A New Year On The Horizon But Same Old Crap From James Michel.

Over 60% of  the financial help to Seychelles as seen on this chart goes to repay old debt. Only 5% spent on education, 2% on economic infrastructure and services and  4% on health.

Official development assistance has been criticised by several economists for being an inappropriate way of helping poor countries.

Aid leads to a chronic dependency on donors. Because poor countries are dependent on donor handouts they fail to prioritise the generation of domestic resources. This creates a chronic dependency on aid, stifles creativity and undermines the dignity of a country.

A country, used to receiving official development assistance, may be perpetually bound to depend on handouts.

Let's also ask ourselves another question. Just how did Seychelles become so seriously dependent on handouts?

Yes, of course poor governance, poor leadership and corruption contributed to this.

An entire nation and system that is focused on solutions to their problems that rely on external monetary assistance is a mindset that stifles ingenuity.

People cannot achieve self-determination, if their most basic human right is controlled and determined by others.

A New Year on the horizon but same old crap from James Michel.


  1. I never heard or seen a country that devlop on aid.I know countries who develop on trade and innovation,and business.Loan not given to e legitimate ogvernemnt perpetuate more misery ,mkae us economic slaves,and state organized corruption.

    Interantional iad organization must start to pur humanity and huamna rights in Interantional iad distribution.The IMF ,World Bank and others should start treating Seychellois asHuman beings and not a prawns in a strategy regional chess game or as pitiful objects of charity and handouts.Interantional before handout astronomic debts to any country should ensure that the governemnt in palce is legitimate and ensure that when exisitng debts are not paid thus no extra money is given to such a regime as ti is the case in Seychelles.PP cannot account for those millions of aid money given to him to date ,it cannot pay a cent back,then WHy give the same irresponsible regime more debts?Throwing millions of dollars to support dictators is as risky as carrying an open keg at a firewrok festival.We can say without hsitation that today IMF ,WORLD BANK are aprtners with Pp tyrannts not Seychellois people nad the interantional donors cannot aks Seychellois money they never received and seen how it was used.

    Foreign aid,create addcition by recipient,It encourage dependentcy,and destory National productivity and innovation.

    In fact Interantional instittuions should stop giving aid to a one-party system,Aid should be given to countires expeirencing Natural deasasters not a dictatorial regime that because of mis-amangement,corruption,unaccountability and transparentcy robbed a country dry.And should aid be given otherwise ,it should be given to a legitimate governemnt namely a governemnt in a democratic society.

    The pp regime has been misused .A nascent economy needs transparent and accountable governemnt and effiicent civi to help meet social needs. Its people need jobs,productivity and a beleif in their country's future.A surfeit on aid has been shown to be unabel to achieve these goals.
    Aconstant stram on tons of money from aid,is a perfect wa^y to keep a ineffiecient system in power,not to get the freefalls of a country's economy from disintegrating completely.Aid flows ,there is nothing more for the governemnt to do than ,paying the army and does not have to tackle account of the gruntled citizens.

    Stuck in a aid world ,there is no incentives,there is no reason for a governemnt to sekk thoers,better ,more transparent ways of rasing development finance such a BOND market despite how hard that might be.

    To advant a country's economy ,a country needs efficient civil servants not self-elected crooks to the likes of pp thieves.

    Time for real change,and stop pooring aid to the one aprty state dictatorship.

    Jeanne d'aRC,

  2. Under Pp thugs The people of Seychelles are beld dry :No matter how they fight their way of absolute distitution and poverty..
    Under PP Seychelles is loosing billions is illicit fianacial leakage,corruption,Massive importation of cheap Expats(U1.2 billions leave the country only because the dependency on expats),Billions pocket by foreign Tuna sieners while we pocket peanuts,etc... instead of dealing with the cause of those above problems PP keeps the status quo and continues to dpendent on Foreign iad,loan as if productivity comes from foreign aid and loan.

    How,when the International decided to deal with dictators that suppreses democracy and Huaman rights abuse they usually put sanctionf those governments.What we asking the International aid donors to do is ensure that millions givien to dictators are accountable for,under PP millions are being poored into a one aprty system without the slight knowledge of the people where the money goes and spend.And stop bailing PP in millions each year unless pp starts paying existing bills that it has not and probably unable to pay back.So IMF,World Bank why give more money to a creditor that cannot afford to pay back its existing debtsÌs it to empoverish us further and make us for live indebted?

    It is time for International donors to recognize that the debts would be paid by the people and therefore the people should have a right to know were money given are used.And one potential solution is to this problem is to get Intenrational community to empower Indepedent institutons to assess a regime's legitimacy,and to declare any sovereign debt incurred bay anilegitimate regime"odious"and thus not the oblgation of successor governemnts.In this new setting,debtors would no longer need to fear that their ability to borrow from abroad or attract foreign investment would suffer should they refuse to pay back debts fraudulenty acquired in their name.Creditors,both private and public.would curtail loans to regimes indentified as ODIOUS,,knowing that successor governemnt would have little incentive to pay them back.Such a reform would not only limit the debt burden of poor countires but also reduce risks for creditors,and hence lwer interest rates for legitime governemnt that borrow.

    Morvoer,aid make dictators addicted to it,help them grab to power and most importantly it delays the development of business in Seychelles.I have never heard or seen of a country that develop on AID.

  3. When a country can count on others to bail out,it loses its need to refrom internally,Aid,therefore becomes the reason to kill all motivation to improve from within.Public officials lack any incentives to institute any macro-economy when the amount of money avialable for the governemnt to spend doesn't depend on the performance of the economy.

