A Christmas Message To All Freedom Loving Seychellois 2013

As Christmas draws near, we should all be in a festive mood. But many Seychellois are facing the struggles and pains of Five (5) years of IMF economic management of the SPPF PL economy. It is their economy, they bankrupted Seychelles, they ushered in the era of Black Market, they called IMF, and they raise their salaries 38% in 2008 and added a pension for life for Ministers and MNA’s alike, the People did not do all that.
When the People of Seychelles suffered to the bone core between 2008-2013, in economic reform, the politicians had the easiest life doing little, but earning a lot. The people were called by Michel to over work and get under paid. He even ran adverts calling on us all to “Leve Debourye” . What makes PL think we have not been working under their failure all these years?
The People of Seychelles must open their eyes to this great betrayal of raises and blame game. Why? Because they will do it again.

Majority Suffers For Christmas Small Minority Enjoys It!
As suffering looms on the horizon, politicians will raise their salaries to make the difficult road easier to navigate for themselves.
Because I have been at the forefront of exposing politician largess and abuse of public funds through their legislative prerogative, and power to enact laws, this year, I have been informed by Le Seychellois, that Father Wavel John Charles Ramkalawan has sued me for calling him a “Priest Millionaire”. Of course, he is a millionaire just on pensions he voted himself along with SPPF. When you add the pensions he managed with SPPF just for himself, he is a millionaire. Because Truth is an absolute defense to any Libel claim, I do not see what his point. Worse then that, he is a Public Figure, availing himself of Public scrutiny. His only option is to rebuttal an allegation, not sue because of it. But I can counter sue for the same of course, given that the action is frivolous and vexatious.  

SCR.1  Million Gift This Christmas?
But the People of Seychelles must know, that I face this SCR. 1 Million claim because I raised this sensitive issue of salaries and pensions. Why would a Priest sue me for SCR. 1 Million when he could just explain that he is not a millionaire in rebuttal?
Can you see Nelson Mandela suing Botha because he raised a pension issue? Silly is it not? It shows you how far we will have to walk for Freedom in Seychelles with opposition people acting so childish and utterly immature.
Though Le Seychellois paper defamed me heavily last two weeks, I have not bothered to file a suit, Seychelles has more serious problems that must be addressed daily.
I ask Mr. Ramkalawan to do the right thing, and withdraw this plaint, before he makes a ass out of himself, which I can already see happening and more wood is added to his fire of division created all by himself. Shameful indeed, when one thinks this is a priest.

Don’t Forget The Children This Christmas!
This Christmas the children of Seychelles, will not have a First Lady to attend to them. She is gone. She has collected her exit ticket and has had enough of the state responsibilities. What will happen to Jojo, the cartoon character created to amuse children? As the structures of state crumble, the private sector will have to step up to assist the children.
In Seychelles, we do not have the best Fathers and Mothers always. There is a culture of pushing our children to the sidelines. Drugs, heroin, cocaine is ripping the social fabric of the Seychelles, because government intervened too late to face the reality of drugs in Seychelles.
Our children are our success. We cannot succeed as a society unless we put energy and effort endlessly into our children. They are the measure of our success. Invest in them, give them your time, your love, affection, and make Christmas special for them. Cut a tree, make decorations, find some lights if you can, cook together, talk together, spend time with your children, hold their hands, hug them, kiss them, give them the love children deserve.
People of Seychelles, stop treating our children as something a little higher than a dog.
Men take your responsibility and care for your children, stop walking away from them.
Ladies, when the load is heavy, don’t trade in your kids for a little money, they are not things, they are very special people and above all, they are a gift from God. Treat them that way this Christmas!

Salary Increases and Devaluation of Seychelles Rupee
This budget speech, we heard the Minister of finance tell us about a salary increase within 7.6 % of the national budget. Be weary when salaries are increases in an underperforming economy. It leads to devaluation of the national currency and more suffering.
Seychelles economy is puttering at a meager 2%. GOP costs the country SCR. 1 .2 Billion. This means SCR 1.2 Billion is lost in the economy every year because we do not have qualified and available workers. It becomes capital flight. The economy needs to be doing 6-8% to re pay debts .
Higher salaries will increase revenue in pocket, but it may decrease economic activity further and take us back to -5%. PL is playing with fire because it has failed to address economic performance before knocking up salaries.
The effect in 2014 will be further devaluation of the Seychelles Rupee.

Pay Raises Tied To Devaluation
Every time politicians raise salaries like the MNA’s proposed to go from 14,000.00 per month to 30,000.00 per month, devaluation was around the corner. They are also financing a early campaign by putting 15,000.00 in each MNA pocket extra. Take their money, but send them packing, they are fakes.
Save yourselves People of Seychelles, save your patrimony. Take your money out of the bank and invest in land while you can. You will safeguard your wealth, safe guard your patrimony for your children in 2014.

