Seychelles Communist Salary Explosion-BOOM! BOOM!

Vice President Danny Faure, took to the front lines before a teeth less gutless, National Assembly, to present a new pay scale ladder for the Public Sector and all government employees, civil servants and politicians alike on the heels of Christmas.

Ladders and Scales
 Mr. Faure announced a new system of ladders and scales to raise salaries. He defended the inclusion of political appointments posts, and elected posts to the civil service scale on the grounds that they too deal with high profile issues, pressures, physical and mental. He said that politicians too, need a certain level of caliber and qualification to do the job at hand and that should be reflected in the salary pay scales. To add insult to injury, to depoliticize the raising of political salaries once and for all, he said now that this is a law, the law changes in pay scales will be done by regulations in the future, so PL can avoid the SBC camera’s on the issue and the Public will likely not have a idea, what is happening to our super politicians.

New Salaries Proposed
From what Mr. proposed, this is what it appears we are now looking at subject to final details being announced:
1.     MNA will go from Scr. 14,000.00 per month to SCR 30,000.00 per month;
2.     Deputy Speaker from 18,000.00 per month to Scr. 53,000.00 per month;
3.     Speaker, Leader of Opposition and Leader of Government Business will go from Scr. 40,000.00 to 63,000.00 per month;
4.     Ministers will go from 40,000.00 per month to Scr. 63,000.00 per month per ministry;
5.     Vice President will just go to Scr. 83,000.00 per month;
6.     President will go to Scr. 93,000.00 per month .

New Public Orders Act Worse than The Old One
In the same sitting, the Public Orders Act was debated and approved to prevent the Public from protesting this outrageous salary increase.
People of Seychelles, open your eyes, we have not started to pay a cent of SPPF PL debt and they have raised salaries twice for themselves. The people get the crumbs.
Political service to a country, should not be treated as civil service.
Unite to break the scourge of Communism upon Seychelles for your children, to have a future.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois


  1. Say what! The poorer the people get the richer the tyrants. Proposed but is it approved?

  2. And number 7: For the rest not stated you have to LEVE E DEBOUYE

  3. All indications are election is near. This is another dubious way of rigging the election. UN should take note of this, and Seychellois will pay the price through devaluation of the rupees, sale of the tankers and bankruptcy No.2
    As for STB, it can kiss goodbye to all the grandiose planning. The last resort is to sell and sell everything to the Arabs and to hell with nature conservation. Sad to say chaos is looming for these islands! Investors beware, Seychelles has taken a page from Haiti history book!

  4. Add it all togethere its make 385,000.00.why those fucking jungle politicians are getting so much money to continue practice jungle polititricks and corruption.They increase salary are trippel from 14,000.00 to 30,000.00 ,18,000.00 to 53,000.00 is disgusting,nearly half million of our tax money goes to those sucker hungry politi -chien.

  5. Michel,Faure what you have on your off shore account is not enough,faure you took a lot from our coffer during your time as finance minister.

  6. PP and Michel russian Khodorkovsky is free and on his way to Germany,invited him in Seychelles like you always do with other foreigners for money.May be next year we will hear that his already on our shore.

  7. Prohibit protest action by law !! This is dictatorship at its highest. Why did the AG approve the law?

  8. It is another streamming pile of hypocracy.Pp asked Seychellois for more and more sacrifice then robbed the fruits of the sacrifice and by doing so chewed up a huge seize of national coffer.We cannot ahve a country when there are excluded.

    PP crooks the same ones who bankrupted the country and have not delivered do not deserve a salry increase,.Salry increase should be for those civil servants nurses ,teachers,etc.. servants who are socoi-economic and politcal development in the country,. who have been working hard years after years but never conpensated for the decades of hard work.Hard working civil servants should be given a wage increase would cushion them against the rising cost of living as evident by the surging month on month inflation rates.

    Pp has become the equivalent of Aparthied movement in Seychelles.The corruption perpetuated by Pp can no longer be viewed as simple criminal matter but Huamn rights violation.It a Human rights voilence in three aspects.1)corruption perpetuates discrimination,2)it prevents full realization of economic,social and cultural rights and 3)corruption leads to the infrigement of numerous politcal and civil rights.As we see under PP,the poorest and powerless bear the brunt of corruption.The illegal increase will strain deeper our economy and have a negative impact on the economy.For instance,the National budget overrun will even be worse than reported becuase the increase will ahve negative impact of National Budget and also escalate the infaltion rate in that there is little or literall no productivity in the country.

    Pp self-gifted incrememnt is robbery in the daylight,is reckless,irresponsible.Seychelles under Pp thgutovrats has anannual Wage bill that has too rapidly increase whithout commensurate without increase in revenues:and annual PENSION BILL that threaten to choke the Nation;and budget deficits to satisfy unanticipated bills--all for the benefit of only a small faction of the popualtion of the Nation.

