Will Air Austral Come Back To Seychelles?

Dec 23, 2013
The CEO of the airline of La Reunion, Mr Marie-Joseph Male last Sunday morning met with Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture in the presence of President Didier Robert, the President of the Regional Council of La Reunion, Mr Pascal Viroleau, the CEO of IRT (Ile Reunion Tourisme) and other Senior Management of Air Austral.
The meeting that took place at the Head Quarters of Air Austral at St.Denis Roland Garros Airport was for Air Austral to continue on discussions to restart their twice weekly service between La Reunion and the Seychelles.
"The number of tourists coming from La Reunion has dropped since the decision by Air Austral to discontinue its service to Seychelles. The connection via Mauritius is not working and the cost is exorbitant" said Minister St.Ange of the Seychelles.
The economic situation to restart the air service it today seen as being more favourable with the number of passengers expected to grow because of the efforts made on the ground in La Reunion by the Seychelles Tourism Board and also because of the recent approach by President Didier Robert of La Reunion to instigate export of commodities from La Reunion to Seychelles. "Mr Didier Robert accompanied an important group of business men from La Reunion during the 2013 Festival Kreol in Seychelles. Contacts have now been made between them and the Seychellois Business Community and trade between the two sister islands can start as soon as a direct flight is back in service" said Alain St.Ange.
The discussions between Air Austral and the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism also centred on the pushing twin centre holidays from Europe that would see Seychelles and La Reunion featured together in packages. 



  1. Dear Mr Christopher Gill we have ran out of ice in our cooler/Icebox. I/we have been following and monitoring this debacle fr a very long time - you stress and underline you are against corruption of any form.

    Beside the Issues of Air bus and EADS I/we have addressed the public. There is a project we have been offered and interested to link in Calais - by the way Calais is the home of Alcatel Fiber Optic production.

    In Paris the politicians who mess up big time - when we/my person do get involve and things move then their corrupted song and dance.

    Many of us the Ice/our Ice is running out. We are not exactly working with small connections and issues. They are very much above Minister St Ange Head.

    Do you/we the Seychellois want Air Austral to come back with our /you lots Head full stuff with drugs and can no longer work out logic.

    This is certainly not the way to proceed - unless Minister St Anges have become an Emeritus of/at L'ENA overnight, and Heads the French Masonic/Illuminati entity/workings.

  2. Has anyone noticed the photographs of those women supporters wearing red shirts? They are so ugly and fat, enough to scare Air Austral not to come back!

  3. We want Air Austral to come and Air Austral would probably also want to stay but Pp and Khalfia do everything to discourage other Airlines to flghit to our shores by burden them with Aitport tax to favor Etihad.Not only Air Austral wants to stop flight ,also Ethopian Airline,which shows you how difficult to do busienss in Seychelles und PP dictatorship and Khalfia control.One must either collaborate with PP and ensure they pocket their bribes or the high way.

    That is bad for the tourism industry St Ange.

    Jeanne DÂrc

    1. Have a nice Christmas and a happy New year Jeanne.....Thanks for your contribution to our blog.


  4. I wish all loving Seselwa a merry christmas especialy all memebers at sfp and have a nice Christmas holiday with your family and keep the spirit high.


  5. Thanks Johnny.....Your contribution to this blog is very much appreciated...Keep it up brother...God bless for 2014!


  6. 12.49

    Thank you guys,-Merry Xmas and happy new year to you too and all freedom loving Seychellois.

    jeanne D'Arc

  7. FAURE launched guest book about the Seychelles Assembly.The Assembly he and R.Payet attempoted to forced to approve the mammut hotel project Hotel at Takamaka.Is Faure the right person to write a guest book about the Assembly or should not be Hermite who has long been heading the Assembly?Faure seems to be presenting himself as next t Pp prophet.

    NDEAS-Deja vu,produce the deja vu kangaroo justice under partilepep,once against hard partilepep drug dealers released without explication.

    As to Jp Adam he went to preach bullshits in Berlin about small states.Democracy is what Seychellois is waiting for, not those shits you preaching about.

