Seychelles Electoral Reform Being Buried in Fake Committees

The Electoral Reform process has gone buried in committees as PL intended, PDM supported, and Seychelles Freedom Party (SFP) warned would happen, but NDP/SNP ignored the warning as usual.

In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king.
Volcere and Ramkalawan
Fake It Until You Make it
This came out clearly on SBC this past week, in a broadcast, where Mr David Pierre, the PDM leader (Official Fake Opposition) was filmed as he stepped out of his car, chauffeur driven, and walked to State House, after his head underwent a tremendous shoe polish effort. God bless the chap that has shined this bald head everyday for the camera shot of SBC.
David Pierre
Monthly State House Trot
As Mr Pierre walked into State House, SBC stayed with the man, filmed his tight trousers, filmed each smile and smirk he would make, the hand shake with President James Michel. They both sat down in gold-ish chairs, lined with fine fabric, folded their legs, crossed their hands in grip, smiled some more, and believe or not, SBC filmed right through the charade and broadcast it into our living rooms at night.
David Pierre monthly meeting with James Michel
Talk About Other People
In these meetings, which occur every month, they start with a brief rehash of kankan on Gill, Ramkalawan, Volcere, and so on. Then they smile at each other, and say how silly everyone else is. They laugh a little, stroke each other to say how polite they are and how gentlemanly they are. This month, both smiled as usual, but both were totally taking a beating of a life time as they met. The kankan had turned on them, and Mr President was exercising the perogative of mercy on himself, as he appealed to the public to leave his private life, divorce alone. That is so anti-Seychellois, Mr President.

President Michel Divorces
SBC announced that the President, James Michel was divorcing his young wife Nathalie Michel. SBC made an appeal for respect for their privacy  as requested by the President.

Well, did Michel respect their privacy when they were married?

Michel is a Public Figure, he should know better by now, that the affairs, of a public figure, concern public funds, and public interest.

It is tough when one is pushing 70 years, and he has to divorce and start all over again a 3rd time. You know what you lost, from your first wife, and second wife, but you do not know what is in store for you with your 3rd wife or 4th one, in the last twilight of your days. We have a hint, good luck to you, you will need it.

The whole story reads like a wicked eternally relevant William Shakespeare drama.

Martin Sticks It To Pierre Again!
This pleasant mannered observing chap, young Martin Aglae has once again gone on the war path over his infamous neighbour David Pierre. It seems Martin knows a lot about carrying on of David Pierre. He once told me that Danny Faure, constantly visited David Pierre at his home before elections that ushered in official fake opposition to Seychelles political scene.

M Aglae
I suppose that David Pierre either could not wait for his once a month fake visit with Michel, or Danny is the man responsible for shining David's head to a bright shine, In any case, David has usurped the role of broker of the opposition officially from Wavel Ramkalawan, who is now displaced, among hard line opposition players. He has up to know been having trouble with this new skin.

The thing about Martin is this: he is fundamentally a good person, surrounded by wolves. Keep doing the right thing, Martin, you will be just fine. We are praying for you.

I am most certain, President Michel and Mr Pierre, did not discuss the executive branch divorce issue, nor did they discuss Martin exposing David Pierre, again and again.

It just shows you, "what comes around, goes around" folks, next time, thread softly, on bad mouthing your opponents, only because they oppose. You may want to practice the art of respect of opponents, then you will genuinely achieve some self respect and possibly some success for Seychelles. Under the current mode of operation Seychelles remains: vulnerable positive, according to Fitch (B positive). We can do better than that!

Electoral Reform Burial Proposal
The SNP has put its foot in its mouth again. Mr Ramkalawan has said, if there are no reforms, the SNP will not participate in the next elections. So much for Mr Ramkalawan being a good poker player.

He should stick to confessions, where people state only the obvious: I have sinned!
Ramkalawan, the priest millionaire
PDM has now proposed numerous committees be formed to deal with old laws and electoral reform. President Michel has said that the Electoral Reform proposal is now with the cabinet. Well, well, well. This is nothing short then a direct contravention of the conditions of the Electoral Reform process.

At the initial outset, it was agreed that the proposals would go directly to parliament after passing the Electoral Reform Committee. Now it is being diverted to Cabinet. Then PDM will form a parliamentary  committee to deal with it piece by piece with PL. I hate to say it SNOUP fellows, but Seychelles Freedom Party (SFP) told you so.

