St. Ange Promoting Tourism In UK

Alain Ste Ange
This week Minister Alain St. Ange is in the UK promoting Tourism for Seychelles.
Usually we would take our hats off to any Minister promoting Tourism in Seychelles over seas.
But Minister St. Ange forgot one little glaring details: "where is the flight from UK to Seychelles?"

No Flights
Without flights to UK, residents from the UK will opt for other more convenient destinations.
In spite of a future King and Queen wedding in Seychelles, which was a marketing BONANZA, STB and Seychelles
failed to capitalize on this opportunity since it cancelled UK Heathrow and Gatwick flights.
Alain Ste Ange with Maria Miller

No Brainer

St. Ange even put a picture of Seychelles on a London Taxi a few years back. In the same year, the flights were cancelled.
How much money have we wasted on all this marketing with out first lining up our ducks. Direct flights mean aut de gamme tourists and each visitor will spend more nights in Seychelles, and not less. It is common sense.
The French market shows us direct flights from Europe will work!
Wake up PL!


  1. St Ange must go to promote toourism in UK after failing to keep what we had intact.Why St Ange must go to UK to promote a market that was one of our first market after indepedence until Michel start destroying to please Khalifa's wishes.There is a saying that goes"donot change what works ,but better it"If PP did not abandon our market to please Khalfia fanatasy ,today there would have been no need to send St Ange to Uk to promote Seychelles.This goes to other European maekets like France,Italy, Germany.There is also other potentail European markets to exploit namely that of the Nord european countires from Norway,Swden,to Danemark ,St Ange why not had prepared a well-plan promotion around Europe in well palnned stragety than going solely to Uk?And moreveor ,Mr St Ange promoting our tourism in Uk or any other European countires without providing tohose euroepan you asking to visit us whihtout good,price affordabel,time saving intenary we would not be able to attract them to our shores.Air transportation and tourism are just interwind.

    And since Air Seychelles seems not to be doing better under Khafila than it was doing under David Savy we could conclude that the best option would be to take our National Airline from Khalifia and develop our own stragety and not dictate from ETIHAD destorying Seychelles tourism industry while increasing ETIHAD gross profit.

    Develop low(off season-- )tourism as SFP leadership have been advicing you PP.Then you will have a long season,use existing toursim establishment more effectively thus generate more revenues for the economy.Make deals with existing and profitable charter airlines like EDELWEISS;(ch charter airline now flying to amny tourist destinations from S.Afrcia,Maldivies,Mauritius,Cuba,Domican rep,etc but not seychelles becuase no one entice,try to propose them such operation.Note also the Owner of Edelweiss is also the owner of KOUNI >Travel Agent ,one of europe biggest) etc.etc.etc.etc.

    Even Local toursim can be develop for instant,during school holiday,etc.. for small trips to our outter isalnd etc.... even locally there is a potentiall.

    And fianlly,maybe St Ange should be thiniking also of promoting our tourism in Australia too,one of the region beggest tourirst provider especailly during low season when it is winter in Australia and Australian travel a lot.

    And Mr St Ange staerting learning to work with all stake holders in the industry, for they better place to provide good advices to you.Listen to them,and allow them to participate in decision making concerning their industry.

    Dictation have bankrupted us,emprovish our country.Change your way of doing things St Ange.
    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. ST. Ange: Thank you for having me to the UK. I like to visit the UK. The food is great. I love your Ice Cream.

    Maria Miller: You are welcome Alain, we registered you as a visitor, and now I am looking like an over achiever in my government.

    ST. Ange: I am a magician. I come to get visitors from the UK but I do not tell anyone how to get to Seychelles.

    Maria Miller: How do we get to Seychelles anyways, our holidays are so short with the recession?

    St. Ange: Well direct.

    Maria Miller: Direct Flights? That is great.

    St. Ange: No not at all, the same way we get from Mahe to La Digue: direct boat trip.

    Sesel Sa~!

  3. wrong, avion banboo lol!

    1. napa banboo, Arab inn bez tou. Avion papier ki envol bien konmela.

  4. Seychelles est une perte de temps. Le commentaire ici est une perte de temps aussi. Saisissez quelques grenades et demandé à ce renard James Michel de démissionner ou si non BOOM!

  5. Chaque mot PL dit est une mensonge,. chaque mouvement qu'ils font est pour la fraude.. chaque sous qu'ils empruntent au IMF est pour leur propre pockets. PL bez ta maman, la nation unie vous observe!

