Seychelles Minister of Health Phasing Out Ministry

This week, in an abrupt shift in policy, as if the earth was knocked off its axis, the Minister of Health Mrs Mitcy Larue, went before the National Assembly, and announced a bill that would create a semi autonomous medical board to oversee the work of the Ministry of Health.

The Bill was passed by the National Assembly and is a move to placate IMF pressures to rid the country of its faltering and costly health care system.

The constitution protects the right to health care. It is envisioned that the creation of a health board is the first step of PL to distance themselves from health care, to allow services to eventually be charged money as IMF urges.

Rarely does a Minister terminate the life of her Ministry. Now the Ministry of Health is going like the 1,000's of patience gone under mismanagement all these years.



  1. This article is accurate.
    Just last night in extra extra, doctors and professionals took the place of Mitcy Larue to discuss changes.
    Usually they send a minister.
    PL has destroyed health care in Seychelles, now they promise to improve what they destroyed.

  2. And of course Mitsy is surely not the right person to be leading such a ministery.

    It has been clear for years that freehealth without any minimum contribution by citizens cannot be sustainable for the simple fact that healthcare due to the use of new technology,new deseases,increase new health problem like dealing with drug adicts automatically contribute to healthcare rise.

    Now does Pp has any idea of how to make citizens contribute wtithout putting a high financail durben on them,they who are literally bankrupted as the country?probably not,or if Pp concocted one it would sure victimize the weakest and more vulnerable.

    An idea,would be by increasing monthly salary .Or that employers pay a sort of THIRTEEN SALARY(that at the end of the year 8December)an employee salary is doubled and the different the employee has to use for paying for healthcare.A THRITEEN SALARY ,for a small economy might become a fianacial durben for employers,but this is just an idea(The so called THIRTHEEN SALARY could be instead an increase of half-a monthly salary).This system exist in countires like Switzerland,Sweden etc.....

    I guess,combining what government contribute now in addition to what citizens could contribute could amke a big different.

    Hospital must also ,at least each existing hospitals,should have a specialized service instead of all providing the same services.For instance,while Victoria hospital provide service forb genral healthcare and ICU,the Anse Royal hospital while providing also general healthcare serbice could specialized in lets say EYE surgery as example.This reduce waste,can be better managed etc...

    The use of more generic medications---which ahve same effect as marked medications better much cheaper.

    Pirvate doctors8there are some already ,but unfortunately there is not enough pharcies to provide patience the doctors^' prescription.And of course Pp,in order that pharcies do not import medications for the wrong use or what asked by private doctors ,pharmacies,governemnt and private doctors must work together to determine,define their needs in order that imnportation of medications are for ilnesses etc that really exist in seychelles.Not lots of medications some of which we donot even need ,thus waste.
    Instead of Pp thgus robbing 2,5 billions from our coffers and banked it in swiss bank,the some of the money could ahve been used to create a seperate bank accout abroad(in order to generate more interests)That in few decades would have genrate more millions that could have been used to partly if not totally the healthcare sytem.This would have reduce the millions annully take for the revenues generated by our economy.

    To avboid that pateince with minor illness(fluh etc)come to hospital/clinic to easte doctors' time for an unnneded consultation.HOT LINES coud be introduce-At its end a meidcal expert who can make online consultation and thus determine should a patience need to come to the hospital/see a doctor7or simply go buy unprescribed medication at pharmacies.

    Etc..etc..etc..etc.. there are many things that could be done Pp.Allow Oppostion to participate in decision amkihng then you would have lots of new and good ideas that would really make a different .Stop consulting Mitsy and start consuklting with Doctors,specialists,experts,i am sure they have lots of ideas too.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. 20.51
    PP is promising to fix their own mess,could any seychellois take those crooks words seriously at least for once? Of course not becuase they simply do not have the brain,the qualification,the knwoledge etc,,, many of Pp ministers and members have never even traveed tol modern wrold to see how things are being made and recognize that their ways of doing things and approaches are archaic and unsustainable in the 21st century.There is things that exist in our world that PP idiots do not even know or aware they exist,becuase they have never seen the world and the involve at different lelve that had happened.