If you do not hold PL to its word when you can, how will you do it when you cannot?

More Laughing At State House
During this meeting with President Michel and Mr Pierre, all cordial and all, you could see the smirks coming after Mr Pierre, said he is suggesting new committees to deal with old laws and the Electoral Reform. He was laughing at Mr Ramkalawan because he has taken him for a fool all along.

Mr Pierre was not laughing at SFP, because we walked out of this charade and called for a BOYCOTT!

Boycott Now The Old Game
If Seychellois want their democracy as promised in 1992, it must as a people enter into a stage of organized civil disobedience. All forces must join together, put differences aside, and seek common ground in this effort.

Even if you are a priest millionaire, you need to rise above this weakness and straighten your back for the struggle ahead. Nothing else will make PL respect democratic norms at this stage.
Each time Mr Pierre is filmed on SBC, scratching his hairless head, folding his legs, folding his hands, smiling and checking for meat particles between his teeth at State House, the PL are insulting the people of Seychelles, and their quest for real democracy and respect for Seselwa rights in their own country.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Real Freedom Loving Seychellois!
Written by Christopher Gill, Leader Of Seychelles Freedom Party.



  1. bu wolves. little typo errors lol, it is not like you, must be very tired.Who cares anyway for as long as the public get the message, and a place for people to express and expose PL rats.

  2. The picture of James Michel and Nathalie Michel clearly shows the marriage was a mistake.

  3. Guys, something is going wrong in Seychelles. Gill has a very valid point. Its time to put differences aside, seek common ground and work for change. We have a opportunity before us that must be taken to change the country and shift course that is killing our people.
    Michel has exhausted his three mandates. Opposition needs to gather unite, press forward united, to give the people the confidence to support again. Right now, this division is causing people to lose hope. Wavel you did a damn good job in the past but the time has come to allow fresh blood in and fresh ideas we cannot go on like this. Wavel needs to reinvent himself as a promoter of unity. Ralph you need to get serious. You are not an alternative for Seychelles, but you can help. Which is what you should be doing. Instead, you are prodding Wavel and thinking he is going to give you SNP. By the time you both are finished with your little games the opposition will lose confidence in you lot. Think about the opportunity to bring change which is real. Do not lose the opportunity like you did before. Grow up guys. Our problems are real and people are suffering real badly.

  4. Reply to Typo:

    Thank you for the critic.
    The articles are sent in polished as you expect. However, when pictures are loaded, occasionally a glitch arises.
    Additionally, our Administrator is holding late shift work at times so errors are to be expected.
    Be that as it may, we are correcting the typos.
    We thank you for your valuable input.


    Christopher Gill

    1. Very sound advice. Unless something is done now you can say good bye to your motherland.

      I have some knowledge especially about how the Attorney General Govinden runs his empire.

      He has stacked the Department with prosecutors from India, some of whom have never seen the inside of a court room before, when there are qualified and capable Seychellois to take those jobs. It is good to have "yes men".

      Take another example. The law revision commissioner Perera is spinning his job. An exercice that was expected to be completed in one year has now entered its fourth year and an estimated 2million rupees of public funds has been spent. Did you know that Commissioner Perera is drawing two pensions in addition to his salary? Why is Govinden allowing this?

      It is high time the President stepped in to stop this rot.

  5. Mon pa ti konen ki manyer ti ete dan lepase.
    De-twa nou ban'n kin ne apre koudeta ti al on-line pour vwar pou nou menm.
    Zot pa ti dir nou koman SPUP ti vin opouvwra an 1977. Zanmen zot ti dir koman ti arive.
    Zot ti brainwash nou manyer zot ti kapab.
    Zamen noun tande la sanm 412, rebelyon, asanali e plizyer le zot kin diparet.
    Ziska konmela i annen serten zot spay ki veye ki nou pe gete lo komputer.
    Nou bann pti swadizan trezor i dir in ler pou sanzman.
    Noun ase avek sa PP kin pli pi ki kelkel. Zot in ler pou pouri.

  6. Some politicians in Seychelles wait only when election to be active,at the moment some are passive.

  7. If this electora reforml is not fair for all party for the coming election all opposition should boycott the coming election by not taking any part in the election.I dont things pp will go ahead with a election with out opposition taking part.

