Happy Birthday Mr Dictator!

Sometimes people have no shame, no dignity, no self respect in life. Let's look at the hypocrisy of celebrating Albert Rene's Birthday this Year. Wow, what a record breaker this one was.

No Birthday Without Jam
Most people celebrate their birthday on their birthday, especially adults. Not Mr Rene. He celebrates his birthday Three (3) days in advance, because James Michel has to attend a Commonwealth Conference on November 16, 2013 in Sri Lanka, the same conference that Mauritius and a host of other nations are boycotting.

Mr Rene, at 78 years old, tell me, was James Michel there when you were born, why is it so important that every birthday you have, you must celebrate it with James Michel by your poor pathetic side?

In fact we had a whole group of people celebrating Rene's birthday, when it actually was not even his birthday. It is a little bit like calling  Seychelles a democracy when it is just a well oiled, well greased, dictatorship. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Fake Birthday Party With James Richard Marie Mancham
Who could have missed the sitting of James Richard Marie Mancham at the VIP table of the fake birthday party, seated next to France Albert Rene and James Michel. Those who are too young to know, Mr Mancham, was: 1. First Leader of the Seychelles Democratic Party; 2. First Cjief Minister; 3. First Prime Minister; 4. First President; 5. First deposed President; 6. First Returning President; 7. First Leader of the Opposition; 8. First Opposition to Use Arms in Conspiracy with Rene to Lock out Christopher Gill from  DP Convention in 1994; 9. First Leader of DP to kick out Christopher Gill; 10. First Leader of DP to allow DP to shut down and applaud it; 11. First Statesman Turn Extra Ordinary Ambassador to His Opponent; 12. First Jim to be called "Salesman Jim"; 13. First President to become a recording artist after stealing Mickey Mancham songs (pathetic beyond belief).

Birthday Boy Stumbling In
Naturally, we do not expect Rene to walk like a 30 year old into State House lawn. But this entrance, captured by SBC opposition, was too good to be true. They filmed Rene getting out of a jeep, from the front seat. His legs were too short to reach the ground, so Sarah helped him down. They must be shrinking as old age creeps in, with it naturally, comes the pain. As Rene reached his feet to the ground, Sarah pushed James Michel forward and she stood behind Rene in case he may fall down. Michel stood next to him, as if they were husband and wife for life and walked forward. It is most likely the right brain and the left brain of an evil organization doing a strut.

Hitler Dessert Hat On Head
Rene has some sort of fetish with this 3rd Reich Hitler Dessert Rat cap. He wears it even for a State House function in his name. Nothing could be more rude and insensitive to the Public, then to wera a 3rd Reich baseball cap to a function. It all begs one to wonder, what is he hiding underneath all that? Perhaps it gives him a little height. Hitler was a very short man, so he commissioned these hats to be made, to make his soldiers look taller than they really are. The idea was that the 4 inches of extra height would scare the enemy to death. If the enemy would cut and run from seeing huge Germans, less bullets would be needed to kill them. Rene is doing much the same.

No One Knows Rene At His Birthday
Rene happen to be the oldest person at his birthday party, except for a couple of people that were older than him. These Two (2) persons were given a token gift, some seybrew, and a plastic chair to sit in to enjoy their moment at State House, on the green lawn. It is evident, Rene is now getting in years, when you now see people 50 and 60 in the Senior Citizen crowd.

Each District Buses in 10 People
Rene does not go over the invitation list. Lise Bastienne handles this in the tradition of each district sending 10 senior citizens to the party by TATA bus.They all go, dying for some activity and a bit of nose dropping on the event.

This year, the group was much younger than the year before. What happen?

Lise Bastienne and Eddith Alexander On the Back Table
On the back table, far away from the crowd, was the "organizer", Lise Bastienne and Eddith Alexander, Minister of Employment, who just moved her office to Oliaji Trade Centre, just underneath State House. Since when does Ministry of Employment have to be: 1. In a commercial trade centre, 2. Underneath State House, one minute jump over the fence? Do the maths folks, figure it out, you will then ask Where is Nathalie Pothin gone? She was noticeably absent from this big bang birthday bash, paid for, by the funds of the people of Seychelles.

