Christopher Gill Receives Heart Warming Support

This Article Was Sent By A Person Name Withheld

Part one.
It is not complicated to understand this catastrophe between mother and son (Mr Christopher Gill and Mrs Jocelyn Barker) It is absolutely heart breaking, and I am truly, truly gutted by all this. A mother should and must always put her children needs and safety before her own.
Do not judge a book by its cover. Family pictures do not show sufferings, pain and the uncertainty that were going in these children’s heart. It must have been the most horrific and unstable life to live. Follow the comments attached to the pictures, it says it all, no wonder it was kept in a box and not the family albums or displayed on the wall in a frame.

Kateseen Gill, Christopher’s sister, said in one of her comments that she had 18 stitches in her head by Gordon Barker at the age of 13, one of Mrs Barker’s boyfriends. Furthermore she also said that her brother Francis Gill was jailed juvenile for pulling a gun on a common criminal by the name Mike Davis, whom she mentioned was a jerk. Again it was one of the mother’s boyfriends. What was Francis supposed to do, let the criminal get away and not defend his family? How many boyfriends Mrs Barker have had? What will it take for her to realise that a mother’s love is to protect their children and grandchildren at all cost. What does the numerous boyfriends said about the state of a woman’s state of mind?

Kateseen Gill, you asked your Brother Christopher to leave your mom alone, how can this happen if your mom will not leave him alone? Hasn't your brother suffered enough? Why should Christopher let history repeated itself upon his children? Haven’t your mother caused enough grief in your family? You as a daughter should take full responsibility of your mother. It is not a man duty to take care of the mother, unless the mother has no daughters. Christopher is doing what is right for his children, it is his full responsibility to keep his children and his wife from the abuse that many of us have experience. Or better yet let Wavel or James Michel take care of Jocelyn, she belongs in this category.

If I had a brother like Chris, knowing the horrific drama he went through, I will keep him closer to my heart than the mother that keeps on making wrong choices and caused so much suffering. Kate do not let other people consume hatred in your heart against your brother, they have all been paid to cause pain, and to dirty your brother’s reputation. You want to know why, because your brother is a hell of a freedom fighter, he is exposing truth, and truth will always hurt liars like Seychelles Government. Be the supportive sister that Chris needs at this critical time of his life, and not the other way round. All those so call friends that are feeding your head are not truly your friends. THINK ABOUT IT.

“Le Seychellois ” found it, as simple as a breeze to publish such discriminated article due to their hatred they have towards Mr Gill for exposing truths. Paid by SPUP of course, just like they are paying a few others to fill Kateseen Gill head with lies.
It does not a shock to the people of Seychelles, Mr Gill has always been painted as a bad person by Seychelles Government, just because he has exposed all the wrong doing ‘of some of the Members’ of the SNP, DP, SOUP and SPPF. 

Part two and the end...
People of Seychelles need to examine their conscience, and start asking questions. STOP COVERING UP FOR THOSE SELLING OUR PATRIMONY.
Some of you would like to think that Mr Gill has cross the floor and therefore cannot be trusted. I personally, rather trust a person that crosses the floor right before my eyes. Than some of those double standards bastards and bitches in the oppositions, crossing over while they feed us with lies and bull shit, thinking we are stupid.

What truly matters is that Mr Gill came back stronger and more determined than ever to right the wrongs that has been going on for 35 years. SNPL knows that the end is near; that SFP will bring the truth at all cost, so what they did is use Mrs Barker to their advantage. Wavel, Henrie and James Michel cannot possible get any lower than that, or can they?

The people of Seychelles are failing to see the rats among opposition party that are crossing in bushes and tall grass for their very own benefit and nothing at all for the people and country. Meanwhile Mr Gill is working hard by his own free will to bring truth to the people of Seychelles right across the continent and using his own personal fund to do so.