  8. Gill some are alraedy telling you were right what you say,about unite later they will repeat it themself again that you were right about the word unite to take back our country.

  9. Why would a president say he wants to reform the electoral process and yet his political party is still the one stopping the kind of change that would make election free and fair ... I think they just want us to be like back in the days of one party state ... because they have been running this country to the grown since they too it from its original path of independence to the current Authoritarian rule ... and the people of Seychelles has been dragged in all direction except up and forward while they became billionaires ... it is time we put our beloved country back on the positive track and where all can have the opportunities to prosper and influence the development of Seychelles ... the message today is very clear ... we need CHANGE that would see Seychelles lead by a new vision of unity and respect for the human kind and the heritage which we got when we got independence on 29th June 1976 ... we need to work together to clean this country from those who kept us blind with their lies ... Don't be afraid of men when we walk with Yahweh ... God bless people of Seychelles ... In Jah we trust ...

  10. Election reforms,without reforms,is a joke.Election reforms without the participateion of all legally registered politcal parties cannot be serious Pp.PDM,SNP.Boulle,Dejarques,But organized election thieves.Elections reforms must be the one that allow Seychellois elect their leader freely by thier votes not manipulation,fake ajustment of paragraphs in the book.Eelction refroms Pp,SNP.DPM must not only be limited to politcal parties but have the participation of the citizens.

    As to Ram and Pierre ,who are paid to play the stooges,they calling for a boycott,hoping it might resulted into the same effect as in the last election namely allowing Pp to confiscate power without being challenge.

    A boycott ,should it be effect and necessary RAm it must be done as SFp successfully did in the last election anmely modilize the majority.And to achive that you must speak the same langauge in one voice.

    I support SFP possible to take part in the next election (unless dicided overwise for whatever reasons by SFP leadership).it would allow increase pressure on Pp and its ilks RAM in their manipualtion game.We could should it be necessary take to the streets to ask PP and RAm to give us our votes back.Should they refuse i beleive mass demonstratio must be follow.We cannot ,we should not,we would not.let Pp state terrorists, Kamikaze RAM, lapdog Pierre and colonizator Khalifa hijack our future this time around.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  11. Pp have to choice between a fair electroral reform or voilence,the US use voilence agsinst communist in sixtees to achive democracy.Praslin we are already planing what to do with theirballot box if we put our hands on it,we will burn it.

  12. Khalifa UAE GO HOME!

  13. Reform or BUST!

    Arabs Go Home!

  14. 03.35
    Pp has many choices?One is to allow free and fair election thus allowing the people to freely choose their leader as they stipulated in their constitution after having indepence, that is how things should work.

    Pp after the mass failures on all front be it economic,social,politcal could have formed a National Unity governemnt as a transition government that would start fixing Pp^s mess and transit from Thgutocracy to democracy.

    The transition govt .could have also put in palce a REconcilation Committee for ex-thugs who willingly want to ask for forgiveness to come forward to do so,which would also including before explaining their crimes and taking respossiblity for them.

    Next year Michel should he finish 2013 alive,would handed over power to FAURE,the latter a replica of Michel.Fuare could use his power --by forming a ogvernemnt made up of the best persons from different politcal party to get things fit---until the next election.But would FAURE ever do that?probably not,for as Michel he knows too well that in a free anf fair election ,Seychellois will never elect under qualifed,crooks as their leader--for Seychellois are simply too proud of themslves and their land.

    jeanne D'Arc

  15. Pti misel was caught in the act doing the hockey pockey.
    Someone was creeping in.
    Praslin pa monte.
    Nou napa AK.
    Me boutey gro likou pa manke.

  16. Will there be changes in seychelles in 2016?
    No No. Why? ?because you cannot be a population of 90000 and in the opposition you have divisions n fragmenations and kas anbas.oppositions don't operate like this if you want changes in the future.The change in seychelles will come from how it originally happen from within the pl party.there is no structure in place to allow the opposition the bring in changes.the opposition parties operate inside what the gov has set up for them.Seychellios will most likely will lose they country in the end.lipod.

  17. Yesterday, Oct 10 2013 is a day for all to remember. I hope world leaders including James Michel who was sat amongs head of states heard when the American president spoke. Take back to your city/country just a small part of the reason why you came to celebrate this great man Mr mandela's life, Be generous and fair to all your people, Our great islands could and should be better served.


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