Mr Rene, when are you going to pay as you go, for your own birthday party? Don't you think it is sick for the Public to have to foot the bill for your birthday party? I do.

The birthday party gave a meager semblance that all things were normal at State House. They are not. State House is falling apart. Whiskey bottles are lost, artifacts are missing, documents walk, who runs the place, today, could be a singing star tomorrow, or the other way around. Dissary rules the day. Sarjanna is on the way out, being booted with a swift kick just the same way she was ushered in Dissary reigns.

How can a country move forward when it is buried in hypocrisy, double standards, and its leaders of days gone by, lack any self respect or dignity?

Answer: It cannot!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Real Freedom Loving Seychellois!      


  1. Partie lepep inn fair James Marie Manchan mange son prop kaka as someone said earlier.Mancham liki ou maman eski ou kaka e bon?

  2. It is amazing to see how tax payers money are wasted and how some donkeys want to portraited RENE as a Supernatural beings--He feels like being the holy trinity thus need to celebrate birthdays three times a year--as Father,son and holy spirit.

    And maybe SBC could explain to other lederly why each year they come to film RENE on elderly celebration?Why instead of inviting RENE each year to feed himslef on tax payers moneyafter stealing multi-millions not invite another elderly who had never been invited.After should it be that each year someone is invited?What is Bastienne ,faure and other pp thugs doing in the photo.are they elderly too?

    Like a medivial monarch RENE probably thinks he rules by divine,So he has divine task to be present in all celbration sponosor by tax payer money.Without his present the clelbration would lost its divinity.So it is a divine task that he is oblige to conduct.

    However,all signs seem to show that this will be RENE last celebration,the cancer is eating him to death.The sdtrong medications has made him take weight--- a stage where the only thing left is death.

    Elderly celebration should be done at elderly homes --Many of our elderly though invited could not move--and their old ages they should not be pull out of their elderly home to travel to Mahe and be use as Labor -rats in RENE^s one man show.

    You knot ashame RENE to be eating in the same paltes as our elderly after you robbed them millions maron?

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. A acrylic birthday cake fit for a tyrannt.As many of our poverty-stricken countrymen struggle to eke a living.Abuse our elderly dignity to grace the birthday of a dictator.
    in other words, a mega birthday psycho circus doom.
    What for a strage divinity ,strange that he did not give tips on how to live long.

    Happy birthday tin-pot dictator.And since it ithe last one you celbrate,i wish you happy death too.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Indeed a sad day watching the three a$$ hole together on the same table.
    I don't know what to call them, three tenors ? no way! maybe three amigos on the edge of a cliff! Oooops they forgot to bring the ropes.Did SBC missed Elizabeth Taylor? Where was PEEWEE? For sure its not LE PERE,LE FILLE ET LES SAINT ESPRIE!
    mY birthday happenS to fall the same day, but after 1981 I picked my birthday on the 25 th November the day the mercennaries came.

  5. I'm not a mathematician however I can pass this test without opening the book.
    So you have two(2) nice ladies,1 minute of the fence, and a (1) dumb president.
    OK 2 nice + 1 dumb = DIVORCED
    can someone see if its correct?

    1. le koq e mor

      alber ek misel

    2. Vraiment!

      Il ne pluras dir KOK I DIR KOK I DIR


  6. povbyab what can ti misel do with this2ladies.
    he got a burnt tongue and cracked fingers.
    down there? comeon don't enough go that far.
    he can't even flip the pancake,the right handed watch is too heavy.
    prezan nek nek nek nek i la avek reform reform reform.