    Moreover,foreign aid let corrupt interventionist states off the hook of their counterproductive anddesastrous economic policies.Like all froms of welfare,aid also inforced the attitude among aid recipients that circumstances are beyond their own control,and therfore they must keep begging from foreigners rather than their own enterpreneurship.Foreign as we can see in Seychelles ,creates a giant moral hazard problem.Iad pushs a country to live beyond its means.thus depending on aid to support standard of lviing and frankly aid alone is never sufficient to achieve real objectives and create addiction.

    Stop aid to pp one party state now.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. We can only blame ourselves for the mess we have voted ourselves in. We cannot blame the donors, we cannot blame JAM, we should blame us the electorate who allows this mess to carry on in our beautiful, rich little country. We do not need financial help from anyone. We are rich enough to stand on our own feet. We can take out viable and well negotiated serviceable loans for capital expenditures. Such loans should stack up and we should be able to service the repayment without defaulting. Unfortunately, with the current corrupt system our leaders are milking the cowshed & the cows too ! 2014

  5. We must move from foreign aid to Private Equity.Nad in addition,venture capital must be given to young Seychellois who has just germ of a business idea.
    Foreign Iad so far,has been good to keep pptyrannic system enslaving Seychellois people and the party survivla,but has been bad for porductivity.Aid has reduced the capacity of efficacy of finanacail instituitions in supporting productivity growth.

    Stop feeding state teorrism and bleeding Seychellois IMF.W.Bank.


    Most foreign aid is designded to meet one or more of four braod economic and developemnt objectives:1)to stimulate economic growth through building infrastructure,supporting productive sectors,such as agriculture,(toursim in Sey)or bring new ideas and technologies,2)to strenghthen education,health,envorinmental or political systems,3)to support subsistence consumption of food and other commoditiesmespecially during relief operations or humanitarian crises,4)to help stabilize an economy following economic shocks.

    Economic growth has been the main yradstick used to judge aid's effectiveness with more aid expectation to lead to faster growth.But the fact is a very broad level.thereis no apprent simple relationship between aid and growth.E.g some countires who recieved aid are successful some are not----aid can only be successful to a limited extend when well use and for the purposes it suppose to be used for as mention above.

    Stop aid to dictatorship without accountability and transparency---it destroy our National productivity capacity and make us addicted to charity.

  7. In his Chrismas message chief-of -thug Michel spoke abnout plunder of our natrual resources---Who has been in power alone for the last 4 decades Michel ?is it not partilpep?Why our Coast Guard has not been given enough tools to fights the plunder of our EZZ.What about those 50 plus foreign Tuna Seiners---who signed contracts with them that allow them to plunder our blue economy ,Michel?Is it not partilepep.And when would we have our first ever Tuna seiner in order that we can exploit our natural resources ourselves partilepep?We have been waiting for it for the last 4 decades.Waht about BYCATCH still discard in to the ocean.Tins of fish wasted..What about selling our patrinomy to foreigners ?Is not plunder of National territories,a practice developed by partilepep.Who plunder our economy,by robbery,corruption,embezzelment,theft,mis-amamngement, ?Is it not partilepep?Michel are you not President Maron.

    IS selling,gifting our national identitiy to foreigners the plundering of our birthright partilepep?What about our economy gifted to foreigners ,instead of letting Seychellois enjoy their own economy,is it not plunder partilepep?What about thw 2,5 billion still in Swiss bank.is it not plunder Dr Michel?Development is achieved by creating National wealth through productivity Michel.Is begging,charity,dependency from aid,,economic developemnt.Aid is antithetical to developement partilepep?Dependency on uncontrol Expats partilepep is not sustainabel.but rather destroy wage level on locals,affect therefore consumption important to economic growth,progress etc...

    1. Unfortunately the localisation policy is being paid lip service. Take for example the Attorney General's Chambers where the AG Govinden prefers to employ Indians in place of Seychellois. Well if one is incompetent it is convenient to have "yes men" with you.

      Why is the President turning a blind eye to his own Department?

  8. correction--no apparent

  9. Tourism is out of control in parts of the world, irreversibly damaging the environment and indigenous cultures and Seychelles is no exception where the effect of the unplanned or mismanaged growth of the tourism industry is very well apparent.

  10. Air Seychelles ,pp told us is a four star airline and second in Africa.The question that crops up is where is the return benefit Pp?Why still making meager profit of one million annually not enough to pay awo-month operation of Air Seychelles.All those titles,but no concrete fiancial returns ashamed to celebrate and glorifies Air Seychelles as better here betst there but not financail results to support those claims.A business's ccess pp is measured also its revenues.

  11. Tourism in small island states with fragile environemnt,limited resources should be sustainable.Under Pp it is not the case,and if path taken by pp is not stopped,we would end up like PHuket Island in Thaialand once a unique destiantion,or become like Majorca is Spain having massive cheap tourists ---that is lots of tourists but less reveneus because too many hotels,toursin developement often resulted in price free fall.

    Seychelles has alredy too much hotels ,what is nneds to do is develop low season tourism,outter islands but also start developing non-tourism indsutries ,diverse our indsutry and stop dependending on tourism.

  12. What a missed opportunity for PP! Had the cyclone that hit La Reunion also brushed the Seychelles and caused some damages like it did at La Reunion, PP would have been using it as another grand cause to beg for donations or to cite the incident to give credence for any mismanagement or corruption, just like they did with the incidents of the Tsunami and Somalia Pirates. Those two incidents have been a blessing in disguise for PP. They played the causes over and over that now they sound like old scratchy records ....isn't that so Rolph?


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