    Example Pp is preaching about <blue economy(in other words our Fishing industry and marine resources)but fishing tuna has been taking place since pp took over the country by force,and since then instead of building our own Tuna fleets that we can benefit to the maximum of our resources ,instead our EZ has been left at the mercy of ofreign plunders leaving us with empty coffers though billions were being generated in revenues by those foreign seiners.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Look at our economy,Michel when took office in 2008 promised to triple revenue per capita by 2017,make all Seychellois rich ,he ended by producing the opposite.Pp cold be trsut for four decades ,i can see why we should trust them now that they 've destroyed everything especially our economy that allows us to geenrate revenues to sponsor our health,education,social security not producing wealth by the irresponsible policies conducted by Pp thugs that has bankrupted us.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Mitsy to conduct reforms is like asking a fisherman to become a plane pilot.Michel's concubine just does not have the level of education and knowledge to minister such a ministry.I bet my money,she could not even tell you the different betwwen a plant cell and animal cells.Things ourkids learn at the age of nine at school.

  5. Destroying our healthcare by putting an unqualify person with no degree in medicine just been pick by fingers typical dictators. when will seselwa realise that with a bag full with none unquailfy person is not the foward and is not the future their childrens will want see.

    May be Indian can invite Metsy pussy for a fake tittel DOCTOR like Michel.

  6. Unfortunately under Pp communists ministers or position in higher office is given solely to hardcore communist fanatic likes Mitsy and qualification,knowledge,degree do not count.Ideology count more than ability,capacity and knwoledge.

    Before Mitsy we had Michel the Butcher as Minister of finance without even holding a certificate in book keeping.Faure as finance minister ,together with Michel he bankrupted us in 2008.We know Faure becuase of a bad A level was not able to neter Western University 5thus sent to Cuba for any communists coming from communist countries like where sure to earn a masters in Cuba not becuase the succesful pass their exams but becuase it was a fake prestige for communists education.No Seychellois today can even tell you in what subject FAURE is qualified in--maybe in Cigar roller-.But let assume he studied economy---how could a serious person who really want to become economist study economic in countires which economy had bankrupted like Cuba.North Korea.?

    Seychelles has eno7ugh higly qualified experts in medicine,but they are never listen too,or their expertise,advice etc.. ae never taken into consideration by Pp thugs for PP knows everything better than anyone else therefore no need to listen to experts.surely not a Semi -god with devine power Like prophet Michel the butcher.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  7. Seychellois doctors in UK, US, Australia and Singapore do not TRUST P.P. regime.

  8. Can someone tell me what kind of Medical degree Metzy Laryi hold?
    I wonder if she know how to perform CPR?

  9. Do not be too hard on the Minister of Health, the poor woman is doing her best obeying orders. Some idiots do not realize that the Health Department is being transformed and slowly being brought under full control of the Sahib! Why did you put his name there in the first place? Likewise, the town of Victoria will receive a facelift that will compliment the Arabic palace on the hilltop. And of the 'many others' as you have often heard, Seypec is under order to contract out the bulk of her oil importation and you can guess where the supply is coming from! It is perfectly logical that we subsidize our airlines, military installations and Islamic interests. Allah forgive for speaking too much!

  10. Guys have you ever stopped to ask why Michel made Mitcy a Minister when as you all put it here, clearly, she is not qualified for the job?
    Mitcy was a key player in fixing Michel up with Nathalie Pothin.

    Mitcy is a retired MNA with 10,000.00 per month for the rest of her life.

    After one term as Minister, Mitcy will retire.

    She will take home 70% of her ministerial salary on top of the MNA pension.

    This will give Mitcy Scr 50,000.00 per month for doing nothing for all her life.

    Do the numbers, and you will see why Seychelles is bankrupt. Add the ex ministers up and add the money.

    1. Soon after they both retired, zot avar tir seve blan dan latet kanmarad.

  11. She has no degree and not even a A-level.

  12. Sesel inn fini gayne vand avec Arab.End of story.creole inn fin ki pe drogue,sa ki pe boir lacole sa ki pe fou.lalis e long.samem sa nouveau sesel sa.

  13. .....wait....she has a sertifikasyon ekriy lalang maternel.

  14. Breaking news: Watch out visitors from Saudi,coming in Seychelles there is a camel virus called MERS VIRUS.

  15. The virus is similar to SARS

  16. Sss..shut, quiet, you do not want to scare the few tourists coming to Seychelles, especially now that two Camels are being prepared for shipment to the United Arab Emirate Indian Ocean Territory (UAE-IOT) This is how Seychelles is known in the Emirates.
    Sahib Michel is a very lucky man, he will be known in history as being the last President of the Republic of Seychelles and the first Governor of UAE-IOT) My friend 'Yusuf' told me not to be surprised, anything is possible in Seychelles and history often repeats itself!

  17. Taliban is searching for vonluntarily human suicide bombers--maybe Sahib Michel can apply for the job.Then he would have seven virgins resereved for him by Mohammad in hell.


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