Who is responsible for the selling of plantation club? Wasn’t it not, the same person/couple that has come back from a luxurious holiday overseas, while banking their fat profit?
Mr Gill has been right all along. And the longer that some of you take to examine your conscience, the longer it will take for Seychelles to find peace and harmony.
Mr Gill though you are traumatised by such horrific past, you must believe in your heart that you shall overcome some day.


  1. you shall overcome some day damn right, this is all so sad. The turmoil of life, I wonder if anyone from this family have ever consider counselling? Because it is not possible for anyone to digest such trauma without professional help. No matter how strong you are the traumatise child inside will forever be in pain, got to let it out in one way or another.

  2. No parents is perfect, for when one give birth one's do not come with manual instruction. However this is a little too much. Keep your head up mate at least now people can see the light and what you stands for.

  3. For honest person it was expected that he would have the support of ordinary Seychellois.

    Right no parants is often we heard parents screaming with their kids and in some extreme cases beating their kids and so on.But the curious things between a MOTHER And son is regardless of how a mother might at times attempt for whatever to destory a son or duaghter ,the love for one mother is just genetic and so even when things get worse the feel of one's son or daughter is that they always ready to forgive the worngs of one mother.I am sure with time Mrs Baker would realise how her actions hurt Chris,and it hurt even deeper when it is misfounded.There would be a time as in any family where things would be calm down and Chris as any other son or daughter would do speak and forgive and simply move on.Shit Happens.

    however,iT seems to me that our elderly once over 65 plus they turn GAGA or lost direction,abnd i donot know if that is endemic to Seychellois or a general rpoblem that affect oldies.For instance,i Know a guy called Andre Bonnelame the brother of JEREMY BOONELAME,this guy who passed away last year had many kids done with different wives.His last companion was a lady from Philippinnes .Four years after the dicided to live together the guy passed away and what did he do?Well,although he was not married to the philipine lady or had kids with her,Andre Boonelame without emotion ,without the knowledge of his kids transfered all his assets ,.money on the philipine lady living his own kids with nothings.In credible isn't it.The same story was experience by ther sdons and duaghter of a guy called Franky Leon ,who had kids but was living with another lady,He also had no kids with thel lady but like Bonnelamev he also trabsfered all his asset on the daughter of the lady he was with ,a duaghter belong to another man.We saw the same problem with Michel the Butcher,who felt that he could simply took our patrimony and gifted it to Khalifa and other foreigners.

    I do beleive as it is always the case,the realtion between mother ,daughter or son is just unique,special that i aM HOPEFUL THAT mRS bAKER WOULD ACKNOWLEGDE HWER MISTAKE AND CHRIS FORGIVE HER.


    jeanne D'Arc

    1. eventually they will all forgive each other. Life is too short not to forgive each other.

  4. Time for Joyceline Neilsen to 'fou-la-paix-avec-son-le-corps'. There are no Mr Barker of Tracking Station in Seychelles any more, get closer to your children and grand children, after 70 years old there is not much time left and forget about T-man, you are done and over with!

  5. Sesel sa. I form par tradisyon lokal.Kankan kot ou pase partou dan lari bazar. Sa menm sa nasyon koman en'n i ouver son fes e pete lavil,dimoun o'van in'n fini konen lekel kin pete.Zot menm konen si in'n kaka lasos ou kaka lafwart.

    Mr.Gill,you should know our people by now.They will drag you down so keep your head up and stick to the main issue of this country.They will try to divert the attention of the main issue.
    Of course some will me a thumb down and they're part of the problem.

  6. what i found really wrong and pathetic is Le Seychellois, for publishing such garbage. i do not give a fuck about gill, but to use this scandal as a way of making money is pathetic and wrong. it shows you the sort of morons they can be, pathetic is the nicest way to describe them.

  7. Do your dirty washing at home not here. We should not encourage such family feud here on on social media. We should encourage family to make up especially at this time of the year ! Remember blood is thicker than water.