  7. Death to Albert Rene!

  8. I hear JRM has now joined PP and will be running for president at next election. Sesel Sa !

  9. Death to JRM!you are also on our list JRM you are also a sell-out.

  10. Pardon he who trespasses upon you and your people.
    But do not forget.

  11. They are simply sick.

  12. Rene plants coco de mer with assistance from family, to insure he does not fall over.

  13. I thought at his age Rene would finally allow our elderly to end their lives in peace.You know what this donkey does not miss the opportunity to come and rob our elderly from their cheap pieces of cake each year with his gang members.

    Looking at the above phot.The holy tirnity--father,son and holy- spirit in one person.To prove that he is the holy -trinity he was accompanied by the same three wise kings who first learnt of the birth of Jesus namely Gasapr,FAURE;Baltazar.Bastienne and MELchior Mancham.All where seen leaning toward the holy-trinity in full trance showing their slavishness to the sintly RENE.After robbing the lederly from their pieces of cakes holy-trinity left in the form of the holy-flame to his holy knigdom at Barbaron built with blood money.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    What for a crook.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  14. Nation ;SBCattemped to justied RENE and his gang for robbing our elderly from the pieces of cake by saying"recognition begins at home"But the turth PP,no one single seychelles rasin recognize you that expalin why you have ben robbing elections.If they love you,they would have recognize you by voting for you then you would not have needed to robbed election marons.

    Theose psychopaths are always in search for praises,glorification, tairts of crooks like North Korean Dictaotr kin il sung.And they always convivnced thmsleves that when they glorified themslevwes the people do the same.

    Leave our lederly in peace .

  15. Dozens of aprtilepep came to eat our elderly cakes.As to our elderly we did not see any photos from them.RENe and his gangstole the show to praised Rene,Lots of body guards,and sevants.Elderly celebration became rene celebration.Dotens of aprtilepep who should had left those chairs for real elderly.Is Faure,Bastienne,elrderly partilepep.If yes why not retire from politics.

  16. If i want to take Rene down,I dont even care of his body gard,because i will take all his body gard down one by one in secound then i wil see l what i will do with this old balls.

  17. PP and co are just celebrating for this murder.who pay for his bodyguards?with our tax money its time to stop,seychellios should not paid body guards pou sa fes son manman rene murder.You know why he has that much body guards a man that been afraid of his shadow seen murdering my brother and those loving Seychellios like Gerad Houreau and others that he took their life.Far you will walk and sleep with bodyguards around you until you transfer to devil murder and you better hope that soon you get your ticket to hell,it will the best for you befor we come.


  18. His two closest bodyguard will be buried with him for eternal protection! :) Why would you bother trying to kill the corpse? Let him rot here in hell!

    MICROBIOME :) :) :)

  19. FAR this is your last cake you cut.

  20. We want him alive to show us were are the bones of those loving seychellios he murder.

  21. I wonder those bodyguards are watching out for what?
    iF you did no Harm to people why is he sooooo scared!
    wHAT A waste oF nONEY<

  22. Albert is still carrying his victims bone inside his guts that he cannot even sit straight. Seychelles is buried underneath innocents blood. 'Evil Crowns Yearned by Evil Men'!
    the flit beyond silent treason, for as long as Albert breath freedom seems further away. People are suffering dying under the beckon call of Albert as justice is constrained... One day at a time has come and gone and that pig Albert is still breathing. WHY? you may ask? Because some people have forgotten their promises.

  23. The picture of the three LA MOND 67 is missing "un tambourier"
    hEAVEN would turn up side down if Mickey sees thaT.
    Shame on you grand frer.
    Jim what about the song your brother composed: SPUP in antere dan labou!
    U R a real m@!@&**##

  24. Have you notice all ceremonies on Mahe Manchanm is invited?
    PL want to make them better, but it will not work PL!
    jIM you remember bomb at aDAM MOOsa?
    Who was responsible?
    Jim You REmember bomB at reef hOTEL?
    WhO WAS resPONsIble?
    Jim HOW about bomb aT Radio Seychelles?
    Jim you QUOTED yourself !
    you are slowly losing your memory in that thick skull of yours!
    becareFUL OF THE SNAKE, it might be poisonous.


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