    Stop robbing our country PP:

    Jeanne D'Arc

  9. Any actions that forbid protests is a HUMAN RIGHTS VOILATION.

  10. This country aready paparlysed by economic uncertainty and will zoom our country in to grand canyon if we donot stop those drunk drivers on the wheels.We saw the SNP.DP Boulle Pierre and the other aphalbetic soup supporting this daylight robbery.Whgen it comes to robbing Seychellois coffers,you will never hear disagreement between them.None of these hypocrties and parasites to the likes of RAm would ever call for a freezing of their self-gvien increment,selfishness in stronger than morality.Seychellois must deal once and for all against state organized crimes,robbery,nepotism,cornysm,patronage etc.. now.Else the people would have to deal with them .

  11. IMF is out, so where do you think the country can turn to for more money?
    Do not complain if the future of your country looks bleak, that's what we Arabs want, remember the saying - "beggars cannot be choosers"
    So no more protests when we build our castles on the mountain tops or on the sea-shores. ho! ho! ho!
    Sahib has said, from now on no Seychellois can dispose when Arabs propose!


    We pay oncome tax,CSR,and other taxes with one solitary and bedrock expectation:We are handing our money so that the country run.Not for Pp thieves.

    PP seems not to be satisfied with the largesse through bribery.The erosion of service caused by the bleeding of revenue and added burden of having to make up the lost revenue for those other services.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    We call our money to be recovered_Devil,shut up and give us our money back!

  13. Brigadier nad chief-of -staff Rosine continues serving themsleves from the defence forces coffer without any worry and Partilepep failed to ask for accountabilty.In 2008 ROSINE robbed Sr 6 millions from Defence forces coffer,he is still chief-of -staff and would rpobably be promoted to Brigadier soon when Michel and Payet left.

    Accountability and transparency partilepep.

  14. 2 percent growth is the same percent as Zmbabwe GDP gorwth under Michel''s friend Mugabe.The trouble with 2 percent GDP growth is certainly a very bad performamce and not enough growth to eat into the 3.7 percent plus unemployment and produce enough revenue to reduce the deficit.

  15. Waht job has Faure done as Minister of Finance under Michel administration and minister of fi^nance---well particpatde in our country's banruptcy,he participated in the robbing 2,5 billions from our coffer.?Speaking of qualification what is Faure's qualfication?We know he went to CUBA to study becuase he had a bad A-level (D minus)and could not enter a western University .What had he learned in CUBA ?,no one knows,we donot even know if he succeeded in his study.

    Since you talking about QUALFICATION MR Faure,What is your qaulification Mr FAURE?And what About MERITON who suidied in RUSSIA ? He is qualified in which field?Tell us Dr FAURE.What about Mitsy qualification in medecine?Donot tell us Mitsy is highly qualified and derserve a double salary increase?Michle the Bucher is qualfied in what FAURE?

  16. Frank Zimo said this one day 'If you join them you are self promoted and that 's the way it is'.

  17. PP US had said Seychelles never have political violence and Seychelles have all right to protest.US thinks its nearly to happen.Those new recuited its all my man payet, i sent them to join the army to prepair and get exper for coup to take back our country.

  18. 'My family and I wish you a merry Christmas' quote James Michel.
    What family?
    Did he just divorce?
    Can you define family?
    Oh God help this man he might need another visit with the new Pope.

  19. He is an atheist,his Xmas wishs cannot be recognized,that of Weihe and other religious leaders yes,not atheist Michel.He also gave himself a double salary that emprovish Seychellois even more than wishes them Merry christmas.On Praslin as for 4 decades No possibility on going out to enjoy,everything closed.boring,no real gifts,and so on.In fact,in western countires Christmas time is a time for celebration but for business people a real time to make good bi^susinesses :everything is prepared in advance to provide the people all sorts of possibility be it specail gifts prepared solely for the occasions,discount in specialized shop like Computors etc....therefore genrate millions in revenues for the business persons but also the country's economy.

  20. When it come to the value of family.Michel is the worse example for Seychellois.Family is something sacred.Killing one own son becuase of his divergent on polical issues,does not show that Michel understand the family values.

    A Nation alos is like a big family,and the President should act as the father of the family,take care of them,take care of the well-fare,do all for the best interest of the country,etc....Selling our the people patrimony,robbing them,killing them,ensalving them,making them second citizen in their own country,cannot be concider an act of paternality.

    Michel family by the way,is Khalifa,the President of Sri Lanka,President of Azerbaijan,Zuma,Mugabe,and other Interantional mafias.

  21. What James Michel and PL do not see that Nelson Mandela saw clearly and wisely, is that a Nation is made up of every individual equally. No man is more equal then another. To build a Nation, you need everyone on board. Yet the rules of play for equality to flow in Seychelles veins have never been set.
    The result is division, which sends a negative message to the World, and even Tourists will feel the blunt edge of division and this will hurt the national bottom line.
    Division explains why the country under performs year on year.
    PL needs to change, in order to move forward. They rule Seychelles, much like the Apartheid South Africa, in many ways.

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  22. Let those swa-di-zan elected political officials ride the tata buses and you will see if they don't fix the road and get better buses.

  23. Salaries are in place to protect politicians from their own failure.
    All year long, the people have heard about this airline pulling out, that one going, and they have done nothing to change the situation.


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