"St. Ange Mis-steps with Comores For Tourism" .....another promotion in Brazil?

Dec 18, 2013
The Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture, Mr. Alain St.Ange, and his counterpart from the Comoros, Minister Bahiat Massoundi, the Comoros Minister responsible for Post Offices, Telecommunication, new Information Technology, Communication, Transport and Tourism, met for a working meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moroni.
Discussions at the meeting centered on bilateral cooperation between Comoros and the Seychelles in the field of tourism development. Both Ministers were following the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands meeting that was being held for the first time in Comoros to coincide with the Tourism Trade Open Door event of Comoros aimed to sensitize the general public and the youth of Comoros on the importance on tourism as an industry for wealth creation.
The Ministers meeting was described to the press by both the Seychelles and Comoros Ministers as having been frank, cordial and positive.
It was decided that a follow-up meeting between the two Indian Ocean Island Ministers would be held in Seychelles in January 2014 at the same time that the Foreign Affairs Ministers from the Indian Ocean Commission would be meeting in Seychelles to mark the 30th anniversary of that regional organization.
The Ministry of Tourism from both the Comoros and the Seychelles will now work on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the aim of having it signed when the Ministers meet in Seychelles in January.
An area of cooperation discussed is access for Comoros students to the Seychelles Tourism Academy. Air access between the Indian Ocean Islands as well as visa requirements for easy access between the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands for islanders from Member States were also tabled and discussed.
Accompanying Minister St.Age at this Inter-island cooperation meeting was Nathalie Didon, the Deputy CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board.



  1. St Ange must follow Michel dictation,Vanilla is just a catchword in his vocabulary to fool Seychellois and our good neighbors.It is not the first mis-steps by PP,recently Austral Airline complained about PP disrespecting deals made between the Indain Ocean Country under the banner of VANILLA by palnning to perate AirSey flight to REUNION to please ETIHAD and KHalifa.In fact ,Seychelles has much more to gain by working in collaboration with her neigbor than fsniffing the arse of Khalifa.But it seems the dollars of Khlafia entice them more becuase of their greed than working in a cordious way weith our neighbors.
    For instace,the Maoyr of Zanzibar came personal to Seychelles and offered us to come and investe in Zanzibar.This was in fact a good opportunity for Our country to re-develop the existing rice plantation in Zanzibar(the latter has been affected by massive cheap rice from china).It would had allow us ,to work in a jion venture manner with Zanzibarian by being a sahreholders of those rice plantation but aslo since we finding means to deal with food security,we would have secure the supply of our rice consumption,by ensuring the Zanzibarian that we would pruchase half if not all of their rice production for our own use at of course a speacial price as shareholders lower than market prices.But you know what PP talk the talk but never walk the walk.

    I heard that SEPEC after years of profit ,all robbed b Adam,has been operating at lost and that in multi-million.One could ask Pp "why not sell those unprofitable tankers and instead togezther with our neighbors such a Mauritius,Renuion,building a small criuse ship fleet to monopoloize this unexisting but lucrative business in the Indain Ocean?Such a bussiness one can be four hundred percvent sure ,it would be lucrative and thus genrate multi-million of dollars in revenues.One have just to have a look in other palce where such business exist.Carribean,Meditereanain,POlynesies region,where cruise ships are becoming too much.only in the Indian Ocean there is not cruise ship fleet operating on a peramamnt basis.If think PP is waiting until an Arb get or take the idea and start doing it.then they also would then like to do the same.Like monkey--monkey see,monkey do.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Shame on those monkeys.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. I thought that the President onf Brazil who was attending Mendela's funeral would take this oppportunity to visit Seychelles and become the First Brazil tourist after St Ange told us Bralizians would be coming in mass.She did not even Know where Seychelles is situated.


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