  6. I'm confused. Are there direct flights between France and Seychelles. Latest i saw was no.

  7. St. Ange said he would promote Australia Tourism.
    Result- nil.
    St. Ange said he would promote Brazil Tourism.
    Result- nil.
    St. Ange said he will promote Vietnam Seychelles Tourism.
    Result -nil.
    St. Ange says our main market remains French Jews.
    Ironically they do not want to fly thru Abu Dhabi.
    When they see the Khalifa palace if they make it here, they get sick.

  8. What a waste of tax payers money.
    Nowadays one can do all those things on line.
    You don't have to fly over the world with your bench of IDIOTS.
    Mancam was doing the same in the early 70's and the legendary FAR did not like this. The only difference was Mancham got beard and YOU get a FRON KLATE.

  9. They are giving our jobs to foreigners...Have a look at these advert.....

    Assistant Financial Controller with Raffles Praslin, Seychelles ...
    Employer: Raffles Praslin, Seychelles, Location: Indian Ocean > Seychelles, ID: 10803328, Date posted: 07 Nov 2013.

    Butler (Russian Speaking) with Raffles Praslin, Seychelles | 10803326
    Employer: Raffles Praslin, Seychelles, Location: Indian Ocean > Seychelles, ID: 10803326, Date posted: 07 Nov 2013.

    Assistant Sommelier (Russian Speaking) -
    Employer: Raffles Praslin, Seychelles, Location: Indian Ocean > Seychelles, ID: 10803327, Date posted: 07 Nov 2013.

    Bar Supervisor with Raffles Praslin, Seychelles | 10803337
    Employer: Raffles Praslin, Seychelles, Location: Indian Ocean > Seychelles, ID: 10803337, Date posted: 07 Nov 2013.

    Director, Human Resources with Raffles Praslin, Seychelles ...
    Employer: Raffles Praslin, Seychelles, Location: Indian Ocean > Seychelles, ID: 10803338, Date posted: 07 Nov 2013.

  10. Indeed a waste of time, just an opportunity to putz about.

  11. FDI when regulated ,well-defined is a good thing.In essence it should create jobs for locals of host country,help economic growth,and help us in our developemnt.But as always all Pp touches or get invovle in,turns into shit.

    There is still solutions to fix the mess-One is by simply regulating FDi when it comes to recruitment and employment of Seychellois by either recruiting,employing seychellois in return for tax cut and on the contary those who resist change should be sanction by higher taxes(it is high time those foreign hotels pay their dues and contribute to the economy of their host country and not obnly use and abuse the beauty and natural resources to pocket for themsleves mutli -millions on our back. This practice of importation of massive cheap foreign workers without cvontrol and use is one adopt by Michel the butcher from Khalifa and other Arab copuntries.They did it at first becuase after discovering oil they thought now they so rich that they themslves do have to worker thus they sta

    On St Ange

    i would have expected that St Ange on this trip had a well-preapred plan that includes all Eureopean countires from Uk to France to revive our main amrket being destoryeed by Pp tourism would have surely be much more beneficial and cheaper for tax payers.

    Sir St Ange could have as part of his plan for instance a tete -a-tete with Virgin Airline director in order to entice,encourage him to operate flights to Seychelles too -------it is an Airline that flies charters to Maurtius,Maldvies,Kenya,S :Africa but not would have been an opportunity for St Ange to learn why and how he and Seychelles govt. could work with such an Airline to facilitate its operation and so forth.

    The problem when it comes to European coming back in mass as before is not a problem on the side of visits or Europeans who do not want to come--the problem Pp is that you have not put all the necessary service in palce that allow them to come--that is direct flights which make thier trip time effective and faster,financially more attractive but the heart of the problem as all Seychellois proffessional in the industry will rightly tell you,it is about"GOOD air connections (thus DIRECT FLIGHTS St Ange)- You could travel every month to one European country to antoher to promote tourism but failing to provide the other main tool requires to boost our industry namely DIRECT AIR CONNECTION ,you efford would stay useless,ineffective and unproductive.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  12. St Ange
    ,Seychelles needs sustainable tourism policies,sustainable employment plan,sustainable development,sustainable use of habitat,water,electricity,and so on.

  13. Cheap labor keeps Seychellois poor.
    Cheap labor is necessary because PL has not trained Seychellois well.
    Cheap labor each take up a house, bed and food, airline tickets every year.
    Cheap labor means money leaves the country.
    Looks like a vicious circle to me.