Merry Christmas All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Sesel Pou Seselwa !


  1. Leve Debourye camp just raised MNA salaries from 14,000.00 per month to 30,000.00 per month a part time yes man job.
    Michel in the cartoon bankrupt Seychelles and we will pay for generations now.
    Ramkalawan in the cartoon divides the opposition and takes home a healthy 40,000.00 per month as pensions along with PL ministers out of office, every month.
    Rene, in the wheel chair, has never paid for his own Birthday party.

    They are milking the people to death.

  2. One might have thought that after those crooks bankrupted us,robbed us,they would at least change their ways,use multi-millions of ofriegn debts to fix part of their messs, and stop robbing the nation.No,those crooked athiests do not have moral compass.Their addiction is stornger than their morale,And as atheists one cannot have moral compass without havcing God in the picture.

    Seychellois have been doing lots of sacrifices in the last 4 decades ,even more when Michel the butcher ^took office in 20008 ,the sacrifices have been painful and long,but what does Pp crooks with the fruits of the sacrifices?They rob it to and double their salalry,a salary they do not deserve to have.Wihle Michel called for more sacrifices in 2008 ,one might have though,the those crooks would finally stop their criminal activies and lead by example by cancelling their self-given life pension ,no brainless crooks do not see things this way,they more seychellois suffer and become pover becuase of their crooked policies the more they rob Seychellois.

    PP is sytem with a history ingranied in exploitation,addicted to doing wrong.Those crooks are oblivion of the suffering of the majority of Seychellois due to their crooked practices.Nothing seem would stop them than mass protestds,or the use of force they do addicted to change and the tmeptation to rob is too strong to resist.

    My fwellow Seychellois citizens from far away behind their MUd wall of shame,Pp thugtocrats do not hear the cries of Seychellois,see the tears flowing on the cheeks of our children,fell the pain in the heart of the desperattion of fathers and mothers,as the lost hope for the kids.PP thugs do not see our kids with swallow bellies,the depth of poverty their crooked policies have endured on our people for they are brainless and have no morality.The only way to get us out of this hell created by PP is to get by all means regardless if by peaceful demonstration or force..those monkeys would sooner than latter feel the heat in their asreholes.

    As to RAM the millionaire priest.The name of RAM has long become the synonym of crook.He does not hasitat to participate in PP's daylight robbery.

    The PP lapdog thought by attacking Chris he would delgitimate Chris but instead his crooked defamatoryticle has backfired,it is forcing him to commit suicide before any one even kill him.
    His attack on Chris is pre-meditated act ,encourage by PP as part of the condition to offically increase their astronomic salary.The milliuonaire has lost all morality that he even post a macarbe phoot of himself lying on a bed with TOMATO SAUCE of his body to make Seychellois beleive he was murdered.One could ask what push a stooge to do such thing without shame,well it seem the life pension.

    Those acttacks by RAm on Chris is a desperate act.For Chris it is the price for his courage.The courage to speak the truth to power and all its ilks to the likes of Millioanire RAM.But Chris cannot be unrooted in the heart of Seychellois,for Seychellois has long indetified that courage is the most important of all virtues,because without courage you cannot practice nay other virtues.RAM might think defamotory actions actions towards Chris is valor,and falsehood is truth,but the turth is thast whatever RAM,PP terminology might use to define courage ,Seychellois deeply honored the corûrage Chirs delivered during hard time.His courage is a moral convivntion that cannot be broekn it is genetic.

    It was also right for Chris not to waste his time to go to a kangaroo court that decision is base of triage justice.The massive people support he had and still having has proven to be the bestjustice possible.

    Long life SFP.And happy merry Xmas to all freedom loving Seychellois .

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. After Ausscwitz the International community made a collective promised to defence Humanity.But it seem little has been done to defence Humanity especailly in Africa still being enslave,murdered,robbed by Dictators.Like a child palying ENTENDO ,they watch Dictators committing their atrocity .cling on power,rob their people without making a sound.

    These PP handful of monkeys ahve destroy Seychelles and,they have inflicted suffering on their people more than our colonial masters..They have plunder our country more than amny foreign master have done in our history.Those monkey are impervious by reason.They have deplete Huamn conscience and dignity.Which exacts a heavy toll on Human and ceconomic capital.

    They are self-seeking and insentive to the plight of the govern.They even find fun in destorying their own people,which show the state of mind of those Pp crooks.These monkeys must be cahsed on power,and they have until 2016 to change thmeselves if not we will change them by force.