  8. Indeed, we want to focus on national issues. However, I have been personally maliciously attacked in the press and I must defend myself as any decent self respecting person would.
    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  9. Francis aka ti man,most wanted on Praslin,his mothet is a full pp supporter and its this of peoples tolarate to escobar on praslin before selling heroin he was entering all the house on praslin to steal,but never get caught.Ti man aka francis and Ti roy been selling drugs for this seen years and their even attack a woman and his husband near casino few years ago and their was no case againts them, those two crminals one now are behind bar,but for how long?one still selling at large.


  10. Christopher I wonder if you came forward first and spread the news about your 71 years old mom. What would be the out come? Atleast you were trying to protect her in someways and at the same time maybe she would change her habits.
    Now I hope you did not tell her too many secret,she might want to sell it to PP for more cash to destroy your image.

  11. Totally agree with Chris and i guess any person would have done the same.But ,it is ture that in regards to Chris as a prominent public figure,politician the case takes another dimession,it has National important.

    The other point of concern in this slunder,is the action of SNP editor Henrie.Should he has proven proffesionalism in his writting,that before printing whatever in his Article he should have asked Chris his postion of the allegation,and even if Chris would not have been able to avoid the publication,SNP mouth peice could have at least published both Mrs Baker and Chris position equally.This did not happen because SNP leadership,pre--meditatively,and consciously wanted to use this slunder as a tool whith the sole objective to hurt Chris' reputation.
    Fortunately Seychellois Know Chris as a person of integrity,honest and refuted categorically to buy RAM's act of libel.In fact ,instead of hurting Chris,RAM by his action has further delegitiamte himself.He was hoping to weaken Chris and use this trash article to hustle himself into the spotlights,but his slunder is backfiring.

    With the massive support of the people Chris will undoubtly come out stronger or determined than ever.For hnoest people are never touchy about the matter of being trust.Nothing can trumps honesty not even ap ieice of slunder.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  12. To all the arabs who read this blog we say to them: Merry Hump Day.....WHOOT WHOOT!
    To the PP/SNP/SUP crooks your carol will be: "O Camel ye faithful..."
    There will be no mistletoe this year,replace it with camel toes.
    To the PP supporters: If the pickup or taxi is too expensive this year, Ride a camel
    Don't forget a very hot curry goat and ofcourse pig for your islamic friends.
    To the wise men: noooooo more trust me, trust me, Replace it WHOOT WHOOT!
    May the fleas infest your crotches this years and your arms get shorter to scratch.

  13. 17:57
    Naturally, we try to keep family issues within the family.
    However, when falsely, maliciously attacked and slandered, and facts distorted, I must defend myself, and my family. Behind all this rubbish are two young impressionistic children that have to be protected. My Son ask me everyday questions.
    At the end of the day, we must do what is right for our family.
    I urge my sister, to take her responsibility and look after her mother since that is her responsibility as one person correctly highlighted. All these years, I have carried that burden, though I have nothing in common with her, and we are like night and day. I have reserved my words on her, to keep peace, but given the situation, I have been left with no alternative but to go public and seek redress before the courts, because my sister, will not step up to the plate, and because my mother is so unreasonable.
    Thank you all for words of encouragement.
    Thank you all for the prayers.
    It is much appreciated in difficult times.

    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

  14. JPIsaaaak just woke up and started kakaye. He told us what everyone else knew,nothing new and nothing old.he forgot to announce that he drop his online neuro degree which suppose to end this year. errrrr... ki dil mon frer? sa zaver Che che che nard pankor fini ankour.tell us on this subject the next time you are free ma'man! and don't repeat what we already know..OK?

  15. Pp want to sell its oil tankers?if in
    water have oil why are you selling it pp liar.You fucking lies to your peoples pp every time election come,say seyhelles have oil to be pomping next year this year,but years come and gone seselwa have seen till now not seen a liter of oil pomp in our water.Stop lieing to your peoples pp crooks to win election.Go and Pomp oil dan fes arab michel fox.

  16. Most seselwa mother are unreasonable and tolerate bad behavoir in their family.That's why you see more young peoples abusing alcohol and drugs.Social renaissance must start at home in the living room


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