Chinese Businessman Given Seychelles Diplomatic Passport

Xu Weiping likes to discuss his grand vision for future real estate projects, which include a plan to rejuvenate London’s long-abandoned Royal Albert Docks.
Despite the fact he has never attempted to build anything outside the Chinese mainland, and only has one completed development to his name, Mr Xu describes the £1bn docks project as “a small deal”

“I spent three years negotiating with London and only came up with one project, and it’s a small project at that,” Mr Xu said on Thursday. “In China I only need six months to strike a very big deal.”
His company, Advance Business Park, is building or plans to build three other massive office parks around China, in addition to the sprawling collection of about 400 low-rises in Beijing’s cheapest and least desirable district.

Mr Xu has been a citizen of the Seychelles since 1996 and is driven around in a Cadillac Escalade with diplomatic number plates registered to the Embassy of the Seychelles, thanks to his role as an “adviser” to the Seychelles government.

Most of his companies are based in the Seychelles or British Virgin Islands, allowing him to represent himself in China as a foreign investor.

When asked why he presents himself as the face of Chinese investment in Britain but as a foreign investor in China, Mr Xu would only say he is a “citizen of the world”.
He also says he has been given 50 out of 200 invitations reserved for UK-bound Chinese investors at a promotional event to be held next week at the British embassy in Beijing and attended by David Cameron.

His well-publicised courtship with London mayor Boris Johnson appears to have been consummated with a plan to move the headquarters of ABP to London.

He cites high UK unemployment as one of the reasons for the move, saying it has made skilled labour cheap. He is especially interested in hiring ethnically Chinese Londoners for his new HQ.
“Chinese are genetically diligent and hard-working but if they have been given a complete European education then they also have good breeding and manners,” he said.

For the docks rejuvenation project, Mr Xu plans to borrow about two-thirds of the £1bn investment from UK and Chinese banks and says he will tap investors or use his own money for the rest.
He intends to sell about half the units in Royal Docks to Chinese companies and says he has already signed letters of intent with 13, with expressions of interest from 50 or so others. When asked what he will do if he cannot convince enough Chinese companies to fill the development, he says the word “if” is not in his vocabulary.

In stark contrast to Mr Xu, the Chinese tycoon behind a plan to redevelop London’s Crystal Palace is more elusive. After repeated requests for interviews, a spokesperson for Ni Zhaoxing, founder of ZhongRong Holdings, said he could not be reached for comment because he was inspecting a mine outside China and had no mobile phone reception.


  1. Under PP sell out foreigners do not have even to set foot on our shore to be sold our passport without leaving his home and now he can abuse our passport to enter without visa to European countries.can use by terorism to enter and conduct terrorism acts in Europe,facilitate spies from rogue regime like North Korea,it encourage illegal immigrantion to Europe and other countries where Seychelles where favored visa waivers(which is an advantage envie by many countries and Nationals our the world. etc.... ,a visa waiver system whose Seychelles has long benefit for its people but could be jeopardized by the massive illegal sell out of our passport by Pp crooks who think passport and birthright is a commodities that could be sell on world market.It is alos amazing thatr pp thugs are celebrating our ARMY ,telling us we proud of them ,defending our soveriegnty wihle the same Michel just as he finished his monologue go sell passport which threaten our soveiregnty.
    According to Seychelles law ,PP,one become citizen by birth or though married,not by buying or being gifted our natiuonality.Chinese;North Korea,Russian,Arabs and the rest do not sell their birthrights to foreigners Donkey.Stop your crimnal activities on the people of Seychelles ,PP.

    The more we allow pp to illegal sell out of citizenship the more the world will disrespect us.

    Holding a passport meant that you give your allegiant to that country and it counts you as one of their family.Is it legal to buy passport?No,it is never legal.As a rule of thumb,any person or service offering passport for sell,is working on the black market,it is a criminal activity which falls under Helping potential teorrists to reach their targetted destination.It makes our country sponsor of teorrism.Seychellois must not let Pp thugtocrats make thme get use to the illegal criminal activitiy and make us feel that pasport sell out is normal,legitimate .It is not Pp it is a crime against our people.

    We want to wee a stop to this illegal ,crooked business by PP,equally we want to see all passports illegal distributed to foreigners revoke nad we want to see all ivnvovled inthis gross crimes namely Foreign minister Adm,Morgan and the crook at the immigrantion investigated and punished.

    Jjeanne D'Arc

  2. PP has made Seychelles ground zero for the balttle of "sin activities".Sin activities is any huamn endeavour that commercializes and creates a market for the baser instincts of Humankind:The category includes all the activities whci are condemn by Internationally-Prostitution,sex slave,human trafficking,drug traffickings etc....The he list the sleazy activities can be added:illegal sell out of A country's national passport.

    Stop your criminal activities partilepep!Stop selling your mothers.

  3. Jeanne pp will not stop!only my group can stop those criminals.Last months pp we recieve a last delivery brand new equipment that pass throw your corrupt customers at new port with them was easy for me to get it throw.When you are corrupt pp all your deparments are corrupt.

  4. Amazing how Parti Lepep can not afford to construct a bus shelters around Mahe for their own people. Everything Chinese are doing it for them. I would thought since 1977 SPTC should know these simple things by now.WHAT A SHAME. May be Chinese got plan to erect some portable toilet too. Remember when Chinese give you one thing they might already wipe all your sea cucumber under your ocean! COMMUNIST STYLE.

  5. Dear Editor of Seychelles Reality,

    Three weeks ago addressed certain issues about then Mr Cameron and the extra large delegation to China.

    Next to my place in Islington there used to be several Chinese Families - the rapport and friendship we build. This have changed and they have moved. We ask those of you who can and can about our Philippine relation on Facebook and forum.

    The previous President of China made it his business to know reasonably well our person and workings. This said thing/issues which never and will never get covered by the Media.

    The issues of the China Olympic - the other version of how they acquired the game.

    The issues of the construction of the largest Dam Project in China and that SIROP program important link.

    How the Chinese acquired that Mrs Delhomme Property at St Louis.

    These few issues said - what we have addressed towards the end of the Cold War, those High Officials in the USA and London who requested of us to use the same dynamic/synergy which had changed the USSR and COMECON on China and our blunt refusal and what ensued. Including that Tianaman Square incident.

    What about our contribution in the building of the New Seychelles national Assembly - those High Chinese Officials who know and are very aware.

    The few issues said above - British Intelligence and the Conservative Coalition ought to know more and then how my/our person gets Miss treated.

    The EU Commission, those in Russia and the USA well aware - we have the capacity to contribute to important redriving and synergizing of China Economy.

  6. This is how our passports are being used

    Johannesburg - Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir has no intention of leaving South Africa, the Palm Ridge Regional Court in Alberton heard on Monday.

    “He is bound to stay and has no intentions to leave this country whatsoever,” his lawyer Willie Vermeulen said.

    Krejcir and co-accused Desai Luphondo, and Hawks Warrant Officers Samuel Modise Maropeng and George Jeff Nthoroane, were applying for bail. They face charges of kidnapping, assault, and attempted murder.

    Vermeulen said Krejcir's detention was unlawful. In his affidavit, Krejcir said police assaulted and tortured him.

    “Also, the allegations that witnesses were in danger and had received death threats are all made up,” Vermeulen said.

    Earlier in the day, Krejcir's wife Katerina Krejcirova denied that she and her family had several false passports.

    “I arrived in this country using my Seychelles passport,” she told the court.

    “I travelled to Mauritius with my two sons, Daniel and Dennis, using that passport.”



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