as leader he is more until a few years back a symbolic SNP political leader without any tasks,duties,and failed make any dent in the PP.So Why would he still want to grab to the position of SNP leader?Probably for his ego.Just want ot get the feel of being important,or give him unlimited access to State house .which he needs to have to negociate now and then an increase of his salary.
    and secure his life pension.

    RAM has since lost the good opinions with not only the people but also those he is closely associated in polixcs for very simply reasons:He is disloyal,cannot be trusted,he works for his own advancement(That explained why PIERRE quitted SNP to prostitute in pblic with Pp---for Pierre could not accept any longer seeing RAM pocketing a life ponsion and not him.Some confess in private to a dislike of him,the longer one is associatedw ith him. the deeper the contempt for him grows and they found it hard to allow him any merit.He is a real wolf who has disgiused himself as a sheep.Before coming into politcs to fake reality,he even garbed himself is priest robe,pretent to be a shepard but the temptation to do evil was so strong that he finally ended up by showing the public,the people who trsuted him his real devil in him.

    Look if his own good and close firends no longer trsut him ,who will?Surely not ordinary Seychellois who he helps to enslave.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  14. If SFP is so interested in fighting for Seychellois, why it does not publish the website where the on-going petition for overseas Seychellois right to vote so all of us will know? Your obsession with Ram the billionaire priest, is over exposed.

  15. Transparency has always been one of the many qualities of SFP such as honesty,seriousness,determination etc...When ti is done you will be surely inform as SFP -----There is one thing among others that no other parties can ever equal SFp on namely providing factual,precize,accurate,well-detailed information to the people----SFP has uncondtionally,been providing seychellois with inforamtions and providing them with a palttform SEYCHELLESREALITYTODAY to express their rights of free expression,dedates and so on.You noted who reactivated scotland yard in the butchering of Seychellois Hero Gerald--SFp,You noted who exposed Michel's ooffshore company to rob seychellois money--SFP--you noted who exposed Sell out -SFp and the list goes on and on...

    And finally you heard why RAM;PIERRE are already calling for an election boycott in 2016,Becuase FAUR,RAM and PIERRE this might be the best way to stay without competition in power.For the risks of loosing even by frauds,manipualtion have become harder,But also becuase PP hopes SFP might maybe follow RM^s call then avoid a party who will not allow that the citizens votes are stolen anymore and know that SFp members and supporters should they aprticipate andtheir votes robbe ,they might come to get their votes back on the streets a, a risk that FAURE does not won't to take for it would means not only his end but the end of PP.And i am sure PP understand that FP would not waste its time to go to short out deals in a Constituional court to just to buy time for PP and fiannly ended up without any conclusive result that is in the end Pp would still rule and Oppostion would lost.The solution for theft of votes should not end in Constituional court with judges appointed by a candidate but on the streets in non voilence marches.PP must be made unable to rule should it steal our votes.We cannot come and ask PP for something that belong to us namely our country,we will come and take it back PP.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    SFP is not Obssess as most Seychellois with RAM millions.They are fiercely angry that their tax moneys are being wrongly used to DOLE a lazy,greedy,unemeployed crooks like RAM though in Seychelles we donot have DOLE SYTEM as in UK.What makes you beleive Seychellois should accept that a gang of crooks unillaterally decied to DOLED themsleves millions for not having a defined job,responsibility etc... A person must prefomred a recognized job to earn a salary...and as most Seychellois agree,Political stooge and being the leader of a fake party is not what they consider a recognized job that those who exercise it should be DOLED with their tax moneys.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  16. Hi guys,can someone tell me,where is Volcere.After his solo stunt,we cchanged his party name,and where is he now?her also went sleeping like RAm.
    Nou reprean nou pei--he called on us--we are awaiting for the unity needed in the oppostion then together we will "annuo repren nou pei.

  17. Do what you have to do bougla, Seychelles is your country. You've been waiting for an angel to save your lazy asses for too long. If you want Volcere and Ramka to continue, you should join them in the struggle NOT just sit back and wait for the victory parade to celebrate. Fck election and party colours, this is about making the Seychelles a better place to live and do business. You do not have to show any banners or political colours, all you need to do is get together and occupy a few places. You can always reveal your true colours when it matter, and this is at the BALLOT BOX.

    MICROBIOME :) :) :)

  18. Volcere is paid by Dr. Ramadoss. Who will trust him?
    Ramkalawan is pensioned by PL 40,000.00 per month, who will trust him?
    At least Gill works his business and can show you what he has done.
    What have these wankers done all this time?

  19. So the only reason we should trust Mr. Gill is because he is a successful business man! In that case our our logo be 'In Business We Trust'.

    MICROBIOME :) :) :)


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