  8. Question to Alain StAnge: If what you are doing is really a good job how come no one is commenting or leaving any comment under your article on eTurboNews?
    Happy new year 2014 to all Freedom loving people and keep the pressure on PP until the gaskets blow up

  9. Well,donot get angry with St Ange,as all partilepep members they always self-glorified themsleves.partilepep has for example distributing certificates in Good governance to persons in the private sectors while partilepep members are among the most corrupted,undemocractic in Africa.Should maybe partilepep learn about good governance instead of giving other lessons.

    On tree planting--should partilepep be serious on tree planting then it should start planting trees where there is really a need,namely on those bruned mountains on Praslin in order to rehabilitate those mountains.Is it possible ?Yes.would it be costly?Not really?we donot have fertile soil,would that not be a problem?No.how many kilometers of pipes must be fixed to water those plants?None.How long it would take to rehabilitate those mountains?As long as necessary.It would provide jobs for over a decades for young forestry divisions workers ...and others.it would be good for the environment--avoid erosion.job creation.good for funa and so on.

    On fire brigaded---we must appreciate the devotion of those young seychellois who chose this hard,job which needs lots of sacrfices.Partilepep is distributing certificates ,what about their salary partilepep?what about high tech equipment partilepp?When would they be given oxygen bottles,masks,good special made clothing design for firemen,trucks with ladders that can reach high buildings,training in dealing with chemical,etc.... catastroph,and so on partilepep?Courses for inteliigent officers abraod in western countries to provide them with knowledge,new methods of doing things,administration skills,managing fire break out,rescue,etc.....partilepep.

    Azerbaijan President partilepep is known in the western world as a Dictator.Should a dictator be decalre the Man of the year than it would mean dictatorship is good,murdering,stealing,robbery,corruption is legitimate,and morality okay.

    to find the real man of the year we must not look in Azerbaijan where some partilepep members have invested money stolen from the Seychelles people,but from prominent Newspapers recognized Interantionally like TIMEMAGASINE etc...the man of the year is POPE FRANCIS recognized,accepted by almost all experts,and not dictator IiHam Alivey who also stolen billions from his people coffers.

    An finally--to all those five star hotels practicing charity---Seychellois would prefer that they pay their taxs,recruit seychellois,bank their profit in Seychelles bank,etc... i think all that would be enough money to boost our economy,give ourselves gifts to our people,and so on.

    And you have seen St Claus,he does not come in the night as tradition OBLIGE but by helicopter.The cost for all those helicopter flights could ahve provided more money to buy more gifts for amny more children,elderlies,and many families emprovish by partilepep.And may be partilepep does not know why private companies must repalce governemnt job ,becuase partilepep has gifted themsleves a double dgiti salary while real workers pocketed peanuts.

  10. Seychelles today comment of Somali forbbiding Christmas.Somali before all,is an Islamic country ,therefore christmas is anyway not a Islamic celebration but Christian.So wHat the comment wants to say?

  11. GOS must make it a priority to work hand in hand with airlines flying into Seychelles. The STB must take the task head on in regards to Marketing the destination through airline partners, it has not been done.
    The recent pull out of numerous airlines, shows that STB and Ministry of Tourism spend too much time on carnivals, festivals, cook outs, balls, parties, and too little time on solid marketing of Seychelles. Where is the marketing budget for Seychelles? Look at the new magazine: "Sesel Sa". The title is not even identifiable in any other country but Seychelles, and perhaps Tanzania. While St. Ange promotes La Vanille Islands, and visits Comores a very disfunctional state, to set up La Vanille contacts, we lose flights, lose access, and La Reunion is declared to be BEST ISLAND DESTINATION in the World. They now boast 30 flights per day into St. Denis Roland Garros International Airport.
    Tourism is the life line of Seychelles. PL needs to remove politics and corruption in Tourism before hoteliers end up like Farmers and Fishermen today under PL.
    Farmers compete with chicken from Brazil, and peppers and cabbage from Sri Lanka.
    Fishermen will do the same, and many have just resorted to trafficking drugs.