  14. Yes,Cheap labour keep Seychellois poor,it destroy economy---Citizens have no pruchase power an important ingredient for economic growth.Cheap labour is necessary in countires with cheap standard of lving,still living in the stone age earning one dollar a day ,that is slavery.Saying cheap labour is neede becuase PP did not trained Seychellois just does not hold water.for i suppose cheap labour would ussually concern less qualfied citizens that is for ding menial jobs.The cost of labour must reflect a country's standard of living,needs etc....
    Cheap labour means money that should be pocketed and spend locally by seychellois in their own economy leave the country and that destroy consumers purchase power----How would Pp ask them for instance to contribute for their healthcate when they are under paid,do not have jobs and benefit from their own economy?Cheap labour means importation of foreigners not only to take seychellois jobs but put strees on natural resources--drinking water,increase wastage,electricity.enviroment and many more negative effects --socially,economically,culturally etc...
    Cheap labour profit for businesses ,poverty for citizens and lost for the economy as has now been proven other and other again by Michel's policies.

    and so on and on...

    Jeanne D'Arc

  15. 23.38
    St Ange needs direct flight to UK in order that those visits he is begging to restart coming to our shores can physical do so.Else they will do it by looking at catalogs on Seychelles for the flights routes they have been proposed now by Khalifa Nad Michel do not make them enthusiatic about travel long routes,more hours,that make their trips more expensive just to please St Ange.

    Those who decided to visit Seychelles St Ange,many save months if not years to make thier dreams come true.The money they saved for months to make their dream come true,are really sacrifice they made to reach our shores and have enough pocket money to spend in Seychelles not in duty free at UAE airport or elsewhere.So St Ange dring them straight to our shores and stop forcing travlers to take intenary that they do not want just ot please Khalifa .

    Jeanne D'Arc

  16. breaking news--seychelles police received forensic equippement from Uk.Do they know what are the equipments for,how to use them,where is our forensic experts,dept. partilepep?

  17. Forensic equippment while being able to even conduct or remove a finger print left of broken door.

  18. Those are basic tools used by investigators at crime scenes, nothing new, just good publicity for everyone. Those instruments were in use by Seychelles police force from day one, may be now they are in short supply like everything else. From what I heard and read, Fingerprint bureau was one department that was founded, developed and staffed by qualified Seychellois Police officers! No foreigners were involved, and was the only successful scientific investigative Unit in the Seychelles Police Force until ........(you don't want to know or do you?)

    1. Until what? I would like to know!

  19. Big hotels are complaining about the regulation passed by governemnt that forced them to employed Seychellois.Their arguement seychelles has not enough lobour force.That is shit.First what the prupose of those big hotels that cannot at any time and on any single fill their rooms at full occupacy?Secondly,they argues that there are over 200,ooo visits annually thus that why they nned Expat workers--well.200.000 visits who came to our shores ,95 percent of them ate not rich but ordianry visits who most of them go into two/three start hotels which they can afford.

    The problem is completey the oppostion--Big hotels were built not becuase they were sure their rooms would be fully occupied but as reason to import cheap foreign workers.A solution reduce amoung of your rooms,make your hotels smaller that ithey can find full occupancy.
    Start recruiting,training and finally employ seychellois--no one asked you to replace exapts by seychellois overnight.

    Stop building new hotels but rather exploit exisiting hotel more effectiviely by devloping low season tourism.

    Lastly,Seychelles does not need to nonstop continues to build building everywhere and anyhow.Existing hotels are enough to cover the expenses and bring the revenues our country and popualtuion need for the coming few decades,,extra hotles etc can be review in two decades when our country have new generation to repalce those of today.Generation to come will also need to contruc and build their own economy,so no need to continues to build hotles.We can exploit other nartural resourece,Fisheries,create indian ocean first ever cruiseship company,produce medication from seaweeds,use effectively by catch fishes,etcvetc generate extra revenues for now.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  20. fOREIGNER SHOULD IN ANY CASE BE THE DECISION MAKERS IN OUR SOVERIEGN COUNTRY IN OUR PALCE.First most of those big five star hotles are over dimensional,they could be asked to reduce their side,for there is no need for such big building which would never find so many millionaires tourists to fill them.Those who do not like our decsions ,then they can go as the come,make space for others who wants to use our country's beauty to make business but equally repect conditions set up by host country.

    Hotel construction must be put to a hold for at least the coming two decades ,There is already too many,What is neede is used exisitng hotels more effectively by developing low season tourists to generate with same amount of existing hotels more revenues.And in two decades when our popualtion increase the new gerantion coming can start building more hotles in order that they also can benfit from their economy and have a dissent living.