    The Presit millionaire.is a real crook too.He seems to have opted thology and to become a priest as mean of disguise of his real person.Just figure this out,RAm did not only break the seal of confession of the church but ready to participate actively in PP gang of murderers to kill his own people which also include many of his family numbers who are not PP stooges nor benfitting from their crimes.RAM has not emotion for scarifing part of his own family for greed.This guy must be mental disable to go that far and that without a single facial gesture of emotion which give a sense of the pathos that drives him.

    Moreveor,one would have thought ,since the multi -millionaire priest does not pay tax he would have at least do a gesture by giving a little of those mwrongly obtained millions to charities,even amybe to the Anglican Church which has long catered him.No prostitute nd hypocrit RAM has no emotion,his obsession and greed in stronger than anything .RAM the hypocrit has forgotten the bible teaching that"porsperity should be base on spiritual growth not crooked growth and has let the devil blinded him.RAm has sinned all over the place,i would be difficult to figure out how this hypocrit would ever change himself from a being a pimp to a real trustful man.

    Hypocrit RAM does not even hesistat a single momnet to attack Chris though he knew before even doing it that Seychellois would not buy his trash.He forgot because of his greed that in fact he is a slave too.Freedom RAm is for honest people,no man who is not honest himself can be free,--he is his own trap.

    Finally RAM .you a coward and a slave.Betrayed has festered and poisonED your soul .There is no remedy against that and betrayal will continue be the only turth that sticks for you.I wonder how can you look at yourself in a mirror donkey.But you know what RAM,those life pension you given yourself ,once pp crumble you will have to refund it in its integrity,dito to Pierre,and the rest of your gang of stooge.

    Jeanne D'Arc


  4. Am I the only one seeing Alain St Ange is enjoying himself all over the Indian Ocean pretending to bring tourist in Seychelles.Right now is is in Comores Island, Renion and God knows where else he is heading.How much tax payers money are being wasted. ZOT O BAN'N PL TIR DILE EK BEF PA TIR DILE EK PARK BAN'N BEZ ZOT MAMMAN.

  5. Audited report!6,343 litres of fuel went missing at PDF.Savy are taking all the fuel.Pp when action will be taken with criminals dont just fight criminals in our sociaty fight criminals in the communist houses.


  6. Right johnny,he is stealing all the feul to refuel his boats that are transporting stolen fish to mauritius.He can be also that pp crooks to have money to spend to buy fuel to put in cars.They make soldiers steal fuel,no discipline soldier with a no discipline goverment that have lost their way of ruling and how to handel a country and its peoples.

  7. A commnet of Tyrant's article in Otday in Seychelles regarding GOP workers.Listening to Tyrant i have the feeling that she thinks Seychellois is living in the 1700 .Tyrant seems to think like PP that GOP --who are expats woreks who come to our landd to deliver a duty in return for money should be given our Nationaility or evne be asllow to deicide if not take aprt in elections in our country.

    Allowing GPO to turn Seychelles National Mrs Tyrant is illegal,unconstitutionla and the only persons who ahve the power to cvhange the law is Seychellois people.For that a referendum should be conducted.

    12 Exapts is too many for a country of a popualtion of 85 ooo,Expats arewhile contributing to our developemnt in return for cash is also casuing socio.economic colapse to our National economy by creeating amny Seychellois unmeployed,fiancial leakage,and affect national security and soveiregtny.None should deicde who will stay ijn our country than Seychellois eople.

    Exapts should not be made National but reduce,control and after contract ended go back to their country of origibe.Seychelles governemnt proirity should be to create jobs for its people not ofrienger,The ogvenremnt should not repalce the taks of other foreign governemnts to create jobs for their own people nôt come to take others jobs and rob others from the benefit of their own economy.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. A letter by John L in Nation about SALARY INCENTIVE to teachers,doctors and nurses. John PP elites don't look like ordinary people they know for themselves. They will you a plaque when you clock 10 or 15 years of services and if lucky a trip to Arab land to see for yourself how camel breed.A lot of Seychellois in these domain are very qualified that why they head to greener pastures after graduated.

    1. The chicken saying OINK! This is my interpretation of John L Adam letter in today's Nation.

      MICROBIOME :) :) :)

  9. 4.30 you completely right.Sril Lanikan tachers getting double as seychelles ,while their english accent is not is best ofr our people. Pigeon english is not real english partilepep.Seychellois due to their culture speak the langauge with better accent that make us feel good.More incentive for Seychellois ,yes to avoid brain drain.Internal brain drain.

  10. wHEN the coup happened in 1977 Rene kicked all foreigners and zoned all the schools. That is the result today with teaching English at school. Rene did not want anyone to be smarter then him and his royal family. I ti dir si zot pas content zot libre pour anmas packet et aller.The worst is the police department! Today we are proud of some who left, they are qualified Dentists, Medicine Doctors,Nurses.RN,LVN,Orthopedics and lot more.


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