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  12. As soon as Air Austral confirmed they will start flying to Seychelles in June 2014, another disaster happened- Ethiopian airline is pulling out the same month.
    When Seychelles airways will land in the same month, God knows which airline will pull out. ONE STEP FORWARD.....THREE STEPS BACKWARD. Sesel Sa.

  13. Chicjen import from Brasil(far indeed)is PP policies and strategies for FOOD DEPENDENCY--according to PP,dependecy means depending on thoers,a bit like our soveiregn country which pp thinks we independent when we depend of foreign aid.loans,charity.

    Our fishmen have been left in dissaray.Not improvememnt of their business and their standard of living though they are doing a crucial and hard job that deserve to be rcognized anf treated as specail job.The other problem that kills our local fishmen is the fact that big five star hotels,purchae all their goods including FISH;VEGETABLE;FRUITS from aborad though such products as FISH can be obtained locally.But PP does not care,what interest PP is that his foreign firends pocket the maximum in order that PP can pocket it share from their foreign friends.To avoid and discourage the importation of FISh from aborad by five star hotels,,high taxs could be implememnt on such products.

    How could our hard working FISHERMEN be helped by the state in order to be abel to depend on the thier job and make a dissent living from it?

    There are many possibilites.One of them is to get FISHERMEN organized themselves.?Well,Fishermen organization could developed their own production firm----A samll&medium company to process their extra products(catches)for instance by -----produce DEEP FROZEN products:Fish filets,sliced ocpotus or in whole,whole fish,lobsters,crabs,shells etc......They could also create a second production firmdifferent from TUNA factory---to canned sardines in tomato sauce,boiled octopus,crabs,shells canned,seafood pre-prepared salads,.

    There is the possibility for them to create a READY_TO _COOK firm, products for instance such as :Spring roll,s fish balls,fresh seasoned fishs e.g (for grilling,etc.. all you have to do sahould you donot have time to buy ro prepared your fish for grilling ,then go to the specialed stores and get your already fresh seasoned fish,All you have to do then pop it inthe oven when get home.)fish fingers,fish burgers,fish pastry.

    These porduces coukld be sold on both Local market and for exports.Which would genrate wealth for farmers,fihermen and country's revenues.

    This could also be a solution to help farmers---they can produce from the harvests---deep frozen vegetable,fruits, or dried fruits for snacks.

    New business ideas that farmers,fihermen can use to increase their revenues from their products and allow them to make a dissent living and contribute actively to the food securty of our land.

    Moreover,three/four years ago the ZANZIBAR mayor ,came personally to Seychelles and ask our ogvernemnt to come to invest in ZANZIBAR----Where could Seychelles have invested?Well,ZANZIBAR tradtionally was a rice and spicies producers.but due to the ma^ssive under price supply of rivce by ASIEN countries ,ZANZIBAR rice production is in jeopardy though its interwsting price too.Low then what we pay now)..The Seychelles farmers' organization together with Ogvernment(with govt.help) could work wit ZNAZIBAR rice farmers in a shareholder deal and revive the rice farming which could be then be bought at a fixed price(that is not dependent on market price )to Seychelles _And Seychelles govt, would assure as Shareholders to purchase its rice from ZANZIBAR,thus allowing ZANZBARAIn to live again on the production while Seychelles secure its pruchase all year round even when world rice market collapse-
    Of course any extra prodcution could be sell on the African continent etc.... Such as deal would be a win--win situation for both our heibor ZAMZIBAR and Seychelles.Porbaly with such deal rice price would fall considerably on Seychelles market.

    A word on a fixed rice price-----(Not depending on market price....there alos both Countires would win..That is when price goes up on world Market,because we have a fixed price ,Seychelles govt. would benfit withn ZANzibar would make a loss ,but when price goes down ,the contary eefect takes palce, namely Zanzibar prodcuers would benfit and Seychelles would loss.There is a balance here.

    Jeanne D'Arc


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