    Business persons do not care about environment ,social problem etc . of host country but their pockets.We cannot allow foreigners to tell us what to do and how we must do it,nor decide the future of our country for us.
    They have to abib by the game of the rules set up by host countries or make space for those who can,want to abid by host countires rules.
    Sauid arabia,as UAE,Oman,Kuwait,Singapour,Malaysia,all have passed laws aimed at reducing exapts from their Land for it has become unsustainable and possing national souvreignty of thier country in dager.E.g decades of uncontrol,laissez.faire attitude have left Kuwait with 80 percent of its popualtion being non-born indiginous Kuwait made up only 20 percent of Kuwait popualtuion.Should we listen or allow foreigners to dicide in our palce what is good or bad for us,then in a few decades as it is becoming more evident we will become a minority in our own land like in Kuwait.

    When a countrydecided to boost its economy---it main objective is to produce better salry,welfare,living standard of its citizens.Now if foreign investors do not produce those necessities there is therefore no nned for them to even start investing in a country.

    Personal benfit or porfit of a few ,especailly foreigners cannot become before national interest be it economically ,socially and it must no undanger the sovereignty of host country.

    Seychelles goverenmnt must set up a QOUTA of for instance --asking any company operating on our shores (whether they like or not )to recruit per comapny more tan 20 percent of expats.Any breech of law should be severely sanctioned.

    EXpats earning over 5 to rupees monthly should made to pay income taX,HEALTH INSURANCES TOO.

    aS FOR NOW,HOTLES MUST start recruiting ,trained and employed seychellois to repalce expats--it is a long -term porcess that must start now.Those who refuse must be fianacial sanctioned.

    local änd Foreign contrustors registred in Seychelles must be priviledged for any governemnt bid on offer not those not paying licens,tax in our country.(that is bid offer tfor the construction of Victoria must be first for companies located in Seychelles--to avoid. money laundering prqactices etc...And those imploying more local workers should ahve preferences.

    Expats present regardless their duty must be regualted--for instance,there are millions of menial workers in India in contruction that can be recruited without probelm overnight.Thus to discourage that the attmpted to stay forever,companies importing expats such as in the construction should be asked to change workers every two years.And it would be unserious to tell us that it is impossible or,difficult or they can fgind new employees in the different sectors in India,for it would be a lie.Since we a good firend with Indian.we would like when possible and needed that Indian expats a favoured thna of nationailty,but we also do not want them to stay and colonize our land just as they do not want.So change employees every two years.This does not cost any comapnyeither more or less.

  21. The important thing in all that is-not wether foreigners like it or not--but waht Seychellois want to see hap'pen in their soveiregn country wether they are wrong or rights.Their will must be respecvted not foreigners.

  22. Until what?
    until Pp after the coup d'Etat sacked all intelligent and qualified officers, replaced them with 3rd. rated ones who could not even write or read! From the on, the Seychelles Police Force suffered a continuous brain drain, and for this reason today there are still top officers who are 3rd. rated. Just think about the credentials of Raymond St. Ange as Consultant to Minister Joel Morgan responsible for internal security, of Ernest Quatre as Commissioner of Police, it will give you an idea of what they can provide professionally, and with Govinden as Attorney General! for sure the country's law and order is not in capable hands. No wonder why foreigners and criminals are exploiting this weak situation.
    Pp is constantly omitting or mentioning 'Coup d'état'. They would often refer to the Coup d'état' as "a change of government" and yet it was a bloody coup d'état, as someone once remarked 'unless there was water in the veins of Davidson Chang Him and others' - Least we forget! particularly on this remembrance day!

  23. Partileppe tells us Air Seychelles has broken a world record,3Q.The figure which we cannot confirm or affirm is optained by combining inter islands flgihts,Cargo,and operations around asia and africa.At the same time partilepep tells us National Airline is the pillar of our tourism industry,as if passengers that Air Seychelles transported through Dubai to other Asien countries are tourists arrivals in Seychelles.Even domostic passengers figure is considered as new tourists arrival,including cargo.

    Our nAtional Airline partilepep is a pillar to our tourism industry only when it trnasport visitors to Seychelles,Flying asiens to other Asien countries are not more tourist arrival for Seychelles.

    AirSEZ would become the genuine pillar of our tourism industry , when it restarts flying direct flights from and to our main market EUROPE,not transporting Asien from one Asien country to another maron.

  24. Believe it or not Mancham will take the place of St Ange in near future.


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